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List of filename

extensions (A–E)
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This alphabetical list of filename

extensions contains standard extensions
associated with computer files.

Ext. Description Used by

A ADA source code file

A Library Unix

A## AlZip Compressed Files' pieces

A11 Graphics AIIM image file

World file for Alice programming language, version

A2W Alice 2

Project file for Alice programming language,

A3P Alice 3
version 3

A80 Assembler language source for 8080

Split parts of a single whole file split (Unix)

Advanced Audio Coding, a standardized, lossy

AAC compression and encoding scheme for digital

AAF AutoPatcher file

Advanced Authoring Format, an advanced media

wrapper file for professional applications

AAS Animation Play Script AAPlay

AB Android adb Backup adb

AB6 Datafile ABStat

AB8 Datafile ABStat

Many Computer Graphics

ABC Alembic - 3D geometry / models tools, see Alembic (Computer
Graphics) for a list.

ABC Document ABC FlowCharter 1.0

ABC Music in ABC format Mainly Video Games

ABP Data ABComp compressed

ABP AVS Barcode Profile AVS Barcode Source

ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font Adobe Systems Software

ABK Automatic backup file CorelDRAW

ABM Image PALS album file

ABM Album file (various programs)

ABR Adobe Brush file for PhotoShop PhotoShop

ABS Abstracts (info file)

ABS Data file Abscissa

Audit Command Language

AC Project backup

ACA Project Project Manager Workbench

ACB Archive ACB


ACC Program (DR-DOS - ViewMax) GEM / resident

Microsoft Access Database

Wizard (Open XML)

Microsoft Access Database

(Open XML)

Microsoft Access Database

Wizard (Open XML)

Microsoft Access Database

Template (Open XML)

Microsoft Access Database

Wizard (Open XML)

ACCFT Microsoft Access Data Type Template[1] Microsoft Access

ACE Archive ACE

ACF Adobe Custom Filter for PhotoShop PhotoShop

Audit Command Language

ACL Project

ACL AutoCorrect List Microsoft Office

ACM Audio Compression Module add-on Win

ACMB Graphics file

ACO Adobe Color Palette Adobe

ACT ACTOR source code file ACTOR

ACT Animations Works Actor (Graphics cell) Animation Works

ACT FoxDoc Action Diagrams FoxPro

ACT Presentation Action!

AD AfterDark screensaver module AfterDark

AD2 ADPCM 2-bit compressed voice file ZFAX

AD3 ADPCM 3-bit compressed voice file ZFAX

ADA Ada source code file

ADB Ada Package Body

ADC Bitmap graphics (16 colors) Scanstudio

ADC Dictionary Lingvo

ADD OS/2 adapter device driver

Legato.io build tools mkapp

ADEF Legato Application Definition
and mksys

ADF Amiga Disk File unADF, UAE, WinUAE etc...

ADG Data ADG 3D Scene

ADI Graphics file AutoCAD

ADI Database Index File Advantage Database Server

ADICHT LabChart data acquisition file ADInstruments

ADL MCA adapter description library QEMM

ADONIS Definition Language file for exporting

models and model groups

ADM After Dark support file AfterDark

ADM ADEM file format ADEM

ADI Database Memo File Advantage Database Server

ADN Add-in Lotus 1-2-3

ADR After Dark support file AfterDark

ADS Ada Package Specification

ADSON Adsonica sound and image file Adsonica

Blizzard Entertainment games

ADT WoW geographical map location file

ADT Datafile for cardfile application HP NewWave

Healthcare providers in
ADT Abrechnungsdatentransfer, an xDT application

ADT Dictionary Lingvo

ADT Fax AdTech

ADI Database Table Advantage Database Server

ADV GUS device driver Gf166.com

ADX Document Archetype Designer

ADZ Amiga Disk Zipped (See Amiga Disk File) GZip

AEP After Effects Project File Adobe After Effects

AES Crypt (Windows, Mac,

File encrypted using the Advanced Encryption
AES Linux, Java) and Crypt4All
Standard (AES)

AF2 Flowchart ABC FlowCharter 2.0

AF3 Flowchart ABC FlowCharter 3.0

AFI Truevision bitmap graphics

AFL Font file (for Always) Lotus 1-2-3

AFM Datafile for cardfile application HP NewWave

AFM Type 1 font metric ASCII data for font installer ATM - many

AFP Shape palette ABC FlowCharter

AFT Template ABC FlowCharter 3.0

AFW Workplace ABC FlowCharter 3.0

AGR ArcView ASCII grid

AHK AutoHotkey script file AutoHotkey

AI Adobe Illustrator Artwork Adobe Illustrator


AIFC Audio Interchange File Format with Compression

AIFF Audio Interchange File Format Convert (c) Villena

AiM Asm Text Mode Image File The Ultimate Draw

AIN Archive AIN

AIN Job schedule AutoIntern

AIO APL programming language file transfer format file

The Adobe AIR runtime

AIR Adobe AIR installation package

AIS Array of Intensity Samples graphics file Xerox

AIX Datafile for cardfile application HP NewWave

Akai S5000 and S6000

hardware samplers (MS-DOS-
AKM "Akai Multitimbral" sample information file
based) and compatible
software samplers

Akai S5000 and S6000

hardware samplers (MS-DOS-
AKP "Akai Program" sample information file
based) and compatible
software samplers

ALC Molecular coordinates Alchemy, RasMol

ALG Activity Log ARCSOLO

ALG ER Mapper Algorithm ERViewer

ALE Avid Log Exchange (used in film & video editing) Avid

ALL Arts & Letters symbol and font files Arts & Letters

ALL Filelist w/ all files FRQView

ALL Format file for working pages Always

ALL General printer information WordPerfect for Win

ALO Almanac support file

ALT Menu file WordPerfect Library

ALZ AlZip Compressed Files

Siemens Maxum
AMD Maxum chromatograph offline database

AMF Music (Advanced Module Format) DMP

Computer Aided Design

AMF Additive Manufacturing File Format

AMG Archive AMGC

AMG System image file ACTOR

AML AutomationML AutomationML Group

AMLX Compressed and packed AutomationML file AutomationML Group

AMPL AMPL source code file AMPL

Audio format for mobile phones (Nokia,


AMS Adobe Monitor Setup calibration file PhotoShop

AMS Music format

ANI Animation cursors for Win Win95 - WinNT

ANI Animation IconAuthor

ANM Animation Deluxe Paint Animator

Trainz Animation specification file, for example a

steam locomotive's connecting rod movements, or
ANIM Trainz/Auran JET files
water movement on a river or lake motion.

ANN Annotations of old Windows Help file Windows 3.0 - XP

Ann Multi volume ARJ archive ARJ

ANS ANSI character graphics (animation) file ANSView

ANS ASCII text ANSI character set NewWave Write

AOL America On-line for Windows DLL Win

AOS Add-On Software Nokia 9000

AP Archive WHAP

AP Datafile Datalex EntryPoint 90

APC Printer driver Lotus 1-2-3

APD Printer driver Lotus 1-2-3

APE Monkey's Audio (Lossless) audio media players

APF Printer driver Lotus 1-2-3

API Adobe Printer Ink file for PhotoShop PhotoShop

API Passed parameter file 1st Reader

API Printer driver Lotus 1-2-3

APK Android Application Android

APL APL work space format file

Support module used by Manugraphics APL


APL EV-Dos Application File

APM Authorware Macintosh Authorware

APP Add-in application file Symphony

APP Application object file dBASE Application Generator

APP Application FoxPro

APP Application and Application Bundle Mac OS X

APP Executable workflow / macro file Automator

APP Executable application file DR-DOS - NeXTstep - Atari

APP Generated application FoxPro

APR Employee performance review Employee Appraiser

APW Authorware Windows Authorware

APX Appexpert database file Borland C++ 4.5

AQF Analyzer Queries and Filters Actix

AR Argon - for 3D Modeling Ashlar-Vellum

AR7 Archive AR7

ARC Archive


ARC Nintendo proprietary archive format Various Nintendo games

ARD Map Holux - Alan

ARF Automatic Response File

ARH Archivers definitions file DN

ARI Archive ARI

ARJ Archive ARJ - ARJZ

ARK ARC archive CP/M port of ARC file archiver


ARK Managing your Money Archive File

ARR Arrangement Atari Cubase

ART Gerber artwork Cadence Allegro

First Publisher, Designworks, Greenstreet Draw All GST/Greenstreet Draw

graphic file products

ART Graphics (scrapbook) Art Import

ART Graphics format (Another Ray Tracer) PFS:1st publisher - Art Import

ARTX file format Artisteer

ARTX file format belightsoft Text Art

ARX Archive ARX

ASC ASCII text file

ASC Transport armor file PGP

ASD Autosave file Microsoft Word

ASD Presentation Astound

ASD Screen driver Lotus 1-2-3

ASD Inc. RS3 spectral

ASD Spectral Data Set
acquisition program

ASE Velvet Studio Sample AWAVE

ASE ASCII Scene Export 3D Studio

ASF Datafile (APL Shared File)

ASF Screen font Lotus 1-2-3

Advanced Streaming Format (Compressed

ASF Microsoft Corporation
Windows audio/video)

ASK SYSGEN answer file RT-11

ASH Assembly language header file TASM 3.0

ASI ASIC language source ASIC

ASI Assembler include file Turbo C - Borland C++


ASM Assembler language source

ASMX ASP.NET Web Service Microsoft Corporation

ASO Assembler object (object-oriented) file Turbo Assembler

ASP ASPECT source code file Procomm Plus

Association of Shareware Professionals


ASP Active Server Pages of Microsoft.Net Microsoft Corporation

ASPX ActiveX Server Pages of Microsoft.Net Microsoft Corporation

ASS Amalgam Scene Specification Halo 2 Map Editor

ASS Advanced SubStation Alpha (Subtitles)

AST Adobe Color Separation table for PhotoShop PhotoShop

AST Nintendo proprietary music streaming format Various Nintendo games

ASV Autosave File MATLAB

ASW Authorware Star Authorware

Advanced Stream Redirector file, redirects to an

ASX Microsoft Corporation
ASF file (see ASF)

ASZ Skin AltDesk

AT2 Auto template Aldus Persuasion 2.0

All Sony devices and programs

AT3 Atrac 3 Sound/music file
with the Atrac 3+ specification

ATM Adobe Type Manager data/info

ATML Awhcp HTML file

ATN Adobe Photoshop action Adobe Photoshop


AramOS TypeAtor 1.0

ATTF AramOS TypeAtor Text File
(Development State)

Produced when an association type is exported by

ATY 3D Topicscape
3D Topicscape

AU Sun/NeXT/DEC Audio file AWAVE, GoldWave

Sun Microsystems - Convert

AU Sound (audio) file
(c) Villena

AUD Audio file AudioRack

AUP Audacity project file Audacity

AUS Kedit AutoSave file Kedit

AUX Auxiliary dictionary ChiWriter

AUX Auxiliary references TeX/LaTeX

Authorization File for Ableton

AUZ Ableton Live File

AVA Publication Avagio

AVB AntiViral Toolkit Pro Bases

AVI Audio Video Interleaved animation file Video for Windows

AVR Audio Visual Research AWAVE

AVS Video Editor (video

AVS Audio Video Software
editing software)
AVT AVATAR-coding files A3E

AW Text file HP AdvanceWrite

Various home console

AW Proprietry Nintendo wave format
Nintendo games

AWA Animations Works Accelerated Movie Animation Works

AWD Microsoft Fax At Work Document Microsoft Fax At Work

awk, GNU Awk, mawk, nawk,

AWK AWK script/program
MKS AWK, Awka (compiler)

AWM Animations Works Movie (as .AVI) Animation Works

AWS Data (APL Workspace)

Ax Directshow filter file format

ARM Executable Image generated by the ARM


AXF "lightweight geodatabase" [1] ESRI ArcPad

AXM Axmedis object Axmedis Tools

AZD Amazon Software Download Amazon Software Download

AZW DRM enabled eBook All models of Amazon Kindle

AZW1 DRM enabled eBook with embedded fonts All models Amazon Kindle

All models of Amazon Kindle

AZW2 Program file
excluding Kindle 1

AZZ Data file AZZ Cardfile

Ext. Description Used by

B1 Archive file format B1 Free Archiver

B&W Black and white graphics file atari - mac

B&W Mono binary screen image 1st Reader

B Batch list APPLAUSE

Any of the 3D Grand Theft Auto

B Grand Theft Auto saved game
games in either III or IV era.

B_W Black and white graphics file Atari - mac

B1N Both mono and color binary screen image 1st Reader

B30 Printer font (JLaser - Cordata) Corel Ventura Publisher

B3D Blitz3D files Blitz3D

Raw graphics file (one byte per pixel) plane

B8 PicLab

Scifer Archiver and Compression

BA Binary Archive
[External Header Mode]

BAC Compiled BASIC RT-11 BASIC-11

BAD Bad file Oracle Corporation - many

BAD Animation file Novalogic

File which covers bad blocks on disk volume

(not to be moved)

BAK Backup file

BAL Music score Ballade

BALANCE Balance accounting sheet file Balance

BAP Blaze Audio Wave Information File BlazeAudio MadCap Software

BAR Horizontal bar menu object file dBASE Application Generator


Broker Archive. Compressed file containing

BAR IBM WebSphere Message Broker
number of other files for deployment.[2]

BAS BASIC language source

BAT Batch file MS-DOS, RT-11

BB Database backup Papyrus Design Group

BBL Bibliographic reference file TeX/BibTeX

BBM Brush Deluxe Paint

BBP Playlist BassBox

BBQ BitBeamer Transfer Queue file BitBeamer

Bulletin Board System announce or text info


BBS Hudson-style messagebase FTN software

Unfinished BitComet download

BC! Unfinished download
(a BitTorrent client)

Windows Vista and later, Registry

BCD Boot Configuration Data

BCF Card data Bingo Card Creator

BCH Batch process object file dBASE Application Generator

BCH Datafile Datalex EntryPoint 90

BCO Outline font description Bitstream Inc.

BCP Borland C++ makefile

BCT Backup dictionary Clarion

BCW Environment settings Borland C++ 4.5

BDB Bookends database Bookends

BDC Dictionary Lingvo

BDEF Builder Definition Websphere Portlet Factory

BDF Adobe Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format Adobe Software

BDF Binary update file BUPDATE.EXE (c) TNT Techn.

BDF Bitmap Distribution Format font file X11

BDF Datafile Egret

BDM Videoclip AVCHD

Media players / software that

BDMV Blu-ray Video Data Content file
supports Blu-ray structure

BDR Border Microsoft Publisher

BDT Dictionary Lingvo

BDT Behandlungsdatentransfer, an xDT application Healthcare providers in Germany

BEAM Executable bytecode file in fat binary format BEAM (Erlang virtual machine)[3]
BEF Bleck Encrypted File

BEM BIM Cost estimating file BIMestiMate

BEZ Outline font description Bitstream

BF Brainfuck sourcefile

BF2 Bradford 2 font

BFC Briefcase Win95 Win95

BFM Font metrics unix/Frame

BFS Binary File Storage

BFX Fax BitFax

BGA Bitmap graphics

BGI Borland Graphics Interface device driver Turbo C - Turbo Pascal

BH Blackhole data compression format

BI BASIC include file Visual Basic - FreeBASIC

BIB Bibliography (ASCII)

BIB Database - not compatible with TeX format Papyrus

BIB Literature database TeX/BibTeX

BIF Binary Image Format b&w graphics file Image Capture board

BIK Bink Video file (RAD Video)

BIM Building Information Modeling ArchiCAD / Autodesk Revit

BIN Binary file, usually zero-start (.com analog)

BIN SGI Powerflip

BIN Text mode memory dump The Draw - TUD - ACiDDraw - etc.

BIO BioniX Wallpaper playlist file BioniX Wallpaper Changer


BIT Bitmap X11

BIT Encrypted file FinalCrypt

BK! Document backup WordPerfect for Win

BK Faxbook JetFax

BK? Backup file

BKC Backup catalog Backup4all

BKF Backup archive Windows NTBackup Utility

BKn Timed backup file for document window n WordPerfect for Win

Write - TurboVidion
BKP Backup file

BKW Mirror image of font set FontEdit

BLD BLoaDable picture BASIC

BLD SYSGEN Build procedure file RT-11

BLEND Blender3D Project File Blender


BLK Temporary file WordPerfect for Win

BLOB Unknown Steam (software) for Win

Blizzard Entertainment games

BLP Blizzard Game Picture

BM BitMap graphics file

BM3 UIQ3 Phone backup

BMD Nintendo proprietary 3D model file Various Nintendo games

BMK Bookmark of old Windows Help file Windows 3.0 - XP

QPeg - CorelDraw - PC
BMP OS/2 or Win graphics format (BitMap Picture)
Paintbrush - many

BMPW bitmap world-file - geo-references info

BMS Nintendo proprietary MIDI tracker format Various Nintendo games

BMT Ami Pro Button Ami Pro

BNA Data Atlas Boundary

BNK Adlib instrument bank file

BNR Graphics Banner Banner - Poster

BOB File archive for Lego Island 2 Lego Island 2

BOD Stores paths to game files in a BOB archive Lego Island 2

BOK Shamela Library book Shamela Library Program

BOO Book-format READIBM

Compressed file ASCII archive created by BOO

BOO msbooasm.arc

BOO Boo programming language source file Boo Programming Language

BOT Bot files, these go with JKB files Quake 3 Engine

BPC Chart Business Plan Toolkit

BPOLY Data Prisms binary 3D object

BPP Backup application Clarion

FLIPS and other patch

BPS Used for game patches

BPS WPS backup file[4] Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works

Binary file commonly used in computer Certain antivirus programs and

malware computer malware

BPT Bitmap fills file CorelDRAW

BPW Bitser proprietary encrypted password file Bitser password manager

BR Script Bridge

BRD EAGLE board file EAGLE

BRD Tanzzle board file Tanzzle

BRD Cadence Allegro board file Cadence

Braille embossers and

BRF Braille
refreshable displays

BRK Fax Brooktrout Fax-Mail

BRK The Brake! Mailer REXX script The Brake!

