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How to clean LCD screen

1. Shake up the detergent and put it 15-20 cm away from the LCD screen
2. Spray on the LCD screeen surface directly
3. Cleant gently using the fabric cleanser of brush
You can also do the following steps.
1. Spray the detergent on the fabric cleanser
2. Clean the LCD screen surface to make it as bright as a new one

1. What should you do to the detergent first?

a. Spray it b. Clean it c. Put it away d. Shake it up
2. Before cleaning the screen surface, we spray the detergent on the screen surface directely or spray it
a. Our finger b. The paper c. The fabric cleanser d. the brush
3. Clean gently with the fabric cleanser or brush” what does the underline word mean?
a. Carefully b. Directly c. Harshly d. Clenaly
4. Spray on the LCD Screen ssurface directly”. What does the similar meaning of underlined word?
a. Straightly b. Clearly c. Absolutely d. Desolately

Friday, October 28, is The Youth Pledge Day. To celebrate it, each class must present a couple of
boy and girl. They have to wear and perform the traditional costumes. Also, there will be an English
Speech competition. Each class can present a boy or a girl. The categories for judging will be: Best of
performance, Message and Creativity. Winners will receive prizes at 02.00 pm at the school hall.
For more information, please confirm your class counselor
Committee Chairman,

5. How many contests are there in the text?

a.1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4
6. The prizes will be given ….
a.in the morning b. in the afternoon c. in the evening d. at night
7. “Also, there will be an English Speech competition.”
The synonym of the underlined word is ….
a.contest b. match c. game d. show
8. “They have to wear and perform the traditional costumes”.
The underlined word refers to …
a. traditional costumes c. prizes
b. winners of the contest d. a couple of boy and girl
9. They . . . english rigt now.
a. Are studying b. Are study c.is studying d. Study
10. . . . are buying many book at the moment.
a. The teacher b. The student c. The women d. The girl
11. . . . . you . . . . my dictionaries right now?
a. Are, bring b. Is, bringing c. Are, bringing e. Do, bringing
12. We have . . . in Bandung since 2004
a. Live b. Lives d. Living e. lived
13. We . . . cooked this delicious special food for you
a. Had b. Has c. Have d. Having

Please read the dialogue bellow for question 1 - 4!

Akbar :Well, I told my parents about our plan and they gave me permission. How about you?
Fadil : I’m sure I can go to see the festival too. By the way are you sure that we don’t need
Akbar : I’m not sure about it because I like shopping. So, if I see an interesting stuff, I will
buy it.
Fadil : I doubt that We can see interesting stuff will be bought. I think We just see some
stalls which sell foods.
Akbar : You are right. Anyway, is it confirmed that we are going to go by bus?
Fadil : Yes, it is. I’m no doubt about it. It is easy to get and cheap.
Akbar : I’m glad to hear it.

1. Mention the expression of asking for and giving certainty or uncertainty! (certainty : kepastian)
2. Who is in the dialogue?
3. How will they go to the festival?
4. Translete into english using the suitable gramar
a. Kemarin saya belajar bahasa arab
b. Setiap hari dia pergi ke sekolah
c. Besok saya akan pergi ke jakarta