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Deasy Ramatia

Doing the best, Giving the best, and Getting the best

Beringin Sakti, December 2nd 1999

+62 8131352 5326
Badoneng, Dramaga, West Java

2016 – now Department of Forest Product| Faculty of Forestry of Bogor
Agricultural University,
2013 –2016 Senior High School no 04 of Pagaralam South Sumatera

GPA 3.03 of 4.00

• Duta Lingkungan of Bogor Agricultural University
• Public Relation (PR) of IFSA LC IPB
• Staff Member Improvement of human resources (PSDM) HIMASILTAN Forest
Products Department

• Best Solution of Internasional Young Innovators Summit (IYIS 2018), Tokyo, Japan 2018
• Delegate of Internasional Young Innovators Summit (IYIS 2018), Tokyo, Japan 2018
• 3rd winner on Soilfest National Debate Competition, Bogor Agricultural University 2018
• 3rd winner on Himatan National Debate Competition, Padjajaran University 2018
• 3rd Best Paper on International Government Competition, North Sulawesi 2018
• Selected Proposal of Student Creativity Program Social Service (PKM-M) by Ministry
of Research and Technology (Quarter (Quarted Pinter): Alternative Learning Media
Based on Learn Play Implementation Method to help elementary students in
understanding science subjects) 2018
• 3 Student Creativity Program Social Service (PKM-M) PKM M teams best represented
IPB in the PIMNAS event, Yogyakarta University 2018
• Founder Quarter as Alternative Learning Media by card
• Participant of Asia Pacific Rainforest Summit (APRS), Yogyakarta 2018
• Participant of International Conference on Forest Products, Bogor Indonesia 2018
• Speaker of English Discussion IFSA LC IPB Program of Bogor Agricultural University
• Finalist of Madani Festival National Debate Competition STIE Balikpapan 2018
• Finalist of Metereologi National Debate Competition IPB Bogor 2018
• 3rd winner on DSPC National Debate Competition, Dipenogoro University 2017
Organizational/Volunteering/Other Experience
• Capten Quarter’s Team of Quarter Project 2018
• LO IYSCA Olympic by IAAS Organisation of Bogor Agricultural University 2017
• Duta PLH PPKU by BEM PPKU of Bogor Agricultural University 2017
• Member IPB Green Enviromental Ambassador (IGEA) 2017
• Member Event Division FIES IFSA 2017
• Volunterring Community Service Bina Cinta Lingkungan (BCL) in Cangkurawok
Village, Bogor, West Java 2017
• Receiver of Bidikmisi Program by KemenristekDikti, 2016-Now
• Chief Executive of Studium General of LCC 4 Pilar Of Pagaralam, 2015-2016
• Duta Badan Anti Narkoba (BNN) held by Pemerintah Kota Pagaralam, South
Sumatera 2014-2015

Indonesian (Native)
English (Fluent)
Melayu (Basic)

• Konseptor
• Debate/Writing

• Enterpreunership
• Public Speaking-Relation
• Hard Working
• Team Work
• Social Project

• Reading
• Sport
• Travelling
• Discussing
• Swimming