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The pre-service teacher is a 3rd  year Teacher Education student completing their third Professional
Experience in a School.
Pre-service teacher: Xerri, Susan Student Id: 15563886

School: Good Shepherd Catholic PS Class: Yr 5

- Kelmscott

Professional Experience 10/23/2017 12:00:00 AM 11/17/2017 12:00:00 AM


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Standard 1: Know Students Competent Not Yet Competent Comment
and How They Learn

Uses language appropriate to Yes No Highly articulate and

the students’ level of
development. knowlegeable, Susan is a
very effective
Establishes rapport with all Yes No Susan treats all children
students and demonstrates
respect of difference with great respect and was
able to establish a warm
rapport with the class who,
in turn, treated her with
great respect.
With assistance develops Yes No With little assistance, Susan
activity / lesson objectives and
strategies appropriate to consistently produced
students’ developmental and explicit lesson plans that
learning needs.
were highly appropriate to
the learning needs of the

Her pre lesson preparation,

both in terms of research
and the organisation of
resources, has been
excellent, as has been her
ability to challenge and
direct the children’s
learning effectively.

In addition, Susan's ability

to identify and plan for
individual student needs is
both instinctive and
Standard 2: Know Content Competent Not Yet Competent Comment
and How to Teach It
Clearly explains concepts and Yes No Susan possesses a very
good general knowledge
and, where necessary,
supplemented her
background knowledge
through research. She is
able to clearly direct
explanations and lead
children from the concrete
to the abstract and showed
great initiative with
planning for, and accessing,
a variety of resources to
facilitate learning.

All lessons were clearly and

logically developed and
Susan was able to
spontaneously and
effectively respond to the
children's needs as they
arose. Where confusion was
evident, Susan addressed
this immediately using a
variety of strategies.

Lesson / activity planning and Yes No Susan has comprehensively

content are linked to relevant
curriculum documents and demonstrated that she is
learners’ developmental able to prepare highly
stages and experiences.
detailed lesson plans,
indicative of thorough
preparation, in order to
achieve appropriate
outcomes which have been
clearly stated, and which
are linked to relevant
curriculum support

In addition, the level and

quality of integration
evident in her lessons (both
planned and incidental) was
Uses freely available and Yes No Time spent thoroughly
licensed ICT resources in
lesson/activity planning and investigating suitable ICT
strategies resources was evident
throughout the practice.
Susan seamlessly integrated
these within lessons to
great effect, not only
maximising the potential
achievement of learning
outcomes but also
motivating the students.
Standard 3: Plan For and Competent Not Yet Competent Comment
Implement Effective
Teaching and Learning

Identifies clear, achievable Yes No Susan's lessons showed

learning objectives and
understands that these may originality of thought,
need to vary for different creativity, and innovation in
the strategies used to cater
for diverse student learning
styles and needs. Her ability
to meaningfully incorporate
incidental teaching
opportunities and link
concepts across the
curriculum was excellent.

Produces timely, clear and Yes No Extremely efficient, Susan

logically organised lesson plans
gives great thought to her
lessons and all were very
well-organised well in
advance of their delivery.
Assessment and monitoring Yes No Susan's lesson plans
procedures are included in
lesson planning consistently showed
evidence of using the plan-
teach-evaluate process to
inform future planning.
With assistance, uses a range Yes No Susan's ability to link lesson
of teaching, learning and
assessment strategies. objectives with suitable
strategies to achieve them
is outstanding. She has
conscientiously and
consistently linked learning
objectives to methods,
activities and materials that
allow differentiated
learning experiences in
individual, small group and
whole class contexts.
Suitable resources are Yes No Susan's lessons consistently
prepared and used effectively
showed evidence of the
enhancement of student
learning through the
integrated use of
information technology and
a wide variety of support

Demonstrates a high standard Yes No Highly confident with staff,

of oral and written
communication skills students and parents alike,
Susan is able to
communicate very
effectively across written,
verbal and non verbal
Standard 4: Create and Competent Not Yet Competent Comment
Maintain Supportive and
Safe Learning

Offers encouragement to all Yes No Always positive, highly

students to enhance learning
and self-confidence. supportive and enthusiastic,
Susan constantly sought to
encourage the children to
achieve their best and they
responded accordingly.
Well-prepared regarding time, Yes No A very efficient organiser,
resources and physical space.
Susan was at all times
prepared well in advance of
each lesson.
Demonstrates awareness of Yes No Whether indoors or out;
what is occurring in the
learning setting. from individual to small
group to whole class
instruction, Susan's
management skills are
impressive. Not only does
she command respect, she
also varies the pace of her
lessons and constantly
communicates expectations
– instinctively thinking-on-
the-run and redirecting the
learning focus as the need
arises. Her use of praise is
sincere and encouraging
and provides a wonderfully
friendly and supportive
learning environment; her
attention demanding cues
are both varied and
effective; her movement
around the room and
monitoring of student
progress and behaviour is
Deals with students fairly and Yes No Susan has been able to
establish a rapport with the
children in the class that has
been wonderful to see.
Indeed, Susan's interaction
with the children has been
faultless – she treats them
with great respect (which
has been reciprocated) and
is not only genuinely
interested in their welfare
but also enjoys their
With support, uses routines Yes No Susan was easily able to
and procedures that positively
guide student behaviour. adapt to class routines and
management principles and
effectively introduced many
of her own.
Plans for effective indoor / Yes No The safety and welfare of
outdoor learning
environments that support the children was of
children’s well-being and paramount importance to
Susan at all times.

