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Good morning to our respective panel of examiners

Dr. Juanito Leabres

Prof. Raymundo Abello
Dr. Ma. Merlyn Navallo, and
Prof. Phoebe Caisip

We are here in front of you to present our research entitled:

Life Beyond Cancer: Lived Experience of Prostate Cancer

Survivors in Cabanatuan City
What is Cancer?

Cancer as we know it is an overwhelming disease; and even

the mere idea of possibly having it can cause distress.

According to WHO cancer is still a leading cause of death

worldwide accounting for 8.8 million deaths as of 2015

And in the Philippines, there have been around 66,000 cancer

deaths yearly as of 2015

Prostate Cancer is among the most common adult

malignancies which commonly affects elderly males and early
detection of prostate cancer have been made possible through
PSA screening.
Back then, cancer and survivorship used to be opposing terms
but with the advances in the early cancer detection and
treatments survivorship has been made possible.

Generally, this study aims to describe, explore and explain the

“Lived Experience of Prostate Cancer Survivors” from the time
of their diagnosis, treatment and beyond.
The purpose of this research is to gain an in-depth
understanding of the lived experiences of prostate cancer
survivors and their perspectives will inform this
understanding that will answer the following questions:

1. What are the challenges that you experienced following

the completion of your treatment?

2. What are the changes in their lifestyle after they were

diagnosed by prostate cancer?

3. What are the coping strategies that you have done

during your cancer journey?
This study will be significant to

The Community. Provide further information regarding the

experiences of cancer survivors.

The Nursing Students. To further improve the quality of care

that they render.

The Participants. This will provide enlightenment and a sense

of self-awareness by giving them opportunity to describe their
personal experiences along their cancer journey.

The Nursing Researcher. This utilized as a reference material

for future research and will play a significant role in
supporting nursing practices.
The Nursing Educators. The results of this study will be able
to contribute into refining the quality of education.

And to the Health Care Professionals. To encourage

appreciation that cancer diagnosis is a critical opportunity to
link the disease to lifestyle choices and to provide effective
interventions in assisting cancer survivors to improve their
This research used a qualitative study and applied a
phenomenological approach

This study was conducted in Cabanatuan City and will choose

5 respondents using a purposive sampling technique

We facilitated a face to face interview with the respondents

and used a semi-structured open-ended questions
The data was gathered by:

giving a letter to the participants informing them about the

necessary information regarding the research study and the
importance of their involvement

the participants and the researchers scheduled an interview

that is favorable to the both of them

prior the interview, the respondent asked to sign an informed

consent and the contents are explained by the researchers
This research was guided by Max van Manen’s methodical
structure to conduct a phenomenological research.

The six steps are as follows:

1. Turning to the nature of lived experience

2. Investigating experience as we live it

3. Reflecting on the essential themes which characterize

the phenomenon

4. Describing the phenomenon in the art of writing and

5. Maintaining a strong and orientated relation to the

6. Balancing the research context by considering the parts

and the whole
After gathering up all the necessary information we managed
to come up with three (3) major themes derived from the
analysis of the verbatim transcriptions of the respondents

We have come up with three major themes which are:

(1) Challenges,
(2) Changes, and
(3) Coping
The first major theme is CHALLENGES which is further
divided into 3 subthemes namely:

(1) Physical,
(2) Sexual, and
(3) Behavioral

The second major theme is CHANGES and it is further divided

into 2 subthemes namely:

(1) Social, and

(2) Economic
Lastly, the third major theme is COPING and we divided into
2 subthemes namely:
(1) Diversion, and
(2) Faith
Based on the results and findings of the study, the following
conclusions were drawn:

1. That being a cancer survivor faces many challenges

because of this, some of them felt worthless being the
weakest one and cared for.

2. Finishing the cancer treatment does not mean that it is

the end of your cancer trajectory it is simply another
door into a new chapter in life and that changes in their
lifestyle will take place.

3. Prostate cancer survivors find ways to sidetrack the

feeling of being helpless
The following recommendation were made based on the
findings of the study:

1. To the health care providers, to gain understanding in

dealing with prostate cancer survivors and help in
rendering quality nursing care.

2. To the college of nursing, to give information in

teaching the students and staff on how the prostate
cancer survivors cope up with their situation.

3. To the family, to give their full emotional support to

make the prostate cancer survivors feel that they are
still capable of being the person that they were before.
4. To the community, to open up their eyes regarding the
needs and struggles of prostate cancer survivors as they
are still in their cancer journey.

And Finally,

5. To the researcher, to help other researchers who will

conduct a similar study and use as guidance for their
That ends our presentation for today

Thank you and have a good day!