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Book Report Tic Tac Toe Rubric

Three rubrics will be used to grade your project--one for each of the ​three​​ projects
completed. Remember, each project is graded out of 20 points. The total project is
worth 60 points.

5 pts. 3 pts. 1 pt. 0 pts.

Completeness The student The student The student did The student did
went above and completed all or not complete not complete
beyond in most of the most of the any aspect of
completing the required project the project.
required elements, but requirements.
elements of the not up to
project. expected

Neatness/Attenti The student took Most of the The student It appears as

on to Detail evident pride in project was well appears to have though the
their work and thought out and rushed through student took not
presented a of decent aspects of the time or put any
high-quality quality. project. effort into the
product. project.

Accuracy of Reasonings or A few Several aspects Choices made

Information project choices choices/decision of the project do and their
make sense and s seem a bit not fit well with reasonings
fit in with the grey or fuzzy as the subject seem as though
story of the to how they matter of the the book was
book. pertain to the book. not accurately
book. followed in the
decision making.

Creativity The student The student The student There was

went above did a good job used ideas that nothing special
and beyond in but could have were common about the
their portrayal been a bit and showed elements of the
of the project more little creativity project.
requirements. thoughtful with in the delivery
Unique some choices. of the project.
elements were