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Minsan o madalas may exam pag nag-apply kayo na susukat sa pagkakaintindi ninyo sa isang

sanaysay (essay) na may mga talata (paragraphs).

Let us check your COMPREHENSION Skills (Pagkakaintindi).

Answer the comprehension check below. :)

I will post the answers tomorrow.

You can type the letters of your answers in the comment section.
I will reply with your score. :)

Good luck!

The whole town celebrated when her father, the barangay chairman, announced that Dianne
passed UPCAT, the University of the Philippines College Admission Test.

Dianne received a letter of acceptance from the Office of the University Registrar. She made it.
She would be accepted by the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy for her chosen degree
which was Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The letter came with all the requirements to be
submitted and with the medical slip. Dianne should submit herself for a medical examination in
the university infirmary, so she should be in Diliman, Quezon City a month before the start of the
school year.

Dianne was an ordinary student doing extraordinary things for the town. She did not graduate
with honors but she was very active volunteering in their community. She led a youth organization
in helping their parents and other elders to learn how to do simple Math and how to read and write
in Filipino and English. She also mobilized all the young men and women to fix their old
basketball court and plaza. She did not enter politics like her father but Dianne just made herself
available to help the elected Sanguniang Kabataan (SK) Officials. She was the go-to person of
almost everyone.

It was Sunday when she left their house for her travel to Manila. The bus terminal was full of
passengers. Her father bought the ticket early and gave her 2,000 pesos. Her mother could not go
with her because no one would look after her younger siblings. She was having second thoughts
leaving her family and pursuing her college in Manila, alone. She was clueless how it was like
living in Manila. She did not even dream living far away from her family. If not for her father, she
would rather stay in their small town and enroll in their community college. Her father said that
UP was different from others. Her father said that most, if not all, presidents, public servants,
famous lawyers, world-class engineers, best teachers, high-caliber architects and world-renowned
artists and musicians of the country are graduates of the national university. It was compared to
the Harvard University of United States of America.

She told her father that she would like to be a social worker. She admired her grade six adviser
who had worked for Red Cross. She was into helping more their community. She would want to
lead its efforts in rescuing people and rehabilitating damaged barangays which were usual for
them after every typhoon in their province. Her hometown would normally be hit by an average
of 13 typhoons in a year.

Comprehension Check

1. What is the best title of the story?

A. The UP dream
B. The Dream of Dianne’s Father
C. Dianne Is Going to College
D. Dianne’s Plan for Her

2. What is the meaning of the word infirmary in the first paragraph?

A. School
B. Church
C. Hospital
D. Clinic

3. To what university the UP was compared in the second to the last paragraph?
A. Yale University
B. National University of Singapore
C. Harvard University
D. Chulalongkorn University

4. What does rehabilitation mean in the last paragraph?

A. Restoration so it can be livable again.
B. Building new houses
C. Creating new community
D. Segragating the town

5. What is the degree that Dianne chose when she took the UPCAT?
A. Bachelor of Science in Social Work
B. Bachelor of Science in Psychology
C. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
D. Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education

6. Based on the story, Is Dianne willing to study in UP?

A. Yes
B. No

7. Based on the story and the probability of success of UP graduates, Will Dianne be successful
just like others if she will choose UP?
A. Yes
B. No
C. It does not say in the story and it is hard to come up with a conclusion.

8. Based on the story, Will Dianne be happy if she will choose UP?
A. Yes
B. No
C. It does not say in the story and it is hard to conclude with the given information.

9. Based on the story, Is Dianne a good example for women in the Philippines?
A. No, she should care less for others and just think about her future.
B. Yes, I admire her.
C. She is just a normal woman.
D. I do not want her life.

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