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Peninsula Agency on Aging, Inc.

739 Thimble Shoals Blvd, Ste 1006 Newport News, VA 23606

Phone: (757) 873-0541
For more information, contact:
Randi Chew, Marketing Manager


Peninsula Agency on Aging Partners with CNU Students to Help Local Seniors

Newport News, VA (January 22, 2018) - Peninsula Agency on Aging (PAA) has partnered with
students from Christopher Newport University (CNU) to increase funding for programs offered to local
seniors in need. CNU’s Writing for Civic Engagement class will be in collaboration with PAA’s Chief
Financial Officer, Tiffany Speas, and Development Director, Randi Chew, to create press releases, blog
posts, and grant applications to the Anthem Foundation and The Chatlos Foundation to fund new and
existing programs offered to seniors at PAA.

“Many times, elderly are quickly reduced to poverty by long term care expenses if guidance in the form
of care management and a degree of financial assistance are not provided,” states PAA’s website. The
various community services offered by PAA include Meals on Wheels, Senior Dining Clubs, and non-
emergency medical transportation provided by PAA to seniors in the Virginia Peninsula are a result of
the donations and grants they receive.

With the help of the students at CNU, PAA hopes to obtain the Anthem Foundation Grant to expand the
evidence-based Diabetes Self-Management classes that the organization teaches to local Seniors.
Additionally, a goal of the collaboration is to be awarded the Chatlos Grant. PAA would use this funding
to serve a population that does not get much attention, older adults who have been incarcerated, by
creating a brand new program that would help them transition back into the community.

About Peninsula Agency on Aging

The Peninsula Agency on Aging, established in 1974, provide programs in cooperation with other
community agencies in Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Poquoson, and James City and York
counties to assist older Virginians in independent and productive living. The agency is a clearing-house
for information, coordinates services, and provide planning and leadership on aging issues.