Ballistic Research Laboratory


BS Boot sector file SYSLINUX

BS2 Archive BS2.EXE

BSA Archive BSArc

Compressed Apple II file archive created by


BSC Database Source Browser

BSC Pwbrmake object file Microsoft Fortran

BSP GoldSource/Source engine map files Valve Corporation

BSP id Tech map files id Software

BSS boot sector (DOS) file SYSLINUX

BSS Casio Phone base PC-LINK

BST BiblioTex file (BiblioTex=bibliography file) TeX

BSY Busy flag FTN soft

BTM Batch-to-memory (quick batch) 4dos -ndos

BTN Makeover Button file

BTX backup of 4DOS batch files (_4INST.BTM) 4DOS

Binary Universal Form for the Representation

of Meteorological Data

BUG Bugs and Problems

BUN LucasArts Bundle File

BUP Backup file

BUT Button definitions Buttons!

BUY Datafile format movie

BVF BIM model file format BIM Vision

BVn Overflow file below insert point in Doc n WordPerfect for Win

BWB Spreadsheet application Visual Baler

BWR Beware (buglist) Kermit

BYK BYK Compressed File BYK


BZ2 Archive bzip2

BZM Map Blitzkrieg

Star Trek Armada II Fleet

BZN Map file
Operations map file

Ext. Description Used by

C-- C-- language source Sphinx C--

C language source
Watcom C/C++, Borland
Note that on case-sensitive platforms like Unix
C C/C++, gcc and other C
and with the gcc compiler the uppercase .C
extension indicates a C++ source file.

C Unix file archive COMPACT

C++ C++ language source

C00 Print file Ventura Publisher

C01 Typhoon wave files AWAVE

C32 COMBOOT Executable (32-bit) SYSLINUX

Computer Innovation
C86 C source code file

CA Initial cache data for root domain servers Telnet

CA? Borland packed and split file Borland Installer

Windows 95 and later,

CAB Cabinet archive
many file archivers

dBASE IV executable when caching on/off (see


CAD Drawing BobCAD-CAM

CAD Document Drafix Windows CAD

CAL Calendar file Windows 3.x

CAL Spreadsheet format SuperCalc

CALS Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics

CALS Support Raster Format

CAM Casio Camera

CAN Fax Navigator Fax

CAP Caption Ventura Publisher

CAP Capture file ProComm - Telix

CAS C + ASM language source Turbo C

CAT Catalog CP Backup - dBASE IV

CAT Device driver digital signature Microsoft Windows

CAT Stellarium Star Catalogue Stellarium

CATDrawing Drawing file of CATIA V5 CATIA V5

CATPart Part file of CATIA V5 CATIA V5

CATProduct Assembly file of CATIA V5 CATIA V5

CATS Combined source ATS

CBA Source code Creative BASIC

CBC Fuzzy logic system CubiCalc

CBL COBOL source code file

CBM Compiled bitmap graphics XLib

CBR Comic Book Reader (RAR file) CDisplay and similar

CBS MasterWord button bar configuration file

COMBOOT Executable (incompatible with DOS

COM files)

CBT Computer Based Training many

CBZ Comic Book Reader (ZIP file) CDisplay and similar

CC C++ source code file

CC CC language source CC

CCC Bitmap graphics (native format) Curtain Call

CCD text metadata for CD/DVD images CloneCD Control File

CCF Communications configuration file Symphony

CCF Color Chat file Color Chat File

CCH Chart CorelChart

CCITT CCITT Group 3 and Group 4 Encoding

CCL Communication Command Language file Intalk

CCO BTX Graphics file XBTX

CCT Print Template BobCAD-CAM

CD CD description DN

CDA CD-Audio Win95

CDB Card database CardScan

CDB Main database TCU Turbo C Utilities

CDF Common Data Format

Nominal Small
CDF Company Data File Business Accounting

CDF Computable Document Format Mathematica

CDF Cyberspace Description Format

CDF Graphics netcdf

CDK Document Atari Calamus


CDM Disk Drivers NPA Novell NetWare

CDM Music format (compressed)

Cc,rrescendo Music
CDO Music notation
Notation Editor

CDR Vector graphics format (drawing) CorelDraw!

CDT Corel Draw Template File CorelDraw!

Visual FoxPro,
CDX Compound index file Advantage Database

CE Computer Eyes Conversion Artist

The FarSide Computer

CE Main.ce

CEB Cont. Edge Bitmap Conversion Artist

CEF CA-Clipper Workbench Application CA Clipper

CEF Export File

CEF Compact Embedded Font Adobe Illustrator

Tempra Show - Edsun

CEG Bitmap graphics Continuous Edge

CEL Animation CEL 3D Studio

Autodesk Animator -
CEL Graphics

CER Security certificate Microsoft Windows

CF Configuration file imake

CFA Audio file Adobe Premiere Pro

CFC ColdFusion Component Adobe ColdFusion

CFG Configuration file

CFL Chart CorelFLOW

CFM ColdFusion Markup Language Adobe ColdFusion

CFN Font data Atari Calamus

CFO C Form Object internal format object file TCU Turbo C Utilities

The Complete Fax


Disney Animation
CFT CFast graphics file

CGA CGA display font Ventura Publisher

CGI Common Gateway Interface script

CGM Computer Graphics Metafile vector graphics A&L - HG - many

CH Clipper language header CA Clipper

CH3 Chart Harvard Graphics 3.0

CH4 Presentation Charisma 4.0

CHD Font descriptor FontChameleon

CHI ChiWriter Document ChiWriter - Chiview

CHK Recovered data DOS CHKDSK

CHK Temporary file WordPerfect for Win

CHL Configuration History Log

Microsoft Windows,
CHM Compiled Help File
Help Explorer Viewer

Krasbit Technologies,
CHML Encrypted Data File Chameleon Imaging
Workflow Software

CHN Data Ethnograph 3

ChordPro and similar

CHO ChordPro lead sheet (lyrics and chords)

