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Scene 4/5: Charlotte/Rotten news


1- Answer the following questions:

1) Have you ever watched Charlotte’s Web

movie? What do you know about the film?
2) Do you remember any of the characters?
Who are they?
3) Have you ever had a close friendship with an
4) What makes a good friend?

2- Match the words with their definition:

a- freak of nature 1) very bad and no longer good to use

b- creepy 2) extremely ugly

c- salutations 3) a large farm building for keeping animals in

d- hideous 4) making you feel nervous and frightened

e- a barn 5) a fancy way of saying hello

f- rotten 6) the meat from pigs

g- pork 7) something in nature that is very unusual


3- Who are they?

Fern The old sheep

Wilbur Fern’s brother

Charlotte The terrific pig

Avery Mother Goose

Templeton The intelligent and talented spider

Samuel Father Goose

Gussy The little girl who loves Wilbur

Golly The rat who likes unusual objects

4- Who said what? Put a tick () in the correct place

Wilbur Charlotte Templeton Samuel Golly

“I think now is the time
to say salutations”

“I think she’s beautiful”

“That feels

“Yes, thank you, thank

you! It wasn’t easy, but
I managed”

“He’s saving you, and

they’re saving him for
5- Choose the correct answer:

Who raised Wilbur?

the Zuckermans
Who became Wilbur's best friend?
The goose
Which is the word that Charlotte uses to say hello to Wilbur?
Good morning
Where do Charlotte and Wilbur live?
A barn
A city
A town
How many of the goose's eggs hatched?
6- Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb TO BE

Hi! I____ Wilbur. I____

a young and terrific pig.
My best friend____ a
spider. Her name____
Charlotte. She____ very
talented and intelligent.

Hello! My name____ Fern.

I____ a little girl. My best
friend____ a pig. His
name____ Wilbur. He lives
with other animals in a
barn. They____ very
Extra Practice

Use the verbs in the box to fill in the blanks in the correct form:

drink give be keep have say

Charlotte_____ to catch her food. First, Charlotte_____

the fly a little nip to anesthetize him. Then, she just_____ grace

because that_____ always nice and he will make a delicious meal.

Finally, she_____ his blood. In that way she_____ bugs out of the


Oral work/ Homework

1. Work in pairs and tell the story to your partner.

2. Choose a character of Charlotte’s web and describe his/her physical
appearance and personality. Use the chart below to help you get started.
Share what you wrote with your partners.

My favourite character is_____________________________________

He/ She is________________________________________________

Three words to describe the physical appearance of him / her:

_________, _______________ and _______________.

Three words to describe the personality of him / her: _______________,

_______________ and _______________.

Complete the chart according to the story: