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Laura Brine
250 432 5619


(school name)

Dear (principal):

(paragraph 1)
Applying for position (: state position to match job description. Specific). I’m excited to apply for
this position and believe I am a good fit because (tailor to specific job description and highlight
specific trait or skill which fulfills the need).

(Possible paragraph 2)
Elaborate trait or skill with specific examples related to position.

As a recently graduated Teacher Candidate I look forward to exploring my professional identity

and developing my craft as a teacher. As a professional I believe it is up to me to adopt a
pedagogy that best meets the needs of my students and aligns with the philosophy of the
school and the community. Classrooms should be safe places that enable students to take risks,
explore the world around them and gain skills that will allow them to build a unique identity to
go confidently into the ever changing 21st Century.

Please see my attached resume that highlights some of my past experiences that speak to my
qualifications for this position. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the (particular
needs and challenges of the position) that I feel excited to undertake and align well with my
particular skill set.

Thank you for your consideration.


Laura Brine