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(Days 3 and 4)

CDC—Atlanta (1982):

Jim told the Press that they don’t think the people getting the “disease” are
random—BUT he didn’t say how they could be related.

1. Why does this upset Don Francis so much? Because they do know
more than what they are telling the public and he feels they should
know the whole truth.

2. What does Don say you should do with a burning house?

“You shouldn’t wait for scientific proof to figure out how to put out the
fire….you grab the first hose and start putting out the fire.”

San Francisco—(June 1982):

_405___ __272___
Cases Deaths

What does the Director of Public Health say he needs in order to shut down the
bath-houses? Who’s help? The gay community of San Francisco needs to help.

New York:

1. Why does Richard Gere ask Dr. Mary Guynin to come to NYC?
He thinks he might have the disease and wanted to donate
money to the CDC for more research, Etc.

2. What does he see when looking at the scene on stage?

A funeral scene; death.

San Francisco—courthouse:

1. Don Francis told the men in the room that they have a__100__%
chance of dying if they get this “disease” and that it most likely is
transmitted by __sex__ and that most cases are occurring in the

2. Bobbi Campbell spoke and said how for years people at home called
him a ___freak___ because of his sexual orientation.

3. Why didn’t the men in the room want the tubs to close?

ANSWER: Because they are ___human______ and

they are ____scared_________.

France—Hospital and Pasteur Institute:

*** Lymph is part of the immune system
(and this is what is being destroyed—right?)*****

1. What did the doctors do wrong with the testing of the lymph material?
They let it touch the air and HIV died because of that.


1. Don Francis is told of a IV Drug user in NYC that dies of “it”.

The person was a:
a. Gay man b. Child/baby
c. Woman d. Haitian

2. He then realized the “disease “is in the _____blood_____ supply.

Denver, Colorado Hospital:

1 They guy in the bed is a hemophiliac. He needs Factor VIII in the his
blood to help him because he blood doesn’t ____clot____ properly.
California Hospital:

1. How many transfusions and from how many donors did the baby have?
22 units of blood; 6 whole body blood transfusions.

2. How old was the baby? 22 months

3. Who did the doctor and Harold Jaffe turn to help them get confidential
a. Marc Conant
b. Bill Kraus
c. Mary Guynin
d. Selma Dritz

4. Who actually was Marc “The Repairman”? Dr. Marc Conant

CDC-Jan. 4, 1983

________ ________
Cases Deaths

1. What did they decide to name “the disease” officially? AIDS

2. What does Don Francis yell at the people for and why? He is upset that
they are arguing over little things instead of seeing the whole picture of
innocent people dying because the Blood Industry wont all get on board to
test all donors’ blood.
San Francisco:

1. Dr. Harold Jaffe went to speak to a couple about her illness-why? He

wanted to see if they could help convince the blood industry to start testing
all blood donations. They are big on community service and thought they
would love to get involved.

2. What had her doctors told he was the reason she kept getting so sick?
Complications due to surgery.

3. What shocking news did Harold tell the couple?

That she had HIV.

Blood Meeting:

1. Why did the people NOT vote to use the Hepatitis B test to try and screen
people at risk for this disease? ( 2 reasons)
--Not 100% effective (only 88%)
--Too much money

Bill Kraus’ house/San Francisco—mid 1983:

1. Has President Reagan said the word “AIDS” in public yet? Why or why
--No he has not. His administration tried to turn their head to
this health crisis because at first it was a “gay disease”.

2. Bill was speaking to the Senator about how Reagan’s administration was
“supposedly” spending $26 million on AIDS research.
How much was actually going towards AIDS research?
a. $20 million c. $7.5 million
b. $750, 000 d. $ 26, 000

1. What did the French find compared to Dr. Gallo’s virus?

Their virus was a different virus compared to Gallo’s ( who is
claiming that the virus is the one he already found because he
wants the credit.)


1. When did the French find the virus?

a. March 1983 b. July 1983
c. October 1983 d. December 1983

San Francisco:

Bill Kraus is working out on the rowing machine…..what did he find on his leg?

--He found the beginnings of Kaposi’s sarcoma. 