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‘Bocurrent Code: SDOPAMP-OF- Republic of the Philippines Poeaene Department of Education Region II = Central Luzon ‘SCHOOLS DIVISION OFFICE OF PAMPANGA. High School Blvd. Bray. Lourdes, City of San Fernando DIVISION MEMO. NO. 361, S. 2018 Revision: 00 Etectiviy date: 05-08-18 Name of Office: cID TO: School Heads/School Paper Advisers Teachers-coaches of Public & Private Junior/Senior High Schools FROM Office of the Schools Division Superintendent SUBJECT: 37 DIVISIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOLS PRESS CONFERENCE DATE : — August 28,2018 1. Pursuant to Republic Act No. 7079 otherwise known as the “Campus Journalism Act of 1991, this office shall conduct the 37" Divisional Secondary Schools Press Conference (DSSPC), both English and Filipino, on October 10-12, 2018, at the Guagua National Colleges, Guagua, Pampanga for both the individual (1* day) and group contests (2 and 3° day), 2. Primarily, the press conference aims to: a, demonstrate understanding of the importance of journalism by expressing it through different journalistic endeavors and approaches; sustain advocacy on social consciousness; provide a venue for an enriching learning experience for students interested in pursuing journalism as a career; promote responsible journalism and fair and ethical use of social media; and enhance journalistic competence through healthy and friendly competitions select the division's delegates to the Regional Schools Press Conference. os ora 3. The DSSPC shall consist of an orientation followed by the contests in the following categories: a. Individual Contests News Writing Sports Writing Feature Writing Science & Technology Writing Editorial Writing Editorial Cartooning Photojournalism Copyreading & Headline Writing PNOTRENS b. Group Contests 9. Radio Scriptwriting & Broadcasting 10. Collaborative Desktop Publishing 14. TV Script Writing and Broadcasting 12. Online Publishing Contest 4. This year's Theme is: Fostering 21% Century Skills and Character-Based Education Through Journalism, 5. The DSSPC shall be conducted in accordance with the following contests rules and mechanics: OF -Page 1 of One DepEd... One Pampanga ‘Document Code: SDOPAMP-OF- (80s - 002 ‘Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Sete Region IIT - Central Luzon ¢ % | __ SCHOOLS DIVISION OFFICE OF PAMPANGA g 2 |_High Schoo! Bivd. Bray. Lourdes, City of San Fernando Revision: 00 Effecivty date: 05-08-18, Name of Office: cID DIVISION MEMO. No. _%_, s. 2018 a, The list of cluster winners duly signed/endorsed by the Chairman and the Principal of the host school should be submitted to the Division Office or registered online using the division issued template on or before September 17, 2018 the cluster press conference. b. Only the winners belonging to the upper 30% of the actual number of participating schools shall qualify for the Division Level. The next in rank shall serve as alternate when any of the qualifiers cannot join the DSSPC. ¢. A contestant can join in only one (1) contest category in one (1) medium, either English or Filipino. The teacher-coach may register all his/her contestants on the first day of the contest. d. The top five (5) contestants per category in the individual contests will be declared DSSPC winners and shall be awarded Certificates of Merit during the Gawad Parangal 2018. e. Only the top 3 winners per contest category in the individual contests will join the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC). The 4” and 5” placers shall serve as alternates when any of the top 3 winners cannot join the RSPC. f. The contestants for Radio Script Writing, Collaborative Desktop Publishing, TV Broadcasting, and Online Publishing should not be contestants in any of the individual writing contests. In these contests, a cluster should submit two (2) entries, one for English and one for Filipino. To be able to create a competitive team, a cluster may opt to recruit students from other schools within the cluster or get from the pool of best participants. The same scheme shall likewise be ‘observed in choosing the division's representatives for the RSPC. In these categories, only the 1* Place winner will advance to the RSPC while the 2% and 3° placers shall serve as alternates if the 1° place fails to join the contest. g. There will be no separate category for senior high schools. Stand-Alone Senior High Schools are advised to join the Junior High Schools in the Cluster Level Competition. h. Meanwhile, participants in the photojournalism contest may use maximum of 20 megapixels’ camera (except DSLR) in the DSPC. i, As regards the Online Publishing Contest, a team composing of five members shall be formed for both English and Filipino. All guidelines stipulated in Enclosure No. 6, DM No. 216, s. 2016 should be followed except for item No. 1 which states that the teams who will compete in this category are the winners in the Collaborative Desktop Publishing. Participants must be winners in their respective clusters or select campus journalists assigned to represent their clusters. j. Division qualifiers shall be required to bring the latest copy of their school publication while those without shall create a publication with at least five-pages containing 1 page — News Page, 1 page ~ Editorial Page, 1 page — Feature Page, 1 page — Sci-Tech Page, and 1 page Sports Page; which shall be printed using an a4 size bond paper. All qualifiers who failed to present such shall be disqualified from joining the division level contests. 6. Meanwhile, the submission of school publication for the Group Contests Category shall be on November 12, 2018, 5:00 P.M. Judging is set on November 13-16. 7. A registration fee of P 100.00 (Individual Contests) and P 500.00/team (Group Contests) shall be collected from each participantiteam to defray the honoraria of evaluators, other expenses and for the training of the RSPC/NSPC delegates. Likewise, the annual membership fee of P 100.00 per teacher-coach/adviser shall be paid upon registration if not yet paid during the CSPC. All expenses incidental to the press conference are chargeable against school paper funds subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules. All public and private secondary schools that would qualify for the OF -Page20f4 One DepEd... One Pampanga Document Code: SDOPAMP-OF- ‘Republic of the Philippines ‘0808-002 Department of Education Region IIT = Central Luzon SCHOOLS DIVISION OFFICE OF PAMPANGA High School Bivd. Bray. Lourdes, City of San Fernando Revision: 00 Effecvity date: 05-08-18, Name of Office: cID Division Level are encouraged to participate in this activity. Enclosed is the Contest’s Matrix in the conduct of the DSPC. a. To facilitate better collection procedures and avoid inconveniences and delay of contests, SDO Pampanga, through the Cashier Section, shall facilitate the collection of the Registration Fee in collaboration with the cluster journalism coordinators. The cluster coordinators shall fa the collection of registration fees within their clusters which will then be remitted to the division Cashier Section on or before September 17, 2018, 8. Likewise, all schools with no COA approved/received school paper fund report and non-submission to the EPS-I/ EPS-II In-Charge of Journalism shall be disqualified from joining the contests. 9. Attached are the matrix and the guidelines in the conduct of the TV Broadcasting. 10. Wide dissemination of this Memorandum to all concerned is earnestly desired. LEONARDO S emcn Ed.D., CESO VI Office of the ~—_ ‘Superintendent q “+ OF -Page3.of4 One DepEd... One Pampanga