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It was late July 2002, this year passed by the fact that I was

about to fail for the first time in my career in the second grade
primary, and this was not in the vacuum whenever we hear the
audience screaming from the cafe, we try to find solutions to get
rid of the semester, to join the cafe And be one of the first to
follow the best games and European and international
competitions. how not ,and was Roberto Carlos, Zidane, Beckham
and Luis Figo and the most beautiful and most dramatic of all is
the misery of Hossam, the sad cafe man that loves Manchester
United. when it wins, he give me and my friend Rayan the free
chocolate milk. until then we will to support man united more
than real madrid Because that recipe was very delicious. We had
a full and extraordinary mark of luck, because the professor of
retirement is sleeping time to time, and that snooze comes at the
moment when we want to pull out smoothly from the classroom,
and because the professor is not watching the files of absence
was something wonderful where we could not find an excuse to
make us regret Those who sit in the coffee shop watching the
matches and we are in the classroom, but just get rid of the four
walls and the passion of football is increasing day after day. And
we are filled with joy whenever we are about to play a game, come
friends from everywhere and some of the jokes always happen
suddenly where we spend more than the time of the game in the
choice of who will play against who. These things were very
popular among us, I was not interested in football at first before
the age of nine, but I found myself mastered this game strikingly,
And I find a lot of it, in that period was my impression on the
football player that he is not just a normal person, but a complex
machine does not miss a quick performance and accurate and
disciplined, and this was what happened in Zidane, this veteran
giant with eyes fixed, my mother recomended me to bring from
the oven The dessert with me while when I was back from the
establishment, When I came back I saw the coffee shop in the
area. I saw a lot of popular that was a tour of the weekly horses
because those cafes were a destination for the contestants. The
name of cofee was Riyadh, but there was a lot of young people,
but they did not look like a betting machine. I approached the
cafe and sat next to two young men. I read in the bottom bar
Zidane officially moves to the Real with a record deal of 75 million
euros. At the same time, I listen to the two men saying to one
another that it is too expensive. I asked who was next to me.
(uncle i say, "I do not know what the euro means." He said, "How
much is this chocolate worth?" On the table, I probably told him
one mad morocco, and the euro replied to ten chocolate pieces. I
know that Zidane had ordered 750 million pieces of chocolate, so
I started to laugh and said, I understand now? Yes, I was
convinced that the idea reached the center of my brain and I felt
that My inner brain hit him with a tremor, and from the
astonishment of the situation and in the sunset I met with my
friends discussed the subject of Zidane, i open them subject did
you not heard the arrival of Zidane to Real? ahmed answer :yes
zidane is a better for real madrid "Ahmed was the best among us
as a player who was talented and helped us to beat our
neighborhood teams in the regional league. Ahmed's absence
from the team is a big problem, but I never remembered playing
soccer without him. He was addicted to the game, And our
teammate Rayan was also in the team. His problem was simply
that if he fell to the ground and sounded like a mine, he could not
finish the game because he was fat, but we had some mistakes to
save him time to recover. No matter how defensive we had a
strong valve "I did not care about Real Madrid very much. I often
followed Manchester United because they contained David
Beckham and many world-class stars, but I heard and read in a
sports newspaper that Beckham would also travel to Real in the
footsteps of Zizou , Zidane and Real Madrid in that season
(2001/2002) won the title of the Champions League and the
Super League to steal the Real title from Bayern Leverkusen that
day I was suffering from a severe cough and followed the news
from the radio. I could have watched the match on television via
Western satellites, Where the game was available on the channel
Euro Sports ,but my father was preventing us from surfing that
satellite because it had channels unwanted and at evening was
news of the victory of Real Madrid on the first list of public news
bulletins, The sports announcer says Zine dine Zidane leads Real
Madrid to the Champions League title for the ninth time. After a
goal lit the Scottish territory, the match ended with the victory of
Real Madrid on Bayern Leverkusen 2-1, Zidane commented after
the goal that he scored by instinct in the moment before the goal
Zidane center in the penalty area was to their left Roberto Carlos,
After raising the ball until Zidane received it and turned its
course towards the angle of 90 left man amid the astonishment of
the guard who stood still, Carlos said that he had no doubt that
Zidane will score the goal that way set, in fact myths really rare,
at that moment I began to think that Those golden generations,
Such as Carlos, Zidane and Luis Figo will soon fade so I should
not miss tickets to enjoy those moments, because they may soon
be gone, and the summer of 2002 was where we started this epic,
it was only a part or a history to watch what would happen. The
Mirkato movement began this summer, and clubs were racing on
the stars. One day my cousin came from Milan. He brought with
him a small bag that caught my attention. There was a light pink
newspaper inside, I do not remember her name exactly, But at
least resembled Lakazeete, which aroused much concern for me,
my cousin said to me: Elias? No doubt you like the Italian press,
took that paper and gave it to him, took it in his hands and said
this celebrity page and this page of business and politics and
those that you see below are commercial offers and offers of work,
He looked at me and said, "Look at the organization, there is
always a marketing style. I did not understand Italian. But he
was already taking it into account. He began to explain to me
what the newspaper was saying. It was talking about some Italian
players and their fate with their clubs. Or France and so on, and
came down and pointed to this player depends on Portugal in the
nations of Europe next, I said yes I know that Roy Costa player
No. 10 next to Luis Figo, I looked at him and said that this
generation Golden will give Portugal a lot and the cat raised two
wordsThey told me that it was a Portuguese entertainment
channel. I asked him to cut that part that includes the channel
link. That is what happened. I put it in a safe place so that I
would not forget it. After a few days I took it and went to Husam
the cafe owner. Hossam Please search for this link in any artificial
satellite, start looking because then the mecca had an
international subscription you can access any channel and good
luck and found it available, the task was successful and after
lunch took a portion of the I was invited to play a game with a
team from a neighboring neighborhood. I still remember whenever
my mother prepared us for a diet rich in fat such as chicken,
meat or fish dishes, but I abstained from any sports activity. That
was the moment I found the channel. It was a mild summer I
stopped writing this book for a week in order to find out and
retrieve the name of that channel. My father promised me to
remember her name, but to no avail it was Mundo Deportivo, I
doubt In this name because I have not been looking for it since
then, it was a program that spoke about young athletes who play
football in Portugal and the roportage of players from a multi-age
group that the program highlights the new talent, which will be
nearby in the arena The lights of the world and the future sports,
and in a short moment and the camera program in the room
entered the three young men mediated by a tall young man about
180 centimeters, was sporting by excellence and was wearing a
white shirt and remember that he was smiling and wailing He was
walking Cristiano Ronaldo the executioner, the new was talking
about his dreams and about the difficulties he faced in the young
and the impact of football in his life, he stole me precious time he
was saying what I want to hear exactly what they have become,
and I began to feel that I am not the only one This world, but
there are many aspiring I felt some psychological stability and
decided to follow this player, and told my friend Hossam
remember that there is a player named Cristiano Ronaldo will
echo in the future Remember these words, ‘’I started I am very
sure Cristiano Ronaldo will realize the hopes and dreams of
Portuguese football’’.’’ said one of the talent scouts’’ . I saw this
player's card in one of the programs. He started his career as a
player in the club. The youth club desportivo national for two
seasons, and then moved to Nacional Madeira in 97 and in those
days I was following him had cemented his position in Sporting
Lisbon, where he said about him a football pioneer; Ronaldo
achieved an achievement and a big step by moving to Sporting
,The club's top Portuguese club, and then began to talk about the
possibility of his transfer, and many clubs expressed a desire to
contract him, but the three months went like lightning until I
found him in Manchester United brought by Sir Alex Ferguson, I
heard that he was impressed in a match for Sporting Lisbon
against Manchester United and The deal was worth £ 12 million
in 2002, and I learned that a new dawn was beginning to
manifest for this great player.

