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Established 1879 | Columbus, Mississippi

Friday | November 9, 2018

Results of one chancery judge race still unclear

In Chickasaw County, Faver got 149
As race will certainly head to runoff, margin between votes; Turner got 481; and Ausbern got
second and third place stands at four votes with 3,091. In Oktibbeha County, Faver re-
ceived 3,626 votes, followed by Turner’s
affidavits ballots still being processed 3,049 and Ausbern’s 866. In Webster
County, Faver got 1,229 votes; Turner
By Alex Holloway Overall, Rodney Faver held a clear got 1,252 and Ausbern received 821. first-place position over the 14-1 voting Gene Barton and Todd Bennett fin-
area, which includes part of Oktibbeha Faver Turner Ausbern
ished fourth and fifth, with 2,747 and
The runoff picture for the Chancery County and all of Webster and Chicka- votes after Thursday’s update. 739 total votes, respectively, across the
district 14, Place 1 judgeship remained saw counties, with 5,004 votes, or about Lee Ann Turner is currently second, sub-district.
unclear Thursday evening after Oktib- 27.7 percent. with 4,782 votes, or 26.49 percent. Eliza- The top two candidates from the
beha County released updated vote to- However, the margin between second beth Ausbern is third, with 4,778 votes, five-candidate field will advance to a
tals. and third place was a razor-thin four or 26.47 percent of the vote. See Race, 3A

Winning Ohio
‘Hammer to the Manor’ candidate
credits MUW
for providing
of her career
‘98 MUW grad Allison (Davis)
Russo wins seat in Legislature

As recently as four years

ago, Ohio was just a place on
a map and politics wasn’t even
on the radar for Allison Russo.
But on Tuesday, Russo was
elected to represent Ohio’s
24th District in the state-
house, winning her first politi-
cal campaign as a Democrat in Russo
her suburban Columbus, Ohio
Russo credits her career working in pub-
lic health policy for inspiring her to run for
Courtesy photo office, but her preparation for that role be-
Amanda Kelly and her brother Austin Shafer sit outside a home on Worley Street in Starkville for which they recently gan far earlier, stretching back more than
led renovations. The work is chronicled on a pilot episode for “Hammer to the Manor,” which will premiere Sunday 20 years to the training she received in the
on HGTV. “other” Columbus.
More specifically, it was her four years as

Starkville duo’s a student at Mississippi University for Wom-

en that laid the groundwork for her new job
in politics.

home renovation “My time (at The W) really provided so

many foundations for me,” said Russo, who
was known on campus by her maiden name,

pilot premieres Allison Davis. “It taught me to be a critical

thinker, to use my voice. The W really em-
powered me there. Being surrounded by

Sunday on HGTV so many women, I think so many of us, we

learned to be engaged and to have a voice.”
Russo said she was inspired by being
By Alex Holloway were at Market Beautiful in exposed to strong women leaders, both on Laurel. There, they had a campus and through guest speakers and lec-
turers The W regularly hosted.

chance encounter with an
or a Starkville broth- HGT V production represen- “Clyda Rent was the president when I was
er-sister duo, a series tative, who said she liked there,” said Russo, who graduated in 1998. “I
of “wonderfully weird” what the Shafer siblings were worked in her office as a student worker and
coincidences will culminate about and wanted to get them she was really the first woman in a position
with the premiere of a new on camera. of authority that I was exposed to. She was
home renovation show on “We had no idea who she a big influence for so many of us. She was
HGT V. was or what that meant, always bringing in female leaders to provide
Austin Shafer and Amanda but she ended up being the opportunities for students to have conversa-
Shafer Kelly’s show, “Ham- producer of ‘Home Town,’” tions with them. It gave some of us another
mer to the Manor,” will pre- Austin said. “It ended up just way of looking at what women could do.”
miere at 1 p.m. Sunday. The being a strange number of
episode, which is a pilot, will coincidences that brought us Rising from humble beginnings
focus on the duo’s work to to this point.” Davis grew up poor. Her single mom
oversee the restoration of an struggled to provide for her and sister. With
1850s home on Worley Street only a high school education, her mother
in downtown Starkville. ‘We’re regular people’ Courtesy photo
An HGTV film crew captures Amanda Kelly and worked a series of jobs – even briefly in con-
Everything started in the Austin, a Mississippi State
Austin Shafer discussing renovations outside struction.
summer of 2017, Amanda University alumnus, runs Fry the house on Worley Street featured in the “It wasn’t easy,” Russo said. “We had to
said, when she and Austin See HGTV, 6A television show. move a lot. My mother wouldn’t be able to
See Russo, 3A

Weather Five Questions Calendar Local Folks Public

1 What is the minimum number of electoral Now through Nov. 17 meetings
votes needed to be elected president of the ■ Citywide Turkey Drive: Donate frozen Nov. 13: Plan-
United States? ning and Zoning
2 What novel begins, “My mother drove me turkeys for a meal prepared and delivered
to the airport with the windows rolled down. by volunteers to seniors in Columbus on Commission,
It was seventy-five degrees in Phoenix, the Thanksgiving Day. Drop-off locations are: 5:30 p.m., City
sky a perfect, cloudless blued? Columbus Police Department lobby (Mon.- Hall
Harmony Curtis 3 About how often do sloths poop — once a Thurs. 7 a.m.-6 p.m.); Salvation Army (Mon.- Nov. 13:
day, once a week or once a month? Thurs., 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Closed 12-12:30 Starkville Oktib-
First grade, Caledonia
4 What 1988 Olympian hit his head on the p.m.); and Columbus Recreation Authority, beha Consoli-

53 Low 32
diving board during competition, but went to dated School
win gold? Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.). Monetary dona-
High 5 What Spanish city is considered the bull- tions also welcome. For information, contact District Board of
Colder with patchy clouds Trustees, 6 p.m.,
fighting capital of the world? Lt. Christian Smith of Salvation Army, 662-
Full forecast on Answers, 6B Greensboro
327-5137, or Joe Johnson, 662-549-4477.
page 2A. Center
Nov. 16: Board
Inside Friday, Nov. 9
of Aldermen
work session,
Classifieds 6B Obituaries 5A ■ CAFB Retiree Appreciation: Columbus 1:15 p.m., City
Comics 4B Opinions 4A Air Force Base hosts Retiree Appreciation Joseph Stone is a pastor Hall
Crossword 3B Religion 5B Day from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Columbus at Second Baptist Church
Dear Abby 4B Club, with working dog demos, aircraft in Starkville.


2A FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

Did you hear?
Letter shows a fearful As the most influential
scientist of the 20th cen-
Einstein long before tury, Einstein’s life and
Nazis’ rise writings have been thor-
JERUSALEM — More oughly researched. The
than a decade before the Hebrew University in Je-
Nazis seized power in Ger-
many, Albert Einstein was
rusalem, of which Einstein
was a founder, houses the
In the nation
on the run and already world’s largest collection of
fearful for his country’s fu-
ture, according to a newly
revealed handwritten letter.
Einstein material. Together
with the California Institute
of Technology it runs the
Wildfire devastates California town of Paradise
His longtime friend Einstein Papers Project. In- The Associated Press dents about 180 miles (290 kilome- evacuations of a mobile home park,
and fellow Jew, German dividual auctions of his per- ters) northeast of San Francisco, a state university campus and some
Foreign Minister Walther sonal letters have brought PARADISE, Calif. — Tens of where residents scrambled to flee. neighborhoods. A nearby blaze was
Rathenau, had just been thousands of people fled a fast-mov- The extent of the injuries and spe- smaller at about 2 square miles but
in substantial sums in re-
assassinated by right-wing ing wildfire Thursday in Northern cific damage count was not imme- moving quickly.
cent years.
extremists and police had California, some clutching babies diately known as officials could not Acting California Gov. Gavin
The 1922 letter shows
warned the noted physicist and pets as they abandoned vehi- access the dangerous area. Newsom declared a state of emer-
he was concerned about
that his life could be in dan- cles and struck out on foot ahead of
Germany’s future a full Butte County CalFire Chief Dar- gency for the fire-stricken area in
ger too. the flames that forced the evacua-
year before the Nazis even ren Read said at a news conference Northern California and requested
So Einstein fled Berlin tion of an entire town and destroyed
attempted their first coup that two firefighters and multiple a presidential disaster declaration,
and went into hiding in hundreds of structures.
— the failed Munich Beer “Pretty much the community of residents were injured. saying that dangerous weather con-
northern Germany. It was
Hall Putsch to seize power Paradise is destroyed, it’s that kind The blaze erupted as windy ditions were expected to last sever-
during this hiatus that he
in Bavaria. of devastation,” said Cal Fire Capt. weather swept the state, creat- al days.
penned a handwritten let-
When the Nazis came to Scott McLean late Thursday. “The ing extreme fire danger. A wind- The National Weather Service
ter to his beloved younger
power and began enacting wind that was predicted came and whipped fire north of Los Angeles issued red-flag warnings for fire
sister, Maja, warning of
the dangers of growing legislation against Jews, just wiped it out.” in Ventura County burned up to 15 dangers in many areas of the state,
nationalism and anti-Semi- they also aimed to purge McLean estimated that a couple square miles and at least one home saying low humidity and strong
tism years before the Nazis Jewish scientists. The Na- of thousand structures were de- in a matter of hours. It threatened winds were expected to continue
ultimately rose to power, zis dismissed Einstein’s stroyed in the town of 27,000 resi- thousands of homes and prompted through Friday evening.
forcing Einstein to flee his groundbreaking work, in-
native Germany for good. cluding his Law of Relativ-
“Out here, nobody ity, as “Jewish Physics.”
knows where I am, and Einstein renounced his
I’m believed to be away on
a trip,” he wrote in August
German citizenship in 1933
after Hitler became chan-
cellor. The physicist settled
A year apart, some country music Eagle Scout, aspiring lawyer,
father killed in bar attack
1922. “Here are brewing
economically and political-
ly dark times, so I’m happy
in the United States, where
he would remain until his
fans face 2 mass shootings THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. —
One was a veteran police officer
who didn’t hesitate to run toward
to be able to get away from death in 1955. The Associated Press friends to the floor and covered
Einstein declined an danger. Another was an art student
everything.” them with his body. Then he got a
invitation to serve as the who worked with children at
The previously un- THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. — look at the shooter and the terror
first president of the newly her church. Others were a Navy
known letter, brought for- Barely a year after surviving a unfolding and decided they need- veteran, an a cappella singer who
ward by an anonymous established state of Israel massacre at a country music fes- ed to escape. worked as a caregiver, and a securi-
collector, is set to go on but left behind his literary tival in Las Vegas, Brendan Kelly Kelly said he dragged one ty guard with a “big personality”
auction next week in Jeru- estate and personal papers found himself in a terrifyingly fa- woman out a back emergency exit who was known for making sure
salem with an opening ask- to the Hebrew University. miliar scene. and then, using his belt, T-shirt everyone got home safely.
ing price of $12,000. — The Associated Press Kelly, 22, said he was dancing and Marine training, applied a They were among a dozen peo-
with friends at a bar in subur- tourniquet to his friend’s bleeding ple killed in a shooting at a country
ban Los Angeles on Wednesday arm.
CONTACTING THE DISPATCH night when the bullets began fly- After the shooting was over,
music bar in Southern California.
Authorities believe the gunman ,
Office hours: Main line: ing. When the gunfire was over, Kelly said he and another Ma- Ian David Long, ultimately killed
n 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon-Fri n 662-328-2424 12 people were dead, including rine friend helped victims along- himself.
a Navy veteran who had lived side first responders. Two of his The victims’ stories began to
HOW DO I ... Email a letter to the editor? through the deadliest mass shoot- friends were among those killed. emerge Thursday. It was going
n ing in modern U.S. history a year Chandler Gunn, 23, told The
Report a missing paper? to be a “very difficult day for
Report a sports score? ago. Los Angeles Times that a friend many people,” said Andrew Fox,
n 662-328-2424 ext. 100
n 662-241-5000 “I already didn’t wish it on any- who survived the Vegas shoot- mayor of Thousand Oaks, Califor-
n Toll-free 877-328-2430
body to begin with for the first ing works at the bar. When Gunn nia, where the attack happened
n Operators are on duty until Submit a calendar item? time,” Kelly said outside his home learned about the shooting, he Wednesday night.
5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. n Go to in Thousand Oaks. “The second rushed to Borderline.
community time around doesn’t get any easi- Gunn said his friend, whose
Buy an ad?
n 662-328-2424 er.” name he didn’t provide, escaped
California gunman was volatile
Submit a birth, wedding
Kelly, a Marine, said he heard safely out the back. but passed mental assessment
Report a news tip? or anniversary announce- THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. —
“pop, pop” at Borderline Bar and “There’s people that live a
n 662-328-2471 ment? Neighbors of Ian David Long de-
Grill and instantly knew it was whole lifetime without seeing this,
n n Download forms at www. scribed the man who shot and killed
gunfire. and then there’s people that have 12 people at a country music bar as
“The chills go up your spine. seen it twice,” he said.
You don’t think it’s real — again,” In social media posts, Molly distant in public but combative with
Physical address: 516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39701 he said. Mauer said she was at Borderline his mother inside the suburban Los
Mailing address: P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703-0511 The mother of the 27-year-old and also survived Vegas. Angeles home the two shared.
man killed in the latest attack, “I can’t believe I’m saying this One ruckus in April was so ex-
Starkville Office: 101 S. Lafayette St. #16, Starkville, MS 39759 Telemachus “Tel” Orfanos, said again. I’m alive and home safe,” treme that they called law enforce-
her son survived Vegas only to she said on Facebook. ment. Authorities brought in a mental
die inside Borderline, less than 10 In Las Vegas and Thousand health specialist who concluded that
SUBSCRIPTIONS minutes from his home. Oaks, country music fans were the Long could not be involuntarily com-
“Here are my words: I want gun victims. Borderline features coun- mitted for psychiatric observation
HOW TO SUBSCRIBE control,” said Susan Schmidt-Or- try music, and Wednesday was but worried the 28-year-old Marine
By phone................................. 662-328-2424 or 877-328-2430 fanos, her voice shaking with grief “college night” that drew many veteran might have post-traumatic
Online.......................................... and rage. “I don’t want prayers. I young people to the bar. The Last stress disorder.
don’t want thoughts.” Vegas shooter targeted a crowd of “The mental health experts out
RATES She said she wanted Congress country music fans gathered for there cleared him that day,” Ventu-
Daily home delivery + unlimited online access*..........$13.50/mo. “to pass gun control so no one the Route 91 Harvest Festival. ra County Sheriff Geoff Dean said
Sunday only delivery + unlimited online access*...........$8.50/mo. else has a child that doesn’t come Kelly has a large tattoo on his Thursday, the morning after Long
Daily home delivery only*.................................................$12/mo. home.” left arm memorializing the Las Ve- opened fire inside a bar that was host-
Online access only*.......................................................$8.95/mo. At a vigil Thursday night, sur- gas shooting, which killed 58 peo- ing a night for local college students.
1 month daily home delivery................................................... $12 vivors of both shootings gathered ple. On his other arm Thursday, Authorities haven’t identified
1 month Sunday only home delivery........................................ $7 to honor those who didn’t make it. he still had his wristband from the what motivated Long to open fire
Mail Subscription Rates....................................................$20/mo. “It’s hard to sleep after these California bar. during college night at Borderline
* EZ Pay rate requires automatic processing of credit or debit card. kinds of things,” said Dani Mer- Kelly said he’ll be looking to Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks,
rill, who lived through the Vegas God for comfort in the coming around 40 miles (64 kilometers) from
shooting and escaped the Border- weeks and months. downtown Los Angeles. The dead in-
The Commercial Dispatch (USPS 142-320) line bloodshed at the bar by run- “I know that, being a religious cluded 11 people inside the bar and
Published daily except Saturday. Entered at the post office at Columbus, Mississippi.
Periodicals postage paid at Columbus, MS ning out the loading dock. “You person, that God is never going to a veteran sheriff’s sergeant who was
POSTMASTER, Send address changes to: just don’t know how to feel. give me anything more than I can the first officer through the door.
The Commercial Dispatch, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703
Published by Commercial Dispatch Publishing Company Inc., During Wednesday’s shooting, handle,” he said. “I’m here for a — The Associated Press
516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39703 Kelly said he threw two of his reason.”



