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1. INTRODUCTION....................................................................................................................... 1

2. PROBLEMS NEED TO BE ADDRESSED ....................................................................3

3. SOLUTION …………………………………………………………………................... 3

3.1 Mix-ability group system in school …..………………………………………... 3

3.2 Online learning tools ……………..……….…………….…………………….... 4

3.3 Donations from NGOs ……………………...……………………….…………. 5

3.4 Conduct activity related to English Language ……………………………….. 5

3.5 Parental involvement …………………….…………………………………….. 6

4. CONCLUSION ………………………………………………………………….……... 7

REFERENCES .…………….……………………………………………………………….. 8



A very good morning to our respected principal, Mr. Ahmad bin Ali, all of the wise and
hardworking teachers and to all my friends; fellow PTA members. As you all know, I, Mr.
Marinus, is the elected-president for our Parents and Teachers association (PTA) of SMK. Bandar.
This is our third meeting in this year, and for those who are present today, I would like to express
my greatest gratitude because of your willingness to sacrifice a bit of your precious time to attend
this meeting. I do really know about that because I am a working parents myself and we are
constantly busy with our life and we try our very best to balance the needs from our work place
and also for our family. Towards the staff of the school, also a lot of thanks for them for providing
us with this comfortable facilities so that we are able to conduct our PTA meeting. Today, with
the given opportunities, I would like to talk about the most obvious and serious problem that our
beloved children are facing right now in this school. This need to be addressed because it can
seriously affect our children future. It can even damage the good reputation of this school. The
problem is about the poor performance of our children, particularly in English Language. There
are several things that I need to highlight at this meeting. I really hope that today, all of us can find
the best solution to overcome this problem together.

Ladies and gentlemen,

To start with, English language is among the widely use language in all over this world. It
can be considered as the language of the world because almost every human being in this world
are able to converse using English in their daily life. Either orally or in written text. Having a very
good command in this language, someone will definitely be able to survive in this new era of
globalization without having too much difficulties. In short, almost everyone knows a thing about
English, either at the very basic level or at the advanced level. So, it is our responsibilities as
parents to nurture our children in English environment from the early stage of life. Not forget to
mention, teachers also play an important role is sculpturing the students’ future – especially in
English teaching and learning process.



But, some of the parents had expressed their concerned about this problem and they felt
that the school should work harder towards improving the teaching and learning of this subject.
Yes, all of the members from the PTA are agreed that this school had already did their best to cater
about our children education. We are well aware that all of the efforts and sacrifices had been
made; blood and tears had been spilled for all over the years to help and educate our children. And
for that, as the representative of the parents, with full respect and humble feeling, from deep down
of the bottom of my heart, I want to say “Thank You”. It is just that, we want the school to put a
bit more effort in improving the sorry state of the English Language mastery level of our children.
Just a bit more. I hope that all teachers are not offended with my sincere request. After all, this is
for the future of our country, which is in the hand of this generation- your innocent students – cum
- our beloved children.


3.1 Mix-ability group system in school

I suggest that the school make a slight change in their extra class system. We are thankful
that all teachers are willing to conduct the extra class without asking for any payment. This is
beyond their payload. But the PTA think that rather than separating the students by their learning
class-just like during the school session, the school should try the mix-ability group system. In
this system, there will be a mixture of proficiency level- advanced, intermediate and weak. One
student will be the leader and for sure he/she is the best students among them. They will guide and
assist other group members during the teaching and learning process. In other words, the leader
will act as the mentor and rest of the team will be the mentee. This is because students feel much
closer to their peers compared to the teacher when it comes about their weakness. So in group,
they can discuss and find the best answer for the asked questions without getting ashamed or feel
threatening. Indirectly, this can promote teamwork in the group and strengthen their unity- which
is good in our multiracial country. We can kill two birds with one stone. Isn’t this great? Other
than this system, school can select the best students and put them into the ‘High-Achiever’ group.


They are the prospect of getting excellent results in the examination. So, their exercise or
homework is a bit different from the other students. They should be asked the hardest and
challenging questions of all so that this type of students can sustain and improve their thinking
ability. Meanwhile, teachers should detect and pick the weak students and grouped them under the
name of ‘Hopeful’ group. This group need extra attention and the main objective is to make sure
that they will pass the examination even if it is only with the lowest mark possible. They need to
master the English language even though only at the basic level. This is much better than knowing
no English at all. Don’t all of you agree with me? Through this, no students will failed their
examination anymore in the future. Through this system, the school will be focusing in the
quantitative measure rather than the qualitative one.

3.2 Online learning tools

The second suggestion is, the school should fully utilize the advantage that we have as one
of the school that situated in the urban area. I am talking about the easy access to the Internet
connection. Logically, children now days own many kind of electronic gadgets. Let it be a smart
phone, a tablet or a computer/laptop. They are also able to access to the stable Internet connection
without having much trouble. So, why don’t the teachers use online learning tools to assist the
students? For example, teachers can post the questions or provide solutions or giving notes online
through their social media network or create a learning blog. After all, these services are free and
easy to manage. There are hundreds of online learning tools or applications to choose from. For
instance, the most famous social media network of all – Facebook. Teacher can even use e-mail.
By doing this, both teachers and students can minimize their movement and contact time especially
after the school session have finished. They can go back to their own home but the teaching and
learning process still can be conducted. This technique is proven useful especially during the
school holiday or when the students is absent due to the unavoidable reasons or when the teachers
cannot attend school because of having to participate in courses, teaching workshop or meeting
outside from the school. Student are still able to ask questions or request any help even though
they are far away from their respective teacher. Apart from this, students also can ask questions
and having multiple discussion among themselves through this online platform. Teachers act as
facilitator and make suitable corrections for any mistakes done by the students. But, the parents


should constantly monitor their children usage of the Internet. This can avoid them from stray
away of their learning focus because Internet is the mother of all entertainment.