CHP Chapter file Ventura Publisher

CHR Character set Turbo C - Turbo Pascal

CHT Chart Harvard Graphics 2.0 -
SoftCraft Presenter

CHT CHeaT in any program/game many

CHT Interface file for ChartMaster dBASE


CIA Nintendo 3DS importable archive Nintendo 3DS

CIF Caltech Intermediate Format graphics file

CIF Chapter information Ventura Publisher

CIF Crystallographic Information File RasMol, Jmol

CiM C Text Mode Image File The Ultimate Draw

CIX Database index TCU Turbo C Utilities

CKB Borland C++ 4.x editor keystroke mapping BCW.EXE

CL OpenCL kernel code

CL COMMON LISP source code file

CLA Source Clarion

CLASS Java class file Java

CLD Clipper debugger configuration file CA Clipper

CLJ Clojure source code Clojure

CLP Clip art graphics file Quattro Pro

CLP Clipboard file Windows 3.x

CLP Compiler response file CA Clipper

CLP Graphics format PCPAINT/Pictor

Media hardware /
CLPI ClipAV Clip Information file for Blu-ray software with Blu-ray
structure support

CLPRJ ClassicLadder project file ClassicLadder

CLR Color binary screen image 1st Reader

CLR Color definitions Photostyler

CLR Color scheme Boxer/2

CLR Palette file for GIS format

CLS C++ class definition file

CLW MFC Class Wizard information Microsoft VC++

CM Data file CraftMan

CMB Xtree for Windows Button Bar file

CMD Command dBASE - Waffle

Microsoft Windows NT
CMD Command Prompt batch file based operating

CP/M-86 operating
CMD executable programs

CMD External command menu 1st Reader

CMD OS/2 batch/REXX file OS/2

CMF FM-music file (Creative Music File)

CMK Card Card Shop Plus

CMM CMM script (batch) file CEnvi

CMP Bitmap graphics (Lead CMP compression)

PKWare Inc. data

CMP Compressed data
compression library

CMP Header file for PostScript printer files CorelDRAW

CMP Photofinish Calibration Map Photofinish

CMP User dictionary Microsoft Word for DOS

CMR Coach 7 project file Coach 7

CMRL Concise message routing language DOTGO

CMS Content Management System Any Web Browser

CMU Carnegie Mellon University Formats

CorelMove CorelDraw
CMV Animation (CorelMove CorelDraw 4.0)

CNC CNC general program data

CND System generation conditional file RT-11

CNF Configuration (program - printer setup) program - printer setup

CNF Configuration file

CNT contents table of old Windows Help file Windows 3.0 - XP

CNV Temporary file WordPerfect for Win

CNV Winword DLL used as part of an import operation Microsoft Word

CO Cobalt - parametric drafting and 3D modeling Ashlar-Vellum

COB Calgari trueSpace2 File Format

COB COBOL source code file

COD Code definition table UUPC

Forecast Plus -
COD Datafile Microsoft Multiplan -
StatPac Gold

COD file including CODES for any program/game many

COD Printer code definition file Boxer/2

COD Program compiled code FORTRAN

dBASE Application
COD Template source file

COD Videotext file

COE Coefficient file Xilinx ISE

COF Animation Control File Diablo II

COFFEE CoffeeScript source code file

Autodesk Animator -
COL Color palette

COL Spreadsheet Microsoft Multiplan

DIMACS graph data stores a single undirected

graph (text and binary variants)

Command (memory image of executable


Indirect command file (sequence of commands to

be executed)

CON Configuration file Simdir

CON MSTS Consist file MSTS

CONTACT Contact file Windows

Cartesian Perceptual
CPC Compressed image

CPD Script Complaints Desk

CPF Fax The Complete Fax

ColorLab Processed Image bitmapped graphics


CPI MS-DOS codepage file MODE.EXE

CPI Video clip information file The AVCHD format

CPL Control panel file Windows 3.x

CPL copley file
Scientific Ltd)

CPL Presentation Compel

CPMZ ConPro/Miradi Zipfile Miradi and ConPro

CPP C++ language source Watcom C/C++

CPP Presentation CA-Cricket Presents

CPR Knowledge Access GCGW

CPR Cubase Project File Steinberg Cubase

CPS backup of startup files by QEMM (?) autoexec.cps

CPT Encrypted memo file dBASE

CPT Mac file archive COMPACT PRO

CPT Template CA-Cricket Presents

CPZ Music text file COMPOZ

CR2 Raw image format Canon digital cameras

CRA Advanced crack file (usually text)

CRD Cardfile Windows 3.x - YourWay

CRD Map Holux - Alan

CRD Molecular coordinates CHARMM, RasMol

CRDOWNLOAD Google Chrome download in progress Google Chrome

Microsoft MASM -
CRF Cross-reference Zortech C++, RT-11

CRK Crack file (usually text)

CRP Encrypted database dBASE IV

CRS File Conversion Resource WordPerfect 5.1

CRT Security certificate Microsoft Windows

CRT Terminal settings information Oracle

CRU Compressed file archive created by CRUSH

CRW CrossWords document file

CS C# source file C#

CSD Compact Shared Document Dream To Reality

CSG Batch file (Submit) ISIS/w

CSG Graph Statistica/w

CSHTML Razor page/view

CSM Borland C++ 4.x precompiled header file BCW.EXE

Computer Support
CSP PC Emcee Screen Image file

CSS Datafile CSS - Stats+

CSS Datasheet Statistica/w

CSS cascading style sheet

CSV Adjusted EGA/VGA palette CompuShow

CSV Comma Separated Values text file format (ASCII)

CTC Control file PC Installer

CTF Character code translation file Symphony

CommonTime software
CTK CommonTime Key file

CTL Control file dBASE IV - Aldus Setup

BATCH control file (generated by BATCH from

.BAT file)

CTT BATCH Temporary file RT-11

Pretty Good Privacy

CTX Ciphertext file
RSA System

some Microsoft online

CTX Course TeXt file

Creativyst Table
CTX document

CUF C Utilities Form definition TCU Turbo C Utilities

CUR Windows resource (cursor image file) Resource Workshop -
WRT - Watcom
Resource Editor

CUT Graphics format (bitmapped graphics) dr. Halo

CV4 Color file CodeView

CVP Cover page WinFax

CVS Graphics Canvas

CVT Backup file for CONVERTed database file dBASE IV

CVW Color file CodeView

CW Circuit Wizard Document Circuit Wizard


CWK Datafile

CXX C++ source code file Zortech C++

CYS Cytoscape session file Cytoscape

Ext. Description Used by

D D Programming Language source file DMD

Directory containing configuration files (informal

D Unix

Nintendo DS (with
D3V Video file
ARME, MMCF etc.)

