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"Cream Ice," as it was called, appeared regularly at the table of Charles I during the 17th century.
France was introduced to similar frozen desserts in 1553 by the Italian Catherine de Medici when she became
the wife of Henry II of France. It wasn't until 1660 that ice cream was made available to the general public.

In this modern technology, everyone from the kids to the senior citizen still like ice cream. Since
everyone like the ice cream, the businessman/women take this opportunity to make a various type of ice cream.
One of the famous ice cream here in Malaysian was ice blended. There are several things that need to be
considers when we open a business such as total investment, strategic location and the most important things are
ingredients that we used and the machine.

As we know, there still no fully automated machine for ice blended commercially. The machine out
there were sold separately. This will increase the cost for starting the business, high maintenance of services
because a lot number of machines. It’s also consumes some energy because want to change from one machine to
other machines to make ice blended.

This product will automatically produce ice blended with just touching a screen. Even a kid could make
an ice blended now. Automated Ice Blended machine will be powered by some electronic system and a DC
motor. A conveyor will help the cup move along and stop at every specific station.

In this modern era, world has been growing up with the new technology product to make our life easier
in every aspect. The idea is to make a new product that build up with the technology due to minor problem that
always happen in the real life. Same to our product, we have the idea to develop the ice blended because we
have survey based on observation in the society.

For the business life, we have observed that businessmen nowadays were desperate in reducing the
costing in every aspect. So the first thing they can do are by reducing their workers but they must have a
technology that can do the job that does not need much workers. For example, from 4 workers can be reduce to
2 workers. In that case, we come out with a new highly technology product that is automatic ice blender.

Before this, ice blended was done by manually or semi manually but with this product, the seller can
make the ice blended automatically. Besides that, the result of this product will make fast ice blended so the
customers won’t wait too long. For example, the customers that come to buy ice blended have to wait several
times for only a drink and this situation will lead to the feeling of uncomfortable and bored.
Moreover, the businessmen just have to do the maintenance for the product monthly and this case won’t
use too much expenses compared to hiring more workers. Then, the name of this product developed is ‘Automated
Ice Blended Machine’ that can run automatically by using DC motor as a main function to control component in
this product.

Company background

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages. Some claim it is the most widely consumed liquid
in the world aside from water.Coffee is more than a beverage, however. It is a memory, an anticipation, a
lifetime of consoling moments of modest pleasure woven into our lives. Coffee’s success as a beverage
undoubtedly is owing both to the caffeine it harbors and to its sensory pleasure. Coffee lovers come to associate
the energizing lift of the caffeine with the richness and aroma of the beverage that delivers it.Coffee is produced
from the seeds of a small red (sometimes yellow) fruit that grows on plants halfway in size between shrub and
tree. The process that turns these seeds into beverage is a long and complex process, perhaps the most complex
process associated with any major beverage.

The technology certainly has come a long way. The reviewed equipment that is capable of things that
we’re laughable only a few years ago. “Recently, we tested a fully automated coffee machine that was capable
of producing a beautifully balanced espresso. It precisely dosed and ground the beans. It pre-compressed the
coffee into a barista-tight puck. It extracted the coffee and measured the extraction parameters against a
predetermined recipe. If an error was found, it started over again by changing the grind size, just like a barista
would. The result was delicious, and it got me thinking: will we see a day when the skill of a barista will be
superseded by the repetitive accuracy of machines ?
Technology can help make the experience even better. That’s certainly something we’re looking
forward to seeing, and something we’ve been testing in our own espresso window. “We’re better understanding
the taste preferences of our customers. We can recommend specialty coffee based on what we know individual
customers enjoy. The barista of the future will operate more like a sommelier.

One of the most favourable coffee shop that we have choose is Coolblog. This shop is at dataran
cendekiawan in uitm shah alam. The owner is local malay which is name is En. Azli bin ahmad. En. Azli bin
ahmad has own a company which name is DIGI CITY (M) SDN. BHD. This company is situated in shah alam.
Currently, this company has owned two branch. First of their branch is in Uitm Shah Alam and the others is at
Melaka. Their company is franchised by COOLBLOG which opened their first stall at Sultan Mall,

Their coolblog store need only 3 workers during weekdays and 2 workers during weekends. This is due
to the number of customer that is coming to their stall. Their stall is open from 1pm until 10pm during weekend
and 10am until 10pm during weekdays. They apparently have 100 customer that come to their stall daily in

They sell a lot of menu’s that is more attractive for their customer. Currently, they have 25 flavourable
drink and 300product range. The price that they sold also reasonable and affordable for student. So student can
afford to buy and drink at their stall. Their stall is equipped with 2 coffee machine which is use to blend the
customer drink faster. They also have 2 wrapper machine to ensure that the quality, cleanliness and safety is for
their customer is guaranteed.

