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1st Summative Grading Test

Name: ______________________________________________________________________

“The Tent”

Ted has a blue tent. He is in the tent. Ben is in the tent too. five ducks ran into the tent. The tent

fell on Ben, here are the five ducks. Ben and Ted look for help.


1. Who has a red tent? ___________________________

2. How many hens ran into the tent? ________________

3. What did Ben and Ted do? ______________________

“Bob’s Toy”

Bob has a toy. Is a yoyo. He puts his yoyo on the table.

1. Who has a toy? ____________________________

2. What is the toy of Bob? ______________________

3. Where did he put his top? _____________________

Box the Proper Noun

Circle the Common Noun

Pedro makaupo lamesa

Basket Marina duyan

Hinaplanon Lorna San Agustin