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PAREF Southridge School

Civics and History 4

11 November 2018

Group of People
Duration: 40 minutes

1. Cite some ethnic groups in the Philippines
2. Provide ways on how to treat others with respect

Good morning, Mr. Giray, fellow citizens,

and the Philippines!

It is wonderful to start this afternoon within

ourselves and with our surroundings.

Therefore, by the virtue of cleanliness, within (Students arrange their things, align their
5 seconds, kindly the trashes near you tables and chairs, and keep all unnecessary
properly. Then, within 5 seconds kindly align things under their tables.)
your chairs properly.

Now, we sit down properly. Thank you!

(Later, the teacher writes the objectives for

the day.)

Today, we are going to do the following. So Students read:

kindly read it properly. 1. Cite some ethnic groups in the
2. Provide ways on how to
treat others with respect

Review and motivation

Last time, we studied regarding the culture. Culture refers to the way of life of a group of
So, what do you mean by culture again? people in an area, within a particular time.

The culture has been defined, and when

talking about culture, we cannot separate
culture from group people. Since a group of
has its own culture.

Imagine this: You have a new classmate who

is an Aeta. A group of students make fun of
him because of his appearance and accent.
What would you do?
I will defend him. He does not deserve that.

I will talk to my classmates to stop it.

I will call the attention of the teacher.

Lesson proper

Now, you will do your own discussion by


Listen first for instructions.

1. Form your group. Leaders, facilitate
the discussion.
2. Share your interview or research
regarding ethnic groups with your
3. One at a time sharing only.

(Group discussion)

1. What are the ethnic groups that you all just

We have Aeta, Ifugao, Bicolano, and

We have Cebuano, Manobo, Mamanwa, and


2. What are the things you learned from your I learned that Bisaya are found coomnoly in
classmates’ sharing? the islands of Visayas.

The Lumad are a group of non-Muslim

indigenous people in the southern

The Philippines is inhabited by more than

175 ethnic groups. Will the differences in
ethnic groups prevent or help the making of
the Filipino identity?
I think it will not prevent, because our
cultures make our life more interesting.
Despite differences, we are still Filipino. We
shall just need to see each other as God’s
There are people who commit negative acts
regarding differences of ethnic groups such
as discrimination? What virtue is lacking?
I think respect because people who commit
those bad acts do not regard the people as
human beings. They treat them as inferior.
When giving respect, should you also believe
in the their beliefs or follow their traditions
No, I must not be. I just need to acknowledge
their beliefs, and do not criticize them.

What takeaways from the lesson will be
important to know three years from now?
My takeaway is respect plays an important
role in a harmonious interaction with other
ethnic groups.
Treat others as you want to be treated.
Luke 6:31

Good bye and thank you 4A.