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Terms and conditions

The purchase of the Rock in Rio tickets constitutes acceptance of the

following terms and conditions:

1. The ticket is valid only for the location and for the day listed on the back
and cannot be returned or exchanged.
2. The sale of Rock in Rio tickets on the international site is limited to two
tickets per day of festival per client.
3. The holder of the ticket cannot carry food for trade or posing a safety
hazard, such as bottles, cans, helmets, animals, firearms or other objects
that may be considered harmful, must accept to undergo the inspections,
body searches and unauthorized removal of objects at the entrance of the
festival. Entry will not be accepted at the City of Rock by anyone who
demonstrates violent, aggressive or contrary behavior to public policy or
who refuses to get rid of objects not allowed or unauthorized.
4. It is allowed the entry of guide dogs properly identified to assist the
visually impaired.
5. Smoking is prohibited in any enclosed space of the City of Rock, as
required by State Law No. 5.517 of August 17, 2009.
6. It is strictly prohibited to make recordings and broadcasts in audio or
video of any and all parts of the festival by any means, and the use of
photographic cameras.
7. The holders of Rock in Rio tickets expressly accept that their image and
audio can be captured and recorded during the festival, granting forthwith,
free of charge and definitively to the promoters of the festival, all rights to
image and audio features for all purposes.
8. The festival will not have lockers.
9. Considering that the Rock in Rio is an entertainment complex geared
and suitable for audiences of all ages with various kinds of attractions, it is
rated free for all ages.
10. The entry of under 15 years will only be allowed if proven
accompanied by legal guardian, who must remain in the festival while the
minor is present. This determination, as well as the rating is subject to
change in terms of the Permit to be issued by the Judge of the Court for
Children, Youth and the Elderly.
11. The organizers reserve the right to change, at any time, without notice
or any other condition, programming and pre-established times and dates
of the shows that will be disclosed, especially due to force majeure or
fortuitous events.
12. If the date of some of the shows is delayed for any reason, the ticket
will be valid for the date to be set later. In case of cancellation of the
festival, the value of the ticket is valid for that date will be returned to the
carrier except as provided in the following section.
13. There shall be no refund of the Rock in Rio ticket if there is delay,
interruption of the festival and / or replacement of the programming and
activities of the City of Rock, resulting from the occurrence of
extraordinary or unpredictable situations beyond the will of the organizers.
14. The Rock in Rio ticket holder expressly acknowledges that the
organizers are not responsible for any damages or for any incidents that
occurred before, during or after their stay in the City of Rock, except for
incidents of gross negligence or willful misconduct on their part.
15. It is prohibited to resell the Rock in Rio ticket, as well as its use for
promotional or institutional purposes without the express written
permission of the promoters of the festival.
16. The organization of the festival is not responsible for tickets
purchased outside the official stations of sale.
17. The Rock in Rio ticket allows access only to authorized areas of the
City of Rock. Using them in unauthorized areas or illegally will result in
immediate arrest and expulsion of its bearer from the Rock City.
18. Access to any of the toys of the entertainment Area of the Festival is
only allowed to persons over 18 years or to minors accompanied by their
legal guardian who accept the conditions laid down in its rules and / or the
liability waiver, and its acceptance presupposes correct and complete
filling of the latter, with the corresponding signature and display
identification containing photograph (identity card, passport or driver’s
19. The holder of the ticket will lose their rights if they leave the festival
20. The Rock in Rio ticket holders whose actions are inconsistent with
these Terms and Conditions may be refused entry into the City of Rock or
be expelled from the festival, and their Rock in Rio tickets or Cards
canceled without refund at the discretion of the festival organizers.
21. The possible invalidity or unenforceability or non-application, by the
competent court, of any of the provisions contained in these Terms shall
not invalidate the incidence of other rules.
22. The holder of the Rock in Rio ticket is responsible for consulting the
updated version of the Terms and Conditions at the festival site
(http://www.rockinrio.com.br), not being viable claim of ignorance of any
changes that may be made by the organizers.
23. The holder of the Rock in Rio ticket expressly states to have read,
understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions and to be fully
aware of the rights and obligations arising therefrom.
24. The holder of the Rock in Rio ticket expressly states that will withdraw
its request at the will call box office on the days of the festival, at the
festival site.
25. The purchase can only be canceled within up to 07 (seven) days from
the date of the checkout. If the client requests the cancellation of the
purchase, it will be held in its entirety.

Your tickets will be available for pick-up at Cidade do Rock, during the days of the festival
right at the will call box-offices. The will call will be opened from 10AM to midnight on the
days 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21 and 22 of September. You must show the credit card used for
the purchase, your picture ID and the order number. Only the credit card owner can pick-up
the tickets.