Colder with patchy Sunny and chilly Cloudy and cool; an Remaining cool with Colder with times of
clouds afternoon shower periods of rain clouds and sun
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Columbus Thursday
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Stennis Dam 166 137.52 -1.45 Honolulu 82/69/sh 83/71/pc Raleigh 52/26/s 50/35/s
Bevill Dam 136 136.53 +0.20 Jacksonville 69/53/pc 71/62/pc Salt Lake City 50/28/s 45/24/s
Memphis 46/30/s 48/37/pc Seattle 50/36/pc 50/38/s
SOLUNAR TABLE Weather(W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.
The solunar period indicates peak feeding times for
fish and game.
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Hyde-Smith accepts Farm Bureau debate; Espy considering it

By EMILY WAGSTER PET TUS  and conditions” can broadcast this information challengers before Tuesday, Smith declined to participate.
The Associated Press before deciding to the entire state,” wrote Espy, saying that one of the challeng- Millsaps spokesman John
whether to ac- a former congressman and for- ers, Republican Chris Mc- Sewell said Thursday that the
JACKSON — A Republican cept the group’s mer U.S. agriculture secretary. Daniel, was telling “untruths” private college and MPB sent
U.S. senator in Mississippi invitation, cam- Hyde-Smith was state ag- about her. letters to the Hyde-Smith and
is accepting an invitation to paign spokes- riculture commissioner when “I’m going to stick with Espy campaigns Wednesday,
debate her Democratic oppo- man Danny longtime Sen. Thad Cochran people that are civil,” Hyde- saying the two groups would
nent a week before the Nov. 27 Blanton said. retired in April. Republican Smith said Nov. 1 in response
Hyde-Smith like to set a Nov. 20 debate.
runoff, but it was not immedi- Espy sent Gov. Phil Bryant appointed her to questions about debates.
ately clear whether the event Scallan said the Hyde-Smith
Hyde-Smith a to temporarily succeed Co- Blanton said Thursday that
will happen. campaign received and accept-
letter Wednes- chran until a special election is Espy has a “moral obligation”
The Mississippi Farm Bu- ed the Farm Bureau Federation
day challenging resolved. to take part in a debate spon-
reau Federation is organizing a her to three de- Hyde-Smith and Espy each sored by Millsaps College invitation before receiving the
Nov. 20 debate in Jackson, with bates, although received about 41 percent of and Mississippi Public Broad- one from Millsaps and MPB.
plans for it to be televised. he did not the vote in a four-person race casting if those groups have Scallan also said time for
Campaign spokeswoman mention specific Tuesday. The winner of the one before the runoff. Espy, debates is limited because the
Melissa Scallan said Thursday dates, places or runoff will serve the final two McDaniel and Tobey Bernard Senate will be in session three
that Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Espy days next week, candidates
sponsors. years of the term Cochran Bartee, who also ran, originally
will take part. “These de- started. committed to a Millsaps-MPB are planning other events and
Democrat Mike Espy’s cam- bates should be moderated by Hyde-Smith declined to debate in October. However, Thanksgiving is the week
paign was reviewing “terms a nonpartisan institution that debate Espy and two other Espy backed out after Hyde- before the runoff.

Around the state

State approves ratings for special ever been rated before, and the state had try to block the grade, but Childress tify the man, but he has been identified
once agreed to develop an alternative said it was likely the local school board online as a registered nurse, Clayton
schools over complaints rating system for Corinth, which uses a would choose to appeal to the state Com- John Hickey.
JACKSON — Mississippi’s state special curriculum and tests. However, mission on School Accreditation. Turn- Hickey is a former Memphis police
Board of Education on Thursday ap- state Chief Accountability Officer Paula ing first to such administrative remedies officer who resigned in 2010 when found
proved A-to-F school ratings for a school Vanderford said the state determined in could give Corinth better grounds in a with a 17-year-old girl and open contain-
district, plus four schools that teach spe- April that it would be illegal for the state later court appeal. ers of alcohol in his car. News outlets
cial populations, despite complaints that to continue with either policy. Childress said he hoped the district say attempts to contact him have been
the rating system treats them unfairly. “There are no exclusions in state and state could resume work on getting unsuccessful.
Officials told the board Thursday that or federal law for assigning grades to the Cambridge exams approved, but
under their interpretation of state and schools that have special populations,”
federal laws, the state must rate those she said.
said the district is taking measures to
better prepare students for state tests.
Mayor says city needs more public
schools using the same tests and stan- State school board member Johnny He said the low grades won’t undermine security cameras
dards as other schools. The board had Franklin of Bolton, the only board mem- Cornith’s efforts to “do school different- VICKSBURG — A mayor in Missis-
delayed action on those schools in Octo- ber who voted against the decision, said ly.” sippi says his city needs more public se-
ber when it approved grades for others. it’s punitive both to schools that seek to “We do not think it will undermine it curity cameras.
Corinth got a C overall and its high be innovative and that are already chal- in any way,” he said. “Our commitment The Vicksburg Post reports the push
school was rated F. However, other mea- lenged with students who are blind, deaf to Cambridge remains strong.” for more cameras by Mayor George
sures, such as ACT scores and gradua- or have severe disabilities. Flaggs Jr. follows the discovery of what
tion rates, suggest the district performs “They’ve got enough challenges as it city officials say was obscene graffiti on
like higher-rated districts. is without us going and handing another Hospital fires worker who wore downtown parking garages. Flaggs said
“We do not believe it is an accurate re- thing around their neck, and that’s an F,” racist shirt to vote before Monday’s meeting of the Board
flection of the achievement and growth Franklin said. OLIVE BRANCH — A hospital in of Mayor and Aldermen that he doesn’t
of our schools,” said Superintendent Childress disputes the state’s legal Tennessee has fired a worker who was care what it will cost to outfit the city
Lee Childress. His district focuses on interpretation. He notes that the waiver photographed wearing a racist shirt with recording devices. Flaggs and Po-
preparing students for the international granted to Corinth to allow it to adopt a while voting in Mississippi. lice Chief Milton Moore have access to
Cambridge exams and not Mississippi’s different curriculum, a modified year- News outlets report that Regional the captured video.
state tests. round schedule and other changes is the One Health in Memphis says its investi- The board in 2017 approved the pur-
The state also gave failing marks to same law the state cited in refusing to gation into the image shared online led chase and installation of cameras in
the Mississippi School for the Blind, develop an alternative assessment. And to the man being fired. A picture of the Vicksburg and parking garages to help
Mississippi School for the Deaf, and in some other states under the current man shows him at a polling place wear- combat crime. Installation of high-res-
schools in the Harrison County and Pas- Every Student Succeeds Act, individual ing a shirt that has a Confederate flag olution cameras began in June. But
cagoula-Gautier districts that serve only school districts are choosing among dif- with a noose in the center and the words Flaggs says the city still needs more,
special education students. ferent types of tests. “Mississippi Justice.” and he’s willing to dip into the city’s $3
None of those special schools had Corinth has earlier gone to court to The hospital’s statement didn’t iden- million reserve fund to get them.

Continued from Page 1A
pay the rent, so we would George Washington Uni- Staying in touch “She was a combination
have to stay with our versity. Russo gained 58 per- of all the things that make
grandmother, who was a She worked in the cent of the vote to defeat a memorable college stu-
safety net for us.” public health policy in her Republican opponent dent,” Pieschel said. “She
Her mother recog- the D.C. area until 2014, for the open seat in the was very active on cam-
nized the way out of when her husband, Brian, Legislature. As the re- pus. She was a top scholar
poverty was through left the U.S. Navy after 17 sults came in Tuesday, and she was particularly
education and instilled years to attend law school Russo said she was on the energetic. I’m sure every-
that belief into her young in Ohio. The Russos have phone with many of her body who was here when
daughters. three children, ages 13, old friends from The W. she was remembers her.
Russo, the eldest sib- 11 and 2. “I’ve built some life- It doesn’t seem like she
ling, took it to heart. She Russo said it was her long friends at The W,” has changed much. Even
was a standout student experience in public she said. “So many of then, she was interested
at Wesson Attendance health policy that pro- my core group of friends in policies that had to do
Center in Copiah County, pelled her into politics. have been involved in the with health care. So, no,
earning a full scholarship “Ohio was one of the campaign from afar. They I’m not surprised at all
to The W. first states to expand were all on the phone with that she would do this.”
“What poverty taught Medicaid and I knew me Tuesday night.” Although it’s been 20
me was resilience,” Rus- Included in that circle years since she left The
from my work in the field
so said. “You have to keep is MUW Professor Brid- W, those memories are
how important that is,”
fighting, and the way you get Smith Pieschel. warm, the lessons she
she said. “Even though
do that is through edu- “She was one of my learned still relevant.
it has been extremely
cation. It also taught me favorites,” Russo said. “The W was a big part
empathy. Poverty isn’t successful here in Ohio, of my life,” Russo said. “It
there was talk here about “She taught me honors
a choice. It’s a circum- English.” really did help shape the
stance.” the next administration person I am today.”
getting rid of it. I sort of Pieschel said she
After graduating from makes an effort to keep
The W with a degree looked around. Very few
people have knowledge up with all her former stu-
in microbiology, Russo dents, primarily through
earned her master’s in of health policy, which
is something I’ve been social media. Russo is one
epidemiology at the Uni- of those former students
versity of Alabama-Bir- working on all my career.
I felt like I had to get in- who has always stood out,
mingham, then her doc- she said.
torate in health policy at volved.”

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Nov. 27 runoff election. Faver appears 30 affidavit ballots as of Thursday after-
comfortably positioned to advance. noon.
However, each of the counties has re- Chickasaw County has eight no-ID
maining affidavits to count. A Webster absentee ballots left to count. Oktibbe-
County Circuit Clerk’s Office employee ha County has two. Oktibbeha County
said the office was still counting affida- Circuit Clerk Tony Rook said voters
vit ballots and would release updated have five business days to show pres-
numbers when that process is complet- ent voter ID for their affidavit ballots
ed. While no updated numbers were to count. With a Veteran’s Day holiday
available from Webster County, the offi- on Monday, that deadline will extend to
cial said the county had accepted about Nov. 14.

A club for boys and girls

Boys and Girls Club of Columbus
BIRNEY IMES SR. Editor/Publisher 1922-1947
BIRNEY IMES JR. Editor/Publisher 1947-2003
BIRNEY IMES III Editor/Publisher 1998-2018

PETER BIRNEY IMES Editor/Publisher

ZACK PLAIR, Managing Editor

BETH PROFFITT Advertising Director
MICHAEL FLOYD Circulation/Production Manager

Cartoonist view

The Nation
The war for the soul of America
The war the chronically hostile press the same
in Washing- access to the White House to which
ton will not Robert De Niro is entitled. Since the
end until the days of John Adams, the White House
presidency of has been the president’s house, not the
Donald Trump press’s house.
ends. Every- Pelosi appears the favorite to return
one seems as speaker of the House. But she may
to sense that find her coming days in the post she
now. loves to be less-than-happy times.
This is a Some of her incoming committee
fight to the chairs — namely, Adam Schiff, Maxine
finish. Patrick Buchanan Waters and Elijah Cummings — seem
A postelec- less interested in legislative compro-
tion truce mises than in rummaging through
that began with Trump congratulating White House files for documents to
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi damage the president, starting with
— “I give her a great deal of credit for his tax returns.
what she’s done and what she’s ac- To a world watching with fascination
complished” — was ancient history by this death struggle convulsing our
nightfall. capital, one wonders how attractive
With the forced resignation of American democracy appears.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions and And just how much division can this
his replacement by his chief of staff, democracy stand?
Matthew Whitaker, the long-anticipat- We know what the left thinks of
ed confrontation with Robert Mueller Trump’s “base.”
appears at hand. Hillary Clinton told us. Half his
Sessions had recused himself supporters, she said, are a “basket of
from the oversight role of the special deplorables” who are “racist, sexist,
counsel’s investigation into Russiagate. crisis.” and refused to surrender the micro- homophobic, xenophobic, Islamopho-
Whitaker has definitely not. His attitude toward Mueller’s probe phone. Others shouted support for bic — you name it.” Lately, America’s
Before joining Justice, he said that is taking on the aspect of Andrew Jack- his antics. A third demanded to know populist right has been called fascist
the Mueller probe was overreaching, son’s attitude toward Nicholas Biddle’s whether Trump’s admission that he’s a and neo-Nazi.
going places it had no authority to go, Second Bank of the United States: It’s “nationalist” would give aid and com- How can the left “unite” with people
and that it could be leashed by a new “trying to kill me, but I will kill it.” fort to “white nationalists.” like that? Why should the left not try
attorney general and starved of funds Trump has been warned by congres- By picking up the credentials of to drive such “racists” out of power by
until it passes away. sional Democrats that if he in any way CNN’s Jim Acosta and booting him out any means necessary?
Whitaker was not chosen to be impedes the work of Mueller’s office, of the White House, Trump has set a This is the thinking that bred antifa.
merely a place holder until a new AG he risks impeachment. good precedent. As for those on the right — as they
is confirmed. He was picked so he can Well, let’s find out. Freedom of the press does not mean watch the left disparage the old heroes,
get the job done. If the House Judiciary Committee guaranteed immunity of the press tear down their monuments, purge
And about time. of incoming chairman Jerrold Nadler from the same kind of abuse the press Christianity from their public schools
For two years, Trump has been wishes to impeach Trump for forcing directs at the president. — they have come to conclude that
under a cloud of unproven allegations Mueller to fish or cut bait, Trump’s John F. Kennedy was beloved by the their enemies are at root anti-Christian
and suspicion that he and top cam- allies should broaden the debate to the media elite. Yet JFK canceled all White and anti-American.
paign officials colluded with Vladimir real motivation here of the defeated House subscriptions to the New York How do we unify a nation where the
Putin’s Russia to thieve and publish the establishment: It detests the man the Herald Tribune and called the pub- opposing camps believe this?
emails of the Clinton campaign and the American people chose to lead their lisher of The New York Times to get What the Trump-establishment war
Democratic National Committee. country and thus wants to use its po- him to pull reporter David Halberstam is about is the soul of America, a war in
It is past time for Mueller to prove litical and cultural power to effect his out of Vietnam for undermining U.S. which a compromise on principle can
these charges or concede he has a removal. morale in a war in which Green Berets be seen as a betrayal.
busted flush, wrap up his investigation Even before news of Sessions’ were dying. Patrick J. Buchanan, a nationally
and go home. departure hit Wednesday, Trump was Some journalists have become syndicated columnist, was a senior advi-
And now, in T.S. Eliot’s words, subjected to an antifa-style hassling by Trump haters with press passes. And sor to presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald
Trump appears to have found “the the White House press corps. Trump is right to speak truth to main- Ford and Ronald Reagan. His website is
strength to force the moment to its One reporter berated the president stream media power and to accord to

Other Editors
Preparation imperative when next pandemic hits
When you stop and allow it to sink 100,000 Americans. viruses that could spark a pandemic. who are sick to stay home. Practicing
in, the scope of the 1918 Spanish flu The 2017-18 flu outbreak killed Flu shots can help against seasonal good cough etiquette by coughing or
pandemic is simply staggering. 80,000 to 90,000 Americans. flu outbreaks by both reducing the risk sneezing into an elbow or a tissue also
Striking in the waning days of World A century after the outbreak, it’s of getting infected and reducing the helps. Washing your hands when you
War I, the virus sickened 500 million important to be knowledgeable about a severity of the sickness if one does get get home from a public place is a smart
people around the world and killed 50 global event that caused so much havoc. infected. strategy, too.
million, as the Daily Journal’s Michae- It’s also important to take and use any By its definition, however, a pan- “There needs to be an ongoing
la Gibson Morris reported in a story lessons that are still applicable today. demic flu involves a new strain of the education about how people can protect
reflecting upon the 100th anniversary That starts with taking the flu seri- virus that the population has little or no themselves,” said Dr. Bhagyashiri
of the devastating outbreak. ously. Even with advances in modern immunity against. In such a case, the Navalkele, infectious disease specialist
The 1918 pandemic killed an estimat- medicine, the world remains vulnerable flu shot won’t be much help; at least not at University of Mississippi Medical
ed 675,000 Americans. To put its impact — particularly in a tightly connected immediately. Center.
in perspective: society in which it is much more condu- That’s when healthy habits and an Public health experts warn that it’s
HIV killed 448,060 Americans be- cive for a disease to spread. understanding of how the flu spreads not a question of if a pandemic flu will
tween 1981 and 2000. National and international public can help slow its momentum. come again, it’s when.
World War II killed 418,500 Ameri- health agencies put a lot of effort into People with the flu can spread it to The more prepared we can be, the
cans. monitoring seasonal flu outbreaks and others from about six feet away, which better we can mitigate its impact.
The 1968 H3N2 flu pandemic killed watching for the emergence of new flu is why it is so important for those (Tupelo) Daily Journal
The Dispatch • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2018 5a

Area obituaries
COMMERCIAL DISPATCH grandchildren. thony Holcombe; and Smith-Carroll of Fred- ry M.B.
OBITUARY POLICY Pallbearers will be sister, Jean Britt. ericksburg, Virginia Church
Obituaries with basic informa-
tion including visitation and
Tedrick Brewer, Ta- He is survived by and Stacy Griggs of with the
service times, are provided moryo Brewer, Willie his wife, Lucy Hol- West Point; sister, Cyn- Rev. Rich-
free of charge. Extended obit- Roby, Thallipa Brewer, combe; daughters, thia Peneguy of Baton ard W.
uaries with a photograph, de- James C. Pippin and Tina Holcombe Ferrell Rouge, Louisiana; and Morgan
tailed biographical information Gary Brewer. and Michelle Fason, five grandchildren. officiating.
and other details families may both Carrollton, Memorials may be Burial Hill
wish to include, are available Alabama; brothers,
for a fee. Obituaries must be Wayne Jamison made to the American
will follow
submitted through funeral MACON — Wayne Ed Holcombe of West Lung Association, P.O.
at Martin Cemetery. Norlene Wolford
homes unless the deceased’s Jamison, 84, died Nov. Point, Riley Holcombe Box 2178, Ridgeland, Visitation:
of Guntersville, Al- MS 39158 or to First Visitation will be from Friday, Nov. 9 • 1-2:30 PM
body has been donated to 7, 2018, at Baptist Me- 1-5 p.m. Friday at Lee- St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
science. If the deceased’s morial Hospital-Golden abama and Norman United Methodist Memorial Services:
body was donated to science, Holcombe of Macon; Church, P.O. Box 293, Sykes Funeral Home. Friday, Nov. 9 • 2:30 PM
the family must provide official five grandchildren; West Point, MS 39773. Lee-Sykes Funeral St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Arrangements are Burial
proof of death. Please submit
and four great-grand- Home is in charge of Friendship Cemetery
all obituaries on the form pro- incomplete and will be
vided by The Commercial Dis- announced by Carter’s children. Edgar Gardner arrangements. Memorial Gunter Peel
Funeral Home
patch. Free notices must be Funeral Services of Pallbearers will be COLUMBUS — Ms. Hill was born College St. Location
submitted to the newspaper Macon. Robert Stevens, Sid Edgar T. Gardner, 73, Feb. 14, 1940, in
no later than 3 p.m. the day Dinsmore, Ken Mis- died Nov. 5, 2018. Shuqualak, to the Samuel E. Dale
prior for publication Tuesday so, Chuck Misso, Jeb Service will be at late Lonzo and Penny Services:
through Friday; no later than 4 Nancy Cobb Stewart, Marty Hol- 11 a.m. Saturday at Hill. She was formerly Monday, Nov. 12 • 11 AM
p.m. Saturday for the Sunday MILLPORT — Nan- combe, Jeff Holcombe Caledonia U.M. Church
edition; and no later than 7:30 cy Ophelia Cobb, 80, Lee-Sykes employed as a house- Burial
a.m. for the Monday edition. and Jonathan Sellers. Funeral keeper. Egger Cemetery
died Nov. 1, 2018, at Caledonia
Incomplete notices must be re- Home. She is survived by Memorial Gunter Peel
Hospice of West Ala-
ceived no later than 7:30 a.m.
bama in Tuscaloosa.
Bobby Gillespie Burial her children, Freddie Funeral Home
for the Monday through Friday ST. LOUIS, Mo. — will follow College St. Location
editions. Paid notices must be A memorial service Hill Sr., Oscar Hill Sr.,
Bobby L. Gillespie, 84, at Union Jackie Hill, Barbara
finalized by 3 p.m. for inclusion will be at 2 p.m. Sun-
died Nov. 2, 2018, in St. Cemetery.
the next day Monday through day at Dowdle Funeral Gilkey and Joy Hill; and
Thursday; and on Friday by 3 Louis, Missouri. Visita-
Home Chapel with Mr. 19 grandchildren.
p.m. for Sunday and Monday Services will be at 11 tion will
Raymond Baker offici- Gardner Pallbearers will be
publication. For more informa- a.m. Saturday at New be from
ating. Dowdle Funeral Antonio Hill, Oscar
tion, call 662-328-2471. Zion U.M. Church in noon-5
Home is in charge of p.m. Friday at the Hill, Brandon Hill and
Starkville. Burial will
arrangements. Eric Ballard.
Clabon Brewer Ms. Cobb was born
follow at Rest Haven funeral home. Lee-
BROOKSVILLE Cemetery. West Me- Sykes Funeral Home is
Sept. 14, 1938, to the morial Funeral Home in charge of arrange- We had questions about cremation.
— Clabon Brewer, 56, late Mr. Marvin Cobb
died Oct. 31, 2018, at is in charge of arrange- ments.
and Mrs. Gracie Lou ments. Mr. Gardner was
Regency Hospital in Vaughn Cobb.
We found the
Meridian. born Jan. 12, 1945, in answers here.
In addition to her
Services will be at parents, she was pre- Patricia Smith Liberty, Alabama, to
11 a.m. Saturday at Pil- WEST POINT — Pa- the late James Gardner
ceded in death by her and Lucille Wells Gard-
Call today.
grim Rest M.B. Church brothers, Douglas Cobb tricia C. Smith, 62, died
with the Rev. Sammie Nov. 7, 2018, at North ner. He was formerly
and Dennis Cobb; and owner and operator
Lyons officiating. sister, Pauline Woods. Mississippi Medical
Burial will follow at the Center in Tupelo. of Gardner’s Masonry
She is survived by and was a skilled brick
church cemetery. Visi- her sons, Roderick Celebration of Life Lowndes Funeral Home and Crematory
tation will be from 2-6 services will be at 2 mason. Columbus, MS • (662) 328-1808
Cobb, Ryan Cobb In addition to his
p.m. Friday at Carter’s p.m. Friday at Calvert
and Terrance Butts; parents, he was preced-
Funeral Services of Funeral Home Chap-
daughters, Felecia ed in death by his wife,
Macon. Carter’s Funer- el with the Rev. Ben
Cunningham, Gwen- Catherine H. Gardner;
al Services is in charge Rosenkrans officiating.
da Lewis and Evonda daughter, Angela T.
of arrangements. Visitation will be one
Butts; 17 grandchil- Gardner; sister, Ruby
Mr. Brewer was born hour prior to services
dren; 27 great-grand- L. Henry; and brother,
June 29, 1962, in Nox- at the funeral home.
children; and four Mathis Gardner.
ubee County, to Annie Calvert Funeral Home
great-great-grandchil- He is survived by his
Dowd Brewer and the is in charge of arrange-
dren. children, Cutrell Gard-
late Charlie Brewer. ments.
He was a member of Mrs. Smith was ner, Rosie Jones, En-
Pilgrim Rest M.B. John Holcombe born March 22, 1956, pierrias Ljoi Gardner,
Church. MACON — John in Greenwood, to the Albert Cockrell, Willie
In addition to his L. Holcombe, 82, died Dorothy Lee Josey and Cockrell and Johnnie
father, he was preceded Nov. 5, 2018, at North the late James Harold Cockrell; siblings, Mat-
in death by his brother, Mississippi Medical Crocker. She was a tie Williams, Barbara
Tom Brewer; and sister, Center in West Point. graduate of Washington Dumas, Sanfo Gardner,
Mary Brewer. Services will be School in Greenville Bernetta Gardner, L.
In addition to his at 11 a.m. Friday at and Mississippi State A. Gardner, Henry A.
mother, he is survived Elon Baptist Church University. She was Gardner, James Gard-
by his son, Maurice with Payton Myers a freelance graphic ner, Eugene Gardner
Henley Sr.; siblings, officiating. Burial will designer and a member and Clarence Gardner;
James Earl Brewer, follow at the church and past President of and a host of grandchil-
Kennedy Brewer, James cemetery. Visitation the West Point/Clay dren.
C. Brewer, Daniel Brew- was from 5:30-8 p.m. County Arts Council.
er, Carzell Brewer, Pem Thursday at Cockrell She was also a member Jane Hill
Brewer, Willie Brewer, Funeral Home. Cock- o f First United Meth- SHUQUALAK —
Sam Earl Brewer, Char- rell Funeral Home is odist Church. Jane Alice Hill, 78, died
lie Brewer, Josephine in charge of arrange- In addition to her Nov. 6, 2018, at Ander-
Green, Martha Brew- ments. mother, she is survived son Regional Medical
er, Ruby Brewer and He was preceded in by her husband, Skee- Center.
Annie Jane Brewer, all death by his parents; ter Smith of West Point; Services will be at 2
of Brooksville; and five infant son, John An- daughters, Sunshine p.m. Saturday at Calva-

the World
Australian police say
stabbing attack linked
to terrorism
knife-wielding man
stabbed three people, one
fatally, in Australia’s sec-
ond-largest city on Friday
in an attack police linked
to terrorism.
The attack during
the afternoon rush hour
brought central Mel-
bourne to a standstill.
Hundreds of people
watched from behind bar-
ricades as police tried to
apprehend the attacker.
Police said the man
got out of a pickup truck,
which then caught fire,
and attacked three by-
standers with a knife. He
also attempted to attack
police who arrived on the
scene before being shot in
the chest by an officer.
The suspect died later

The Dispatch
at a hospital. One of the

victims also died, while
the two others were hospi-
Police said the attack-
er’s vehicle contained sev-
eral barbecue gas cylin-
of our customers receive their paper on time. (Believe us. We track these things.)
ders in the back. A bomb
squad rendered them safe If you are unhappy with your delivery please let us know. Our goal is 100%
without any exploding. customer satisfaction. Call customer support at: 662-328-2424
— The Associated Press
6A FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

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Retool Company, where he restores
axes, vintage tools and cast iron
cookware. Amanda runs Jamison
Fry, a retail store that sells home
goods and vintage items. Amanda
studied interior design at Arizona
State University.
Austin said they “never in a mil-
lion years” would have imagined
being a part of the show. That led
to some nerves as filming began,
which quickly gave way to having
“We’re not personalities,” Austin
said. “We’re regular people and
you don’t want to disappoint these
people who have seen something
in you. So day one, at the begin-
ning, was terrifying. But by the end
of the day, we were having a blast.”
Courtesy photo
Amanda said it’s been a great
Amanda Kelly and Austin Shafer go through plans to renovate the Worley
family experience, and Street house as cameras roll. Austin said the two were initially nervous
“It’s been really fun to go about being in front of the cameras but eventually “started having fun.”
behind the scenes and see how a
show like this is made,” she said. episodes of the show based on how room did to the home. It really was
“That’s the world a lot of us don’t the pilot performs. For those who not very well taken care of.
know about—what’s on the other don’t go to the watch party, she “There was a lot of work to be
side of the TV shows we watch.” said it’s important to get as many done,” she continued. “There was
televisions tuned in as possible. foundation work to be done. It was
“It depends on how many peo- a major renovation of this house. It
Watch party set ple are watching and engaged,” was in bad shape, for sure.”
Starkville Main Street, in col- she said. “That’s the big part we The entire filming process took
laboration with Southern Tradition eight weeks — starting in mid-
want to emphasize in our commu-
Tailgate, will host a watch party March and ending around the end
nity — everyone turn on your TV,
at Fire Station Park on Lampkin of May — with only six weeks to
your DVR. Every screen counts.”
Street for the show’s premiere. renovate the home.
Austin said the show, no matter
The watch party is scheduled Amanda said it’s “unheard of”
the result, has been a great chance
for noon to 2 p.m. Sunday. Greater to finish a project with that much
to display Starkville.
Starkville Development Partner- work so quickly, and she cred-
“Starkville is an incredible
ship Interim CEO Jennifer Prather ited the contractors, including
place, and if we can show just the
said it will include cheese fries Starkville’s Byrum Construction,
people of Starkville, the character
from Bin 612, as well as popcorn for putting in tireless work to make
of Starkville — the character of
and hot chocolate. the renovations happen. She said
Mississippi and the people, talk
She said people are encouraged the various phases of renovation
about a win for us,” Austin said.
to bring blankets or picnic chairs. occurred simultaneously to expe-
“It is so great to have a little bit of
“People have perceptions and dite the process.
exposure on this magical town.”
ideas in their mind of what small Austin also credited the home-
town U.S.A. and the South and owners, MSU employees Tom and
Mississippi is,” Prather said. “It’s Renovations and filming Brooke Lammert, who decided to
such a great opportunity for our Amanda said HGTV put out a renovate the home after purchas-
area to be put in front of millions casting call for people with homes ing it.
of viewers. It’s a great marketing to renovate and selected one on “I thought it was something that
opportunity for the city and the Worley Street. could easily take six months to a
state itself, because it makes us The home had a reputation in year and we had to get this tackled
be a place that piques people’s Starkville as a “hoarder’s house,” in six weeks,” Austin said. “Nine-
interest that they may want to visit Amanda said. ty-five percent of people would’ve
or even locate to. “For years, there was a couple knocked that house to the ground.
“We know we have a great qual- that lived there that just had ac- But Brooke and Tom saw some-
ity of life and a wonderful commu- cumulated a lot of stuff,” she said. thing. They loved that home and
nity,” she added. “It gives us an “When the (new) homeowners wanted to make that their family
unprecedented chance to share bought it from them, every room home. Once we saw how excited
that with the world.” was just full to the ceiling with they were about the project, we
Amanda said HGTV will stuff. You can imagine what the really got fired up, and I could not
determine whether to make more weight of that much stuff in every be more proud of the end result.”
n Those interested in attending MHSAA playoff
football games can purchase their tickets before they

get to the stadium. Fans can go to www.misshsaa.
Adam Minichino
com and go to “Digital Tickets” under the Quick Links
header to the right side of the page to find the game SPORTS LINE
they would like to attend. Tickets are $8. 662-241-5000


SOCCER Play on special
Carrasco team has helped
has used
discipline Murphy carve
to become out bigger role
fixture By Brett Hudson
By Adam Minichino STARKVILLE — Marcus Murphy sacri-
ficed to have a chance to play even a limited
STARKVILLE — role as a freshman for the Mississippi State
Miranda Carrasco dreamed football team.
about playing soccer in the Murphy graduated early from West Point
Southeastern Conference for High School and enrolled at
as long as she can remember. MSU in time to join the team
The 5-foot-3 defender for spring practice. It gave
from Cypress, Texas, made Murphy, who was touted as
that dream a a “athlete,” a chance to work
reality when with and to learn from the
she opted to Bulldogs’ defensive backs.
graduate ear- The decision also gave
ly from Cy- Murphy the inside track to Murphy
press Woods win a spot on special teams
High School that has helped him adjust to college foot-
in Texas and ball.
Carrasco enroll early Murphy has made an impact on special
at Mississippi JUCO Weekly teams, particularly on kick return, but re-
State. East Mississippi Community College sophomore linebacker Untareo Johnson makes cently he has been asked to do more. The
It didn’t matter to her that a stop in a victory against Coahoma C.C. in a 47-0 victory on Oct. 18 in Scooba. preparation in spring practice and the regu-
she was a freshman. The lar-season special teams reps have him at a
only thing Carrasco was con-
cerned about was finding a
way to get on the field.
“I worked really hard in
DEFENSE HELPS DELIVER point where No. 18 MSU can turn to him in
the secondary. With former starting nickel
back Brian Cole out for the season, MSU (6-
3, 2-3 Southeastern Conference, No. 16 Col-


the months before I came lege Football Playoff) likely will turn to him
here in the spring. I knew I for snaps when it faces No. 1 Alabama (9-0,
was going to come into the 6-0, No. 1) at 2:30 p.m. Saturday (WCBI).
SEC, and it has always been “He’s one of those guys, the arena’s never
my dream to play in the SEC, BY SCOTT WALTERS too big for him,” MSU defensive coordinator
so now that I am here I want
Game 10 Bob Shoop said. “I think he probably plays bet-
to expand my dream and n At No. 4 Jones College, 2 p.m. Saturday ter when the coach isn’t standing behind him,
do many wondrous things I When the season started, East Mississip- (WGTC-FM 92.7, WZKR-FM 103.3, ‘Make sure you’re this, make sure you’re that.’ ”
know I can do and I am ca- pi Community College sophomore defensive WFCA-FM 107.9; Murphy entered MSU after playing quar-
pable of. I can’t wait to keep Video stream at terback and rushing for 1,856 yards and 31
back JaQuez Akins knew he would be on a
growing, showing, and im- better defense. touchdowns and throwing for 1,058 yards
proving.” Still, the amount of improvement might be and nine scores to lead West Point to its sec-
Carrasco has done that a little overwhelming for the veteran Lions. Inside ond-straight Mississippi High School Activi-
in what has been a historic “This team has won championships with n MORE COLLEGE FOOTBALL: EMCC-Jones ties Association (MHSAA) Class 5A State ti-
season for the MSU women’s a great defense,” Akins said. College Preview Box. Page 2B tle. The only question was where to put him.
soccer program. At 4 p.m. “We were a little disappoint- It is common for versatile athletes of Mur-
Friday, MSU (9-6-2) will play ed last season, even though Collins was an assistant on EMCC squads phy’s caliber to be tested at defensive back.
host to Lipscomb (14-4-2) in we won the (national) cham- that won the national title in 2013 and 2014. Murphy found himself in good surroundings.
the first round of the MSU pionship. The defense was Those teams were built at the line with a “I had older guys teaching me the fun-
Soccer Field. The match will not up to the standard for dominating front four. damentals and technique because I never
be MSU’s first appearance in around here. We had a hard This year’s unit has taken on a similar really played defense in high school,” Mur-
the NCAA tournament. time stopping elite players on makeup. The Lions lead the nation with 43 phy said. “I’ve adapted to it, become a better
Carrasco is part of a de- Akins a consistent basis. This year sacks and are among the national leaders in athlete and a better teammate.
fense with goalkeeper Rhylee has been our chance to make tackles for loss with 106. Former West Point “When I came in, I knew I had a chance
DeCrane and defenders up for that.” High School standout Everitt Cunningham to play, so I came in with a clear mind-set
Courtney Robicheaux, Kris- EMCC has held five opponents to seven leads the sack parade with 13. He also has a of coming to compete against my standard
ten Malebranche, and Hailey points or less, and four to less than 100 yards team-high 19 tackles for loss. and the standard they hold up here. I had a
Zerbel that has allowed only of offense. Another defensive masterpiece “Playing defense has been a lot of fun with mind-set to dominate. I just didn’t have the
16 goals for a program that will be the expectation when No. 1 EMCC this team this year,” Cunningham said. “It technique right off the bat.”
earned its second-consecu- (10-0) faces No. 4 Jones College (9-1) for the feels like we have more speed at every posi- As summer turned to preseason, Mur-
tive winning season for the Mississippi Association of Community and tion. There comes a time in just about every phy established a new goal.
second time in program his- Junior Colleges (MACJC) State champion- game where the other team starts to panic “I understand the first year’s basically go-
tory. Only DeCrane (1,566) ship at 2 p.m. Saturday in Ellisville. and they have to do things on offense they ing to be special teams and getting adapted
and Robicheaux (1,507) have “During the offseason we made an effort aren’t used to doing.” to the game,” Murphy said.
played more minutes than to make some improvements on the defen- The Lions also have forced 25 turnovers. Murphy’s decision to put everything into
Carrasco (1,488). sive side of the ball,” EMCC coach Buddy By comparison, the Lions had 33 sacks, 82 special teams came at the right time. This
Carrasco has started all Stephens said. “We allocate some more out- tackles for loss and forced 20 turnovers (in is the first season MSU has had a dedicated
17 matches and is seventh special teams coordinator with no other title.
of-state funds on that side of the ball. We had 12 games) last season.
on the team in scoring with Coach Joey Jones had more time to devote to
the coaches in place, just needed some more Collins is known for a long list of team
seven assists. She is tied for players on special teams and saw everything
depth and needed to perform better.” goals for each game.
fourth in the league in as- Murphy was doing.
This season, EMCC has accomplished “Sometimes, a few of those things are
sists, and is tied for the lead “He just has a passion for going down
both of those goals. over the top,” Cunningham said. “We always
See CARRASCO, 4B The 2017 National Junior College Athletic start out with under 100 yards and always
on kickoff,” Jones said. “No. 1, I think that’s
who he is, but secondly, I think he was dying
Association (NJCAA) national championship play for the shutout. After that, there are a lot
NCAA tournament to get on the field in any way and he knew his
squad allowed 25.1 points per game. This of other marks we try to hit.”
way to get on the field this year was through
n Lipscomb at Mississippi season, EMCC has allowed a NJCAA-best This week’s goal list will include the pro-
special teams. Once he got the taste of that
State, 4 p.m. Friday 11.1 ppg. gram’s seventh state championship in 11
(SEC Network +). blood of getting down there and making a
“It’s all about a mind-set,” EMCC sec- seasons. A year ago, EMCC beat Northwest
tackle, he wanted to get it back.”
ond-year defensive coordinator Cliff Collins Mississippi C.C. 67-66 in double overtime to
Murphy’s first two tackles came on spe-
ONLINE said. “I think we had lost that edge with re- win the title.
cial teams, and he has been disruptive when
n For more on the game cent teams. You could tell this group of soph- “We don’t want to experience that again he hasn’t made a tackle. He said he has used
between Lipscomb and omores were built a little different. We have this year,” Akins said. “At least not the during- those reps to help him adjust to the speed
Mississippi State, go to: had those game-changing, impact players. the-game feeling. The after-the-game feel- of the college game. They also helped him This year, we just have more of them.” ing, yes we want that again.” develop the confidence to know he can bring
down collegiate ballcarriers.
Shoop said a time would come when
WOMEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL Murphy would be called on for defensive
snaps, and that time is now. Because he en-

Scott hopes to find niche by playing defense rolled early and started on special teams,
he’s ready to handle the workload.
“I’m still an athlete, but I don’t look at the
By Adam Minichino
Game 2 side defense better than anyone on the game from a QB’s standpoint. I have to de- team,” Schaefer said. “She puts herself fend this guy, I have to go tackle this guy.
n At Virginia, 6 p.m. Friday
(ACC Network Extra; WLZA-FM 96.1) in position more than anybody to be That’s my mind-set now,” Murphy said. “It
STARKVILLE — Bre’Amber Scott’s a good helper, so, again, she has mo- changed my whole awareness of the game. I
bloody left eye and bruise below it won’t ments she plays tough and physical. She feel like a complete DB.”
last forever. ONLINE has other moments when she may be a
But the sophomore n For more on the game between No. little tired. I have to do a better job get- Game 10
guard has been around 6 Mississippi State and Virginia, go to:
ting her in shape, but I think she is a big, n At No. 1 Alabama, 2:30 p.m. Saturday
Mississippi State wom-
physical guard.” (WCBI; WKBB-FM 100.9, WJEC-FM 106.5,
en’s basketball coach Vic Scott had six points (0-for-5 from the WFCA-FM 107.9).
Schaefer long enough to role in determining how many minutes field, 6-for-6 from the free-throw line),
take those two things as the 5-foot-11 native of Little Rock, Ar- five rebounds, and two assists in 19 min-
reminders of how hard kansas, sees this season. Scott will try utes Tuesday in MSU’s 88-53 victory
n Left guard Darryl Williams, center Elgton
Scott he wants her to play. to make another impression at 6 p.m. against Southeast Missouri in its sea- Jenkins and right guard Deion Calhoun have
Scott’s ability to pro- Friday when No. 6 takes on Virginia in son opener. She also had two points and helped the Mississippi State football team
vide Dominique Dilling- Charlottesville, Virginia. three rebounds in 14 minutes in a 97-56 lead the Southeastern Conference in yards
ham-like qualities likely will play a big “She probably understands help- See SCOTT, 4B per carry.
2B FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

CALENDAR Do You Need Estate Planning to

Today MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 2:30 p.m. — Michigan at Rutgers, Big Protect You & Your Family’s Future?
AUTO RACING 3:30 a.m. (Saturday) — Japan All-Star Ten Network
10:55 a.m. — Formula One, Heineken Series, Game 2, MLB All-Stars vs. 2:30 p.m. — Mississippi State at
Japan, at Tokyo, MLB Network Alabama, WCBI
Brazilian Grand Prix, practice, at Sao
NBA 2:30 p.m. — New Mexico at Air Force,
Paolo, ESPNU
6 p.m. — Charlotte at Philadelphia, NBA TV CBS Sports Network
12:30 p.m. — NASCAR, Monster Energy
6:30 p.m. — Detroit at Atlanta, Fox Sports 2:30 p.m. — Washington State at Colorado,
Cup Series, Can-Am 500, practice, at
Avondale, Arizona, NBC Sports Network Southeast
2:30 p.m. — Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh,
1:30 p.m. — NASCAR, Xfinity Series, 8:30 p.m. — Boston at Utah, ESPN
Whelen Trusted To Perform 200, SOCCER 2:30 p.m. — Northwestern at Iowa, WLOV
practice, at Avondale, Arizona, NBC 1:20 p.m. — Bundesliga, Hannover vs. 2:30 p.m. — Baylor at Iowa State, FS1
Sports Network Wolfsburg, FS2 - Estate Planning - Long Term Care - Conservatorships &
3 p.m. — East Carolina at Tulane, ESPNEWS - Wills & Trusts Planning Guardianships
3:30 p.m. — NASCAR, Xfinity Series,
Whelen Trusted To Perform 200, final Today 6 p.m. — Temple at Houston, CBS
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- Business Formation
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practice, at Avondale, Arizona, NBC AUTO RACING Directives & Living - Divorce & Child - Real Estate/ Loan
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Brazilian Grand Prix, practice, at Sao - Elder Law - Pre-Nuptial Agreements - School Law
4:30 p.m. — NASCAR, Series, Lucas Oil 6 p.m. — South Florida at Cincinnati,
150, qualifying, at Avondale, Arizona, FS1 ESPNU Contact us at (662) 327-4211 (ext. #0) to make an appointment.
9:30 a.m. — NASCAR, Monster Energy
6 p.m. — NASCAR, Monster Energy Cup 6:30 p.m. — Texas at Texas Tech, WLOV Mention this ad when you call to get a free 30 minute consultation
Cup Series, Can-Am 500, practice, at
Series, Can-Am 500, qualifying, at 6:30 p.m. — Florida State at Notre
Avondale, Arizona, NBC Sports Network for estate or long term care planning.
Avondale, Arizona, NBC Sports Network Dame, WTVA
7:30 p.m. — NASCAR, Series, Lucas Oil
150, at Avondale, Arizona, FS1
10:55 a.m. — Formula One, Heineken
Brazilian Grand Prix, qualifying, at Sao
6:30 p.m. — LSU at Arkansas, SEC
Dunn & Hemphill, P.A.
COLLEGE BASKETBALL 7 p.m. — Clemson at Boston College, 214 Fifth Street South | Columbus, Mississippi
11:30 a.m. — NASCAR, Xfinity Series,

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John’s, FS2 Series, Can-Am 500, final practice, at ESPNU Providing Our Clients Expertise With
6 p.m. — Arkansas vs. Texas, at Fort Avondale, Arizona, NBC Sports Network 9:30 p.m. — UNLV at San Diego State,
Over 50+ Years Of Combined Experience
Bliss (El Paso, Texas), ESPN 2:30 p.m. — NASCAR, Xfinity Series, ESPN2
6 p.m. — North Carolina at Elon, ESPNU Whelen Trusted To Perform 200, at GOLF
6 p.m. — Southern Illinois at Kentuck, Avondale, Arizona, WTVA Noon — PGA Tour, Mayakoba Golf
SEC Network COLLEGE BASKETBALL Classic, third round, at Playa del
7 p.m. — Montana State at Indiana, Big 3 p.m. — Bethune-Cookman at Marquette, Carmen, Mexico, TGC
Ten Network FS2 3 p.m. — Champions Tour, Charles
7:30 p.m. — Maryland at Navy, CBS 3 p.m. — Evansville at Xavier, Fox Schwab Cup Championship, third round,
Sports Network Sports Net at Phoenix, TGC
8 p.m. — Buffalo at West Virginia, ESPNU 5 p.m. — CCSU at Georgetown, FS2 1 a.m. (Sunday) — European PGA Tour,
8:30 p.m. — Washington at Auburn, 6 p.m. — Regional coverage, Miami Nedbank Golf Challenge, final round, at
SEC Network University at Butler, Fox Sports Net Sun City, South Africa, TGC
7 p.m. — Ball State at Purdue, Big Ten MIXED MARTIAL ARTS
10 p.m. — Yale vs. California, at
Network 7 p.m. — UFC Fight Night, prelims, at
Shanghai, ESPNU
7 p.m. — Quinnipiac at Villanova, FS2 Denver, FS1
COLLEGE FOOTBALL 9 p.m. — UFC Fight Night, Chan Sung
6 p.m. — Louisville at Syracuse, ESPN2
11 a.m. — Wisconsin at Penn State, Jung vs. Yair Rodriguez, at Denver, FS1
9:15 p.m. — Fresno State at Boise
State, ESPN2 7:30 p.m. — Houston at San Antonio,
11 a.m. — Illinois at Nebraska OR
Maryland at Indiana, Big Ten Network
9:30 p.m. — NHRA, Auto Club Finals, SOCCER
11 a.m. — Ole Miss at Texas A&M, WCBI
qualifying rounds, at Pomona, California 6:30 a.m. — Premier League, Cardiff
11 a.m. — Lafayette at Army, CBS
(same-day tape), FS1 Sports Network City vs. Brighton & Hove Albion, NBC
GOLF 11 a.m. — South Carolina at Florida, ESPN Sports Network
Noon — PGA Tour, Mayakoba Golf 11 a.m. — Navy at UCF, ESPN2 8:30 a.m. — Bundesliga, Hoffenheim
Classic, second round, at Playa del 11 a.m. — Tulsa at Memphis, ESPNU vs. Augsburg, FS2
Carmen, Mexico, TGC 11 a.m. — Ohio State at Michigan 9 a.m. — Premier League, Hudders-
3 p.m. — Champions Tour, Charles State, WLOV field Town vs. West Ham, NBC Sports
Schwab Cup Championship, second 11 a.m. — TCU at West Virginia, FS1 Network
round, at Phoenix, TGC 11 a.m. — Kansas at Kansas State, Fox 11:30 a.m. — Premier League, Crystal
10 p.m. — LPGA Tour, Blue Bay LPGA, Sports Net Palace vs. Tottenham, WTVA
final round, at Hainan Island, China, TGC 11 a.m. — Vanderbilt at Missouri, SEC 11:30 a.m. — Bundesliga, Borussia
2 a.m. (Saturday) — European PGA Network Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich, FS2
Tour, Nedbank Golf Challenge, third 2:30 p.m. — Oklahoma State at 9 p.m. — Liga MX, Tijuana vs. Monarcas
round, at Sun City, South Africa, TGC Oklahoma, WKDH-WTVA Morelia, FS2

game 11: EAST MISSISSIPPI C.C. vs. jones college Junior College Standings
n WHEN: 2 p.m., Saturday East Miss. 6 0 10 0 437 111
n WHERE: Bobcat Stadium at Sim Cooley Field, Ellisville Northwest 5 1 8 2 328 182
n RECORDS: EMCC 10-0 (6-0 MACJC North Division); Holmes 3 3 5 4 226 260
Jones 9-1 (6-0 MACJC South Division) Itawamba 3 3 5 4 287 281
Miss. Delta 3 3 3 6 187 319
n RADIO: WFCA-FM 107.9 (Jason Crowder, Northeast 1 5 1 8 151 275
Jonathan Holmes, Glen Beard) Coahoma 0 6 0 9 150 343
n LIVE AUDIO/VIDEO: deWeaver McIntosh South Division Overall
EMCC (10-0) Jones (9-1) Jones 6 0 9 1 359 195
(NJCAA Top 20, JuCo Rivals Dirty Thirty);
Jones — No. 4 (NJCAA Top 20), No. 6 (JuCo W, 50-0 hosts Hinds W, 44-0 hosts Coahoma Co-Lin 5 1 6 4 294
W, 59-10 at Pearl River L, 25-23 hosts Holmes Gulf Coast 4 2 7 2 330
Rivals Dirty Thirty) W, 56-26 at Itawamba W, 28-25 at Hinds East Central 3 3 4 5 199 250
n HEAD COACHES: EMCC — Buddy Stephens W, 54-13 hosts Delta W, 16-13 hosts Gulf Coast Hinds 2 4 4 5 248 253
(108-13 in 11th season); Jones — Steve W, 24-21 at East Central W, 51-21 hosts Southwest Pearl River 1 5 2 7 154 302
Buckley (23-6 in third season) W, 34-6 at Northwest W, 48-7 at Pearl River Southwest 0 6 1 8 128 364
W, 56-21 hosts Holmes W, 40-27 at Northeast WEEK TEN RESULTS
n LAST MEETING: EMCC 24, Jones 20 W, 47-0 hosts Coahoma W, 28-23 hosts Co-Lin MACJC Playoffs — First Round
(postseason, 11/4/17 in Ellisville); EMCC W, 26-7 at Northeast W, 45-20 at East Central EMCC 31, Copiah-Lincoln 7
47, Jones 34 (regular season, 8/31/17 in W, 31-7 hosts Co-Lin W, 36-34 hosts Northwest Jones 36, Northwest 34
Scooba) N. 10 at Jones N. 10 hosts EMCC WEEK ELEVEN SCHEDULE
n SERIES STANDINGS: EMCC has won seven Saturday’s Games
of last nine series meetings MACJC Playoffs — Championship
EMCC at Jones, 2 p.m.
n STATISTICAL LEADERS: EMCC — Passing: Messiah deWeaver 158-for-226, 1,603
yards, 10 TDs, 4 Ints., Vijay Miller 62-for-103, 851 yards, 8 TDs, 2 Ints.; Rushing:
Deon McIntosh 165 rushes, 969 yards, 16 TDs, Keon Moore 83 rushes, 523 yards, 5 TDs; Receiving: Kalem Reddix
48 receptions, 435 yards, 3 TDs, Dontario Drummond 46 receptions, 686 yards, 9 TDs; Defense: Fred Hervey 78
tackles (13.5 for loss), 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, 1 Int., Untareo Johnson 59 tackles (10 for loss);
Jones — Passing: Stetson Bennett 120-for-209, 1,492 yards, 15 TDs, 10 Ints., Fred Barnum 40-for-53, 386 yards,
3 TDs, 1 Int.; Rushing: Kalyn Grandberry 208 rushes, 1,192 yards, 9 TDs, Donte Edwards 116 rushes, 514 yards, 8
TDs; Receiving: Immanuel Jones 40 receptions, 466 yards, 3 TDs, Johnquarise Patterson 26 receptions, 237 yards, 3
TDs; Defense: Nick Anderson 61 total tackles (8 for loss), 1 fumble recovery, Chei Hill 50 total tackles (32 tackles for
loss), 1 forced fumble
n FAST FACTS: EMCC remains No. 1 nationally for the 11th-straight week ... Lions have won 10 or more games seven
times under Stephens ... EMCC plays in seventh MACJC State championship record (won the previous six) ... EMCC and
Jones meet in the playoffs for a second-straight season, and for the fourth time in 10 seasons (EMCC has won previous

— Scott Walters
The Dispatch • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2018 3B

on the air
Local Prep Football Prep Soccer
Columbus United reschedules Today’s Games Saturday’s Match
workout/evaluation Mississippi High School Activities Heritage Academy at Bayou Academy, 1 p.m.
The Columbus United Soccer Club Association College Football
has rescheduled its open workout and Class 6A Playoffs — First Round Saturday’s Games
player evaluation for 3 p.m. Sunday at the South Panola at Starkville, 7 p.m. Ole Miss at Texas A&M, 11 a.m.
Downtown Columbus Soccer Complex. Class 5A Playoffs — First Round
The free session, which will be Mississippi State at Alabama, 2:30 p.m.
open to players Under-8 and above, will
Canton at West Point, 7 p.m. Southern Mississippi at UAB, 6:30 p.m.
be held on the fields on the south side Class 4A Playoffs — Second Round
of the complex. Check-in will be by the Noxubee County at Greenwood, 7 p.m. Men’s College Basketball
concession stand. Clarksdale at Louisville, 7 p.m. Today’s Game
Coaches will be available to answer Class 2A Playoffs — Second Round Austin Peay at Mississippi State, 6:30 p.m.
questions, to take registration, and to Philadelphia at East Webster, 7 p.m. Saturday’s Game
discuss the benefits of the club. Western Michigan at Ole Miss, 3 p.m.
Mississippi Association of Independent
Schools Sunday’s Games
Starkville High basketball teams Class AAA Playoffs — Third Round Southern Miss at SMU, 2 p.m.
beat Meridian Adams County Christian at Heritage Hartford at Mississippi State, 4 p.m.
STARKVILLE — Tyler Talley hit 1 of 2 Academy, 7 p.m. Appalachian State at Alabama, 6 p.m.

free throws with three seconds left Thurs-
day night to lift the Starkville High School
Class A Playoffs — Second Round
Columbus Christian at Union Christian Yesterday’sANSWER
boys basketball team to a 60-59 victory
against Meridian.
(Louisiana), 7 p.m. Basketball
Today’s Games
Sudoku is a number-
5 4 9 1 3 7 6 8 2
Talley had seven 3-pointers in a Alabama High School Athletic Association placing puzzle
Sudoku based on
is a number-
Class 3A Playoffs — First Round Mississippi State at Virginia, 6 p.m. 3 6 2 4 5 8 1 7 9
24-point effort for the Yellow Jackets (2-0). a 9x9 grid
placing with based
puzzle severalon

2018 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

Lamar County at Providence Christian, 7 p.m. Mississippi University for Women at agiven
9x9 grid with several
Jalisa Outlaw had 18 points to lead
Johnson & Wales, 6 p.m.
numbers. The object 7 1 8 6 2 9 3 5 4
the Starkville girls (1-1) to a 61-47 victory Wicksburg at Gordo, 7 p.m. given numbers.
is to place The object
the numbers
against Meridian. Class 2A Playoffs — First Round IUPUI at Ole Miss, 7 p.m. is
6 9 4 5 7 2 8 3 1
1 to place
to 9 in thethe numbers
empty spaces
Amaya Ford had 11 points. Idalis Suell Sheffield at Aliceville, 7 p.m. Saturday’s Game 1sotothat
9 ineach
the empty spaces
row, each 2 7 5 8 1 3 4 9 6
also had 14. Mississippi University for Women vs. so that each row, each
n In other action Thursday night, Tylor
Sulligent at Addison, 7 p.m. column and each 3x3 box 1 8 3 9 4 6 5 2 7
Nebraska Wesleyan (Denver, Colorado), column
Latham had nine points in the Starkville Class 1A Playoffs — First Round containsand theeach
same3x3 box
number 8 5 6 2 9 4 7 1 3
Phillips at South Lamar, 7 p.m. 4 p.m. contains the same number
Academy boys basketball team’s 62-31 only once. The difficulty
loss to Tishomingo County. In the girls Cherokee at Pickens County, 7 p.m. Sunday’s Game only once. The difficulty 4 2 7 3 8 1 9 6 5
level increases from
Grambling State at Southern Mississippi, level increases from 9 3 1 7 6 5 2 4 8
game, Mary Peyton Passons had 11 points
and Lillee Alpe had nine in a 53-39 loss to
Prep Basketball 2 p.m.
Monday to Sunday.
Monday to Sunday. Difficulty Level 11/08

Tishomingo County. Today’s Games

At the Bank of Pontotoc Classic, the St. Andrew’s at Aberdeen College Volleyball
South Pontotoc girls basketball team beat Magnolia Heights at Starkville Academy Today’s Match
New Hope 54-40. The Itawamba Agricul- Saturday’s Games Mississippi State at Kentucky, 6 p.m.
tural High boys basketball team edged New Aberdeen at Lewisburg Classic Saturday’s Match
Hope 57-52. Oak Hill Academy at East Webster Southern Mississippi at North Texas, 1 p.m.
— From Special Reports

1 Assesses
6 Birth-related
11 Set off
12 1836 battle site
13 Deck extra
14 Karaoke needs
15 History bit
16 Injury soother
18 Quarterback
19 “— a Rebel”
20 Peas’ place
21 Sermon subject
22 Game dog
24 Antlered animal
25 Somewhat
27 Flight part DOWN 26 Draws air
29 Purpose 1 Princes of India 27 On the agenda
32 — Alamos 2 Orbital point 28 Corrida star
33 Derisive cry 3 Testifies 30 Compass part
34 Spot 4 Before, to bards 31 Showed fear
35 Museum focus 5 Coastal bass 33 Foundations
36 Imitating 6 Identified 39 Carnival spot
37 Wallet bill 7 Boxing great 41 Bran type
38 Eye drops 8 Goes on
40 A lot 9 Aviator Earhart
42 Bert’s buddy 10 Behind
43 Golf feat 17 Friendly
44 Extinct birds 23 Phone bug
45 Spirited horse 24 Retired jet

Log cabin
The Dispatch • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2018 5b

Religious briefs
Church in Collins. The public is interested, call Pastor Carlton a prayer community outreach
Youth Conference invited to attend. Jones, 662-386-8789 or 662- service from 8-9 a.m. every
El Bethel M.B. Church,
242-6974. fifth Saturday. For information,
2205 Washington Ave., hosts
its 1st Annual Youth Con- Usher Program contact Jesse Slater, 662-
ference at 9 a.m. Nov. 10. Hopewell M.B. Church, Worship Services 328-4979.
Various speakers & entertain- 4892 Ridge Road, hosts its Open Doors M.B. Church
ment. Free event. Adults & the Annual Usher Program at 3 invites the public to Sunday Radio Program
public is invite to attend. For p.m. Nov. 11. Guest speaker Morning Worship Services Apostles Patrick Perkins
more information, call, 662- will be the Rev. Christopher from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. every 1st, invites the public to tune in to
341-6324. Wriley of New Zion Pilgrim 2nd & 3rd Sunday of each WTWG, radio 1050 AM for Per-
M.B. Church. The public is month at the Travis Outlaw fecting the Saints Broadcast,
Sportsplex Center, 405 Lynn Wednesdays 8:30 a.m.
Tag, You’re It Marathon invited to attend.
Lane in Starkville. Sunday
Truth About God (T.A.G.)
Outreach Ministry hosts its Laymen’s Felloowship School is from 10-10:30 a.m. Women Prayer, Worship
Tag, You’re it Teaching & Laymen’s Fellowship For more information, call
Preaching Marathon from 11 Service will be at 6:30 p.m. Church of the Eternal
a.m.-5 p.m. Nov. 10 at the Nov. 15 at Mt. Pelier M.B. Word, 106 22nd St. S., holds
BJ3 Recreational Building, Church, 840 N. Jackson St. in Grief Support Group a prayer and worship service
5226 Old West Point Road in Starkville. Dr. Adrian Rogers The Oil of Joy for Grief every Thursday from 5-6 p.m.
Starkville. The public is invited will continue the “Man of his and Mourning offers a grief Call Marie Nabors, 662-549-
to attend. Word” series. All men and support group at 6 p.m. every 4322 or 662-329-1234, for
boys are invited to attend. A second Thursday of the month prayer requests.
at United Christian Baptist
Pastoral Anniversary fellowship meal will follow. For
Charity Full Gospel Baptist more information, call Orlando
Trainer, 662-769-0071 or
Church, 232 Yorkville Road
East. “Making your grieving
Prayer Ministry
Church, 1524 6th Ave. S., New Beginning Everlasting
e-mail orlandotrainer@hotmail. journey easier.” For more in-
hosts its Pastoral Anniversary Outreach Ministry invites the
com formation, call 662-327-0604
Program for Pastor Charles public to call in with their
or e-mail unitedchristian@
Fisher at 3 p.m. Nov. 11. prayer requests at 662-327-
Guest speaker will be Pastor Church Anniversary/
John Sanders of The Word In- Homecoming After School Meal
ternational Church. The public Truevine Baptist Church, Praise and Worship
is invited to attend. 1471 Artesia Road in Artesia, Program Service
hosts its 103rd Church Anni- Project Southside, Inc. and
Sulfur Springs MB Church
Church Anniversary versary/Homecoming Program the Dept. of Education will
have a At Risk After School
holds a praise and worship
Cedar Grove Baptist at 11 a.m. Nov. 18. Guest service the last Friday of each
Church, 286 Swartz Dr., hosts speaker will be Pastor Terry Meal Program from 3:30-
month at 7 p.m. For informa-
its 149th Church Anniversa- Franklin of RBG Ministries 5:45 p.m. Monday-Friday at
tion, call Pastor Henry Mosley,
ry at 3 p.m. Nov. 11. Guest in Brooksville. The public is Southside Church Gym, 100
speaker will be the Rev. David invited to attend. For more in- Nashville Ferry Road East. For
more information, call 662-
O. Williams of Steens. The
public is invited to attend.
formation, call 662-617-3508.
328-0356. Prayer Service
Church of the Eternal
Church Anniversary Fellowship Dinner, Word, 106 22nd. St. S., Co-
Choir Day Program Pleasant Grove Pools lumbus, holds prayer service
Friendship M.B. Church, M.B. Church, 3000 Waverly Youth Service Thursday nights 5-6 p.m.
1102 12th Ave. S., hosts its Road in West Point, hosts its Pleasant Ridge Faith Contact Marie Nabors, 662-
Annual Choir Day Program at 3 129th Church Anniversary Center, 923 Ridge Road, 549-4322. Church service
p.m. Nov. 11. Guest choirs are Program at 2:30 p.m. Nov. Columbus, hosts a fellowship times: Sunday school 10 a.m.;
asked to render two selec- 18. Guest speaker will be the dinner and youth service every Sunday worship 11:15 a.m.;
tions. The public is invited to Rev. Randolph Hamilton Sr. third Sunday. Tuesday Bible study 7 p.m.
attend. For more information, of mt. Wade Baptist Church For information, call Pastor
call 662-327-7473. in Brookhaven. The public is Prayer for Youth District Elder Lou Nabors,
invited to attend. For more in- Every second and third 662-329-1234.
Youth Choir Concert formation, call 662-494-8652. Saturday, Pleasant Ridge Faith
Fourth St. M.B. Church, Center hosts a prayer for the Fitness
610 4th St. N., hosts its Surviving the Holidays youth from 2-3 p.m. Transformations
Annual Youth Choir Concert The DivorceCare: Sur- The Transformational
at 2:30 p.m. Nov. 11. Youth
Choirs, Dance Teams, soloists
viving the Holidays Seminar Celebrate Recovery Church, 2301 Jess Lyons
will be from 3-5 p.m. Nov. Calvary Church, 514 Lehm- Road, hosts boxing lessons
and the public are invited to 18 at Meadowood Baptist berg Road, and Meadowview Mondays and Wednesday
attend. Church, 1512 Hatley Road in Church, 300 Linden Circle from 5-7 p.m., weight-loss
Amory. Free event. Child care in Starkville, host Celebrate boot camp Tuesdays and
Pastor Anniversary available. For more informa- Recovery at 6 p.m. every Sun- Thursdays 5-7 p.m. and both
Program tion, call Meadowood Baptist
Church, 662-256-5616 or
day at Calvary and at 6 p.m.
every Tuesday at Meadowview
on Saturdays 9-11 a.m.
Union M.B. Church, 101
Weaver Road, hosts its 3rd e-mail, meadowoodamory@
Church. Get help, healing and
support for any habit, hurt or
Youth Fellowship
Year Anniversary Program for The Transformational
Pastor Christopher McSwain hang-up using the Christ-cen- Church, 2301 Jess Lyons
& First Lady Pamela McSwain Keyboard Musician tered 12 steps. Road, hosts Youth Fellowship
at 11 a.m. & 3 p.m. Nov. 11. Union Hopewell Church from 7-8:30 p.m. every Tues-
Guest speakers will be the Family, 150 Spurlock Road, is Prayer, Free Coffee day. Games, prayer, service,
Rev. Stephen A. McSwain and seeking an experienced key- Mount Zion Missionary food, & more. Transportation
the Rev. Thomas D. McSwain board player with a reasonable Baptist Church, 2221 14th available. For information, call
Jr. of Old Hopewell M.B. rate and who loves the Lord. If Ave. N., hosts free coffee and Iris Roberson, 662-295-7456.

Today in history
Today is Friday, Nov. President Charles de
9, the 313th day of 2018. Gaulle died at age 79.
There are 52 days left in In 1976, the U.N. Gen-
the year. eral Assembly approved
resolutions condemning
Today’s Highlight in apartheid in South Africa,
including one charac-
History: terizing the white-ruled
On Nov. 9, 1938,
government as “illegiti-
Nazis looted and burned
synagogues as well as
In 1989, communist
Jewish-owned stores and
East Germany threw
houses in Germany and
Austria in a pogrom or open its borders, allowing
deliberate persecution citizens to travel freely to
that became known as the West; joyous Ger-
“Kristallnacht.” mans danced atop the
Berlin Wall. Tell your child a bedtime story.
— The Associated Press
On this date:
In 1620, the passen-
gers and crew of the
Mayflower sighted Cape
In 1918, it was an-
nounced that Germany’s
Kaiser Wilhelm II would
abdicate; he then fled to
the Netherlands.
In 1961, U.S. Air Force
Maj. Robert M. White be-
came the first pilot to fly
an X-15 rocket plane at six
times the speed of sound.
The Beatles’ future man-
ager, Brian Epstein, first
saw the group perform
at The Cavern Club in
Liverpool, England.
In 1965, the great
Northeast blackout began
as a series of power
failures lasting up to 13
1/2 hours left 30 million
people in seven states and
part of Canada without
In 1967, a Saturn
V rocket carrying an
unmanned Apollo
spacecraft blasted off
from Cape Kennedy on a
successful test flight.
In 1970, former French
4B FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

Scott Espinoza-Hunter set Carrasco

Continued from Page 1B Continued from Page 1B
exhibition victory against Central Missouri on
Nov. 2.
Scott has at least 18 minutes a game as a tar-
mage. She said she got it “by playing hard, so
that is always a good accomplishment if you get
a bruise doing what you love and playing hard.”
for MSU debut tonight among SEC freshmen.
Even though she has yet
to score a goal, Carrasco has
get to help her reach her goal of earning a spot Scott said Schaefer acknowledged the souvenirs By Adam Minichino proven to be dangerous as
on the Southeastern Conference’s All-Defensive from her hard play after the game. an attacking player because
Team this season. The graduation of Victoria “He was like, ‘Bre, you got yourself one there, she handles the Bulldogs’
Vivians, Roshunda Johnson, Blair Schaefer, and but you got it the right way’,” Scott said. “It defi- STARKVILLE — Patty Espinoza-Hunter hopes services and re-starts. She
Morgan William has created an opportunity for nitely made an impression on him the way I got to be able to rack up some frequent flier miles. has developed a knack with
Scott, classmate Nyah Tate, and freshman Xaria it.” Unfortunately, the mother of Mississippi State her right foot for finding her
Wiggins to earn playing time in a variety of roles. Scott scored 39 points last season (in 23 women’s basketball transfer Andra Espinoza-Hunter teammates on set pieces or
Scott hopes her willingness to get on the floor games, 5.3 minutes per game) in the Bulldogs’ won’t be able to make No. 6 MSU’s game against Vir- off corner kicks. As a result,
and dive for loose balls and mix it up down low program-record 37-win season and run to a sec- ginia at 6 p.m. Friday in Charlottesville, Virginia. MSU has scored 32 goals.
— a la Dillingham, who is now a graduate assis- ond-straight national title game. After fully recov- Still, she plans to find a way to travel from Ossin- “She prepared better
tant coach for the Bulldogs — will endear her to ering from reconstructive shoulder surgery she ing, New York, to see her daughter play this season than everyone on the team,
Schaefer and help her carve out an identity as said still was an issue at times in 2017-18, she said after Andra learned Wednesday the NCAA ruled and she is a preparer,” MSU
someone he can count on to help shut down op- her challenge this season is to work hard every she is eligible to play. coach Tom Anagnost said.
posing players. day in practice to earn a spot. “Andra called me and said, ‘I just got cleared to “She is a very self-motivated
Schaefer alluded to those qualities when he “My main focus right now is defense,” Scott play,’ ” Patty Espinoza-Hunter said Thursday. “She kid. She is intrinsically moti-
praised Scott’s effort in the team’s Maroon-White said. “I know some people can’t guard as well as has been a little stressed, so I said, ‘OK, Andra, vated, and she is going to do
scrimmage last month. others, so I have been focusing on helping my who told you that.’ I didn’t believe she was serious. the work when no one else is
“I think she is kind of starting to figure some teammates any way I can, whether it is getting ... I am super excited for her. I think they did the watching. I think that is what
things out,” Schaefer said. “That’s good because a charge, being on the backside with a drive, get- right thing.” has made her impactful since
when I recruited that kid I recruited her thinking ting a deflection, anything like that. Patty said Andra kept her updated through the day one here.”
she could our toughness player, she could be our “Defense is one of my strong suits. That is a process after the transfer from Connecticut and Follow Dispatch sports
defensive player, she could be our hustle kid.” way I know I can get some time if I bring energy that she feels her daughter is prepared to step right editor Adam Minichino on
Scott earned the bloody eye in that scrim- to the court.” in for coach Vic Schaefer’s team, which is 1-0. Twitter @ctsportseditor

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: of the kids and when we started making plans.
Ever the house. Her Then I met my boyfriend. My
since high divorce cost boyfriend knew from the be-
school, our adult us a great deal ginning that this trip was going
daughter has had of money. Her to happen next year. Because
mood swings. authoritative and the date wasn’t “set in stone”
My wife and I moody behavior or paid for until recently, my
thought she’d is affecting our boyfriend thinks I should have
grow out of it as grandchildren. called it off. He says I’m making
she matured, but I love my the trip and my friend a higher
she hasn’t. At her daughter very priority than him, and his feel-
request we sent much and always ings are hurt. He said if I was
ZITS her to a university
far away, and we
have. If you were
in my shoes,
going with a female friend he
wouldn’t care.
were proud that Abby, what would I still want to take the trip. I
she earned her you do for a more feel canceling would be betray-
bachelor’s de- healthy and loving ing my friend J. Am I being a
gree. We thought
Dear Abby relationship for bad girlfriend? — TRIPPED UP
independent all involved? — IN THE EAST
living would do the trick, but STILL HER DAD IN FLORIDA DEAR TRIPPED UP: A “bad”
her personality and behavior DEAR DAD: I would look girlfriend? No. An indepen-
toward us didn’t change. back and examine all the things dent one, yes. You say your
She’s an only child, and we I did to foster her behavior. An boyfriend has known about
spoiled her — bought her cars example would be paying for this from the beginning, so this
and paid for college. I asked her divorce. Then I would stop wasn’t a surprise to him. If he
her to try for scholarships to doing them and not resume was more secure about himself
help us out, but she didn’t. She until she agreed to consult and your relationship, he would
GARFIELD married and had two wonder-
ful kids, but her mood swings
a psychotherapist about her
mood swings. Don’t do it for
know that J isn’t a threat. Not
only should you take the trip,
persist. When I mentioned she her or for yourself. Do it for the you should also use the time
see a counselor or therapist as sake of your grandchildren. away to decide if you want a
a way to get some third-party DEAR ABBY: Before I met life partner as insecure as your
advice and sort things out, she my boyfriend of eight months, boyfriend appears to be.
hit the ceiling and told me I was I planned a 10-day Japan vaca-
the one who needs therapy. tion for next year with my best Dear Abby is written by
Then she brought up my flaws guy friend, “J.” We have been Abigail Van Buren, also known
and my past drinking problem. friends for eight years, and as Jeanne Phillips, and was
Granted, I have made mistakes, have never had any romantic founded by her mother, Pauline
and I’m not perfect, but I’ve interest in each other. Both of Phillips. Contact Dear Abby
learned and grown. us want to visit Japan because at or P.O.
After 10 years she divorced it’s on our bucket list. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA
her husband. She got custody J and I were both single 90069.
TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Nov. Where am I at? What attitude feeling resentful and rebellious
9). You’ll take in gorgeous am I bringing to it? against the taskmaster that is
views this solar return, including TAURUS (April 20-May 20). supposedly the higher version of
natural landscapes, seascapes A buoyant mood prevails. From you. Make your overall well-be-
and many warm smiles. Other here it’s easier to be resource- ing a priority instead.
victories will include a special ful and open to change. Any and LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). The
friendship bond made even every thing you do to feel better key to harnessing and maximiz-
tighter, work that makes a differ- will contribute to your positive ing your energy is to embrace
ence in the world and progress vibes. your own polarizations – the
within a group that helps you GEMINI (May 21-June very best and worst in you, the
finally reach your goal. Pisces 21). The real challenge will be most attractive and unattractive
and Gemini adore you. Your in choosing what to believe. traits and tendencies. There’s
BABY BLUES lucky numbers are: 1, 3, 47, 11 Assessing not only if a potential power in loving your whole self.
and 20. belief is correct, but also what VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
ARIES (March 21-April 19). its natural trajectory is. Who will Productivity and joy go hand
Every attitude causes a chain you be if you believe it? Choose in hand. Even work you once
reaction. So it’s important to beliefs that uplift and empower. considered to be a grind will
check in with yourself before CANCER (June 22-July 22). be over quickly and done well
stepping one foot into conversa- Conventional approaches to because of the happiness in
tions, environments or projects. self-improvement may leave you your approach.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct.
23). Your brain has a way of
balancing itself and today you
can practically feel it at work,
guiding you to the next action
that will lead to your health and
21). The earth is big, and yet
in the entire world there is
only one place where success
exists, and that place is inside
you. There are experiences
you’d like to have. Whether
you have them or not, you are
21). Because everyone has
different values, it is sometimes
difficult for people to under-
stand what matters to you and
how you want to be treated.
MALLARD FILLMORE Today you won’t have that prob-
lem. They’ll get it right away.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
19). How can you get more
of the things that make you
feel good being in your body?
Because when your physical
self is happy, the rest of you will
follow in kind.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). The first time you do
something, there’s excitement
and possibly trepidation over
the unknown aspects of it. The
second time you know what to
FAMILY CIRCUS expect and can relax into the
process. The third time –- that
will truly be the charm!
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). Learning about things
makes you appreciate and enjoy
them better. Your urge to go
deeper into a body of knowledge
is an instinct to move toward

Easy peasy
The Dispatch •
Title to the personal
6B FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2018 property to be sold is
believed to be good, but
at such sale, FRIENDLY
Legal Notices 0010 Legal Notices 0010 CITY
Notices 0010 General Help Wanted 3200 Auctions 4120 Garage Sales: Other 4560 Apts For Rent: Other 7080
HOUSES will convey
THE FOLLOWING The following vehicle only such title as is ves- LARGE INDOOR
has been abandoned at ted in it pursuant to its
lease with the following
Sat, 11/10, 8am-12pm.
HERRING AUTOMOTIVE, Jim's Towing & Recov- and its allowed under 7379 Hwy 12 East, RENTALS
Mississippi Code Annot- TOWNHOUSES & APARTMENTS
ated Section 85-7-121
COLUMBUS, MS. 1020 1/2 Gardner Blvd
Columbus, MS 39702 et seq (Supp 1988). 1 BEDROOM
2006 CHEV COBALT Sporting Goods 4720 2 BEDROOMS
Brittani Valentine
2000 Toyota Solara
2TICF28P4XC251046 Open for season! 9-5,
Tues-Fri & 9-12, Sat. LEASE,

© The Dispatch
2006 DODGE CHARGER Cassandra Thomas
VIN# If not claimed it will be N127 Over 50 years experi-
2B3KA43RX6H504732 sold on November 14, ence! Repairs, cleaning, DEPOSIT
refinishing, scopes
2018 at 10 AM at the Claudia Keating
mounted & zeroed, AND
2012 CHEV IMPALA above address by Jim's N138
VIN# Towing & Recovery LLC. handmade knives. CREDIT CHECK
2G1WG5E3XC1269789 It will be sold for mon- Deanna Carter Located: Hwy 45 Alt,
N226 North of West Point,
ies owed for the tow
IF THESE VEHICLES ARE bill, storage and legal turn right on Yokahama
Blvd, 8mi & turn left on
NOT CLAIMED THEY fees. Debra Holloway
WILL BE PUT UP FOR N113, N114 Darracott Rd, will see
PUBLIC SALE ON THE Witnessed this the 2nd sign, 2.5mi ahead shop 2411 HWY 45 N
3RD DAY OF DECEM- day of November, 2018. Rhonda Fortune on left. 662-494-6218.
BER, 2018, AT 10:00 N115 COLUMBUS, MS
AM AT COREY HERRING Jim’s Towing & Recov- Business Opportunity 6050
AUTOMOTIVE, 1230 ery LLC Shanina Scott Commercial Property For
COLUMBUS, MS, Publish 11/6, 11/9, Columbus: 411 Main
39702. 11/13/18 Sonja Jackson St. Office, Retail, Res- COMMERCIAL PROPER-
N25 taurant Space available. TIES/Retail/Office
Publish: 11/9, 11/16 & IN THE CHANCERY General Services 1360 General Help Wanted 3200 Call 423-333-1124. Spaces starting @

11/23/2018 COURT OF LOWNDES WITNESS MY SIGNA- $285/mo. Downtown &
STATE OF MISSISSIPPI day of November, A.D. Apts For Rent: Northside 7010 tions. 662-435-4188.
COUNTY OF LOWNDES SONS seeks FT candidate w/

IN THE MATTER OF THE 2018. $25 per hour bookkeeping, payroll ex-
ESTATE OF RICHARD H. Chords, Scales, Modes perience. Accounting de- 2BR/1BA, renovated w/ OFFICE SPACE: 2,000
NOTICE OF SALE LANE, DECEASED FRIENDLY CITY & more! Call Jimbo @ Central heat and air, square feet. 294
gree required, Quick-
662-364-1687 Books & payroll expert- new appliances, floor- Chubby Dr. Flexible leas-
WHEREAS, the follow- NO. 2018-0125-B By: L.O. If no answer leave ing, etc. Available soon. ing terms. Available
ing tenants entered in- ise, Ind. tax prep experi-
voicemail or text. ence preferred & ability Taking applications now. 662-328-8254.
to leases with ALLYSON C. LANE, AD- Publish: 11/9, 11/16, now. $450/Mth.
MINISTRATOR &11/23/2018 PERSONAL ASSISTANT ety of people. Please NO HUD. Call Long &
WAREHOUSES for stor- Long, 662-328-0770. Columbus Office, Retail,
POSITION WANTED. send resumes to: Restaurant Space avail-
age space in which to RULE 81 SUMMONS BY
SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE’S Multi-talented lady; dis- Blind Box 659 c/o
store personal property


NOTICE OF SALE creet, punctual, and de-
pendable. Please call
Commercial Dispatch
PO Box 511
Columbus, MS 39703
1 & 2 BR near hospital.
able. Call 662-328-
8655 or 662-574-7879.
Houses For Rent: Northside
WHEREAS, default has SIPPI WHEREAS on Novem-
ber 13, 2003, TONY to discuss details. $595-645/mo. Military
been made in the pay- 7110
ment of rent and EWING AND WIFE, RE- discount offered, pet
TO: THE UNKNOWN RETAINER WALL, drive- THE COMMERCIAL Dis- area, pet friendly, and
WAREHOUSES pursu- ecuted a land Deed of way, foundation, con- patch is seeking a furnished corporate
LANE, DECEASED 3BR/2BA, ch/a, double
ant to said Leases is Trust to Joseph N. Stud- crete, masonry restora- mechanically-minded in- apartments available. garage, chain link
authorized to sell the dard, Trustee, for the tion, remodeling, base- dividual to work in its ON SITE SECURITY. fenced backyard, newly
NOTICE TO ment foundation, re- pressroom. Applicants ON SITE MAINTENANCE.
personal property to sat-
isfy the past due and
SHELTON, which Deed pairs, small dump truck must be comfortable ON SITE MANAGEMENT.
remodeled, $115,000. CLASSIFIEDS
any other charges owed of Trust is recorded in hauling (5-6 yd) load & working around heavy 24-HOUR CAMERA
You have been made a SURVEILLANCE.
to it by the following ten- Defendant in the suit Trust Deed Book 2003 demolition/lot cleaning. machinery, adhering to Houses For Rent: Starkville
ants. at Page 49180 in the Burr Masonry tight deadlines and Benji @ 662-386-4446
filed in this Court by 662-242-0259. must have an eye for Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. 7170
Allyson C. Lane, Peti- office of the Chancery Lots & Acreage 8600
NOW THEREFORE, no- Clerk of Monroe County, detail & quality. Flexible Sat/Sun by appt only.
tioner, seeking to de- WORK WANTED: hours are a must. Email 2BR/1BA house w/ 2
tice is hereby given that Mississippi. Bargain Column 4180 FALL SPECIAL
termine the heirs-at-law Licensed & Bonded-car- resume to acres in county. 3 miles
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- 1.95 acre lots.
of Richard H. Lane, De- pentry, painting, & de- from Strk, 5 miles from
WAREHOUSES will offer WHEREAS, RONNIE W. GIRL'S Delta Disney 1, 2, 3 BEDROOM apart- MSU South Entrance, Good/bad credit.
ceased. You are hereby molition. Landscaping, or drop resumes off at
for sale, and will sell at SHELTON has hereto- Minnie Mouse Multi-Bin ments & townhouses. 10% down, as low as
summoned to appear gutters cleaned, bush 516 Main St, W/D, carport. SMALL
auction to the highest fore substituted J. Organizer. Great Christ- Call for more info. $299/mo. Eaton Land.
and defend against the hogging, clean-up work, Columbus, MS 39701. dogs ok w/ deposit.
bidder for cash all per- Douglas Dalrymple, II, mas gift, $60. Call 662-328-8254. 662-361-7711
Petition for Determina- pressure washing, mov- No phone calls please. Great for grad student
sonal property in stor- tion of Unknown Heirs as Trustee by Instru- 205-246-8704. or professor. Non-
age units leased by the ment dated July 18, ing help & furniture
of Richard H. Lane filed repair. 662-242-3608 smoking. $750/mo. Mobile Homes for Sale 8650
following tenants at in this action at 9:00 2018, and recorded in GIRL'S V-Tech Touch & STUDIO APT for rent. Utilities not included.
o’clock a.m. on the 662-617-5601.
WAREHOUSES 903 Page 19658 in the of- Lawn Care / Landscaping NEEDED. SOME MECH- Learn Activity Desk-Pink. $400/mth rent & dep 32x74, 3BR/2BA, Cent-
11th day of December, Great Christmas
Alabama St. Columbus, fice of the Chancery 1470 ANICAL KNOWLEDGE, req. Convenient to town ral A/C, Skirting, Deliv-
2018, in the Chancery Houses For Rent: Other 7180
MS, at 8:30 am on the Clerk of Lowndes LIFTING & DELIVERY OF present for a toddler. ery, Set-up & Tie down.
Courtroom of the Oktib-
EQUIPMENT. APPLY IN New & still in box, $75. & CAFB. No hud. No
7th day of December, beha County Court- County, Mississippi. JESSE & BEVERLY'S 205-246-8704. pets. 662-328-2340. SMALL COTTAGE: This is a MUST SEE
A.D. 2018. All auctions LAWN SERVICE. Mow- PERSON AT HANDY- home!! Only $89,900.
house in Starkville, Mis- 1BR/1BA, all appl. incl.
are with reserve and WHEREAS, default hav- ing, cleanup, landscap- MAN RENTALS, INC. ON 636-627-7973
sissippi, and in case of Water, trash, lawn incl.
therefore all units can ing been made in the ing, sodding, & tree cut- HWY. 82 WEST, STARK- Camera Equipment 4300 Apts For Rent: South 7040 662-570-1375
your failure to appear in lease. Near Stark-
be withdrawn from the terms and conditions of ting. 356-6525. VILLE.
and defend, a judgment ville, Columbus & West
sale at any time by the or order may be entered said Land Deed of Trust FUNLUX 4-Channel NVR DOWNTOWN 1BR - This Point. No pets.
auctioneer/manager. against you granting the and the entire debt se- Painting & Papering 1620 Security System. New, large 1 bedroom apart- $500/mo. $400 dep. NEW SINGLEWIDE!
relief requested in the cured thereby having NOW HIRING! We have still in box. Will include ment has been recently App/refs/lease req. 2019, 3BR/2BA, Cent-
Title to the personal Petition. been declared to be due SULLIVAN'S PAINT immediate openings for separate LenYes Secur- renovated. It features 662-242-2923. ral A/C. Skirting, Deliv-
property to be sold is and payable in accord- SERVICE full–time METAL BUILD- ity Lighbulb Camera as great natural light, hard- ery, Set-up, & Tie down.
believed to be good, but You are not required to ance with the terms Certified in lead ING ERECTORS in the well, $175. Call wood floors, tall ceil- Only $47,900.
at such sale, FRIENDLY file an answer or other thereof and the legal removal. Offering spe- Millport, Alabama area. 205-246-8704. ings and access to a 636-627-7973
CITY MINI-WARE- pleading but you may do holder of said indebted- cial prices on interior & Excellent pay and bene- shared laundry room. 662-570-1375
HOUSES will convey so if you desire. ness having requested exterior painting, pres- fit package is offered! If Clothing 4330 $750 rent and $750 de-
only such title as is ves- the undersigned Trust- sure washing & sheet you are interested in posit. Utilities included.
ted in it pursuant to its
lease with the following
and its allowed under
Issued under my hand
and the seal of said
Court, this the 7th day
ee to execute the trust
and sell said land and
property in accordance
rock repairs.
Free Estimates
Call 435-6528
speaking with us,
please apply online at
women suits for sale,
sizes 12 & 14. $5.00
No pets please. Call
Peter, 662-574-1561. WATERFRONT 2BR/1BA
in Hamilton. Direct ac-
Mississippi Code Annot-
ated Section 85-7-121
et seq (Supp 1988).
of November, 2018.

with the terms of said
Land Deed of Trust for
the purpose of raising
Sitting With The Sick / Elderly
1780 or
contact Robert Vance at
(501) 414-4340.
each. 662-889-6162.

Computer Equipment 4390

Very nice 1BR & 2BR
cess to the TENN-TOM.
Community boat ramp.
Large deck overlooking
LOWNDES COUNTY, the sums due thereun- apartments available. water. Updated home
Alton Bey MISSISSIPPI der, together with attor- NEED SOMEONE to care Lease & deposit re- 1200 sqft. CH/A.
APPLE IMAC, 2.0 GHz $650/mo + $650 dep.
E287 ney’s fees, trustee’s for your loved one? THE DISPATCH Core Duo computer. quired. Call 662-364-
BY: /s/ Tina Fisher fees, and expense of is looking for an 1610. Call 662-425-0250 for
Years of experience. Built-in monitor. 2GB
Anthony Brewer D. C. sale; ADVERTISING SALES more info.
Great References. Call RAM, Keyboard, mouse,
E207 Betty, 662-251-6680. REPRESENTATIVE. printer incl. Great cond.
PUBLISH: 11/9, 11/16, NOW, THEREFORE, I, J. Very good at what I do! The ideal candidate is a $350. 205-246-8704. Apts For Rent: West 7050 Mobile Homes for Rent 7250
Jerry Stockman & 11/23/2018 Douglas Dalrymple, II, motivated self-starter
E246 Substitute Trustee in with excellent commu- FOR LEASE: 2BR/1BA, 3BR/2BA Trailer, New
NOTICE TO CREDITORS said Deed of Trust will Stump Removal 1790 nication and organiza- Farm Equipment & Supplies Prairie Waters, Hope school dist.
Kalisha Lanier on November 16, 2018, tional skills, a strong 4420 $700/mo, $700 dep. $500/mo & $500 dep.
offer for sale at public work ethic and the abil- Call 662-328-5556. Call between 10a-7p.
LOWNDES COUNTY outcry, and well within ity to relate to a wide 2016 JOHN Deere 662-386-4292.
Use and read
Katherine Gilbert legal hours (between range of people. Sales 5100E Tractor, 210
E268 Letters Testamentary the hours of 11:00 A.M. experience is preferred, hours. $46,500. NICE 3BR/2BA MH in
have been granted and and 4:00 P.M.) At the but not required. Full- Also, 2016 15ft
North Columbus. Close

Kubota Bush hog avail.
Michael Baggett
issued to the under-
signed upon the Estate
Main Front Door of the
County Courthouse of
time position includes
insurance benefits, 205-329-1790. to schools & CAFB. No
pets. $460/mo + $460
and your
of RICHARD ZENTZ, de- Monroe County, Missis- competitive pay, paid
Ramona Frierson
ceased, by the Chan-
cery Court of Lowndes
sippi, to the highest and
best bidder for cash,
personal leave and op-
portunity for advance-
WANTED TO BUY! 3000, Apartments
dep. 662-364-6204 or
601-940-1397. dollars will
County, Mississippi in the following described We can grind all your
stumps. Hard to reach
ment. Come join our
3600, 3910, or 3930
Ford with factory p/s & Houses RENT A fully equipped
go further.
property situated in
Sherri Howard
Cause No. 2018-0205
on the 17th day of Monroe County, Missis- places, blown over
creative, award-winning that looks/runs good,
staff. Hand deliver re- 1 Bedrooms camper w/utilities &
cable from $145/wk -
and a drawbar pulled
September, 2018. This sippi, to wit: roots, hillsides, back-
yards, pastures. Free
sume to Beth Proffitt at roll-a-bar type hay rake. 2 Bedroooms $535/month. Colum- Autos For Sale 9150
516 Main Street,
TURE on this the 7th
is to give notice to all
persons having claim Lot Thirty-one (31) of estimates. You find it, Columbus or email to
662-328-5248. 3 Bedrooms bus & County School
locations. 662-242-
day of November, A.D. and in Oak Dale Park, we'll grind it! 1998 ACCORD Coup
against said estate to 7653 or 601-940-1397.
2018. probate and register the Phase I, a subdivision in 662-361-8379 HAY FOR Sale. Bermud- Furnished & EXL, 4cyl, good AC &
tires. Runs great, driv-
same with the Chan-
cery Clerk of Lowndes
and of Lowndes County,
Mississippi, as shown Tree Services 1860 Antiques 4060
agrass sq. Bales, $5,
5'x6' rolls, $50. Limed Unfurnished Houses For Sale: Northside en daily. $1,700. 662-
8150 312-9173.
By: L.O.
County, Mississippi
within ninety (90) days
by the plat recorded in
Plat Book 4, Page 44, in A&T Tree Service
CHRISTMAS OPEN & fertilized
per soil
662-435-7889. 1, 2, & 3 Baths
from the first date of the office of the Chan- Bucket truck & stump
Magnolia Antique Mall Lease, Deposit 1706 RIDGE Rd. Like
new, 3BR/2BA. New ap- 2000 CHEVY Silverado.
Publish: 11/9, 11/16,
& 11/23/2018
publication. A failure to
so probate and register
cery Clerk of Lowndes
County, Mississippi.
removal. Free est.
Serving Columbus Sat., Nov. 17, 2018 Firewood / Fuel 4450 & Credit Check pl, 22 ac w/ pond, Extended Cab 5.3 V8
10am-5pm Auto. 190K. Michelin
said claim with forever since 1987. Senior
302 Alabama St. FIREWOOD FOR Sale. woods & wildlife. Close

IN THE CHANCERY to CAFB. Frontage on 2 tires. Clean Truck.
bar the same. SUBJECT TO those cer- citizen disc. Call Alvin @ Various lengths. $2495. 662-275-0343.
COURT OF LOWNDES tain restrictive coven- 242-0324/241-4447 roads. $249,000.
662-295-2274 662-418-8077.
COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI This the 5th day of ants and conditions of "We'll go out on a limb
November, 2018. record in Book 742, for you!"
Page 208, in the land Apts For Rent: Other 7080
SALE, located at 2406 door sedan. Good condi-
ESTATE OF JACKIE V. Linda G. Wade, Exec- records of Lowndes VICKERS TREE
HARPER BEDROOM SET- Full size 15th Ave No in Colum- tion, Michelin radials.
utrix County, Mississippi; SERVICE, LLC 1BR/1BA in Historic bus, MS with 3 bed- $3950. CASH ONLY!
Tree trimming and re- sleigh bed, dresser with
and SUBJECT ALSO to mirror, chest, and night- Downtown Columbus. rooms and 1 bath. This 662-889-8914.
CAUSE NO. 2018-0226- By: /s/ Hal H. H. McCla- that certain Declaration moval. Fully insured. $550/mo. No pets.
stand for sale. $1,000. house is a great home
B nahan, III of Covenants, Condi- Free estimates. 662-328-8655. to live in as-is or fixer
Call Curt 662-418-0889 Brand new mattress set
Hal H. H. McClanahan, tions and Restrictions included. Cash only! upper. I am no longer in-
VICKY HARPER PETI- III, Attorney-in-fact of record in Book 748, or 662-549-2902 terested in renting the
TIONER “A cut above the rest” 662-570-4341. If no an-
Page 395, in the land swer, leave a msg. 1BR/1BA Loft in Histor- house out and would
Hal H. H. McClanahan, records of Lowndes ic Downtown Columbus. like to sell the property
NOTICE TO CREDITORS III County, Mississippi. Good Things To Eat 2150 at a great price for
Available 12/1. $650
Attorney at Law
I will convey only such Take down KITCHEN TABLE w/ 4
chairs. Will include 20-
per month. 662-328-
$40,000 or best offer.
Call/text 662-295-9124
2015 CHEVROLET Equi-
nox, tan, 1 owner, 89k
title as is vested in me piece table decor set.
Letters Testamentary
(662) 327-3154 as Substitute Trustee. that “for rent” $150. 205-246-8704. Lots & Acreage 8600 mi, mostly highway.
Bluetooth, backup cam-
have been granted and PUBLISH: 11/9, 11/16 DOWNTOWN: 2BR/1BA, era, cloth seats, 25.8
issued to the under- & 11/23/2018
TURE on this the 24TH sign and get Garage Sales: North 4520 CH&A, 1 story, W/D,
historic district, 1 block
2.28 +/- Acre Lot.
149 Tanyia Lane. Off of MPG average of life of
vehicle. Clean & excel-
signed upon the Estate day of October, 2018. 711 19TH Ave N. Sat. Lake Lowndes Road.
of Jackie V. Harper, De- STATE OF MISSISSIPPI
ceased, by the Chan- COUNTY OF LOWNDES J. DOUGLAS
fast results 6a.- until. Designer
shoes, handbags,
from downtown, $625/
mo. + $625 dep. NO Has asphalt drive &
parking, 1200 ft. shop
lent condition.
Asking $12,195.
cery Court of Lowndes PETS. 662-574-8789. 662-574-7481.
County, Mississippi, on NOTICE OF SALE
tute Trustee with an easy clothes, odds & ends.
Lots of $1 items.
Peaceful & Quiet area. w/ living area, septic
tank & water meter. No
the 30th day of October, Everything $5 & below. trailers. $45,000. Call
2018. This is to give no- WHEREAS, the follow-
tice to all persons hav- ing tenants entered in-
Publication Dates:
classified ad. FIRST FULL MONTH
662-574-0345. COMMERCIAL VAN For
Sale: 2005 Ford 150
ing claims against said to leases with 11/2/2018, and Garage Sale RENT FREE! 1 & 2 Bed- 3.5 Acre Lot. 3 estab- Econo Van. 102k miles.
Estate to Probate and FRIENDLY CITY MINI-
Register same with the WAREHOUSES for stor-
11/9/2018 Call today 110 Gardenia Dr. Sat,
Nov. 10. 7a-11a. Toys,
room Apts/Townhomes.
Stove & refrigerator.
lished trailer lots. Play-
ground. Located on
White. $4,300.
Chancery Clerk of clothes, household $335-$600 Monthly. Morgan Lane. Off of
Lowndes County, Mis-
sissippi, within ninety
age space in which to
store personal property
Building & Remodeling 1120 to place items & more. Credit check & deposit.
Coleman Realty,
Harris Road. Caledonia
Schools. $25,000. 2013 LEXUS GX460.
(90) days from this
date. A failure to so Pro- WHEREAS, default has REMODELING. Roofing your ad. Garage Sales: Caledonia 4540 662-329-2323. 662-574-0345. 55,700 mi. Exc cond.
Black exterior, tan interi-
bate and Register said (Shingles or Metal) & Apts For Rent: Other 7080 or. Sun roof, heated
been made in the pay- 769 BUCK Egger Rd.
claim will forever bar the ment of rent and Roof Repairs, Concrete leather seats. New tires
Pressure Washing, Car- Sat. 7a-2p. Too many
same. items to list! Rain or & brakes. $29,900.
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- pentry & Handyman 662-574-1697.
WAREHOUSES pursu- Work. Veteran & Senior Shine!
This the 31st day of Oc- ant to said Leases is
tober, 2018. Discounts! 662-397-
authorized to sell the 0800, FREE ESTIMATE.
Estate Sales 4490 Campers & RVs 9300
personal property to sat-
VICKIE HARPER isfy the past due and TOMBIGBEE RV Park,
EXECUTRIX any other charges owed HOME REPAIRS & CON- located on Wilkins Wise
to it by the following ten- STRUCTION WORK PEEPLES PECANS Rd & Waverly Rd. Full
PUBLISH: 11/2, 11/9, ants. WANTED. Carpentry, Custom cracking, Hookups available.
& 11/16/2018 small concrete jobs, shelling, & blowing your $300/mo. 662-328-
NOW THEREFORE, no- electrical, plumbing, pecans. We also sell 8655 or 662-574-7879.
tice is hereby given that roof repairs, pressure shelled, halved, &
pieces! 662-574-1660.
WAREHOUSES will offer
washing and mobile
home roof coating and
Five Questions:
for sale, and will sell at underpinning. No job General Help Wanted 3200
auction to the highest too small. 549-7031.
1 270
bidder for cash all per- Accountant Position -
sonal property in stor- Columbus
age units leased by the SUGGS CONSTRUCTION Responsibilities include
following tenants at Building, remodeling, A/R, A/P, Payroll, Sales
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- metal roofing, painting Tax, Journal Entries, Re-
Let your WAREHOUSES 308
Shoney Drive Columbus,
& all home repairs.
conciliations, Month/
Year end Closing for 2 “Twilight”
fingers do the MS, immediately follow- multiple companies. At-
walking. ing sale on Alabama tention to detail and ac-
Tom Hatcher, LLC curacy are required.
Find your
Street on the 7th day of
December A.D. 2018.
Custom Construction, Send resumes to
Restoration, Remodel- jobs@
3 Once a
dream job in
All auctions are with re- ing, Repair, Insurance
serve and therefore all
claims. 662-364-1769.
the classifieds! units can be withdrawn Licensed & Bonded Noweta's Green Thumb
from the sale at any is accepting applica-
time by the auctioneer/ tions for 2 positions:
4 Greg
manager. Excavating 1300 delivery personnel &
general help. Driver
Title to the personal Clay gravel, fill clay, & must know the area &
property to be sold is top soil for sale! Easy have good driving his-
believed to be good, but access off 82 East. tory. Apply in person @
at such sale, FRIENDLY Can load and deliver. 1325 Main St.
CITY MINI-WARE- Stokes Excavation: M-F, 3-5 & SAT, 9-1.
HOUSES will convey
only such title as is ves-
662-689-0089 No phone calls. 5 Seville