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Tagum City’s traffic congestions and its possible solution are usually the talk

about by the Tagumenos. It is undeniably true that the traffic got heavier for the last few
months and it already needs an immediate solution before it’s too late. The City
Government of Tagum responded about this issue by commencing the traffic
signalization project at the downtown area and trading centers wherein seven priority
junctions will be installed by the local government with traffic lights. However,
Tagumenos are still debating whether the installation of traffic lights should be pushed
through or not. In this case, installing traffic lights along the busy roads of Tagum City
should not be pushed through because instead of making traffic congestions lighter, it
will just increase rear-end collisions. It will also cause excessive delays to the the
motorists and will just cause aggressive driving.

Tagumenos have their own different claims in regards with this issue. Some will
argue that traffic lights will reduce the severity of certain types of collisions, most
especially the right-angle collision. Some will also claim that installation of traffic lights
will reduce accidents and is efficient to the motorists and pedestrians. However, the
arguments they impose inaccurate why traffic lights should be installed along the busy
roads of Tagum City. In fact, there are still accidents and collisions that have happened
even if there are traffic lights. Traffic lights can also deteriorate the overall safety of an

Traffic lights are not the best way to resolve traffic congestions. There are
disadvantages of it that may affect the motorists and the pedestrians. First, installing
traffic lights will only increase the number of rear-end collisions. Rear-end collisions
occur more frequently when a driver abruptly stops at a yellow or red light. This will
cause the car to bump with each other. Second, traffic lights only cause excessive
delays for the motorists. According to Bloom (2018), waiting for a traffic light to turn or
waiting for a car in a turn lane to safely cross an intersection can result in long wait
periods. In this case, passengers, students or employees will waste a couple of minutes
just to wait for their turn. They will not reach their destination within a short period of
time causing them to be late. Lastly, traffic lights only cause aggressive driving.
Motorists can get impatient and aggressive while driving especially if they were in a
hurry. Meaning, it will just lead to disobeying traffic rules. This will also increases the
number of accidents and will just add to the traffic congestion. In addition, people and
motorists are not used to these traffic signals and may only find difficulty obeying it.

In conclusion, the installation of traffic lights should not be pushed through by the
local government of Tagum. It will just make the busy roads more risky. There are a lot
of ways they can ease traffic congestions but the installment of traffic lights is not the
most effective way to solve it.