Season (2003!2004); (( heroes are not made in

training rooms,heroes are made of things deep within them
is will, dream and vision ))

The 2003-04 season was not Ronaldo like any previous season,
but the standards this time were completely different. Cristiano
began the season with a lot of urbanization as he wanted to get
out of the limelight and pressures he would face as the new
player in the club who has a thousand accounts. He is the
English giant Manchester United. Cristiano was wearing a shirt
number 28, which he adopted with( Sporting Lisbone) and this
figure at least would create space for him to lose sight of his
energies to build away from the media chases. 7 There was (David
Beckham) who went to Real Madrid The same season, at first
Cristiano wanted his former number but Sir Alex Ferguson
insisted on Cristiano to wear the number 7 with a word I still
remember when Ferguson told Cristiano ((you were created to be
number 7)). Ronaldo commented that that figure was a challenge
and insistence on his honor, I saw that Cristiano Ronaldo would
be the theory and direct application of the philosophy of Sir
Ferguson. This is not the same for Ferguson himself. The press
later declared that Ferguson became more optimistic and seemed
to bring Cristiano to be freed from things that were His challenge
was to find a fast and harmonious player in the attacks and to be
effective in front of the goal, which would make the team more
effective. Manchester United went to (Pluton Wanders). That day I
had some homework in the class, I said to him, "So Ronaldo
scored a hat-trick?" No, but Cristiano has contributed brilliantly
to the win over Pluton, knowing that he has not entered the club.
For 58 minutes, I replied this philosophy Alex Ferguson and the
other coaches can not be relied upon as primary from the first
game, but it certainly will be essential in the game second, My
friend Ryan gave me the program for Manchester United for the
2003-04 season in which Manchester United will face Newcastle
at James Park after (Wolverhampton) at Old Trafford from there
to Southampton, and finally in mid-May 2004, United will host
Aston Villa and exactly a week later in 23_08_2003, At home
James Park in a game will be wonderful and enjoyable I had
purchased two days before the date of the game Memo I wanted to
put some posts, I watched all the course of the game, the
exchange of players and cards granted According to the type of
error, in addition to the goals and tactics adopted, the game
began with caution, the ball between ( Scholes) and (Solskjaer),
madness of stadiums for ten minutes before the (Griffine), the
Newcastle player on the yellow card in the 10 minute of the game
as a result of blocking the player from Man United, for the second
time Cristiano was not essential. Ten minutes later, Newcastle
scored the first goal with (shearer). As the first half approached,
in the 36th minute, (Bramble) received a yellow card, ending the
first half for Newcastle. The second half like the first half, but
after 6 minutes, United were relegated by Van Nelstroy. Sir Alex
Ferguson began to feel comfortable at the moment, and I still
waited for Cristiano Ronaldo to enter, the minute 59 (Scholes)
scored the second goal. Finally, United were released but
Solskjaer got a yellow card in the 62nd minute, nine minutes
later (Van Nelstroy) took a yellow card. The Newcastle manager
took advantage of the situation and put three players in one run,
They are respectively, (Jonas) and (Hugo Viana) and (shopra),
with their hope that they will adjust the score, But in five minutes
Sir Alex Ferguson introduced his new student and hard-working
Ronaldo in the 77th minute to ease the defensive pressure on his
teammates. Cristiano had the ball for a long time as he entered
and caused a lot of trouble. Newcastle have been fighting for the
defense, and by the end of the original time ,(rayan Giggs) is
leaving for Diego Forllan. The game ends with Manchester
United's superiority over a stubborn team. United had two goals
for one. The match was one of the games that deserve to be
continued because the use of the game gives great importance to
the upcoming events. Ronaldo had his first goal against
Bornsmout in 1_11_2003 from a side kick until he made the ball
into the net. The player was stationed in front of the goal,
although Cristiano played 39 games scored six goals, but it was
perfect and amazingly impressive, ended Manchester United
season with a victory over Everton 2-1

Euro Portugal 2004:(( (The whole world is stepping

aside to clear the way for a man who knows exactly where
he is heading, who believes that he can triumph, he can
triumph ))

In the 2003/2004 season, Cristiano Ronaldo played seven games

for the first team, scoring no goal but was badly needed in the
Euro. He was a key pillar alongside Deco, Rio Costa and Luis
Figo. 12 June 2004 The euro celebrations of the city of Lisbon,
broadcast live on TV5 Monde, live for the moment with the first
joy of the euro and the second achieved a rate of seven on ten for
the first time, I was a heavy guest on the average 6 for many
years, the beginning was between Greece and Portugal I still
remember that legendary celebration by Portugal to celebrate the
euro, a blue plate representing a sea of nineteenth-century boats,
Portugal drew on that day in that painting, Their exploratory
journeys, their splendor, their global conquests with global
resonance The goal was scored by Karagonis in the 7th minute,
then Bassinas scored the second goal in the 51st minute. In fact,
I, my father and neighbor, aka the poet, were astonished by the
bitterness The game we encourage Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo
played all combat I remember that he was putting a bit of cotton
on the ears, and they It amazes me those side-kick when it is in
the case of an attack, start shifting the ball onto his right foot and
then pointing the ball toward the goal, and that is nearing the
match on the end, in minute 92, Portugal got a corner kick,
Cristiano leaped towards the sky and scored the ball to head the
net, and the game ended with Greece winning a double goal, and
got a strange phenomenon tomorrow between England and
France, where England advanced for 90 minutes 1- 0 Beckham
record, But at the time the lost allowance Henry Fox and Zidan
trap A penalty kick by Zidane, a minute later a free-kick for
France around Zidane with the second goal of a dramatic victory
for France in that match, and in the game against the first group,
which included Portugal, Greece, Russia and Spain, Portugal and
Russia, and Portugal won a clean double from the signing of
Manish in the 7th minute and Rio Costa in the 88th minute,
while Ronaldo did not play essential, he entered the 78th minute
in the place of Luis Figo, in the meantime Portugal has three
points and in the next match decisive game which does not
Portugal, Spain and Portugal were lucky. Nino Komiz scored the
winning goal in the 57th minute. The match ended for Portugal.
The sympathy of all with Portugal was strange at that tournament
and had a deep dream. On June 24, 2004, Portugal football
masters in The match was played by Michael Owen and England's
England star. On the other hand, Portugal and Roi Costa both
starred in the match. The original time of the match ended with a
draw and a penalty shootout came in the penalty box for the
goalkeeper of Portugal. The Portugal goalkeeper received special
moral support and was able to tackle the penalty kick without
gloves. Portugal won the penalty shootout six goals against 5 to
qualify for the semi-finals. In the semi-finals Portugal faced the
Netherlands on 30 June. Portugal made the first goal through
Ronaldo in the 26th minute. Make up of Deco's teammate, at that
moment I saw in Ronaldo a sense of the goal of the hijacker, it
was high from the ground with a leap of imagination make
Michael Jordan surprised, and in the 58th minute comes the
second goal through Manish to get a yellow card not removed by
the title of joy, and after 5 Minutes Netherlands scored the goal of
the orphan Andrade to finish the match with the victory of
Portugal and qualify for the semi-finals to meet Greece stubborn
and surprise at the same time, which beat the Czech Republic 1-0
in the match against the Czech Republic, in the final and what
you know about the final? Battle of explorers and descendants of
(Socrates ), and have already played two teams in the opening
match. They knew each other very well, that is, they had a special
character. The Greek players got four yellow cards against two
Portugal players. The first half was very negative. In the second
half, after the awakening of Greece, they scored the first goal
through Charistas in the 56th minute. Of course our neighbor
smoked poet I could not count how much cigarette he smoked
that night.

The referee’s whistle began, It is a retaliation between the

Portuguese and Greeks, the Greeks began defenders suffer in the
first few minutes of Ronaldo's strikes, and his attacks continued
until the 9th minute. Both teams did not create the lowest real
chance. Castinas was blocked from the back and received a
yellow card. At the beginning of the 15th minute, Both teams
focused on midfield and the battle in the middle of the fire, began
Ronaldo, Deco, Luis Figo, and Bostka both stepped back and
progressed again to stun the defenders of Greece. With their 42
nd minute defense, Ferrari had a chance for Miguel, and before
the break Basinas touched the ball with his hand to get On the
yellow card, with the start of the second half Straddis Ronaldo
and get a corner, and in the 56th minute, the first sign of the
goal, but the result was not affected by the comrades of Cristiano,
until then and minutes after Ronaldo sends a rocket made
Nkobaladis suffering trouble And in the 60th minute Rio Costa
entered. My father was very fond of him. He was his favorite
player. He entered the place of Casting, the strange in Luis Figo.
He wanted to distribute the ball out of the pitch and above it in
kilometers as if he were selling it. In the middle of the second
half, Ronaldo loses a duel against his follower. Nicopolidis, shortly
afterwards a distribution of deco to Ronaldo was not as good as
changing the cigarette extinguisher to the smoker sitting next to
me. The end of the game, the Greeks playing against the clock
Nino Valo causing a Greek player to be handicapped and getting a
yellow card. But Ronaldo remained tall even in failure. He learned
a lot and it was an achievement that will always be remembered.
Ronaldo shed tears and felt sorry. He was crying and repeating
words as if to say, Why did this setback, my God, not deserve all

Season 2004/2005 :(( Fight for your dreams and your dreams
will fight for you, follow them even if they are difficult,
there are no dreams without difficulties))

The 2004/2005 season was an exceptional season for Cristiano

Vaho, the fighter hero who witnessed the battle of the Euro to
return to the Red Fort with his head raised in a new season in the
hope that the doors of achievements could be expanded.
Manchester United opened the season in August in the
Champions League on Dinamo Bucharest, Two goals by Ryan
Giggs in the 37th minute, Fortun added the second goal in the
46th minute, then lost to Chelsea in the opening of the Premier
League with a goal to zero, and then to 67 thousand spectators at
the stadium Old Trafford faced Manchester United Norwich City
scored the Albion in the 33rd minute but Rona Lulu was not
essential, Alan Smith added the second goal in the 50th minute,
Cristiano entered the 86th minute in substitute for Miller and the
match ended with Manchester United's 2-1 win over Norwich City
in the 75th minute. Our season started and I am in the fifth
grade. I'm watching the Champions League return game with
some new friends between Manchester United and Dynamo
Zagreb. Some of the pre-game talks begin with a discussion of the
expectations and the course of the game, but I keep silent.
Fronaldo is essential and David Billion is on the bench. What's
going on? Ronaldo came out in the 64th minute to replace 1
billion and scored the third goal in the 70th minute. Ronaldo was
asked to take some lessons from Wayne Rooney, a student of
glory at the English school. As well After three rounds and rounds
that did not allow any chance for Ronaldo to play any game until
the Southampton match and finally Cristiano scored in the 87th
minute with Paul Scholes and Ronnie and in the game, Ronaldo
scored another goal despite a yellow card against Aston Villa. I do
not remember touching the ball or playing with my friends any
games that season. It was a season in the late half or mid-half of
April 2005. Ronaldo scored another superb goal against
Newcastle In the Ronaldo played the European team for the 2006
World Cup in Germany, he played 12 games and scored seven
goals and he is not more than 19 years old and the difference
between age and creativity.

