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The shall evaluate the Quotation Proposal based on the following criteria:

1.0 Critical Criteria

Non-compliance with any of the following critical criteria will preclude the
Quotation Proposal from further evaluation by the :

1.1 Restriction and Debarment

The Offeror shall not be debarred on or after the closing date of Quotation by
the Standing Committee on Debarment, c/o Ministry of Finance, from
participating in public-sector projects.

1.2 Full compliance with components of the Invitation to Quote

The Quotation Proposal shall comply fully with the Instructions to Offerors, the
Form of Quotation and the Conditions of Contract and shall not change the
text of any of these documents.

1.3 Judicial Management or Scheme of Arrangement or Winding up

The Offeror shall not be under any petition for Judicial Management or petition
for Winding Up. The Offeror shall not be under an Originating Summons for a
Notice of Meeting to consider Scheme of Arrangement.

The Offeror shall not be under a Judicial Management Order or a Scheme of

Arrangement or a Winding Up Order.

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2.0 Other Criteria

2.1 (a) Comformance of the Quotation Proposal with the Specifications;

(a) Offeror’s financial solvency; and
(b) Offeror’s contracting capacity.

2.2 In addition, the Quotation Proposal (amongst Eligible^ Quotation) will be

evaluated using the Price-Quality Method (PQM). The Quotation Price and
qualitative attributes of the Quotation Proposal (“Quality Proposal”) will be
assigned weightage and translated into quantitative scores, known as the
Weighted Quotation Price Score and Weighted Quality Score respectively.
The scores are then totalled up to give a Combined Score for the purpose of
the Quotation evaluation.

The Quotation Price (i.e. the Total Cost) and the Quality Proposal shall make
up 70% and 30% of the Combined Score respectively (i.e. Price:Quality Ratio
= 70:30).

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2.3 Quality Proposal

The following shall apply to the assignment of points (“Quality Score”) for the
evaluation of the qualitative proposal listed below:

S/N Criteria Attribute Weightage

a Pricing Competitiveness of Price 70%

b Quality Storage Space 50 points The total

• Demonstrate that the proposed combined
off-site storage space has points will
sufficient space to store the carry a
required collaterals and with weightage
contingency space for additional of 30%.
collaterals which could be
injected during the contract
• Demonstrate that the proposed
off-site storage is well-suited to
store the collaterals, equipped
with proper security measures
and well-ventilated.

c Packing and Delivery 25 points

• Demonstrate that the packing
and delivery can be completed
within the stipulated time. E.g.
explanation of work processes,
past track records, referees from
past jobs.

d Record Management System 25 points

• Propose a systematic approach
to track and churn out the stock
level of all the collaterals at any

Total 100%

* The maximum Total Quality Score achievable is 100 points. 50 points will be the
Passing Mark. If an Offeror has a Total Quality Score less than 50 points, his
Quotation will not be evaluated further by.

** If Maximum Quality Score of 30 is given to an Offerer and the Combined

Score is still lower than 85, his Quotation will not be evaluated further.

^ Quotations that comply with the Critical Criteria.

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3.0 Computation of Scores

3.1 Price Score Calculation

For the Price Score, eligible^ Offeror with the lowest Quotation Price will be
given the Maximum Price Score of 70 points based on the Price Quality Ratio
of 70:30. The Price Scores of the other eligible^ Offerors will be inversely
proportional to the lowest Quotation Price.

The Weighted Price Score of the Offerors will be computed using the following

Weighted Price Score,

P(wt) = (Lowest Quotation Price / Quotation Price of respective Offeror) x 70

3.2 Quality Score Calculation

Eligible^ Offeror with the highest Quality Score will be given the Maximum
Quality Score of 30 points, based on the Price Quality Ratio of 70:30. The
Weighted Quality Scores of the other eligible^ Offerors will be directly
proportional to the highest Quality Score.

The Weighted Quality Score of the Offerors will be computed using the
following formula:

Weighted Quality Score,

Q(wt) = (Quality Score of respective Offeror / Highest Quality Score) x 30

3.3 Combined Score

The Combined Score of a Offeror will be the sum of his Weighted Price Score
and Weighted Quality Score:

Combined Score = P(wt) + Q(wt)

The Offeror’s Combined Score will be taken into consideration in the award of
the Quotation.

4.0 Tie-Breaker

In the event there are 2 or more Offerors with the same Combined Score, the
following factors will be taken into account when evaluating the Quotations:
(a) 1st level : Price Competitiveness
(b) 2nd level : Offeror’s Performance

^ Quotations that comply with the Critical Criteria.

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5.0 Invitation of Quote with Quotation Options

Where Quotation Options are specified by has the discretion to

select the Offer/Quotation Option. will usually award to the Quotation
Offer and which has the highest PQM Combined Score, within the selected
Offer/Quotation Option.

6.0 Alternative Quotation Proposal

Any alternative Quotation Proposal, by any of the Offerors, will be treated as a

separate Quotation Proposal and assessed accordingly, provided alternatives
are allowed and they meet the technical requirements.

7.0 Joint Venture (JV)

The Quality Score of each Offeror in a JV (regardless of the equity

participation of each party in a JV) will be given equal weightage. For
example, if there are 2 parties to a JV, each party will contribute towards half
of the Quality Score.

8.0 Documents to be submitted with Quotation for evaluation using PQM

Offerors are required to submit the following documents together with their
Quotation Proposals via GeBIZ:

(a) Storage Space

• Floor plan of the Off-site Storage for storing all the existing
collaterals and extra storage space for potential expansion. It shall
indicate the total size of the storage space in sqm.
• Photos of the Off-site Storage which can demonstrate the
conditions of the storage space, e.g. ventilation, cleanliness.
• Certificates/proofs to prove that the Off-site Storage is equipped
with proper security measures.
• Insurance coverage for the Off-site Storage
• Company Policy on acquiring additional storage space, e.g. the
lead time required to accommodate extra storage space for new
(b) Company’s track records with supporting documents on Clients’
assessment of the Company’s performance for the similar job nature and
testimonial(s) of quality of works done for the past 1 year, if any, by
completing Appendices A & B in Instructions to Offerors;. The
supporting documents shall have the name of the Client, the Project
Manager’s name, designation, telephone number and email address.
shall be able to contact the Clients to verify the performance.

(c) Screenshots of the Record Management System which tracks the stock
level of all the collaterals. Provide description on the system and how the
report is generated.

reserves the right not to take into account any qualitative attributes
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which are not substantiated by any supporting documents from the Offeror. If
the requisite information or documents are not submitted by the close of
Quotation, it will be assumed that the Offeror does not intend to claim Quality
points for the relevant qualitative attribute.

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