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Undergraduate Level Architectural Thesis 2018-2019



1. Multi-specialty Hospital.
2. Habitat Centre.
3. An Airport Terminal.

1. Multi-specialty Hospital
 A Multi-specialty Hospital comprises of various specialties integrated
along with various services, having the functionality as the main
criteria for design.
 Hospital is a space where healing happens not only through medicines,
even architectural ambience plays role in it.
 Specialties

I. Scale of the Project:

750 beds in terms of three phases

 Phase 1 – 300 Beds

 Phase 2 – 300 Beds
 Phase 3 – 150 beds
II. Is it a Live project or a Hypothetical one?
 It is a live project.

III. Site Details

 It is a live project.
 AIIMS, Madurai.
 Site location – Thoppur, Madurai
 Site area – 200 acre(80.93 Ha)

IV. Source
> Ministry of Heath & Family welfare, under the scheme ‘Pradhan
Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana’

V. Book References:
 Live Case Studies:
 AIIMS Bhopal – 250 beds
 AIIMS Bhubaneswar – 500 beds
 AIIMS Jodhpur – 200 beds
 Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon – 250 beds
 Apollo Hospital, Vanagaram – 260 beds

VI. Specialized Area of Study

 Integration of services

2. Habitat centre
Habitat centre is a commercial building with all auxiliary facilities along with
an environment where the regional flora and fauna can grow, creating an
inter-related living merging with nature, with energy efficiency.

I. Scale of the Project:

 Site area not exceeding 10 acres
 Built up area of 1Lakh.sq.m
II. Is it a Live project or a Hypothetical one?
 It is a hypothetical project.
III. Book References:
 Congress, Convention and Exhibition Facilities: Planning, Design and
 Acoustics and Noise Control
 Auditorium Acoustics and Architectural Design by Michael Barron.

IV. Requirements
 Office spaces
 Convention centre
 Auditorium
 Seminar/Conference halls
 Library
 Galleries
 Hospitality spaces
 Accommodation facilities
 Open air theatre

V. Live Case Studies:

 India habitat centre, New Delhi.
 Mahatma Mandir, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat
 Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi

VI. Net Case Studies:

 Vanke centre, China
 Suzlon one earth, Maharashtra
 Vancover convention centre, Canada

VII. Specialized Area of Study

 Energy efficiency in architecture

VIII. Book Reference for the above:

 Energy Efficiency in Architecture (Measi library)
 Alternative Energy Systems in Building Designs (Measi library)
 Dean Hawkes, “Energy Efficient Buildings: Architecture, Engineering
and Environment”.
 Fuller Moore,“Environmental Control Systems”, McGraw Hill INC

3. An Airport Terminal
 An Airport comprises many varied structures that facilitate passenger
and cargo movement, maintenance, and aircraft control, and other
structures that provide for auxiliary support functions.
 The design involves planning volumes of airport terminal spaces
functionally and aesthetically, reducing the delay in time taken during
checking and security processes and other design considerations
meeting the current and future passenger usage per annum by
providing master plans.
 Overall increasing the efficiency of volumes with support facilities, By
virtue turning into a Landmark for migration with in and out the

I. Scale of the Project: 40 million passengers per annum.

II. Is it a Live project or a Hypothetical one?

 It is a live project.

III. Site Details:

 Site location - Cheyyur, Kanchipuram
 Site area – 2000 acres
 100km from Chennai city

IV. Requirements
 Curb-side facilities
 Departure hall
 Domestic departure
 International departure
 Domestic arrival
 International arrival
 Staff area
 Service area
V. Book References:
 Edward Brian, The Modern airport terminal, 2nd edition, 2005
 Airport Passenger Terminal Planning and Design, vol1, guide book,
 Airport Development Reference Manual 9th Edition 2004
 Airport Development Reference Manual, International Air Transport
Association, 9th Edition, 2004
 Aerodrome Design And Operation ICAO, 7th Edition
 Planning and design of Airports. Horonjeff Robert, 5th edition, 2010.
 Planning And Design Of Airport, Horonjeff & Mckelvey
 Sustainability in Airport Design (National Academy of Sciences)

VI. Live Case Studies:

 Chennai International Airport – (Better understanding of people
usage as proposed site in Chennai. Good access to information)
 Chathrapathi Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. (Similar city of
Chennai with huge population, closely relatable to Chennai’s air
 Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad
VII. Net Study
 Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport
 Changi Airport, Singapore
 Heyder Aliyer Airport, BAKU, Azerbaigian
VIII. Specialized Area of Study
 Energy efficiency in architecture