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EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

Lesson Plan Template

School: Omer Bin Yousef Date: 29/10/2018

PST: Maryam Nabeel Time: From 8:15 to 9:00

MST: Oliver Unit: Regroup ones to tens

Class: Grade 2/D Number of 23


ADEC Learning Outcome: Include the L.O. code and words.

Take a part of tens to add.

Prior Knowledge: What knowledge are you building on?

Students know how to count, write numbers also how to show a number using ones and tens.

Lesson Objectives: These must be SMART objectives – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound
By the end of the lesson, students will be (better) able to:

The student will be able to be able to use the ones and the tens to add to two digit-numbers.

Low Ability student will be able to make the numbers using the ones and the tens.

Medium Ability student will be able to regroup the tens.

High Ability student will be able to make the three step which are they to make the numbers using the ones and the tens, regroup
the tens and answer the questions.

Recourses: Key words:

Tens Sum
Math book
10 tens
15 ones

Lesson Activities: What will students do in the lesson?

Opening: (15 min to 20 min)

o The teacher will welcome the students.

o Let them set nicely.
o Told the object of the day.
o Give them the instruction.
o Explain the book question in front of the class and let the student share with the teacher their answers.

Activity: (20 min)

o The student will set in peers, each peers will work together to solve the book questions, each
peers will have 15 ones and 10 tens.
o Student should to solve the questions, they will have 20 minutes to finish the question, who
solve the question right will get a tick mark.
EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

o The teacher will walk around the student and see their work.
o The teacher will mark the right questions that each peer solves it will.
o If the student finish everything the teacher will solve the written questions with them.


o Student should to clean up before the class ends.

o set nicely back to their set.
o Make a fast revision about what they have done learn.

The peers who set very nicely and done their work on time, they will get a golden medal
with their names.

The teacher will Pass self-assessment stamp paper to the student with three different
faces, and the student should choose if they understand or don’t understand and if they
need more practice.

Evaluation / Assessment: How will you know your students have achieved the goal?

o The teacher will correct the answers, and see how the student understands and what he gained from the lesson, by the
questions he solved.


The teacher can observe the student while they are working and ask question to make sure that they get the idea or understand.

Take notes will the student working, about the student ability levels if they achieve what are required for them to achieve.

Personal focus: Related to PDP

In this lesson, I am working on how to give positive feedback to the student even if they don’t solve the question in right way.