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Cover to Reinforcement (Columns: EC2)

The nominal concrete cover is the distance between the surface of the reinforcement closest to
the nearest concrete surface (including links and surface reinforcement where relevant) and the
nearest concrete surface.

You are required to set a minimum value for the nominal cover, cnom,u, for each column in the
column properties.
These values are then checked against the nominal limiting cover, cnom,lim which depends on the
diameter of the reinforcement plus an allowance for deviation, Δcdev (specified in Design Options
> Column > General Parameters).

Generally, the allowance for deviation, 'cdev is a NDP.1 The recommended value is 10mm, but
under strict controls it can be reduced to 5mm.
If cnom,u < cnom,lim then a warning is displayed in the calculations.

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• Column Design to EC2

1. BS EN 1992­1­1:2004 cl (1)P

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