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The Standing Committee of the Diocese of West Missouri

The Rev. Jonathan Frazier, President ~ St. Peter & All Saints Episcopal Church, 100 E Red Bridge Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114


The Standing Committee of the Diocese of West Missouri has worked towards reconciliation within the
process described in III.12.10 (“Reconciliation of Disagreements Affecting the Pastoral Relations between a
Bishop and Diocese”) of the Constitution and Canons of General Convention (2015), beginning with our
letter to the Presiding Bishop on May 10, 2016 requesting mediation under this canon and Bishop Clayton
Matthews’ response on June 9, 2016. Subsequently, the Bishop Diocesan, The Rt. Rev. Martin Field, and
the Standing Committee reached an agreement on October 17, 2017 titled “Definitions of Responsibility and
Accountability for the Bishop and Diocese of West Missouri.”

That agreement and the reconciliation and feedback processes, specified by Bishop Todd Ousley, successor
to Bishop Matthews in the Office of Pastoral Development, acting on behalf of Presiding Bishop Michael
Curry, has been followed faithfully by all who were involved—Bishop Field, the Standing Committee (and
its subcommittee for review), and everyone who gave feedback. The Committee thanks all of you.
The feedback process would have one of three results: mediation and reconciliation were successful, partially
successful, or not successful. It was the unanimous, prayerful, and careful judgment of the Committee on
October 16, 2018, that mediation was partly successful, and that only partial reconciliation has been
There then arose the question of what to do next. While the options were being discussed, Bishop Field
announced his intention to resign on his 65th birthday and invited direct feedback from the Standing
Committee and Diocesan Council as a means of continuing the process of reconciliation. Given the Bishop’s
plans and his sincere desire for continued direct feedback, the Committee believes that it will not be
necessary to continue to pursue the canonical mediation process.
The formal canonical process of feedback under III.12.10 will end. In its place, at the Bishop’s request, the
Diocese will implement a “360° review” process of the type that is commonly used for executives in the
business world, which will be staffed and managed by members of the Standing Committee and the
Executive Committee of the Diocesan Council. The Committee will still welcome any feedback a member
of the diocese wants to give, but we emphasize that Bishop Field has asked for direct feedback.
The Standing Committee is grateful to Bishop Field for his persistence and participation, as this process has
weighed most heavily on him. We also thank our mediators: The Rt. Rev. Todd Ousley, The Rt. Rev. Joe
Burnett, Ms. Sandy Kolb, and Ms. Mary Kostel

Yours in Christ,

The Rev. Jonathan Frazier, President The Rev. Anne Kyle

Ms. Shirley Bolden, Vice President Mr. Gary Leabo
The Rev. Stephen Wilson, Secretary Ms. Sally Scheid
Ms. Mary Christiano The Rev. John Spicer