 Not required many workers  Cup sealed wrapping machine run out of
 Used sealed wrapping attract customer stock, need to use usual cup close lid. It will
 Cleanliness is 100% guaranteed because it is be unattractive.
handled with care and use wrapping to avoid  Need to service machine when breakdown
other particles enter the cup. and it will interrupt the business flow
 accuracy to produce a constant taste of  Limited menu provided to the customer
product in order to give excitement for every compared to other brand
customer.  The machine price is quite high for initial
 once in 3 month will have a signature menu business.
or different cup size or discount on certain  Human job loss
menu  Workforce training for the worker to handle
 short time needed in order for making on the machine correctly.

 Install a machine with timer to cook the  There is other company that produce same
bubble toppings to reduce time kind of business such as tealive and chatime
 Upgrade the machine to sealed more faster with innovation to improve the drinks,
and can seal a few cup at once therefore need to compete
 Product can be lookalike a professional likes  Need to follow the trend such as cup size,
other coffee shop. more flavor, more topping and depend on
 Creative advertisement can be put at the weather
wrapper or the cup that give information  Incurring increased cost due to outsouring
about our product and information packaging.
 Create awareness about our branding.  A lot of rework for the coffee packaging.
 Desiring a longer life and sustainability of
your branding

The attribution and the characteristics of coolblog and its products/services:

 Coolblog aims to marry the natural taste of tea leaf with natural fruit taste in take-away kiosk concept.
They are the first to break new ground in Singapore and Malaysia food scene by introducing Tea tasted
beverages with 25 different flavors. They are also specializing in tea tasted dessert and beverages.

What is the size, location, target market and other important characteristics?

 Coolblog was first launched in Singapore in 2005, it is an international business license specializing tea
tasted dessert and beverages. There are 176 outlets in Malaysia.

What products/services, price, quality, features, distribution and other important attributes?

 Coolblog, they set their product within range RM 2.50 – RM 3.50 not including topping. Coolblog
attributes its success largely to its dedicated management team that is both customers centric and paranoid
over the food quality. Its four key success factor are visibility, high traffic pattern and convenient access
for the location. Furthermore, their products are freshest dessert and beverages materials, cleanest
equipment, premium serving containers and consistent flavors. They also have friendliest serves were
cheerful, skilled, professional and articulate. The last key is the special brewed tea with 25 flavors is their
main selling point as the concept is creative, new to local market.

What problems and concerns to customers?

 Coolblog’s customers suggest that they should have drive-thru or delivery service. The product in
coolblog is ensure halal.
Figure 1: Packed Bubbles before cooked Figure 2: heavy duty blender

Figure 3: cup sealer machine

As the conclusion, it is obtained that the business of ice blended machine have a bright future ahead due to the
new innovation that combining both blenders and also sealing machine. This type of innovation also could make
the processing of final product of ice blended would become much more faster and since it have high demand in
the market, young entrepreneur who have high interest in business could use this as their stepping stone to get
involved in much more complex business which required the new innovation of technology. In term of market,
ice blended machine seems to have its potential to grow especially to student or youth because based from the
survey conducted, it is known that this kind of business is popular among them thus creating a new
opputurnities to compete in this business. For the machine it self, it does provide some disadvantage like need
for a service and constant attention, and also involving high cost, but from this innovation, it can be tell that the
machine does have a higher efficiency in terms of quality, speed and also can provide high value of profit far out
weight their disadvantages.


As for the recommendation, since the new technology that combining blenders and sealers have been developed,
it will create a higher demand for the market that are also can be innovate not only for the ice blended machine
but also for other purpose that are involving the use of blenders such as onions, chilies, and also others type of
foods. Due to this type of innovation, the machine would gave a huge impact to the market and thus create a
new opputurnities for people to involved them selves in this business whether to be a sellers, suppliers, or users.
In term of the machine it selves, the work of making ice blended would become much more easier and also
increase the product efficiency and thus leads to higher profit. In other words, with the new ice blended
machine, it can give a bright future to those company that are involved to stay in the business for a much longer