D4D Data Draw 4D object

D4P Data Draw 4D Pro object

D64 Commodore 64 disk image

A series of emulators
D88 Toshiba Pasopeia D88 disk image format of Japanese

DAA Direct Access Archive


DAF Data file Digital Anchor

DAT AMPL data file AMPL

Siemens Maxum
DAT Maxum chromatograph chromatogram

DAT LDraw (Sub)Part File, 3D Model LDraw

Microsoft Word Format

DAT Document

DAT data RSNetWorx Project

DAT Data file in special format or ASCII

Clarion (programming
DAT Database file

Norton Utilities disc image data. It saves Boot sector,

DAT part of FAT and root directory in image.DAT on same Norton Utilities

Optical disc image (can be ISO9660, but not restricted

DAT cdrdao, burnatonce

DAT Video CD MPEG stream

DAT Windows registry hive (REG.DAT Windows 3.11; Microsoft Windows

USER.DAT and SYSTEM.DAT Windows 95, 98, and ME;
NTUSER.DAT Windows NT/2000/XP/7)

DAT Minecraft game data Minecraft

DATS Dynamic source ATS

Recorded encrypted
video from digital video
DAV Proprietary DVR format
recorders DVR365 or
AlienDVR series[5]

DB$ Temperature debug info Clarion Modula-2

DB$ Temporary file dBASE

Paradox - XTreeGold -
dbvista - Oracle -
DB Database file
XoftSpySE - Windows
thumbnail cache[6][7]

DB Configuration dBASE IV - dBFast

DB Multi Edit config ME

DB2 Database dBASE II

DB3 Database dBASE III

Turbo Prolog -
DBA Database file

DBA DarkBasic source code

DBC DataBaseContainer Visual FoxPro

DBD Business data Business Insight

DBD Debug info Clarion Modula-2

dBASE III/IV - Visual

FoxPro - dBFast -
DataBoss - DBVista -
CA-Clipper - Visual
DBF Database file Objects - Alaska
Xbase++ -

Advantage Database

DBFX DevBox Database File Pudince Devbox

DBG Debugger script DOS debug - Watcom


DBG Symbolic debugging information Microsoft C/C++

DBK Database backup dBASE IV

DBL DIBOL source file

DBL Design Block file EAGLE

DBM Datafile DataEase

DBM Menu template DataBoss

DBO Compiled program dBASE IV

DBPro DarkBasicPro Project

DBS Data file used by Managing Your Money

DBS Database in SQL Windows format


Microsoft Word,
DBS Printer description file
Microsoft Works

DBT FoxBASE+ style memo FoxPro 2.x

DBT Memo file for database w/same name dBASE IV - dBFast

DBW Windows file DataBoss


DBX AutoCAD Database AutoCAD

DBX Archive File Outlook Express

DesignCAD 3000 for

DC CAD drawing file

DC6 Image file Diablo II

DCA Document Content Architecture text file IBM DisplayWrite

DCC Animation Diablo II

DesignCAD 3DMax for

DCD CAD Drawing File

DCF floppy disk image Disk Copy Fast

DipTrace Schematic
DCH Schematic Drawing file

DCI Dreamcast Save File Dreamcast

DCL Delphi Control Library Borland Delphi

DCM DCM music module AWAVE

DCP OS/2 device code page OS/2

DCS Bitmap graphics (CYMK format) QuarkXPress

DCS Datafile ACT! Activity Files

Dictionary: used by many programs with program

DCT Clarion
dependent format

Harvard Graphics 3.0 -

DCT Spell checking dictionary

DCT DataBaseContainer Extension Visual FoxPro

DCU Delphi unit (compiled) Borland Delphi

DCW Walter Machine Programing Walter Profile Editor

DCX Multi-page PCX graphics (common fax format) Intel - SpectraFAX

DCX DataBaseContainer Index Visual FoxPro

DD Macintosh file archive DISKDOUBLER

DDA Data

DDB Bitmap graphics

DDB Digidesign Database File Digidesign Pro Tools

DDD Building Diagram Diagramming software

DDI Disk image DiskDupe

DDP Device Driver Profile file OS/2

Microsoft Flight
DDS DirectDraw Surface file Simulator, other
Microsoft programs

DEB Unix archive file (software package format) Unix

DEB DEBUG script DOS Debug

DEF Assembly header file Geoworks

DEF Defaults - definitions

DEF Linker definition file TLink - WLink...

DEM Demonstration

DEM Digital Elevation Model

DEM Graphics file VistaPro

DEM Vista DEM file Meta.exe VP3

DER Security certificate Microsoft Windows

DES Ascii text parameter description AWAVE

Windows Explorer Desktop Control (commonly

"Desktop (create shortcut).DESKLINK", 0 bytes). Uses a
DESKLINK 'special' hidden file extension (NeverShowExt flag inside
the Registry), overriding the Windows Explorer option of
showing/hiding file extensions.

desktop Desktop Entry freedesktop.org

DEV Device driver

DEV SYSGEN handler build procedure RT-11

DEV Dev-C++ project file Dev-C++

DEX Dalvik executable Android

DFD Data Flow Diagram graphic file Prosa

RenderWare model data (e.g. Grand Theft Auto III and


DFI Outline font description Digifont

DFL Default program settings Signature

DFM Data Flow Diagram model file Prosa

DFM Delphi form module Borland Delphi

DFS Delight Sound File

Dynamic Formatted Text and Images (Word

DFTI FlexiWrite

DFV Printing form (Word) Microsoft Word

DFX Micrografx Effects DLL

DGN Graphics file MicroStation

DGS Diagnostics

DH Dependency information for .ph Geoworks

DHP Dr. Halo PIC Format graphics file Dr. Halo II - III

DHT Datafile Gauss

DI D Programming Language interface file DMD

DIA Diagraph graphics file Computer Support


rarely used Windows

DIB Device Independent Bitmap
3.0 bitmap; Win - OS/2

DIC Dictionary (e.g. from WinWord)

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine DICOM Software

(DICOM) bitmap (XnView)

DIF Borland patch data file Borland patch

DIF Data Interchange Format Visicalc

DIF OS/2 V2.2 Display Information File OS/2

DIF Output from Diff command - script for Patch command

DIF SRCCOM, BINCOM output file RT-11

DIG Digilink AWAVE

DIG Sound Designer 1 audio file AWAVE

DIP Graphics

DIP Watcom debug info processor WatcomDebugger

DIP PCB Drawing file DipTrace PCB Layout

DIR Dialing directory file Procomm Plus

DIR Directory file VAX - CPS Backup

DIR Movie MacroMind Director 4.x

DIR Directory listing file RT-11

DIRED Directory listing (ls format) Dired

DIS Distribution file VAX Mail

DIS Thesaurus CorelDraw

DIZ Description file (Description In Zip)

DJVU Document Format, a format similar to PDF but

with higher compression rates at the same quality.