Season 2005/2006((There is no sense that deprives the

mind of its energies like fear, most of what we fear will
never happen, focus on what you want, not what you fear,
a life filled with fear half a life))

When Cristiano Ronaldo began his first career in the world of

football alongside his father, Mr. Aveiro, who was coaching him at
the beginning. At the age of 15, at the start of Sporting Lisbon,
Ronaldo discovered that he suffers from a rapid heartbeat and is
therefore threatened to stop and may be forced to stop But he did
not give up and was successful and returned to practice football
in a normal way, but surprisingly, after which he received a gift in
the form of a call from Arsene Wenger to prepare for the
installation of the English defense, but Ferguson brought him
from where he does not know. In late 2005 Ronaldo scored
Manchester United's 1000th Premier League goal in the English
Premier League. I wondered how Manchester United had scored
for more than a century. He had only scored 10 goals in one
season and then discovered that it was just a new certified
version. On February 20, 1992, Ronaldo won the English Premier
League's first-ever Premier League Player of the Year award,
scoring nine goals. In the 2005-2006 season, Ronaldo began to
feel some improvement this season in Newcastle's 2-0 victory over
Manchester United. Cristiano got a yellow card to score in the
85th minute. Fletcher lost Manchester United in the seventh
round with a 2-1 win over Blackburn. Cristiano received a yellow
card With the end of the first half, then in the eighth round
played against Fulham and won his team three goals against the
second in the ninth round Ronaldo, a guest with his teammates
on Sunderland in the stadium in front of 39,000 spectators,
attended by supporters of Cristiano about 3000 and ended the
game with a victory Manchester 3 1 Receive Ronaldo In late
October 2005, Manchester United faced Mildsberg with referee
Alan Wiley, despite the fall of the Red Devils in a four-goal lead.
However, Ronaldo improved through his quick tactics and with a
new combination of players Quinto Fortin and Gabriel Heinz
scored Cristiano Ronaldo scored the goal after entering the 60th
minute In the month of November, Ronaldo won the award of the
best player in all competitions with the support of the first of the
audience who estimated his talent, and in December Ronaldo
entered a substitute in the 65th minute, which ended the victory
of Portsmouth 0-3 to 67000 spectators in the Old Trafford, That is
For the season in perfect balance, and it is clear that he will end
the season with a slight progress on the last season, he ended in
10 goals in various competitions and the tenth goal by signing the
third goal of Manchester United in the final match of the English
League against Wigan, who ended his victory with three goals
clean, thus Ronaldo won his second titles with Manchester United
have been on the verge of winning the FA Cup title with a goal
against Millwall. Cristiano ended the season with a red card for
the first time in a shootout against Man City after a rough
intervention against Andy Cole and lost 3-0, But he benefited.
Then it decided not to repeat the non-recurrence of that issue,
but anyway the evolution clearly and became close with a new era
with Manchester United world cup Germany 2006 : (( If you
believe in your ability to do something, you will probably
be able to do it. The mind will control the body ))

After three years at Manchester United, the World Cup in

Germany, where Germany and France were the favorites to win
the title, Portugal kicked off on June 11, 2006, in a campaign to
defend their fortunes as the European champions in the previous
version. A strong candidate for the first ranks in this tournament
was the first game in front of Angola, Cristiano played with all his
combat and without the awakening of Pauleta was a race to
register before taking the yellow card in the 25th minute and I
think the goal was the fastest goal in the third minute, Nazif
finished the three points for her, and a week later, Portugal faced
Mexico with its luster of the match in the match, Maniche in the
5th minute Simao in the 23rd minute, and Cristiano had great
credit for the team especially since it was present amidst the stars
but it turned out that these stars were lacking star to establish
the principle of brilliance Ronaldo is the man of the moment,
Portugal has 6 points and is in the position of the coolest of
wonderful Portugal played the second game against Iran and
Ronaldo brilliantly scored the second goal in the 79th minute and
before him had scored deco the first goal and Portugal topped the
group full mark, qualified Ronaldo to the role of In the final match
against the Dutch mills, Russian referee Ivanov fired the whistle
and in the second minute was surprised by the van Bommel of
about 20 meters was blocked by Ronaldo by van Bommel and the
latter got the yellow card and rolled the match and beautiful
touches of both teams, naughty Cristiano causes another card
After a few minutes, the Dutch began to surprise the Portuguese
at the 15th minute. Robben started the Dodgers' Festival as usual
without scoring a goal before Manich got a yellow card. Ronal
And? It was in the middle box in the 23rd minute and finally the
first goal came through Manish and the confidence began to
breathe in the hearts of Ronaldo's friends. In the 31st minute,
Costino got the yellow card because of his rough tackle. The
referee did not make the referee hesitate to give the yellow card.
Minutes later Ronaldo left the ground. With tears that may have
been a muscle strain because his movements were slow, he tried
to retain but exhausted the energy and for me the match ended.
With Ronaldo's exit as if a roof had collapsed, Deco came out in
the 82nd minute and even Figo came out of the place of Tiago and
ended the match with a Portugal win over Holland, After a poor
draw in a great match, on June 30, 2006, the day of Gomaa went
to one of the commercial areas, there was a transfer to match
France and Portugal in the semi-finals of the World Cup in a
game from the first glance it will not be returned again, the game
started at the eighth hour and 45 minutes the first ball touched
Portugal was through Ronaldo, but found himself besieged by
Ferreira and Sanoul from the right hand in defense, The flour 4
received deco service t Cristiano and another cover from Deco to
Figo but the latter always prefer to leave the ball out of the goal
and it makes them go in the out of the green rectangle, which
makes you wonder why Barthez did not move a finger because he
wanted to save energy thanks to the strange Figo, Zidane also
shuddered at the beginning The match was in front of Costino,
the Portuguese were strong and made it difficult for the French,
which made the French team to reduce speed and close the
space, and in minute 9 a technical touch of Ronaldo by the heel
to Manish, around Manish to the goal but Barthez dealt with it,
rolled the game and the distribution from Figo to Ronaldo
Cristiano was not well positioned and made Gallas snatch the ball
in front of him because it was a threat to him, not a moment, a
penalty in the 30 minute scored by the French after 5 minutes
Ronaldo rose in a festival of dribbling in front of McClell with a
speed if Pauleta had some options would have scored the goal
because Cristiano Ronaldo continued his break in the second half
between the French duo Ribery and Sanoul, in the 55th minute
Cristiano got his corner in the 80th minute there was a clear
penalty but The referee did not care, in the 82nd minute Violin
from Riccardo Carvalho made Welterud withdraw from the last
game at the World Cup was a violent intervention and dangerous
during which Ricardo received the yellow card in the 89th minute,
had a golden opportunity to have an open field, but Bartiz
received the ball well and good conduct with it, stopped the
march of the Portuguese and Cristiano in that The journey, which
made me wonder that Ronaldo was not only lucky but was very
influential, was something that was hard to give up, there were
only a few minor differences in the balance of his chest, even
though he won the World Cup was his best record, I spent my
grandfather about four weeks I used to work in milking the cows
and taking them out to grasslands. I did some hard work to
strengthen my muscles, and to take advantage of that beautiful
atmosphere, the result was positive. After I returned home I was
surprised by one of my friends in the neighborhood. He told me
that My form had changed and became My body is tight and I do
not exceed 13 years old but the work of the desert helped me a lot
like plowing the ground using the pick and lifting some weights,
and as in the past I have been dropped a lot in the games, with
the people of the neighborhood because of individual alliances,
but this time I stand hard and rarely dropped , seem Maturity ,
Gradually I began to mature and I began to master the analysis
and I expected the results of the matches. I expected that
Cristiano Ronaldo would not be anymore as I knew if I really
knew him and that is what happened. Passion does not stop

Season 2006/2007 ((What drives man to success is

boldness, boldness in thinking and boldness in execution
and boldness in accepting failure ))

