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International Graduate Programme

At last an international banking

career that isn’t just about
international banking.
Building leadership capabilities

What’s inspirational? Knowing there are new and Which programme

exciting opportunities laid out before you for as long is right for you?
as you want them. A role that meets your ambitions. Our International
Working somewhere you can discover passions and Graduate Programmes
are tailored to the
strengths you never thought you had. different business
areas of the Bank.
You can join:
At Standard Chartered, helping our employees Consumer Banking
get the very best from themselves is the key to Wholesale Banking
Specialist Functions
our success. We think deeply about how to achieve Find out more about
it, from development onwards. Leading the most There’s only one way to reach our each Programme.
potential. Help you reach yours.
exciting growth markets and being truly global, helps graduates
us offer more varied, more valuable paths. Join us. Standard Chartered Bank’s Graduate Programme offers
All the programmes
an unrivalled opportunity for a challenging, creative and,
You’ll learn faster, go further and contribute more. above all, international development experience.
follow these key stages:
Structured development
If you would like to experience a truly international bank, programmes
gain exposure to key areas in business and be part of a International induction
unique global international graduate community then programme in Malaysia
Standard Chartered is the right choice for you. By joining International graduation
our International Graduate Programme, you can help write in Singapore
the next chapter in the history of Standard Chartered. Opportunity to gain a
professional qualification
Peter Sands
Group Chief Executive

“ A huge priority for me personally is building

leadership capacity – turning talented managers
What’s inside
into real leaders. The International Graduate
Find out more about 01 Building leadership 06 Wholesale Banking Programme is at the heart of my plans to develop
Standard Chartered and capabilities 07 Specialist Functions the leaders who can write the next chapter
our International Graduate 02 Learn faster 08 How we’ll make in Standard Chartered’s history. ”
Programme 03 Go further it happen
04 Contribute more 09 Click into place
05 Consumer Banking
International Graduate Programme 01
countries take part in the IGP

“ Graduates are the future lifeblood

of the Bank. Through these
International Graduate Programmes
we provide you with the skills and
knowledge to become successful
outlets in over
bankers, and the inspiration to 71 countries
become great leaders. ”

around the world
Tracy Clarke
Group Head: Human Resources
& Corporate Affairs
See our graduates online at: employees, made up of 125 nationalities

250 Learn faster

Average Go further
number of If you are hungry to learn, we’re the perfect employer. Go further geographically; go further professionally
International We invest heavily in the development and support to and personally, intellectually and emotionally: it all


help you become successful faster. Learn about our goes hand in hand. New cultures present new ideas,
we hire challenges and possibilities, and no bank can offer
business over the next two years, discover the right
each year 8 25
way forward for you, and hit the ground running. Then the same range of international choice and opportunity
keep learning – great leaders never close their minds, Participating as Standard Chartered.

and great leadership is what we are about. countries in
IGP scheme

rotations on
each programme
gives you the 1.5 years  rogrammes
opportunity to Our International
discover where Graduates are promoted are available in:
your strengths on average 1.5 years Asia “Y ou’re fast-tracking your career
and passions lie ahead of their peers Africa by being an International Graduate ”
Middle East Fatima Al Zadjali
Americas Joined the Bank in 2009
See our graduates online at:

International Graduate Programme 02 03

Consumer Banking
8.3 million
beneficiaries of Seeing
is Believing since 2003

3.6 million
lives impacted by our
 hy choose
this programme?
Microfinance business
 y joining this leadership
programme you will be
“ One of the few banks
exposed to the key areas
that walks the talk when
of CB, interact with senior
it comes to being truly
managers and leaders of
ethical as well as moral.”
Simbai Chifeya the business and have the
Joined the Bank in 2004 opportunity to show your
potential to the CB
Management Committee.
Creativity and communication
Contribute more can release vast potential
You will also:
Participate in exciting
As a bank we’re proud that whilst being profitable and fast-paced markets
This sector has vast potential, so think way beyond
financially sound, for us it’s not all about money. We where you’re close
branches themselves. Your influence in Consumer
want to make a positive long-term impact on our clients to the customer
Banking will be far-reaching. Think about leading the
and the world around us, empowering our people to Gain early opportunities
development of new products that can help change
make positive contributions that change lives and to lead teams, deliver
lives, and new ways of communicating with millions
transcend banking. It’s not complicated: life’s better service excellence and
of customers. This work is about understanding and
for everyone like this. translate great ideas
meeting needs, from private individuals to premium,

into winning products
small and medium enterprises.
Lean how to anticipate
This sector calls for very particular skills. We want market trends and use
innovators and leaders. We want creative thinkers, your insights to identify
people keen to use their imagination. But with that services that meet our
of Standard we need natural individuals who are brilliant at building customers’ needs
Chartered employees and maintaining relationships, skilled at understanding
take two paid
days off per year
the importance of detail in a wider context who can help How to apply
apply their leadership for the benefit of customers, clients
to complete “ Apply online at:
and teams. If that sounds like you, Consumer Banking
charity work.
is where you’ll flourish.
“ The Bank not only considers
its own profits, but also what
it can give back to society.”
Brian Roy
Joined the Bank in 2009
See Brian’s video online at:

