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Human Body Systems Problem Based Learning

Problem: Which is the most important body system? Choose one of the following and be prepared to
defend your choice as the most important body system.

⇫ Digestive System ⇫ Respiratory System ⇫ Skeletal System

⇫ Circulatory System ⇫ Muscular System

You may defend your body system by any of the following:

1. Write a journal entry for a day in the life of a body system of your choice. Your day should begin
when the body goes to sleep and continue for 24 hours. Be sure to explain how your body system
is relating to the other body systems.

2. Create a children’s book that explains how the other body systems rely on the body system of
your choice.

3. Develop an advertisement campaign or Public Service Announcement for your body system.
Include the functions of the system and its importance. Explain the relationship of your important
body system to the other systems.

4. You have been shrunk to the size of a microorganism and you are either swallowed or inhaled
(you choose) and now you need OUT. Describe (or draw) your pathway out and don’t leave out
your reliance on other body systems to do so.

5. Because you are excellent at (riding a bike, playing a musical instrument, swimming, running,
drawing, dancing, playing basketball, writing stories, etc.) you have been asked to create a how-to
video for other students your age. This how-to video will be different from others. It will include a
step-by-step explanation of all the human body systems involved in the action. Explain in detail to
your viewers how the human body allows you to complete the activity.

6. Build a model of a human body system. Include an explanation of the relationship of your
important body system to other systems.

7. Write a song/rap/poem that explains how the other body systems rely on your body system.

Some questions you should answer to guide you:

a. What is the purpose of each system?
b. What are the organs of each system?
c. What do each of these organs do?
d. How do we treat damage or illness to your system?
e. How does your body system interact with each of the other body systems? For example: If you
have chosen the Digestive System, how does it interact with these systems? And how does
each of these systems support the Digestive System

Respiratory Skeletal
1 System System
Human Body System PBL rubric Name __________________________

Body System Studied ____________

Questions to be Novice Basic Proficient Expert Total

answered Points
Demonstrates Demonstrates a Demonstrates a Demonstrates
little or no general clear knowledge mastery of
knowledge or knowledge and and application knowledge and
application of application of of science skills. application of
science skills. science skills. science skills.
What is the purpose 5
of your system?
Describe the 10
structures of the
organs in your
What are the 10
functions of these
What can go wrong 5
with your system?
How is this system 10
How Which Little/no Some scientific Provides Examples of 20
does system? scientific evidence was sufficient connections
your evidence provided to scientific include one
body provided explain the evidence of other systems
system 0-5 pts. interaction. 6- interactions. (2 total). 16-
interact 10 pts Give an 20pts
with example .
each of 11-15 pts
the other Digestive
systems Respiratory
? Circulatory


Creativity in your 5
chosen expression
Work Cited on 1 source 2 sources (at 3 sources (at 4 sources (at 5
Noodletools least one least one book) least one
book) book)
Total Points Earned /70