With the start of the 2006-07 season, Ronaldo began to show that
he was ready to start exploring new worlds in the round galaxy.
He started his career in mid-August 2006 in front of 75,000
spectators at the Boysford, where they received Fulham and
scored 5 goals for one. The first goal was scored by Luis Sasha in
7 minutes followed by Alan Pierce and Fulham were shot in the
15th minute. A minute later, in the 16th minute, Wayne Rooney
boosted the lead before Cristiano Ronaldo gave them the 19th
minute. In the 40th minute Rio Ferdinand scored a great goal but
this time against his goal but Rooney reassured Sh In the 64th
minute, the first game in the Premiership was a good omen for
Cristiano. His trip just started. Almost two months later in
September at the Radges Stadium and under the leadership of
Mr. Peter Walton in 24,000 spectators, Manchester United
became a guest of Reading. The second goal in the league was in
the 73rd minute, and the Reddenach team advanced in the 48th
minute and the match ended with the draw of the two teams. 11
After Cristiano Ronaldo's long record, in the November 4 match,
Ronaldo met with Portsmouth, In the third minute, Cristiano
Ronaldo was promoted to a second goal in the tenth minute and
the third goal was scored by Machi Cretica. Ronaldo did not
complete that match when he left in the 76th minute; Alex
Ferguson wanted to rest him but he starred in that match
remarkably and as always, and in late November of the same year
at home Manchester United crushed Everton team three clean
referee Mark Halsey, opened the record Cristiano Ronaldo in the
39th minute, before doubling the result Patrick Evra In the 63rd
minute After winning a yellow card 2 minutes ago and ending
with a clean three, Ronaldo proved this season that he was
capable of breaking expectations. In November 2006, Cristiano
Ronaldo won the Footballer of the Year award. Cristiano Ronaldo
A player in the history of the Premiership wins the award twice in
succession after the legendary Dennis Bergkamp in 96 and in
1997, in the 17th round of the English Premier League,
Manchester City came to Manchester United in a derby led by
referee Graham Pal and his fans In the 6th minute, Wayne
Rooney entered history through that quick goal to be among the
fastest derby goals in the 45th minute and before the end of the
first half in a few seconds, Luis Nani added the second goal to end
the first half with superiority Manchester United, in the 72nd
minute has reduced Tunisian player Hatem Traplessi, but in the
84th minute Cristiano Ronaldo rose to the goal of a killer ended
the dreams of the team heavenly, ending the game winning
Manchester United 3 to 1, and in the 19th round in December
2006 Ronaldo team guests on Aston Villa Led by referee Stephitt
Bimet, Chris scored Yano Ronaldo scored twice in the match with
Paul Scholes, who scored the third goal to end the match with a
clean 3-0 win over Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo has
gradually climbed to the top and gained confidence in himself
more than ever. Round 20 In the match against Wigan, where
Manchester United won three goals against Cristiano, Cristiano
scored the first goal in the 47th minute goal to clean the second
goal 50 minutes in a striking and surprising way to strengthen
the player Solskagir third goal, and that was the second game in
a row Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals in a game, and after 90
minutes, Ligton Payne scored Wigan's only goal to end the game
with a 3-1 win over Ronaldo and his team. The festivals did not
end after Cristiano Ronaldo swore to return them in round 21 to
Reddinc. In the match, the signing of the first goal of Manchester
United by Socrates, to reding the score through star Ibrahimo
Sanko, Ronaldo to clean the second and third goals in the 58th
and 77th minute, the team tried to modify the amendment but to
no avail, and scored their second goal in the Manchester United
scored three goals for two goals in the 23rd round in the 11th
minute. Second goal Michael Carrick scored in the 13th minute
and 20 minutes later on the way. 35 Cristiano received
Manchester United Aston Villa. Michael Carrick scored the first
two goals. In the 11th minute and the second in the 13th minute,
and after 20 minutes Cristiano Ronaldo scored the third goal,
while Aston Villa only scored their only goal through Gabriel, that
season was giving Cristiano Ronaldo a great effort as if there are
titles waiting for him, Cristiano continued his series of
achievements for the glorious season scored a great goal. Watford
In the 20th minute, when the ball passed over Chris Boyle, and
the match ended with a 4-0 win over Manchester United in the
25th round of the Premier League, I still remember Manchester
United's match against Milan on April 24, 2007 in the first leg of
the Champions League, Open in all likelihood Club Milan
returned strongly in that season and was the best star Kaka
Brazilian terrible, and was the candidate for the Golden Ball
Award, participated in the management of the match referee
Vassaras after the start of the game, which conceals several
surprises in the 5th Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring with a
great goal but Ricardo Kaka refused to do so and adjusted the
score in the 22nd minute. The same player also scored the second
goal in the 37th minute to finish the first half with a 2-1 lead. In
the second half 13 minutes later, The third goal in stoppage time,
and Man United led by Ronaldo and Rooney won three goals for
two goals, but the return meeting was a harrowing ominous, and
after the creation of Man United week of the precious win over
Everton in the Premiership four goals for two goals at the
Stadium of Hudson faced the Red Devils Milan, On land Italian
team in the stadium Giuseppe Meazza and managed by Farnek de
Blinkner and 67,000 spectators lost Manchester United three
goals clean five to three in the first leg and came Manchester
United exclusion from the golden half of the Champions League
and ended the season with the occupation of United United first
place and although Our star Cristiano Ronaldo has not achieved
the Champions League with his club has won individual titles
represented in the Association of Professional Footballers
Association and the Association of Football writers at the age of
21 years of the season Cristiano Ronaldo finished his season with
45 games in all competitions and scoring 20 goals A record for
him and the giants of English football.

Season 2007/2008 ( One of the most beautiful moments of

happiness, when you achieve things that people think you
can not achieve))

This season was the season Cristiano Ronaldo, who will write
history Manchester United in gold letters Cristiano Ronaldo's
innocence made him fall into the trap of red card in the second
game in the Premier League against Portsmouth after you Richard
Hughes led to the denial of three interviews have been the rate of
scoring In that place was a start at the start but statistics
indicated that 0.7 is the rate of Cristiano Ronaldo in the game,
which means that after that stop in three games Cristiano
Ronaldo may lose the balance of his goals of 2.1, but did not
affect him, but increased his self-confidence has been stated After
that incident, it was just a provocation and learned a lot from
them and will not let anyone provoke him after that. He has
understood what the game is and learned that the reaction will
not be in his favor so he has to deal with flexibility and serenity,
because the match is the most important and the best player is
what Cristiano Certainly, the scoring machine returned to work
after three games in a row against Manchester City, Tottenham
and Sunderland, and despite Ronaldo's absence, the Red Devils
were able to win in all those matches but the results of the win
did not exceed one goal for zero,In the games and its
effectiveness, after which Cristiano Ronaldo in an emotional
match on his old club and Sporting Lisbon in the Champions
League in the first round, in mid-September 2009 against 39
thousand spectators at the Stadium of Sociedad in Lisbon and
ended the match with a goal of Manchester United Cristiano
Ronaldo's signature The 62nd minute, before leaving in the 87th
minute amid the applause of the fans, after Ronaldo scored the
goal of the season only Man in front of Brighton City at the close
of the eighth round of the Premier League in the 50th minute,
despite the presence of Carlos Tevez in that season, but Ronaldo
knew well from Cristiano scored his first hat-trick or three-pointer
with Manchester United for the Red Devils. Newcastle United at
Trafford Dreams in a thrilling match that ended Manchester
United with six goals, half of which came from the signing of
Cristiano Ronaldo artist, bringing Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester
United to the highest ranking in the Premier League Premier
League Premier League and the first and the nation In the world,
after United United beat Sporting Lisbon and Dynamo Kiev in the
Champions League on June 20, 2008 at the Gerlane Stadium in
the last 16, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Nani complained of
exposure to laser radiation by the French fans, which hindered
the march of the game and despite the end of the match draw the
two teams for a goal scored the first goal goal by Carlos and the
club of Lyon through Benzema Ronaldo's enemy today and his
loyal friend of the near future, Movie The European League would
have suspended the club's activity for a certain term or it would
be deducted from the club's points of the French league, but it
came out with an unspecified financial sanction, as always and
with a sense of leadership. Cristiano Ronaldo led his Red team for
the first time by beating Peloton. Cristiano ended the match with
a 2-0 victory over Pluton, and Cristiano Ronaldo broke a record
for George Best to score goals. Ronaldo scored two goals in late
March against Aston Villa, bringing Cristiano Ronaldo to a total of
35 goals per game. 2017, becoming the first player in the wing to
win the trophy, surpassing several players at the center, making
the Dutch icon and jumper Johan Creeff the winner of three gold
balls. "Ronaldo is better than great players like Dennis Lo and
George Best, "Cristiano Ronaldo did not stop at this point, but for
the first time in the Champions League final with Manchester
United, who worked to qualify for the bench against the stubborn
blue of London under the leadership of Lambert and Terry and
many of the stars did not guide Cristiano Ronaldo's mind even
deposited the ball in But Frank Lampard as if he wanted to break
the joy of Cristiano Ronaldo to score in front of Manchester
United after 19 minutes to end the game draw a goal for a third,
but after a dramatic strike dramatic Cristiano Ronaldo missed
one of his attempts is the third attempt after tears did not John
Terry stood up to the fifth attempt and then Ronaldo began to run
towards the goal but fell to the ground with the intensity of joy,
covering his face was not certified what happened, got the trophy
long ears for the first time in his life and then was chosen
Cristiano Ronaldo man of the game from Fans Cristiano Ronaldo
finished the season with 42 goals in all competitions, even though
he did not break the 46th goal, which was scored by Manchester
United's Denise Lowe, as he was threatening him first class and
his way is indisputable and I am sure that The first three games,
which were deducted from the table of Ronaldo's games had a
delay in the 4 goals and this was a possibility and would have
played if I had to think I would have broken that barrier on what I
think after the joy of the Golden Final few weeks I began to hear
that some of the clubs interested in Cristiano Ronaldo Seriously
but what dominated On the scene is Real Madrid announced that
they had made a second offer to Ronaldo for the white house
bernabio but Ronaldo and added another new season with
Manchester United, but then Cristiano underwent a operation in
Amsterdam, was it the curse of Real Madrid?

