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GRADE LEVEL: Grade 10 SUBJECT: Science

The Learners demonstrate an understanding of:
 The relationship among the locations of volcanoes, earthquake epicenters, and mountain ranges.

The Learners should be able to:

 Demonstrate ways to ensure disaster preparedness during earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.
 Suggest ways by which he/she can contribute to government efforts in reducing damage due to earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.


The Learners should be able The Learners should be able to: FORMATIV PERFORMANCE
1. Plate to:  Pre-Assessment E SUMMATIV
Tectonics 40 hours  Identify what composes  Picture Analysis E  Disaster
1.1 Distribution
1.1.1 volcanoes
1. Describe the distribution of the internal structure of the  Lecture - Pretest Preparedness
1.1.2 active volcanoes, earthquake Earth.  Activity 1: Finding the Center - Diary - Laboratory Kit
earthquake epicenters, and major Activity - Reporting Worksheet  Laboratory
epicenters mountain belts.  Describe the types of  Create a cross-word puzzle - Inquiry - Unit Test  Brochure
1.1.3 mountain boundaries created because of  Activity 2: Let’s Mark - Periodical
- Oral
1.2 Plate
2. Describe the different lithospheric movements. Boundaries Recitation Exam
boundaries types of plate boundaries;  Interactive Discussion - Mini Lab - Long quiz
1.3 Processes  Activity 3: Head on collision (3 Report
and landforms  Make use of maps and parts) - K-W-L
along plate 3. Explain the different graphs in identifying the  Activity 4: Going on a Separate
- Exit Slip
.4 Internal
processes that occur along the connection of volcanoes to way - Cubing
structure of the plate boundaries; earthquake-prone areas.  Activity 5: Slide and Shake - Graphic
Earth  Doodle It Activity Organizer
1.5 Mechanism  Activity 6: Drop it like its Hot - Diary
(possible causes  Compare and contrast Spot
of movement) - Partner
the different lines of evidence  Diary Role Play
1.6 Evidence of Quiz
that supports plate movement.  Create a Disaster preparedness
plate movement - Quiz
kit and present it to class - Post Test

4. Describe the internal  Make a conclusion with

structure of the Earth; regards to the plausibility of  Pre-test
each theory of plate movement  Labeling the layer
based on evidences.  Discussion
5. Describe the possible  Activity 1: Amazing waves
causes of plate movement; graphic organizer
and  Design a brochure  Inquiry Approach
selling a real estate safe from  Activity 2: Our Dynamic Earth
possible Earthquakes, tsunamis  Activity 3: Lets fit it
6. Enumerate the lines of and geologic activities.  Activity 4: Drifted
evidence that support plate Supercontinent
movement  Reporting on Evidences
 Partner Quiz
 Activity 5: Split and Separate
 Activity 6: How Fast does it go
 Activity 7: Push me up and aside
 Brochure Making