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Jess S.

3237 N. Leavitt St., Chicago, IL 60618 ~ 937-536-7892 ~ Jessica.Biscamp@gmail.com

Illinois Initial Secondary Certificate (Type 09) in English, expected 6/11
Middle Grades Endorsement expected in Language Arts

Master of Education, Teaching and Learning, DePaul University, Chicago, IL, GPA: 4.0/4.0, expected 7/11
Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH, GPA: 3.96/4.0, 5/03
Study Abroad (postmodern British literature), Scottish Universities’ International Summer School, Edinburgh,
Scotland, 7/01–8/01

Tutor, AVID at Alcott High School for the Humanities, Grade 9, Chicago, IL, 4/10–present
▪ Supervise student-led tutorial groups, which involves keeping them on task, prompting discussion questions, and
acknowledging student effort, contributions, and use of effective study skills
▪ Grade student participation in and contributions to tutorial group sessions
Book Buddy and Program Leader, Sit Stay Read, Grades 2–3, Chicago, IL, 3/09–present
▪ Lead groups of five to ten students in writing activities and reading fluency exercises (model, choral, echo, and
paired), keeping them on task
▪ Engage students in reading by asking them questions about the book and how they relate to it
▪ Reinforce reading and writing skills by pointing out when students use effective techniques
▪ Model social learning by encouraging students to help each other spell words and be respectful
▪ Support other adult volunteers throughout school visits, assisting with time management and student motivation
Writing Advisor, The Wittenberg University Writing Center, Undergraduates, Springfield, OH, 8/00–5/03
▪ Dialogued with students one-on-one about their writing, invoking their ownership of the process
▪ Taught grammar and citation by assisting students in identifying and correcting issues in their own papers
▪ Asked thoughtful questions to stimulate content development and structure improvement
▪ Empowered students by teaching skills for effective use of resources (e.g., thesauruses and style manuals)
Residential Assistant, Wright State University, Pre-College Programs, Grades 6–12, Dayton, OH, 6/02–8/02
▪ Assisted students with homework by providing feedback and guiding them to project resources
▪ Organized and supervised recreational activities and group discussions aimed at team building
▪ Supervised students on campus, on field trips, and in the dorms, ensuring safety and compliance with rules

Freelance Editor, Self-Employed, Chicago, IL, 2/09–12/09 and 4/04–1/07
▪ Copyedited manuscripts and proofread typeset pages, with attention to accuracy, grammar, style, and consistency
▪ Managed author review of editing, including teaching the review process and ensuring timely completion
▪ Wrote developmental editing plans for individual manuscripts that publishers and authors used as guidance
Senior Project Editor, Northwestern University Press, Evanston, IL, 1/07–1/09
▪ Supervised freelance editors, setting and enforcing deadlines and reviewing and providing detailed feedback on all
assignments to improve the quality of their work
▪ Co-developed a manuscript-coding procedure, wrote instructions, and taught the process to coworkers
▪ Managed editorial production of books, creating and maintaining schedules and budgets
Editorial Assistant and Assistant Editor, Triumph Books, Inc., Chicago, IL, 11/03–1/07
▪ Acted as a liaison between staff, freelancers, and authors, which required both an understanding of each person’s
role in the process and diplomacy in bringing the parts of the project together
▪ Created series guidelines for authors and editors, which required an understanding of the overall goal of a series and
how to achieve it as well as strict attention to detail and consistency
▪ Developed manuscripts for organization, series style, and overall quality, working closely with authors to help them
clarify and achieve their purpose in writing the book