Euro 2008( Do not make the words of others affect you, as

long as you are confident of what you do, You see
something and they see something else ))

Cristiano Ronaldo has been at the helm of the club for the past
six years, and the Euro 2008 has been a new challenge for our
promising team. After the victory of the Czech Republic over
Switzerland, one of the countries with one goal, the second match
in Group A Euro 2008 between Portugal and Turkey at the
Geneva Stadium. Because of the achievement of a complete sign
of the arrival of a strong and the most advanced team has
finished the Euro 96 in the quarterfinals and then in the semi-
finals in 2000 to the final in the year 2004 and this is no accident
we call Portugal Brazil Brazil, with the start of the game in 4
minutes received Turkish star Richard Alta The yellow after the
wrong intervention in the right of the player Simao, then
Cristiano passes the ball to the center of the field was fired
missile passes from the top of the goal of Turkey, specifically after
the exact Cristiano got corner on the right hand carried the
corner Simao and the latter passed the ball to Deco Deco tried to
make an opportunity for our striker Cristiano, but the scorer
Manchester United was blocked by the player Sorve, and in
minute 13 Hamid Altintop star Schalke 04 club that was stealing
from all feelings and move Hamid from the center to the right side
while Tornay remained in place creates spaces for Vanidle but
suddenly became a ball betweenA man of Portugal players,
continued to hit and run until the 25th minute Ronaldo began a
series of quirks was his brilliance in the game, tried to deliver the
ball to Gomez, but the latter was delayed in the response or
received the ball, after 33 minutes it is difficult for the Portuguese
to break into the Turkish defenses and tactical organization ,
Before the end of the first half with one extra minute and the last
chance for the Turks to fail and announce the referee the end of
the first half, the second half began with the persistent
discomforts of Hamed Altintop, Zun received the star of Turkey
yellow card with the beginning of the minute 52 Zun and Simao
Ertma Ertakah trap Ronaldo moved from the field to receive
treatment to resume the game with ten players for 10 players,
changed Ronaldo from his tactics, making him beyond Altintop,
Cristiano passes a powerful kick between the legs of the player
Volkai, with Cristiano shine as usual on the left side offensive
make Altintop draws attention to the immigrant and this is
something else that Cristiano gave the opportunity not only to his
fellow strikers but even defenders and Bibi did not miss the
opportunity and therefore scored Portugal's first goal follow-up
from Gomez in the 618th minute and this makes the player is the
most opulent Alfer cistiano draw Altintop usual draw defenders to
allow the opportunity In the minute, Nino went out to make way
for Luis Nani 68 and after 73 minutes the Turks got their third
yellow card in the 76th minute. Altintop left to enter Santorque,
who did not observe Cristiano well after a few minutes. Simao left
for Merles to double the chances of Rinaldo more with a second
goal. Cristiano Ronaldo was alone in the ball as he passed the
ball to Moutinho in a strategic area that gave the opportunity to
Moutinho to pass to Merllees to put the ball in the net at the time
of the lost medal to end the match with a win by Portugal in the
second game of The team met with Cristiano's team in the Czech
Republic and had already met the team to meet in a match of the
euro 96 years, so the game was titled Portuguese anger and
revenge with the start of the game began Ronaldo to concentrate
in the left and to prepare his dribbles, in the 8th minute Ronaldo
starts with deco in the process 1 - 2 - Peter Chek knows the place
of a Deco shot but Deco managed to beat the Czech rock and
scored the first goal. At the start of the 12th minute, Cristiano
Ronaldo began to implement the quick-moving tactical plans.
Cristiano fired a rocket at Petr Cech. In the 17th minute, Ronaldo
made another tactic and fired a three-man shot. The Czech
goalkeeper blocked the ball again. Bibi tried to get some mistakes
but the referee did not care about the beginning of the 35th
minute. The match began to rise gradually, as Cristiano, Deco,
Ferreira and ( Gomez) plan showed up. The first half ended with
a 2-1 draw from the Czech Republic and Portugal. In the second
half, the Portuguese began to play more aggressively. Defenders
did not concentrate on the midfield again, Cristiano continued to
block His hands, which were not less than 25 meters towards
(Chek Peter), Nino and Deco legitimately create more space, and
then Ronaldo began to score almost 20 meters from the goal until
the 63rd minute when Deco gave Cristiano a decisive pass around
Ronaldo to beat the Czech Peter in the double challenge and
scoring Portugal 's second goal began to clear things for Portugal
Despite the constant changes of the Czechs, Portugal advanced
two goals to one before Almeria prepared for the Czechs the third
goal in the first minute of the lost time, a gift from Ronaldo of
course to end the match with Portugal win 1 3 3 and harvest 6
The final match was held on Sunday, July 15, 2008, against
Switzerland, who had a long history with Portugal and had a
preference. The two teams met in 1938 for the first time and their
total since then is Switzerland won 6 goals in a total of 26 goals in
a total of 26 goals and a draw in five confrontations, but the
advantageous scoring and logical scoring remained in favor of
Portugal, the next game began with great caution between the two
teams. There is another date to be written again, and the referee
gives Mr. Blutz a whistle to start the match towards the
unknown. The Swiss got their corner in the first minute and Bibi
almost got the card missing Ronaldo for the quirks and
techniques in the first quarter, until the 20th minute, In a few
minutes one of Switzerland's defenders scored a surprise goal but
he was an infiltrator and the referee did not hesitate to reject the
goal, but Switzerland's Valentin was a fanatical fan of refereeing
the referee with a yellow card. The first half ended with no goals,
Differently (Yakine) and Valentin caused trouble for the Portugal
defense and focused on the long balls, but without success until
that moment Switzerland started at the beginning of the 50th
minute by pressing 50 and the Portuguese began to lose their
temper. They lifted the match coordinator and more than the
attacks and by the 70th minute as an unprecedented surprise.
Portugal's players are keen to take care of Portugal's injury. The
Swiss striker was caught in the penalty spot after Fernando Meira
took the lead in the penalty spot. In the penalty area but they
wasted it and only two minutes later Yakin only turns the ball
after he got it and the second goal, to lead Yakin Switzerland to
win two goals, flooded the hearts of the Swiss people, and on the
other loss to Ronaldo's colleagues but the content did not cause
any harm, because they Turkey went to the second round and
raised the heads of Portugal, as usual, Portugal qualified for the
quarter-finals of the opening of the tournament in a match
between Germany and Portugal Germany was heavily starred
produced by the policy of the last academic also Portugal was on
the lookout , With the start of the game the first line was by Deco
after hindering Hilsberger and after a minute was available for
Ronaldo and his opponent from the back from the back but
Lehman was closer to the ball and managed to cut off Ronaldo ,
And Cristiano was clear from the back of the defensive side he
had pinned along with Bibi several balls that were a threat from
Ballack, The technical stability of the Portuguese remained
constant from the beginning of the game, until 22 minutes when
Podolski and Balack followed both operation ½ , Black moved the
ball to (Scwenchteger) to score the goal in the 22nd minute, and
after 4 minutes Klose added the second goal but Cristiano refused
the delay and went off with Gomez and Deco lifting the match,
Cristiano used his pass from Deco on the left side from a distance
of about 15 meters to Gomez, Gomez gave the Portuguese the
opportunity to score in a goal against the Germans, The first half
ended with the progress of Germany 2-1 and at the beginning of
the second half began to monitor Philipp Lahm Cristiano, who
created for his colleagues a larger area and increased their ability,
turned to a point exploited by the Germans and pippe received a
yellow card, After blocking Klose from his defensive role, Balack
had the advantage of passing when Bastian passed him a ball
received by Balack to score the third goal, the Portuguese did not
accept the situation , Gomez then gives up playing for louis Nani ,
Deco and Ronaldo are concentrated in the front To make Nani
more liberal this latter mastered a court pass To Bostiga to score
the goal in the 87th minute and before Nani hopes in the last
minutes with his last chance exceeded the ball rolling and
traveled towards the stands, to announce the referee after the end
of the game and ends with the progress of Ronaldo and his
friends and the whole question was only a matter of time, and
Portugal were characterized by something strange , And it is
difficult for anyone to be aware of the idea of foot unfair

Season :2008/2009 (( When you see Cristiano Ronaldo

successful you think he was always so and do not realize
that he got his share of the confusion and failure, Cristiano
did not allow anyone to tell him that his dreams will not be
realized, he finally realized that someone will achieve
what he dreamed of, he said with Himself why do not I be
this person, Cristiano has understood well that success is
a journey)).

