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Pos Ketan Legenda 1967 Kota Wisata Batu

Pos Ketan Legenda 1967 Kota Wisata Batu Starting from the dream to eat sticky rice powder,

Starting from the dream to eat sticky rice powder, (alm) Mrs. Siami open ketan business decided to start a culinary business made from sticky rice. Pos Ketan Legenda since 1967 centered in the western town square of Batu. The place is simple but a place jujugan favorite for tourists, especially young children. Staying for 50 years is certainly not an easy thing. Moreover, maintaining the traditional culinary menu in the middle of the onslaught of various modern culinary. Of course, falling up has become the salt acid of Alm Mrs. Siami family and also her children in this business. One such child is Sugeng Hadi. Sugeng Hadi is an important figure in maintaining the tradition of traditional glutinous snack, still survive until now. In fact, Pos Ketan Legenda 1967 become icon culinary mainstay Kota Wisata Batu (KWB). During the selling of this shop also experienced ups and downs of buyers, but with a variety of innovations and unique concoctions gradually become an attraction for tourists, almost every day Pos Ketan Legenda 1967 crowded buyers, especially tourists. Access to this location, access is very easy. If from downtown Batu, drive your car to Batu town square. After arriving in the square, please turn to Jln. KH Agus Salim or Jln. Kartini. Pos Ketan Legenda 1967 Shop is located right on the edge of the road and There is a

signboard "Pos Ketan Legenda 1967" so easy to find out. More precisely this shop is in the west of the square of Batu Town, sticky food stalls are no different from the angkringan stalls that only sell coffee and snacks, just Pos Ketan Legenda 1967 provides various kinds of glutinous rice flavored variety as a snack buyers who are drinking coffee. Many variants of this sticky. Such as chocolate, milk, durian, cheese, peanut, and others. The price of this sticky rice is very affordable. Although it is famous really not expensive. Unlike other culinary places. If the best so price is expensive. The price of sticky rice in Alun-alun Batu start from 7.000 12. 000 rupiah. It is good to be cheap again.



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