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Dear Parents

Kindly make a note of the concepts covered till now for Cycle Test II.



Identify the position words

Fill in the blanks with the correct position word
Look at the picture and frame sentences
Tick the correct position word

LITERATURE: Lesson - Why did Seema fall?

Reading of the lesson

Book exercises Page No. 20, 21

Notebook exercises

· New words

· Fill in the blanks

· True/false

· Circle the correct answer

· Match the following

HINDI – ऐ मात्रा शब्द एवंवाक्य

· अभ्यास कायर्

· खाली स्थान भरो

· देखो और िलखो

· वाक्य बनाओ


Expanded form

· Write the place value of the given number.

· Write the numbers in expanded form

Addition with carry over

(book and notebook exercises)


Theme : Air

· New words

· Mind mapping

· Properties of Air

· Uses of Air

Class Teacher

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