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Sustainability is the process of maintaining change in a balance, in which the

technological development and institutional change are all in harmony that meet

human needs and aspirations. There are three elements indicator to keep the

sustainability which are environment, economy and society. Thus, chemical engineer

play an important role in order to preserve the environmental for future asset along

with the development of advance technology.

Green chemistry is the utilization of a set of principles that eliminates the use and

generation of hazardous substances by designing a better manufacturing process. The

aspects of manufacturing processes are initial selection of chemicals, mechanism of

chemical synthesis, the end products of the process and management of toxic products

generated during production. It also aims to minimize the environmental impact of the

chemical industry. One of the principles in green chemistry is waste prevention. It is

easier to prevent waste formation than to treat waste after it is generated.

In the industry, production and consumption lead to large quantities of waste. So,

it is important for us as a chemical engineer to prevent waste because waste can give

bad effect to the environment and causes health problems. The ways to prevent waste

are by making use of the resources contained in waste, use reaction process that will

minimize the production of products and increase the material recovery of waste.