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Kristine Stiles and Peter Selz THEORIES AND DOCUMENTS OF CONTEMPORARY ART A Sourcebook of Artists’ Writings Second Edition, Revised and Expanded By Kristine Stiles, Qa Univesity of Calfomia Pres | Berkeley, Los Angeles, London Dette the ero of Hensel B. 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KUSAMA Interview by Grady Torner Ap auiunanDT Twelve Roles for s New Academy 25 Lines of Words on At Statement “The Blsck-Square Paintings uaswonrs exit Notes of 1969 sexier NOLAND Color, Format, and Abstract Art Jnerview by Diare Waldman ‘swe Trorr® Daybook: The Jounal ofan Artt ‘AsTHONY Cano A Discussion with Peter Faller Josee auteRs The Origin of Are (Ou My Homage the Si ‘The Color in My Paetings ‘cron vasanrty Notes fora Manifest supeer mg¥ Seement ras stents, The Prats Letare oxALD JunD Specific Objects Rawk STELLA axD onan suOD Questions co Stlla and Judd by Brose Glaser ‘cant ana Prefce eo Stripe Paieing Poem Baw stavis Some Remacks ‘ONY sunt Conversations with Samuel WagstafT}e ‘AeNES magni The Uacroubled Ming nice manne Statements, Notes, ad Jtarviews Excerpt from » Spleepish Jouenal ance BUREN Beware! onerHEA ROCKBLENE Statement stsano jensen Statement sean scutty Statement samaae scuADMO 4H MenaseA amVEN Waste Now/Want Not: Aa Tnguiry inte What Women Saved and Assombled—Femmage \VatERts }AUBOH AND JOYCE KOZLOFE Art Hysterial Notions ‘of Progress and Culture even watasy Notes on the Paintings Deployment ofthe Geometric zea or on 96 ” 98 10s 18 109 nm u ns 24 Bs ur oa 13 6 86 8 He 7 7 10 159 169 ia ™ 176 186 186 1 ‘si KAPOOR nerview with John Tass ‘obit powatp oiTa Third Color—Third Space FIGURATION uri 2 AND KeISTaWE STHLS Introduction reunaNp LéceR ‘The Human Body Considered 3s an Object exaro curruso On Realism, che Present, and Other Things Max aEcKMANDS Lexters toa Woman Painter Pat eLtien Exch Period Has Is Peesliae Image of Man stanza ciaconere: What Interets Me about the Hed: Interview with ‘Jacques Dupin uase-raut sagan The Search for che Absolte ‘ua #AUTHUER Preface to Exhibition Catalogue Jt Fare by André Malraux Jean punureer Anriculeurl Positions \witisn pe KooNINe Content Ia Glimpse: Interview with David Sylvester ANC! BACON Inkerviews with David Sylvester ‘CONSTANT NIEUWENHIOYS Manifesto [aNEL APPEL My Paine Is Like a Rocket ‘The Condemned swiuten saNbenke When Young crore maser? Pandemonie Menifexto I, ad Version ucmmancsvo eisrousrro Plexiglass ns. xray Peatdiving Davo OCKLY aKD Lauer Wovens Beruf uDCIAN FREUD. Some Thought on Painting OMA BEARDEN Interview with Henri Ghent scice em At 3 Form of History: loerview wich Patricia Hil ‘yauipreanusra Figore Paintings Today Are Not Made in Heaven Ccuuvex cLoss Interview with Cindy Nemer [AICHARD HSTHS Interview with Herbert Raymond sankizy 2 wexDaices Palece Scraping: suanx ransry Notes and Comments oN GOLUE The Meena interview with Matthew Baigel ancy stERo Woman as Protagonist: Interview with Jeanne Siege! nsutenasnen Fae ies imsrestng AcDateKA anarawowicx Stacients reasensco ctewente Interview with Robin White susan noraunesne When Asked Ili an Expressionist JULIAN SCHNADEL Statements $ease-acite,sascuaat Froma the Subway wo Solo: Icerviw ‘with Henry Geldzahler uit ovstow Philip Guston Talking nic Ascat. [Dont Think Fxpresimsam Ie the Hue {ne tatDonP® Interview with Jing Huber Situation Position yom aersass wens Murals as People’s Art ws 190 wo 205 208 as 26 27 a a a as 236 26 243 245 8 230 as) 257 aot 266 269 an a 279 281 28 285, 290 ao 293