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Mercy Health Partners

RN Staff Council
NEWS October 25, 2018

Hackley NURSES Set the Tone for

Productive Negotiations
The elected NURSES on our bargaining team met with Mercy Health Partners management for
our opening negotiations on October 22 and 23.

We reached three tentative agreements (TAs) during our first two days:

’’ NURSES secured a TA to make the pilot charge program a

permanent program
Justin Howe, RN

’’ NURSES secured a TA to allow RNs to volunteer for mandation when the

mandated RN has a hardship staying over

’’ NURSES secured a TA to allow RNs denied a PTO day to have VSH priority
Tentative agreements become final and go into effect once members vote to ratify our full contract.

NURSES also proposed a package that would:

• Prevent and address workplace violence
• Improve current staffing guidelines to ensure safe patient care
• Place stronger limitations on mandating temporary transfers and allow NURSES to volunteer by seniority
• Prohibit floating NURSES who pick up extra hours in specific units
• Increase the time a NURSE may have off between shifts when mandated
• Update the options for OR On Call to include the current schedule pattern
• Allow L&D to plan their schedule patterns for On Call and require mandation of L&D On Call to be rotated
• Speed up eligibility so that NURSES can apply for new positions sooner
• Clarify the point at which a NURSE is counted as part of a unit for vacancy purposes
• Improve release hours so that NURSES can negotiate and enforce our contract

In upcoming bargaining sessions, NURSES are preparing to make proposals concerning the Professional Imaging
Policy. Management wants to adopt color coded scrubs in the hospital. We have several concerns about how the
employer is approaching this and other subjects.

Our union is strongest when NURSES take action.

YOU can make a difference in our negotiations by joining our second table.
Contact Branden Gemzer for more information, 517-220-1261.

Show your SOLIDARITY by wearing RED on negotiation dates:

Monday, November 7; Wednesday, November 12, and Wednesday, November 28

Make your VOICE heard. Complete our economic survey by Sunday, October 28 at 11:59 PM.