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Assessment 2 - Interview

Mahra Bahkeet Mohammed Alaleeli.

EDU 2113.
Basel Badran.
I meet Ms. Khitam Mohammed. She is Egyptian, and she teaches in AlResalah

International school of science and she teaches kG2-G class. She has degree in English

literature and she chose to teach in kindergarten because she likes to deal with kids and she

thinks that it is a job of passenger. Ms. Khitam have been teaching for 8 years and she is a

teacher of three subjects which are; English, Science and math. In addition, she chose these

subjects because she loves these subjects and because that what she studded in the college and

she is the class room teacher.

My questions and my school teacher’s answers:

1- Me: Do you think it is easy to teach in kindergarten? Why?

Ms. Khitam: Teaching in kindergarten is not easy because, being a teacher in kindergarten

needs more care and the teacher can be teacher, mother, nurse, social worker and art teacher at

the same time while teaching in grades do not need all of that.

2- Me: Do you have specific routines in your class? What are they?

Ms. Khitam: Of course I have. I start with the morning Duaa, classroom rules, discussion with

the students about their holidays, family and life, sing songs or read stories and change the date

and the day.

3- Me: Do you think having a routine benefits you during your teaching day? Why?
Ms. Khitam: of course. If you have a daily routine, that will attract their attention and help

you to make a nice relationship with the kids. Because, when you talk to them and have a good

relationship by talking to them.

4- Me: Do you use any strategies to manage your class and your student’s behavior? What
are they?

Ms. Khitam: Yes, many strategies but the most important one according to me and for the

kindergarten, is the voice. change your voice like up and down and make man and baby voice

not all the time the same voice. That will help you to attract their attention. Also, making eye

contact with the kids by looking at them and let them look to you that will help you to

manage the class.

5- Me: Do you agree that the teacher should use positive language for the classroom rules
and instructions? Why? Why not?

Ms. Khitam: Yes. I think, if you use positive language that means that you are positive teacher,

and this create positive students. But, if you all the time use negative language, they will say

and do negative things.

- Me: In your class, do you use specific instructions for different situations?

Ms. Khitam: Yes. Because, at least you will have 24 or 25 students in the class. So, every day

you will have different things and it depends on the behavior and lesson. You live here like in

a society so every day you will have something knew and you have to change the instructions.

7- Me: How often do you remind the student about the instructions?

Ms. Khitam: Every day, every week and at least three or four times in the week. Also, at the

beginning of the year, you should remind them every day. During the day, you should remind

them when you need for example; in the morning, during the break and after the break you

have to remind them because they forget.

8- Me: Do you use transitions strategy in your class? What are they?

Ms. Khitam: of course yes. If they finish they work in the groups, they should move to another

group by lining up and if they finish from all the groups, they can do the learning centers by

playing with the cubes and blocks and other resources by lining up and making only one line.

Outside the class, they line up by making two lines to move to the play area, sand area because

kids like to play with sand and if they went to a trip.

9- Me: Do you have a future plan to enhance and improve your classroom management? Do
you think it is important for the teachers to have? Why?

Ms. Khitam: I think yes. Because, the world itself change and the generation now is different

than the generations in the past. So, if the generation itself change and you have technology,

so you should improve yourself and you should see the world to make like them otherwise

you will live like in a special case.

10- Me: what are your general thoughts and advise for future teachers in improving their
classroom management?

Ms. Khitam: Respect the students, be close to them and in the same time be like a teacher not

like just to enter the class to teach them. For example; ABCD and then they leave. This will

not work you should be close to them, love them, respect them to respect you. And, if you make

any relationship with the students it will affect.

Having and applying the classroom management in the classroom is essential for the teacher

to have the control on her students and to be able to teach as she wants. Also, it benefits in the

students to success and learn in a good learning environment and it provides the safety in the

classroom. Moreover, it helps the teacher to build a positive classroom environment and to

have a good relationship with the student. As a teacher, I will prefer to use these classroom

managements to manage my classroom which are;

1- set classroom rules immediately and enforce them consistently. This helps to make the

rules as a routine for the students to let them know that they are important.

2- Make the students feel responsible for their own learning environment. This will teach

them to be organized and to avoid hassle.

3- Plan for transitions. It is important to have a plan for these transitions such as line up and

to sing a song while lining up.

4- Stay organized. That will help to avoid issues that might happen during the classroom such

as, forgetting your stuff or not being prepared for the lessons so the children will be out of


5- Scan the classroom. That will help in reducing misbehaving during the classroom.

6- Give praise or good feedbacks. It will encourage the students to be involved during the

lesson and participate always.


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