International Graduate Programme 04 05

Wholesale Banking Specialist Functions

Why choose Why choose

this programme? this programme?
Our Wholesale Banking Without our support
International Graduates staff the Bank would not
are invaluable to our survive. We need to work
business and are well out of the right buildings,
known within the Bank. and those buildings need
We’re looking for fast- to work flawlessly; we
There’s more to banking than banking
thinking, fast-moving need the right IT, the right
graduates with an security. We need to get
Human Resources
appetite to make an the right people, too, and
Quick-thinking, quick-moving impact from day one
HR is central to our business performance. Putting
find them the right roles
the right people together in the right places,
graduates for a large-scale, and to embrace an
connecting them, motivating them, retaining them:
– exactly as we’re doing
fast-moving world international career.
it’s vital. This needs bright, socially and emotionally
here. And we need to
manage our own finances
intelligent people, and excellent communicators.
Big business needs big banking to work. Banking that correctly, itself a very
can cross boundaries, banking that can bring difficult
How to apply Finance large operation.
deals to life, make debt manageable, provide funds for Apply online at: Effective control of the Group’s balance sheet through
You will be part of
exciting projects, manage wealth. It’s a vast and varied independent assessment of budgets, financial reporting,
the global network of
field, but with over 150 years’ history in Asia, Africa and graduates systems development and product accounting calls for
International Graduates,
the Middle East, Standard Chartered Wholesale Banking an eye for detail, innovation and good teamwork. We
with the same induction
is firmly at the head of it. Local corporates, multinational work across geographies at a variety of scales.
programme in Malaysia,
companies, development organisations, financial Corporate Real Estate Services structured rotations to
institutions and central banks the world over come CRES is responsible for developing, maintaining and provide exposure to key
to us because they know that not only can we can help protecting the Bank’s infrastructure and environment. and varied areas of the
make their business possible, we can help make it grow. There is lots to take care of, from health and safety business, including
We’re looking for the next leaders in the field. If you’re to policy and planning, to security and sustainability. residential training
analytical, if you think on your feet, if you’re robust No-nonsense, practical intelligence is ideal: sensitivity programmes and,
of mind, hard-working and competitive, but capable allied to an analytical mind, and teamwork, too. of course, the same
of understanding and reacting to the needs of others, Group Internal Audit graduation in Singapore.
this is your arena. We strive to do things right, and the audit team
ensure we do just that, seeing that the procedures and You can choose from
Our International Graduates continuously outperform one of four areas to
their peer group and we believe our programme offers regulations in place to ensure the highest standards
have been followed. Audit have a large amount to apply to:
you a world class development platform and a truly Human Resources
international career. contribute: interpreting regulations and how they can
make a positive impact to our business; and identifying,
Corporate Real Estate
managing and resolving compliance risk issues.
You travel, too – 40% of the time is spent abroad. Services
Group Internal Audit

International Graduate Programme 06 07

How we’ll make it happen Click into place
Better learning, greater support,
more options 

Set off on the right foot How to apply

What the programmes involve:
You’re just a few steps away from applying to our
Take part in the International Induction Programme
International Graduate Programme with Standard
in Kuala Lumpur
Chartered. To avoid wasting your time we need to
Participate in business function specific
know what business function you want to apply to, if it’s
academic training
available in your country and if you’re eligible to apply.
Structured rotations give you exposure to our
key business areas
Here is a check list of your next steps:
Take part in the International Graduation Programme
at the end of the two years
1 Apply
 online are available in:
Get shown the way Visit Bangladesh
How we’ll support you
You will have a support network of business Rewards 2 Select the programme you want to apply for Cameroon
sponsors, buddies, line managers and your and benefits China
own graduate talent team
Standard Chartered’s 3 S
 elect the business area you want to apply for Côte d’Ivoire
You will have full support to complete various
rewards and benefits Ghana
professional qualifications, whether it be the
go beyond a competitive Group Internal Audit Hong Kong
CFA, CIPD, the ACCA or the CISA
salary. As an International Consumer Banking India
You will receive strengths coaching to learn
Graduate we invest Corporate Real Estate Services Indonesia
how to make the most of your talents
heavily in your Finance Kenya
development and Human Resources Korea
And get a head start in expanding your Wholesale Banking Malaysia
Here’s how we’ll jumpstart your career international network. Nigeria
You will have access to international jobs Additionally you will Pakistan
4 Select the country you would like to apply for
upon graduating receive two days Philippines
We have a ratio of three jobs per person to choose from voluntary leave which Qatar
You will have an international network for life allows you to give 5 Confirm you have the legal right to work in your Singapore
You will have a entire talent team looking after you back to the community. chosen country, without requiring a work permit Sri Lanka
If you want a career or visa Taiwan
with no boundaries, to Tanzania
make a difference and Thailand
6 C
 onfirm you have completed your National
contribute to the future Uganda
Service, if applicable
– join us. United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
Hear from other International Graduates: Vietnam Zambia

International Graduate Programme 08 09

For more information about our International
Graduate Programme, please visit our website: