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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Environment and Natural Resources



Director’s Office, Conference Room
April 27, 2018

Highlights of Discussion/Instructions:


1. There must be a plan which will be approved by the Director of the DPWH.
2. The word National will be removed. It’ll be National Right of Way.
3. The signatory of ARD for Technical will be transferred to RD.
4. Parcellary map not for approval, for reference only.
5. Manual of authorities will not be included in the prefatory statement.
6. GSD to look for other reference for this policy.
7. ROW will be added as a suffix in the end of the survey number. (“PSD-XX-yyyyyy-
8. In Section 4(a):
a. The word “shall be approved by authorized representative of the agency” will be
retained. In case of DPWH, it shall be the Regional Director.
b. Add the “properly indicated the phase ROW” in Section 4(a).
9. In Section 4(b):
a. Add the phrase “which shall be valid for 6 months”. Remove the Survey
Authority sentence on the last part.
b. Add the words “lot number, area”.
10. Rephrase Section 4 and its subtitle
11. In section 5, add survey symbol “PSD-XX-yyyyyy-(ROW)”

B. DCDB Cleansing Policy


1. Refer back the policy to TWG before endorsing to PRC.

2. AD Versoza: Refer back to region for re-investigation and cite DMC 2007-29 and
PD 1529.
3. On Slide 5, every correction should be documented but it doesn’t change the
official/legal data.
4. Correction on Slide 9: What’s the basis for revising? Without the basis they should
retain the approved coordinates.
Sir Henry: Anything that has lot discrepancy should be noted. In accordance, a
verification survey must be conducted by the regional officer concerned. Approval of
lots of the ARD in case of overlapping, ibalik sa kanila.
5. On Slide 18, policy on double parcels with two or more approved survey plans for the
region to investigate all which is the more recent or valid land. Which plan was
NOTE: Order of correction only applies to untitled properties. Our data will remain. We
cannot change the titled lots.

C. Agreement: Clarification on the subject of the policy. Delete GE Index Cards. Change to
GE Profile. Digitized the GE Profile. Obsolete the index cards.