3.3 Donations from NGOs

Members of the floor,

Let’s not put this burden on the teacher alone. This is because I truly believe that they had
done their part very well. We have to remember that we are talking about our own children. That
means that we, the parents also should play an active role in improving the proficiency level of
English Language of our kids. I am explaining this from the PTA point of view. There are several
suggestions that I can think of and I am going to explain it one by one in just a minute. So, to all
parents, please lend me your ears throughout this meeting. First, we have to work hard in searching
and persuading any Non-Government Organization (NGO) to contribute-especially in terms of
financial support. I know some of the parents do work at this kind of company. So, why don’t you
use your influence and help the school? You should promote this school, SMK Bandar, which is
under our care, and tell your employer that it need money to carry out an English Language related-
program. Go tell them that it could be an intervention program, fun program, or even a learning-
based project. It also could be either short-term or long-term project. Depends on the situation
needed. Any kind of money donations are very well-appreciated. Regardless of the amount, the
money can be used to conduct any English Language-related activity. For example, the infamous
English-in-Camp. Any selected students can participate in this camp usually for 3 days and 2 nights
and they can indulge in any fun activity that are available. Right now, the NGO that I can think of
are PETRONAS and New Straits Time. These two NGOs always actively contribute money to the
society. They have spent thousands of Ringgit Malaysia just in the good cause of improving the
English Language proficiency level among Malaysian students. When these organizations are
conducting a learning project, it will be done in a large scale domestically.

3.4 Conduct activity related to English Language

Sometimes, as far as I concerned, there are even some NGOs in Malaysia that conduct
activity related to English Language without charging any fee. In other words, free-of-charge. For


example, the infamous British Council. This organization is notoriously known in improving the
level of English Language proficiency of non-native speakers. British Council will conduct an
English Language based project in full scale without asking for any money from the school or the
parents. They just need both of our permission to do this project. The most beneficial of all is, most
of the facilitators are the native speaker of the English language. I believe that this is one of the
best way in learning second language by having a direct access straightaway to its source. This
native speakers can demonstrate the proper pronunciation for the English words. They can teach
the basis of the English Language grammar. So, without wasting any time, please invite them
through PTA channel. So, if there are any parents are having any connection with this NGO, please
inform me as soon as possible. Your cooperation are very much appreciated. You can meet me
straightaway right after this meeting. We will discuss together on how to invite them and convince
them to focus on this school.

Other than that, with the money, we can invite any experienced speaker to come here and
give a talk about proper techniques in how to answer questions, especially for PT3 and SPM
examination. By sharing this knowledge, our children can improve their English language
proficiency level gradually. We know that this way is going to cost us a huge amount of money.
This is due to the fact we have to entertain the invited speaker such as for the travel fare, the
welfare and the payment. The more experienced and skillful the speaker is, the more expensive
they will be. These are the main reasons why PTA are not able to assist the school because we do
not have enough funds (money) to carry out this kind of projects for the school. I would to
apologize for this kind of matter.

3.5 Parental involvement

Teachers and parents or guardians,

Next, I would to talk about the sole purpose of the parents or the legal guardian of the
children. We should exposed our children with English language environment as much as possible,
preferably 24/7. Encourage our children to watch English-speaking TV shows, listen to the English
songs and read a lot of English-written books. Raise their passion towards English Language. By
doing this, our children will get use in English and make them comfortable using English Language


as a medium of instruction. Parents also should try to communicate by using English Language
among family members. This action does not mean that we abandon our first tongue, which is
Bahasa Melayu. We will still be using Bahasa Melayu in our daily life because it is the official
language of our country. A proactive English Language environment can help students to increase
their level of proficiency step by step. This is due to the fact that our children still learning English
even they are not in the school. A prolong exposure of English can make someone do not feel
threatened towards it. This is why most of the students from the rural area are afraid of using
English because they feel intimidated by this foreign language. English is alien to them since
childhood. So, they growing up without having a good and solid basic of English Language. As a
result, most of the rural area students do have a good command in English Language and it is such
a pity for them.


To sum up my speech for today, I really hope that the school administration can take all of
my sincere suggestions into their consideration. To all parents, let’s change for a greater good. We
should collaborate more among ourselves and unite under the name of SMK Bandar’s PTA.
Together with the school staff, we will work hard together in order to help our children perform
better particularly in English Language and overcome this serious problem once and for all. Lastly,
I would like to express my gratitude to all of the teachers and parents who are present today by
saying ‘Thank you very much’. For lending me your ears, for giving me the opportunities to deliver
my speech today on this stage, I cannot repay this kindness of yours and I just can pray for your
own goodness. Till we meet again at the next meeting and god bless you all. Let’s make SMK
Bandar a proud and prestige school in this country.

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