With Cristiano Ronaldo joining Manchester United in the last

season that exceeded his goal of 101 in all competitions was an
exceptional season represents the re-writing Cristiano Ronaldo
the history of Manchester United, Of the letters of gold and he
was sent to the club to safety, and after returning from one of the
injuries suffered by the returned qualification is ready and proved
it in the group stage of the Champions League , Ronaldo has put
his mark through a beautiful goal in Middlesbrough's goal in
December. Cristiano Ronaldo has made his dream come true. The
golden ball is the dream of all the players on the round. He is the
second player in Manchester United after George Best, On Lionel
Messi by 160 points, I saw him as he muffled his tears and
turned to smile his light, I think I remember that who gave him
the golden ball was the legend Pele and put his hand on his head
and said to him I have done you hero, I will remember that you
passed from this gallery, the Hall of Champions and Greats
Directed by Cristiano Ronald Ronaldo became the first foreign
player to receive the gold ball in the Premiership, and FIFA is also
the first Portuguese player to break the number of Luis Figo. The
series Cristiano Ronaldo The goal in the season 2008 2009 goals
in a manner of magnificence as usual 47 States in all
competitions and scored 23 goals Cristiano Ronaldo scored his
first goal in the Champions League since scoring a goal in the
final version of the former Chelsea scored a goal against one of
the poles of Milan, U In the second leg against Cristiano Ronaldo,
Cristiano Ronaldo unleashed a goal that was one of the best goals
of the season with a 36-meter-long distance and a speed of 103
kilometers per hour. Cristiano Ronaldo played for the second
consecutive final in the Champions League and was also a record
for water as the first English club to qualify for the final for the
second time in a row, fighting from The title of the European
Champions League, but Barcelona has suspended the series of
victories Manchester United two goals came from the signing of
uncrowned lion Samuel Eto'o and Argentine star Lionel Messi,
Barcelona crowned the third title in the Champions League
season and refused to Real Madrid only in the kidnapping of the
player and the Portuguese star from the skies of Trafford
Manchester United For Cristiano Ronaldo to leave for Real Madrid
for the Spanish Leiga Historic deal planned for 94 million euros
Cristiano Ronaldo beats Zinedine Zidane, who brought the club at
the time 75 million Cristiano did not forget his gratitude to
Manchester United The workers and the masses, especially Sir
Alex Ferguson, where he said(( it was not just a coach for him,
but it was a father in the sport and one of the characters and
influences the most influential in his career)).

Season 2009/2010: ((Great minds have goals, while others

have only wishes)).

Cristiano Ronaldo has become a veteran of the record breaking

streak, with a record of 80,000 Real Madrid fans at the Santiago
Bernabeu in his first Real Madrid jersey. In the presence of many
legends including Di Stefano, I was not a real fan of Real Madrid.
The days I was linked to the German Bundesliga were free and
the culture of the Germans became in my mind. My three-year-
old brother adored Bayern and his followers and fans since 2008.
We have been following the Bundesliga continuously. I was
personally the Schalke 04 player. I was struck by humiliation The
club has an impressive history, an impressive audience and
endless culture. In its 15 vaults and the second most expensive
club in Germany, it is nothing spectacular. It is not easy. It left
the Spanish giants Raul Gonzalez in the summer of 2010 after
Cristiano Ronaldo came to Real in front of the No. 9 number
Ronaldo was wearing his first match with the Spanish club in late
July 2009 in front of a club called Shamrook and the Real Madrid
won the result of a clean goal that was a match in the
preparations for Real Madrid for the new season, was friendly and
not a gateway to the new season after Real Madrid win at
Santiago Bernabeu in Deportivo La Coruna, Real Madrid win 4-0
for Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo won the lion's share of
goals. His goal was a spectacular penalty kick and was the first
official match for the Spanish club. Glory through two goals in
the goal of the Swiss club Zurich and contributed to the victory of
the Real five goals against 2, but more than this broke Cristiano
as the first player 1 newcomer scoring four goals in four
consecutive games that Cristiano Ronaldo apparent beyond the
imagination if Lionel Messi led Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only
one that comes to Congratulations who lived in his time, how can
you imagine football without Cristiano Ronaldo in early October
Cristiano Ronaldo suffered an ankle injury after a month and a
half to play back to get ready in the classico despite The match
ended in the loss of Real Madrid one goal, Ronaldo only from the
offensive threats to Barcelona because he focused on the attack
and thus make all the stars of Barcelona return to the defense
and this made the threats of the Catalan club a little or relative
Cristiano will not participate in that match, but Barcelona is very
big but all Ngo Real Madrid to return to the defense Cristiano
Ronaldo break the offensive tendency of the club Barcelona and
in the ceremony awarding the ball of gold to Cristiano Ronaldo
and summer Lionel Messi I had a lot of members to translate his
failure to get the ball was his first season in the league and you
have received the card and you 10 matches have been the target
rate 0 .9 and the Don player and as recently called 24 games
scored 26 goals, which means that if he played the entire game is
not subject to 40 goals without a contest Cristiano Ronaldo did
not crown any title of his club Real Madrid nor his personality.
But he raises his hat. It was obvious that Ronaldo was like him
absent in that season, but he was the president of the club.
Finally, this is strange, not because he came out empty, but it is
good that the Real started a story just now. And Higuain, who
was the best scorer in the history of Real Madrid

World cup 2010 south Africa :(( You are not weak but you
have not yet discovered the strengths that are within you))

Cristiano Ronaldo began the World Cup alongside Portugal with a

draw against Côte d'Ivoire at Nelson Mandela Stadium was an
epic match and Cristiano's number of the match man had
received a yellow card in the 21st minute and ended the game
with a draw and the second game against North Korea at Cape
Town Stadium in the 21st of June 2010 Cristiano Ronaldo played
the Carnival match against North Korea, where he beat North
Korea by seven goals for nothing seen goals signed by Ronaldo
and Simao and Merylich Cristiano Ronaldo scored the decisive
goal in the 87 minute .Cristiano Ronaldo The man of the game
was run by referee Pablo Bozo and the decisive match against
Brazil on June 5 and 20 in a game was rich with yellow cards
where the player received four cards Portugal in return, the
Brazilian player received three cards ended the match with a
draw and marked the third time Ronaldo title man match Spain's
second-round finish in the second round of the group behind
Portugal was cut off from the knockout stage against Spain in a
match that saw Ricardo Costa exit with a red card.

Season 2010/2011(( Creativity creates bridges that have not

yet been discovered))

Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to his second season with the

Real Madrid with a great shot at Racing Santander, scoring a hat-
trick and adding a fourth goal, After a while he joined with Karim
Benzema in scoring goals against Levante in a game that ended
with a wide victory for Real Madrid, as Cristiano Ronaldo found in
front of him the other standard numbers are almost unbelievable
and unbearable they are required to break it is a barrier left him
by Alfredo di Stefano Hugo S. Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid
2011 season, season Cristiano Ronaldo for the fantastic figures
because Cristiano this season is an indisputable merits, but are
certain facts, scored two goals Hassanine in the goal of Getafe,
although the game was very difficult, Cristiano was back again to
score three and gave a goal to his colleague Kaka in the Brazilian
club Real Madrid, who began to healed wounds from injury and a
long absence, where he tasted the side of the taste of victory as
Cristiano Ronaldo looked forward to the goal that threatened his
throne Hugo Sanchez advanced Greece Messi also at the same
time offered me a period of fasting from the strange But scoring
Cristiano's suspension may have been a deep and decisive one.
He scored every 20 days in just a few matches, but the fast has
passed over time. Ronaldo has returned to another hat-trick in
front of Malik. One of the most important leagues in the world for
the roles and controversial effects and comes first class Spanish
Spanish match ground Clasico equivalent to the events of Sparta
in the era of Heraclius great Rome and, and I hope that you can
understand the idea of the Clasico is the most controversial and
criticism and the most unusual Is Cristiano Clasico II with the
Real Madrid In April 2011 Cristiano Ronaldo had Cristiano
Ronaldo equal to 40 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo did not deliver
criticism and negative provocations neither from the public nor
from the opposing players. They are making football from the
sadness of the second door to revenge. Things that should be in
place are the dialogue, not the replies. The act of cynicism, art,
science and passion, not the arena to settle the accounts of Chord
Cristiano when he scored a goal of his own dance, which does not
want through it, but show the joy of the world for himself and
not something else and I watch the game in the cafe rises from
behind some of the opponents of the fans say, He forgot the This
is amazing that stunned the world and the concept of the game
but it does not stop when the fans players are provoking by now
or kick during the game video textures cannot be carried out by
the children even if Cristiano Ronaldo failed to raise one level,
they are not allowed to He dropped him to his level, the self-
respecting must be exposed to blasphemy and insulted the end of
the Classico against Barcelona for a goal and continued Cristiano
Ronaldo scored with a quarter-score in the range of Sevilla Liu
contributed to a landslide victory for the city club Sevilla against
two goals before that had my sister Ronaldo goal In the King's
Cup against Barcelona, the best goal in the season Cristiano
Ronaldo to beat Barcelona in the final of the King's Cup Spain to
break the previous number and exceed 42 goals in the season to
reach 46 goals and then achieved this number with three haters
in the net Getafe to raise his balance to 49 goals Cristiano
Ronaldo won the shoe Golden European meaning of breaking the
record just 40 goals in La Liga that figure which is still steadfast
so far and it's season with a total of 53 goals in all European and
local competitions combined .