Standard 5: Assess, Provide Competent Not Yet Competent Comment

Feedback and Report on
Student Learning

Records observations and Yes No Susan's record-keeping

achievements of students.
displayed quality, accuracy,
and consistency. All
assessments were recorded
in a highly organised and
efficient system.
Provides individual assistance Yes No Susan was meticulous in
and specific feedback.
providing both immediate
individual assistance, when
and where needed, and
quality feedback which
directed the children's
attention to the specified
learning objectives.
With assistance, uses Yes No Throughout the practice,
assessment to inform
judgements about student Susan developed and
learning and identify effective maintained a range of
and ineffective teaching
strategies. assessment tools and
processes that were
inclusive of all students;
were directly related to the
outcomes and teaching
objectives and provided
consistent and valuable
feedback which has driven
her planning and translated
into effective teaching and
learning experiences.
Standard 6: Engage in Competent Not Yet Competent Comment
Professional Learning
Reflects on own teaching and Yes No Susan has a well-developed
with help is able to identify
strengths and gaps. ability to reflect critically on
professional experiences in
order to enhance her
professional learning.

She also has the capacity to

justify decisions using sound
Interacts positively with Yes No Susan has constantly
teaching and non-teaching
staff. impressed me with her
warmth, good humour,
enthusiasm and genuine
care for all within our
school community.
Takes opportunities to learn Yes No Self-evaluation, personal
and improve professional
practice. reflection and a constant
and passionate desire to
improve her teaching
practices have been a
hallmark of Susan's practice
Responds positively to Yes No Always striving for
suggestions given by Mentor
Teacher and others. excellence, Susan
constantly sought advice
and acted upon it with
Standard 7: Engage Competent Not Yet Competent Comment
Professionally with
Colleagues, Parents/Carers
and the Community
Approaches placement in a Yes No From her personal
professional manner.
appearance to her
relationships with staff and
students alike, Susan has, at
all times, acted very
professionally. Always
punctual, thoroughly
determined to improve her
techniques and totally
committed to the welfare of
the children, Susan has
been a highly respected
member of our school
community throughout her
short term stay with us.
Carries out any responsibilities Yes No Patient, highly capable,
flexible, extremely
approachable and eager to
assist wherever and
whenever she was able,
nothing has been too much
trouble for Susan. As such,
she has been very involved
in the many activities which
have been the life of the
school since she joined us.
Her initiative and sense of
responsibility have been
Is aware of, and complies with Yes No Susan was proactive in
the policies and processes of
the schoo developing her
understanding of our
school's ethos, policies and
processes and her attitude
and work ethic were at all
times compatible with
Interacts positively and Yes No At all times, Susan
professionally with parents
and carers. interacted with
parents/carers within the
school community with
patience, understanding
and a high degree of
From the outset, it was apparent that Susan was able to employ a wide range of instructional techniques
appropriate to differing situations to motivate and sustain the children’s interest in order to maximise learning
across both the affective and cognitive domains. She consistently established prior knowledge (thus working from a
sound cognitive base) and provided comprehensive scaffolding. Susan sequentially developed lessons that
addressed specific outcomes, modified learning experiences to suit the immediate needs of individuals and/or
groups, quickly recognised difficulties, taught to point of error and provided constant links with concepts across the

Passionate about teaching and learning, Susan is a naturally talented teacher with an instinctive grasp of classroom
procedures and pedagogic techniques and strategies relevant to our specific learning environment. Her initiative,
astute observations and awareness of the needs of the children (socially, emotionally and intellectually) and her
ability to quickly identify difficulties and address those needs were outstanding, as was her ability to praise,
encourage and motivate.
Areas Needing Improvement:
Susan has made substantial progress in developing her qualitative questioning technique and has begun using data
gathered to assist in developing solutions that are tailored to the particular context of future learning experiences.
Intelligent, empathic, extremely well-organised and compellingly self-motivated, Susan has clearly demonstrated
that she has huge potential to excel as a highly effective and dynamic teacher.
It has truly been a great privilege and a sincere pleasure to have Susan with us and the children and I wish her much
success in the future.
Yes No
Mentor Teacher: Barbara Stone Date: 17/11.2017

Pre-service Teacher: Susan Xerri Date: 17/11/2017

Actioned by Stone, Barbara on 17/11/2017 1:21 AM (AWST)

Actioned by Xerri, Susan (15563886) on 17/11/2017 4:32 PM (AWST)