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World History DUE: FRIDAY 11/16

Mr. McGarry/Mr. McNamara

Feudal Europe
Writer’s Workshop #2

The Black Death

The bubonic plague of the mid 1300s in Europe had a

dramatic effect on the people and their society. You have
studied the plague from a variety of sources including: your
textbook, cause and effect worksheets (World Turned Upside
Down), a slideshow and you even analyzed a primary source
document, The Decameron, detailing what life was like during the
plague from eyewitness accounts.

Using your knowledge of the “Black Death” from your
research, you will answer the following question in one well-
written ONE -TWO PARAGRAPH essay:

Question: What were the long-term consequences of the

Plague in Europe in the 1340s?
In your answer you should supply at least three long-term
consequences or results of the plague.

You must use a graphic organizer to focus your writing.

You may refer to your textbook, notes, worksheets, and to the
primary source document, The Decameron by Giovanni Boccacio.

Please refer to your Writer’s Workshop Rubric for grading

information. You may write one or two paragraphs, but if you
write one paragraph, please write a minimum of 8 sentences.
Due Friday, 11/16.