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Role of Meezan Bank in Islamic Banking

Meezan Bank believes in creating value for its stakeholders and society simultaneously, in a manner
that is integrally linked to its values and the Islamic principle of Ihsan. The Bank recognizes that it is
part of the community at large and that there is a strong need to contribute to the society. Throughout
2016, the Bank partnered with various organizations to design and implement initiatives, primarily in
the healthcare and education sectors, benefitting the society.

Meezan Bank’s focus on providing quality education to the youth has rooted itself firmly as an
extension of its values and as part of its business strategy. Organizational partnerships and initiatives
have consequently integrated education into our CSR programs. Three of its most recent and also the
most ambitious projects are mentioned below:

TVET Reform Support Programme, implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur

Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Centres for Excellence in Islamic Finance
IBA National Talent Hunt Program

Meezan Bank strongly supports individuals’ right to access quality healthcare, irrespective of their
income level. The Bank has partnered with several not-for-profit health organizations, aiming to
reinforce its commitment to sustainability and responsibility to the social environment it operates in.
Through these partnerships, the Bank aims to play a role in not only providing healthcare access to
all but also raising the standards of healthcare.
The Indus Hospital
Omair Sana Foundation (OSF)
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital(SKMCH)
Sindh Institute of Urology Transplant (SIUT)
Islamic Banking is one of the goals of Bank
A l f a l a h t h o u g h i t h a s b e e n initiated in the last fiscal year and it is
very acceptable for general public.However, there is lot of work to do for
successful implementation of theIslamic Banking Plan. In this regard the Bank
is opening specific IslamicBanking Branch under the supervision of its Islamic
Banking Division.
Speaking at the event, Faisal Farooq Khan, Group Head Human Resource & Learning
Group, Bank Alfalah said: “At Bank Alfalah, we are committed to build the capacity
of our employees so that they understand and uphold Shariah-complaint banking
practices. We are equally committed to enhance the understanding of our customers
about Islamic Banking.” He further added that the Bank is focused on being an
innovative player in the industry and is exploring new opportunities in creating an
Islamic payment platform to enhance financial inclusion of the unbanked segments of
the industry.

Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking was established with in the Bank Alfalah Limited in 2003 as a
dedicated banking which would provide its services to the Islamic Shariah. This bank is meant to
provide its best services to the customers, which would be according to the Islamic principles
and Shariah complaints. The bank provides its financial solutions with the help of the dedicated
and hardworking professional team and the introduction of the advanced technology. All the
solutions which are provided by the bank are under the supervision of the Shariah Advisor.

This bank provides various financial solutions to the clients, one of most important thing which
may not be known to many of the people or even few of the people may know only, the bank
provides interest free car financing, if you are looking for your dream car, just apply for the
finance and let your dreams come true without any constraint, and this kind of financing may not
be provided by any of the other bank. The other important thing about the bank is that it provides
profits on monthly basis to all your business accounts held by the clients, so in a short span of
time you can earn profit if you have an account only with the Bank Alfalah Islamic banking. The
monthly profits can be earned with the easy accessibility.

Including all the personal as well as the corporate banking, one of the most important services
provided by the bank is that it provides family Takaful coverage for the protection and the
security of your family. The personal banking includes keeping deposit accounts for the various
terms, a wide range of the accounts which are all according to the Shariah compliant, these all
are dedicate to customers so that they can enjoy the banking solutions by the bank.