Season 2011/2012:( You have to realize that you are great,

to stay with the same strength despite all this vibration)).

At the start of the new season, Cristiano Ronaldo looked like an

innovative machine, scoring only 11 goals at the start of the
season, and at least a month earlier than his first two games in
Los Angeles Galaxy, which included David Beckham, In front of
Barcelona with another goal and three in the goal of Fenerbahce
Turkish, and at the start of the Primera Liga, as well as adding
another trio also in the range of Rayo Vallecano, writes the new
history in seven threes with Real Madrid, the origin of Cristiano
dominated another goal in the great goal of Ajax Amsterdam
Aloszer that the goal of the best Goals to end the Barra, three
clean to lead his club Real Madrid get rid of stumbling, in October
Cristiano Ronaldo scored his tenth in the La Liga, the number of
record trio No. 11 in the goal of Osasuna that game, which ended
with a landslide victory for Real Madrid seven goals against a
single goal in Osasuna, In November 2011 Cristiano Ronaldo was
nominated for the Golden Ball award alongside Lionel Messi and
Xavi Hernández. In the same time, because of the failures of Real
Madrid in some games, he returned and closed the mouths of the
pimps on the game. Football and critics and their strange views to
score a wonderful goal in the goal of Bonfrediana, and adds Hafez
to the record numbers in the Primera Liga, a crushing victory over
Sevilla in its home again Cristiano is in third place for the gold
ball in a way to ask which method is chosen the best player in the
world Cristiano introduced everything in that season that
Cristiano's unquestionable contribution has greatly contributed
to educating the role of football in the world, sports and the whole
culture of physical education in general the rule of whom I knew
as young youth many who stole drugs and trivial things stopped
That and Cristiano Ronaldo was not convinced that he had
reached that level, but the poor man forgot in one way or another
that he did things ideal to raise his hat I met One of the old
friends who did not see him for a long time shut his eyes off for a
long time but he appeared this time in a different way and other
mentally said to me I will tell you to be less than Ronaldo I told
him you are an idiot and said to be better than Ronaldo I told him
you are crazy and then said to me Your opinion is like Ronaldo In
late March Cristiano Palace scored the 100th goal in the Spanish
Liga to reach 92 games with the number of the legend of the
former Real Madrid Puskas, who scored 100 goals in 106 games
Cristiano Ronaldo in the game derby of the capital Madrid against
Atletico scored a goal from a kick shortly, Cristiano Ronaldo's
promotion for a big win 4 1 In April Ronaldo contributed to break
his contract Barcelona move away Real Madrid and lead Allega to
win the Real Madrid in the match two goals against Cristiano was
the star of the game and helped the Real Madrid to strengthen its
border title No. 32 Real Madrid failed to reach the Champions
League final Germany's Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich
have the same goal, but the penalty shoot-out was in favor of
Bayern. At the same time, Chelsea have pulled out of Barcelona
with a deadly goal from Fernando Torres's signing of Cristiano
Ronaldo as the top scorer. 60 goals for the European and local
competitions have been won by the best player in the Spanish
league, the Stefano award. It turns out that what Jose Mourinho
said was true. Cristiano Ronaldo was born to be compared to
anyone he was. He is a great player. This year I say Ronaldo is
much better.

Euro Ukraine Poland 2012 :(( Make yourself happy until you
get used to it, feel yourself in hope until you find the world
in your hands, rejoice in what you have until it comes to
you more than you imagine))

After Cristiano Ronaldo scored seven goals in the qualifiers, the

Portuguese team qualified for the 2012 World Cup qualifier
against the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Germany won
the first match in the Cup and lost the game for nothing,
Cristiano felt frustrated in the second match against Denmark
ended Portugal 2- 3 victory over Denmark, in the last meeting of
the group won Ronaldo and his companions to the Netherlands
two goals of signing Cristiano, to respond to the pain In the semi-
final, Cristiano faced his teammates in a meeting in which
Cristiano scored the goal with a pass from fellow Moutinho in the
78th minute. Portugal qualified to face Spain's former champion
in an epic match that ended with Spain's penalty shootout for
Spain. The best player of the planet and that he has shown to his
people that he deserves a monument in the capital of Lisbon

Season 2012/2013:(( The doors of achievement widen for

those who see in trivial matters unlimited possibilities)).

Focus, attention, determination, determination and solid will that

can not be demolished and work to refine the skills are all things
that make Cristiano Ronaldo one of his priorities is considered
the season 2012 2013 is the season of sweeping records for the
dominance of personal titles without collective, team scored
Cristiano Ronaldo his first goal in the meaning of going from the
season of the Super Cup The Spanish against Barca club in the
stronghold of the Camp Nou, which breaks the other number
made him the first player of Real Madrid scored in four
consecutive meetings of the Clasico and the Camp Nou, and in
the meeting return dazzled Cristiano Ronaldo everyone with the
goal is one of the best goals His career made Becky and
goalkeeper Victor Valdez in limbo and in early September 2000
and Twelve Capricorn Cristiano Ronaldo Club Granatha with two
goals was his first in Spanish and that was the number 200 in all
his posts with all the clubs that played for her and all the games
he fought with her besides The Portuguese team and goal number
150 with Real Madrid, and this is a record despite being ranked
10th in the list of Real Madrid's goals, but Ronaldo had started
his story with the Meringhi in September four Real in the fourth
place is an honorable center for Real Cristiano scored the first
European goals contributing to logo Keep me logged in In front of
him the English predecessor Manchester City after being tied
until the extra time, but Ronaldo refused to retract the Real
Madrid defense methods from the left hand and stressed a strong
strike exceeded the hands of player and goalkeeper Joe Hart and
in late September returned Ronaldo the glories Trio scored the
first three in the season against Deportivo La Coruna contributes
In the victory of Almerengi five goals for the interview 1, four days
later link Ronaldo goalshift work for the second time in the
registration of another hat-trick in the Champions League and a
result on the Real wins at Ajax Amsterdam in the capital
Amsterdam and the week that followed Cristiano Ronaldo has
scored two goals against Barcelona in the Nou Camp to be the
first player to enter history from his wide-open record in six
league games, respectively, and among the top ten players who
scored against Barcelona in the Camp Nou Two consecutive goals,
for example Rapp, Gonzalez, Puskas, Stefano, Warsaw, Ghenito,
Roberto Mireira, Aldai, and Julio Massan Nestroi, who jumped
from 10th to ninth place in the list of Real Madrid goals soceres.
The Spanish championship ceremony changed Cristiano from my
position from the wing to an outspoken striker. Real Madrid beat
Cristiano Ronaldo 2-0 in a match that Cristiano Ronaldo won 2-0
in a game that Ronaldo won for the first time of the Royal Club.
Celta Vigo saved the Real from an early exit in the semi-final of
the Spanish Cup and had a 16-man hat-trick before adding the
17th hat-trick to Sevilla in mid-February 2013. Cristiano Ronaldo
received his old club Manchester United On the 5th of March and
after his victory with the goals scored against Barcelona in the
Clasico, Cristiano Ronaldo was defeated against this time at the
Old Trafford in front of Alex Ferguson, who passed away in the
first round of the Champions League final. Cristiano Ronaldo
contributes to the quarter-finals of that match. I heard the
commentator say when Cristiano Ronaldo scored the goal and at
the moment when Alex Ferg He said: " I taught him how to shoot ,
but he shoot me and he leave me I suffer I suffer." He said:
"perezze flonrantino ; had the best players in the world. In the
period of the first president, he had Zidane and Roberto Carlos at
the time. but any one of them he not better than Cristiano
Ronaldo , Cristiano Ronaldo finished the season 53 goals in a
total of meetings that accompanied Real Madrid and he finished
season when he reached the final of the King's Cup and semi-final
of the Champions League, second place in the Spanish league,
behind Barcelona with 85 points with Real Madrid.

Season 2013/2014 ;(( Do not stop exploring, and the end of

all your explorations will be where we started. Let's get to
know this world as if it were the first time)).