DKB Raytraced graphics DKBTrace

DL Animation format (Italian origin) Display - DL Viewer

DLD Lotus 1-2-3

Produced by Exstream
DLF Dialogue Live Format Dialogue and edited by
Dialogue Live Editor
DLG Dialog resource script file Microsoft Windows

DLG Dialog resources DN

DLG Windows SDK dialog editor data file

DLG Windows SDK dialog editor data file

DLL Dynamic-link library Windows 3.x - OS/2

DLL Export/import filter CorelDRAW

Microsoft File Transfer

DLM Microsoft File Transfer Manager


DLS Setup Norton Disklock

DMF Music format (Delusion Digital Music File) Delusion

DMF DeleD files

DMG Apple Disk Image Mac OS X (Disk Utility),

DMO Demo Derive

DMP Dump file (e.g. screen or memory)

DMP DUMP utility output file RT-11

DMS Amiga file archive DISKMASHER

DN 3D file Adobe Dimension

At least 30 camera
models from at least
Digital Negative (DNG), a publicly available archival
DNG 10 manufacturers, and
format for the raw files generated by digital cameras
at least 200 software

DNT data RSNetWorx Project

DO Java servlet file Web browser (Various)

A Document, or an ASCII text file with text formatting Microsoft Word and
codes in with the text; used by many word processors others

DOCM Microsoft Word 2007 Master document Microsoft Word 2007

DOCX Office Open XML Text document Microsoft Word

DOF Delphi project options file Borland Delphi

DOG Screen file Laughing Dog Screen


DOH Dependency information for .poh Geoworks

DOR Roland Digital audio file Roland

DOS External command file 1st Reader

DOS Network driver (e.g. pkt_dis.dos)

DOS OS/2 V3 SVGA PMI-File Svga.exe

renamed system files (AUTOEXEC.BAT,

DRVSPACE.BIN, IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS) of previous MS- (dual-boot feature)
DOS version

DOS Text file containing DOS specific info

DOT Line-type definition file CorelDRAW

DOT Microsoft Word document template Microsoft Word

DOTX Office Open XML Text document template Microsoft Word

DOX Text file MultiMate 4.0

DOZ Description Out of Zip VENDINFO

DP Calendar file Daily Planner

DP Data file DataPhile

DPR Default project- and state-related information Borland C++ - Delphi - C

DPF Bareboard PCB CAD/CAM format Ucamco

DPF Debrief Plot File Debrief

DPX Digital Moving Picture Exchange

DRP Web3D File Web3D

Age of Empires (video

DRS Data Resource File

DRS Display Resource WordPerfect for Win

DRU Design Rules EAGLE

DRV Driver

Designer -
DRW Designer vector graphics file

Any twain-source must

DS TWAIN Data Source
supply one xxx.ds file
DS1 Map file Diablo II

Micrografx Designer
DS4 Vector graphics

DSC Celestia Deep Space Catalog file Celestia

DSC Description file

DSC Discard file Oracle

DSD Database DataShaper

DSF Data Storage Format Golden Helix

DSF Delusion Digital Sound File Delusion

DSK Desktop configuration BP - DN - BC++ - TP

DSK Disk Drivers Novell NetWare

DSK Logical disk file RT-11

DSM Digital Sound Module DSI

Object System
DSN Design

DSP Display parameters Signature

DSP Dynamic Studio Professional Module Dynamic Studio

DSP Graphics display driver Dr. Halo

DSP Norton viewer DLL Win

DSP Visual Studio 6 project file Microsoft Visual Studio

DSR Driver Resource WordPerfect for Win

DSS Screensaver file DCC

DSS Digital Speech Standard (Sound) Digital Soup

DSS SQL Script for .Time Framework Exaktime

DST Tajima Embroidery Format Embroidermodder

DST WAIN (Scanner spec) data source DLL Win

DSV Nintendo DS battery save DeSmuME, DraStic

DSW Borland C++ 4.x desktop layout file BCW.EXE

DSY DAISY container file ADAKTA.EXE

DT1 Tile file Diablo II

DT2 msn-emoticon paint

DT_ Data fork of a Macintosh file Mac-ette

Turbo Pascal - PC-File -

DTA Data file

DTB Database Backup for .Time Framework Exaktime

DTF Database file PFS - Q&A

DTL Django template language djangoproject

DTM DigiTrekker music module AWAVE

DTO data Directory Toolkit output

Timeworks /
greenstreet Publisher3/
DTP Desk Top Publishing Document
Greenstreet Publisher

Page Magic 2.0

DTP Page Magic 2.0 publication upgrades to
Greenstreet Publisher

Publish-It! upgrades to
DTP Publication
Greenstreet Publisher

DTS Torque Game Engine model format

DTS Device tree source file Linux kernel project

DTSI Device tree include file Linux kernel project

DVC Data Lotus 1-2-3

DVDPROJ iDVD project file iDVD (Apple iLife '08)

DVI DeVice Independent document TeX

DVP DESQView run-file DESQView

DVP Device parameter file AutoCAD

DesignCAD for DOS, &

DW2 Drawing DesignCAD for

DWB Coryphaeus Software Designers Workbench CSD

DWC Archive DWC

DWD DiamondWare Digitized file AWAVE

AutoCAD, IntelliCAD,
DWG Drawing
PowerCAD, Drafix, etc.
DWZ DVD MovieFactory for TOSHIBA Project File, Designer Designer -
vector graphics file MicroGraphix or

DEC WPS/DX format -

DX Text file

DXF Dialogue Exchange Format Exstream Dialogue

AutoCAD, IntelliCAD,
DXF Drawing Interchange File Format vector graphics
PowerCAD, etc.

