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2017- PP3 Rationale

NAME: STUDENT ID: 19058216

Sarah Hadid
Contact Phone Number/s:
Your Curriculum Area(s): Biology, Chemistry & PDHPE

Placement Name:
Bass High School

Placement Address:

Hume Highway & Arundle RoadBass Hill, NSW, 2197, AUSTRALIA.

Placement Phone Number: 9726 3644

Placement Email Address: lucas@basshigh.nsw.edu.au

Contact Person: Aaron Lucas



18th July 2017 21st July 2017

Student Teacher’s Signature: Sarah Hadid Date: 18 / 07 /2017

I have read the information sheet on the vUWS site about the PP3 Research project: Community
engagement and professional practice three: beyond the institutional walls.
 I Agree
 I do not Agree
To allow the written documents I produce in my PP3 (Rationale /self reflections) to be used in the
research project.
 This form is to be lodged ONLINE in InPlace.
 You will need to save a copy of this document for your records.

Coordinator will then approve your strand as soon as possible. You will be notified via the InPlace site.
Rationale (500 words)

Answer the following types of Q’s in your response.

Consider how you frame this so that you might use sections of this for interviews with future
employers. What BOSTES standards will your placement focus on?

What are you expecting to gain from your learning in your PP3 setting?
In my Professional Practice 3 setting, I am expecting to gain knowledge and experience in creating a
safe and progressive learning environment for the students I am in contact with. I would like to
specifically focus on my connection with secondary students, who need assistance with exam
preparation, study and further understanding their content. I would like to help these students
achieve their goals through modern and changed teaching methods and approaches. I hope to also
confidently grow throughout this experience.

What research about your setting did you engage with before you commenced?
It is difficult to do substantial research on a school which I am not familiar with, however I have
looked into the schools average NAPLAN literacy and numeracy results over the past 5 years on my
school. This has allowed me to recognise the academic level the school is currently averaging and
compared them to neighbouring schools. I have also looked through the school website and
identified the professionalism from the staff and school board.

Outline briefly what you hope to learn in this setting.

In this setting I hope to learn and become more familiar with the curriculum and syllabus in my
particular key learning areas. I also hope to learn main skills behind managing a school classroom or
adolescents in a school environment. I also aim to learn how to provide information to diverse
students in multiple ways, allowing students to learn to the best of their ability in their own way.
There is a high percentage of diversity, and difference in socio-economic status and backgrounds
Bass High School and therefore students have different access to different types of technology and
ways of learning.

What goals do you hope to achieve yourself in your service learning activities?
My aim and goals are to use the time given in a classroom to pre-service teachers wisely and to build
my overall experience as a classroom teacher. I hope to be able to maintain and manage a class
environment, in a school which isn’t particularly “academic”. I also aim to give students the same
passion to learning that I have, so that they can enjoy learning and want to further develop. I also
hope to reflect on my own teaching philosophies and ways, and be able to adjust and make changes
to what worked and what didn’t work in my pedagogical approach.

What do you believe the participants in your service learning project will learn from you?
I believe the students I am in contact with, will feel more relaxed about studying or preparing for
examinations as I will explain to them that this can be done in an enjoyable and spirited manner. I
want the participants to be able to apply their knowledge especially in my KLA’S of science and HPE,
in the everyday lives and understand how the knowledge is apart of their lives and how it can affects

What do you hope to learn? How will these experiences shape you as a teacher in a classroom?

I hope to understand my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher in the classroom and further
develop my understanding of the curriculum and my specific syllabus. The specific placement I am
applying for asks me to work with year 11 and 12 students and help them with their preparation for
their final exams, so this will definitely help me learn the stage 6 syllabus properly as well as allow
me to develop different understandings on how students think about the content. My overall
experience in PP3 will allow me to grow as a teacher and further develop in my teaching.
How would you help someone else learn what you discovered?
For someone else to learn what I have discovered, I will be comfortable in speaking to them
and making clear what the content proposes and also make it applicable to their lives. Learning
is fun and knowledge is power, therefore it is important to help students understand WHY we
need to learn, and how we can take advantage of knowledge in the real world.