The season was the season of certainty as it was the 200th game
for Cristiano Ronaldo when Real Madrid beat Real Betis 2-1 and
in September scored a goal against the Getafe to win with his
teammates 4-1 to raise his score to 209 goals in 205 games, Fifth
place in the list of Real Madrid's historic goals for another
investigator, which is the third place in the list of top scorers in
the Champions League to reach 57 goals by scoring double in the
goal of Juventus and in late October Ronaldo reached 52 goals
from a penalty hit valid and the total goals became directly
threatened by the top scorer Real Madrid in December Cristiano
Ronaldo scored the 80th goal of Real Madrid in the Champions
League, against Copenhagen and during the same month
Cristiano Ronaldo won the World Player of the Year, in a vote in
which journalists from all over the world specialists, after beating
lionel Messi and Frank Ribery succeeded Real Madrid to win the
bet renewed Ronaldo contract, which succeeded in renewing his
contract, and unleash the new season and the new era of
competition and creativity In mid-January Cristiano Ronaldo won
the award of the best player in the world and the gold ball
provided by FIFA to be the second prize by beating Lionel and
French man Franck Ribery is among the top 10 players to win the
gold ball twice in a row. He is also the first player to win and win
a prize despite the absence of Fawzi Bay in the title. This is the
culmination of his efforts and creativity, both personal and
individual. Cristiano Ronaldo described the moment as a victory
over him. ((There are no words to describe this moment and it is
hard to win this prize )) he make the media and the skeptics later
convinced that Cristiano is one of the best football players in
history and in April Cristiano Ronaldo won the title of King of
Spain the second title since joining the Real As for Barcelona 2 - 1
achieved after the standard figures reflected in the registration of
16 goals in one season in the Champions League in the version

2013 2014 world cup brezil 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo broke a new record at the international level,

reaching 40 goals with Portugal. Shortly before, he had reached a
100-goal break to become the first European junior player to
reach 100 matches, surpassing Buski's German and Estonia's
Christian Vicki. Cristiano Ronaldo played for the Portuguese
national team, which had a key corner, despite suffering from a
thigh injury had been exposed in the Spanish league, and in the
first game against the German team played Cristiano 90 minutes
but lost 4 to 0 and contributed a draw against the US team with a
second goal pass Crucial to the end of the game Draw 2-2
Cristiano Ronaldo reached the target number 50 with the team at
the expense of Ghana in the last game of the group, but Portugal
went out in the first round on goal difference with the USA
Season 2014/2015: ((Small challenges give you the
opportunity to build your strength, great challenges allow
you to use force in something of value))

During this season, Cristiano became the first player to reach a

goal average of more than 60 goals in all the competitions Bilal
from the winning goal of Real Madrid two double clean on Sevilla
in the European Super Cup, and in La Liga became the first
player to score 15 goals in the first eight rounds of the 18 rounds,
This is the maximum number that the Bundesliga scorers can
reach in just 17 rounds and the 23rd tie in Allega, with a 3-0 win
against Deportivo La Coruna and Atletico Bilbao, making it the
fastest player in the league with more than 200 goals. The world
of clubs 2014 in Morocco with his club Real Madrid D, to join
Platini van Basten and Creeve who won the gold ball three times
after the winter fell the level of Real Madrid on receiving after
defeats, but Cristiano Ronaldo remained the winning card and
last Carlo Ancelotti where he had stopped the course of Real
Madrid, which lasted 22 consecutive games without defeats failed
Bayern won the Champions League semi-final against Juventus
and the ligua lost to Barcelona in the title and exit from the 16th
round in the King's Cup against Atletico Madrid, despite all these
failures, but Cristiano Ronaldo ended the season on the throne of
the top scorer of the ligua for the third time in a row, but that
silence was a word which is a real access to the history and
achievement of tournaments and the next national duty

Season 2015/2016 :(( If you can love what you do enough,

you can be the most powerful person in the world)).

The Cristiano Ronaldo valve does not end this season to reach a
new record is to score as many goals as possible in the group
stage of the Champions League where he achieved 11 goals and
became the season for me Cristiano Ronaldo seventh season in
Real Madrid and Liga Spanish where he became the top scorer
The first of 230 goals in all competitions out of 203 matches
ahead of the record of former star Raul Gonzalez and in October
Cristiano Ronaldo exceeded the target date No. 324 in the club
and thus became the scorer of the Champions League and the
historic quality of this goal Cristiano arrived 503 in the path of
football in all the clubs that played for her and the team and
despite the criticism of Ronaldo from some of the muddled up to
improve gradually and scored 4 goals in the goal of Celta Vigo win
the Real 7 goals against one goal Cristiano Ronaldo scored a
stunning hat-trick against the German club VfL Wolfsburg To the
semi-finals of the Champions League, making him the top scorer
for the fourth consecutive season and the fifth in the history
signed inside the Royal Club to the title of the Champions League
Real Madrid version 11 even if not his standard, but he brought
the team to safety, Best for Divisions in Europe for the second
time in its history.

Euro france 2016(( The development of the self is the faith

of man with his goals, decisions, abilities and potentials,
meaning faith in himself)).

The draw of the euro was drawn in France in late 2015. Ronaldo
and his teammates in the sixth and final group, along with
Hungary, Austria and Iceland, Portugal started their first match
on June 14, 2013 against Iceland, where they ended with a 1-1
draw. The international team had a total of 127 matches, the
Portuguese dominated the game against Austria on the back of
the course of the match, and was the first star of course and
Cristiano but luck did not smile to him this time, after a penalty
hit the opposition to another goal would have happened if not
infiltrated in the 84th minute, In the final match of the group
against Hungary was enough draw for Cristiano and his
companions to qualify for the final price, although Hungary tried
to squeeze during the course of the match, but Luis Nani was
able to good game of passing a computer from Cristiano Ronaldo
After the second half, Hungary advanced for the second time but
Ronaldo stopped this progress with a stunning goal to make him
enter history as the first player registered in four European
versions. The first player to score in four big seven tournaments
led the Portuguese Don to the second round Orphan selection of
the Portuguese team The top three qualified for the second round
and as usual Cristiano Ronaldo received great praise after that
achievement, and in the price faced Portugal team Croatia, which
issued the fourth group in a precious victory over the Spanish
team ended the match with a draw without the goals of the ninja
both teams the extra rounds before the end of the game full of
Kawaresma of A goal in the 117th minute, after taking advantage
of a rebound from Cristiano Ronaldo to qualify Portugal to the
quarter-finals, Portugal are planning a penalty shootout after a 1-
1 draw in the quarterfinals. That achievement in the semi-finals
Portugal faced the Welsh team under the leadership of Gareth
Bell the title of the Welsh team in that version of the Black Horse
lost the Welsh team and Cristiano managed to rehabilitate the
Portuguese team to the European final for the second time with a
brilliant two goals scored 9 goals and become the top scorer in
the center with Platini and the final Against the French national
team, Cristiano was injured after the match with Dmitry Byte
tried to hold up but could not continue to get out of the game in
the 24th minute, tears and after additional runs, the player
scored the goal of winning victory Ronaldo tears finally burst in
the form of joy in the top Cristiano won the Golden Boot award,
but gave it to his teammate

Season 2016/2017 : Cristiano Ronaldo taught you to resist

even if you did not exist)).

100 goals for Cristiano Ronaldo with the Real Madrid Champions
League, winning the Champions League and the Cup with long
ears 4 times, Cristiano Ronaldo number Hugo Sanchez with a
penalty 56 successful and verified to surpass Hugo in this figure
came in conjunction with the record Ronaldo goal number 5900
for Real Madrid , The first team to reach that figure and in the
Champions League return to reach 100 goals in the Champions
League scoring the hatrick in the range of Bayern to become the
first player to reach this figure, surpassing all legends In early
May, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the second consecutive Hattrick in
the Champions League where Led the Atletico Madrid have won
three trophies this season, Ronaldo has reached a record in the
continent and the world has become the best and the top scorer
in the five major leagues, and led the Real Madrid title under the
title of the first club in the world, which makes two Champions
League, to complete the goal number 600 in his career, and
Cristiano Ronaldo, led Real madrid to a record beyond

Season 2017/2018 : Cristiano Ronaldo and as you didn't

know before /I have traveled to a distant place before, and
I met an old age and I asked him do you know Cristiano
Ronaldo? He replied, "I have never heard of this name
before," I said to him, "Think well," and he replied, "I think
it is a journey of power . I said yes it is So you know him
more than me ? hhhhh……..

Cristiano Ronaldo has made his football empire safe by all who
live above the round, the great achievement of Cristiano Ronaldo
teaches you to fight and not give up to defeat, and not to be a
victim of despair, You have to notice Cristiano Ronaldo when you
get angry to discover his morality, you have to notice Cristiano
Ronaldo when he deals with those who offend him to know his
compassion, and you have to try You notice Cristiano's dialogue
Ronaldo with those who oppose him to know his understanding of
his mind, Cristiano Ronaldo resisted his abortion drugs and he is
still an embryo, said the failure will not beat me, Cristiano
Ronaldo did not make the words of others affect him, he was
confident of what he does, Cristiano Ronaldo world pleasures
without feeling, Cristiano Ronaldo this season As always, the
season is brilliant and is still in its infancy, and Cristiano
Ronaldo is doing his job as usual. He will enter hearts and minds.
He has achieved all the achievements. He has sent the football
message. If you see in the eyes of that little child Ronaldo, you see
a dream. More than any one, Cristiano was not too busy With the
hands that he clapped so as not to forget the hands that helped
him to reach, Cristiano was silent to respond to many words, says
the philosopher Tolstoy, I am a funny man and they now call me
crazy, and this would have been a lift of my destiny if they I am
not very sad, and I look at them to laugh with them, of course I
do not have to laugh at them. , But to be very sad for them,
because I see them ignorant of the truth, while I know her, what
It is difficult for those who know the truth alone, they will not
understand, one day I met with one of the supporters said to me
Cristiano Ronaldo has become old and will begin to retreat, I
replied to him simply Did you know that Cristiano became his
memories more than his dreams is normal….hhhhh