DXN Fax Fujitsu dexNET

DXP SpotFire data TIBCO Spotfire

DXP ISO creation project file CD Burner XP Pro

DYLIB Dynamic Library Mac OS-X

DYN Data Lotus 1-2-3

Ext. Description Used by

E E language source code E

EnCase Forensic Analysis Suite

E## EnCase Evidence File chunk

E00 ArcInfo interchange file GIS software

E2D 2-dimensional vector graphics file Editor included in JFire

EAS Extended file attributes OS/2

EAR Enterprise archive archive

EBA Source code Emergence BASIC

versions of DOS system files (AUTOEXEC.BAT,

etc. ) for an emergency boot disk

EBJ Error-checking object file Geoworks

EBQ CITE standard electronic BQ exchange file

EC Error checking preprosessed Goc source code Geoworks

EC Source code eC

ECC Error-checking file dvdisaster

ECE Escenic Contenting Engine dynamic page Escenic

ECMS Status document ECMerge

ECMT Template document / Session ECMerge


EDA Ensoniq ASR disk image AWAVE

EDE Ensoniq EPS disk image AWAVE

EDF European data format Medical timeseries storage files

EDF Exchequer Document Format IRIS Software

EDK Ensoniq KT disk image AWAVE

EDL EDL Premiere

EDQ Ensoniq sq1,2/ks32 disk image AWAVE

EDS Ensoniq SQ80 disk image AWAVE

EDT Default settings VAX Edt editor

EDT Ensoniq TS disk image AWAVE

EDT External editors definitions DN

EDV Ensoniq VFX-SD disk image AWAVE

EEB Button bar for Equation Editor WordPerfect for Win

EFA Ensoniq ASR file AWAVE

EFA Encrypted File Archive

EFE Ensoniq EPS file AWAVE

EFE Ensoniq EPS instrument file AWAVE

EFK Ensoniq KT file AWAVE

EFQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 file AWAVE

EFS Ensoniq SQ80 file AWAVE

EFT Ensoniq TS file AWAVE

EFT High resolution screen font ChiWriter

EFV Ensoniq VFX-SD file AWAVE

EFX Fax Everex EFax

EGA EGA display font Ventura Publisher

EIS EIS Spectrum Analyser Project EIS Spectrum Analyser

EKA Internal data files Borland's Eureka

EL Emacs Lisp source code file Emacs

ELB Synergy/DE library

ELC Byte-compiled Emacs Lisp code Emacs

ELFO ElsterFormular

ELI Archive ELI

ELT Event list text file Prosa

Windows Live Mail, Outlook

EMAIL Outlook Express Email Message
Express, Microsoft Notepad

EMAKER E language source code (maker) E

EMC Striata Reader Encrypted Document Format

EMD ABT Extended MoDule AWAVE

EMF Microsoft Enhanced Metafile

EML Stationery Template Outlook Express

EMU Terminal emulation data BITCOM

ENC Encoded file - UUENCODEd file Lotus 1-2-3 - uuexe515.exe

ENC Music Encore

END Arrow-head definition file CorelDRAW

ENFF Extended Neutral File Format

ENG Dictionary engine Sprint

ENG English documentation

ENG Graphics file (charting) EnerGraphics

ENV Envelope or Environments

ENV Enveloper macro WOPR

ENV Environment file WordPerfect for Win

Electro-Optic Space Situational Awareness file


EOT Embedded Open-Type

EP GUI wireframe/prototype project Prikhi Pencil, Evolus Pencil

EPA Award BIOS splash screen Award BIOS, XnView

EPD Publication Express Publisher

EPI Document Express Publisher

EPI Encapsulated PostScript graphic file

CorelDraw - PhotoStyler -
EPS Encapsulated PostScript (Graphics format) PMView - Adobe Illustrator -
Ventua Publisher

Okular (Linux) - Apple iBooks -

EPUB Electronic Publication - (e-Reader format) Sony Reader - Adobe Digital
Editions - Calibre (LMW)

EQN Equation filE WordPerfect for Win

ERD Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file Prosa

ERL Erlang source code file

ERM Entity Relationship Diagram model file Prosa

ERR Compiler/linker error report

Data file of "esCAD pcb", PCB Pattern Layout esCAD pcb provided by Electro-
Design Software System

ESCSCH Data file of "esCAD sch", Drawing Schematics esCAD sch provided by Electro-
Diagram Software System

ESH Extended Shell batch file

ETH Document Ethnograph 3

Encrypted Text File. Used in some security


ETL event trace log file Microsoft[8][9]

Proprietary format from EnterTech for the

ETW Enter-Tech
MagicSing/Mic Karaoke product line.

Structure-enhanced text for some ascii text


EUI Ensoniq EPS family CD image AWAVE

EVT Events descriptions

Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 - XP;

EVT Windows Event log file
Microsoft Event Viewer

Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8;

EVTX Windows Event log file XML structured
Microsoft Event Viewer

EVY Document WordPerfect Envoy

EWD Document Express Publisher for Windows

Elixir programming language

EX Elixir source code file running on BEAM (Erlang virtual

EX3 Device driveR Harvard Graphics 3.0

E-MU Systems Emulator X

EXB Audio File
Sampler File

Exclude file for Optimize (do not process)


EXC REXX source code file VM/CMS

DOS, OpenVMS, Microsoft

EXE Directly executable program
Windows, Symbian or OS/2

EXF Exactal Exchange File CostX

EXF Excute file OnHand PC

MSDOS executable, system-manager compliant

EXM HP calculator
(HP calculator)
EXP Drawing File format Drawing Express

EXP Melco Embroidery Format Embroidermodder

EXP Protected mode EXE by PharLap Software PharLap

EXP Exports Library File VisualStudio

EXS Audio File Apple Logic Pro EXS instrument

EXS Elixir script file Interactive Elixir (IEx) shell[11]

EXT Extensions descriptions file

EXX Intermediate file by MsgPut IBM LinkWay

easyOFFER by Reagency
EZW easyOFFER document file[12]
Systems Corp.

EZF Fax Calculus EZ-Fax




See also
List of file formats

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