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David Alvarez
Student Development Coordinator
3736 Knollcrest Rd, 46835
Fort Wayne, Indiana
RE: Cathi Hawks
Assistant Director of Music, Cathi Hawks
The Chapel
2505 W. Hamilton Rd. S.
Fort Wayne, IN 46814
(260) 625-6200
You need a sharp Assistant Director of Music with great relational and music skills. My
education and training make me an ideal candidate for this position.
My educational background and previous work experience have prepared me for the role
of Assistant Director of Music. My major, Communication Studies, has given me the ability to
build relationships and work well with others. My previous work experience with Unity
Performing Arts Foundation (an organization that uses the arts as an attraction to empower youth
to become adult leaders and professionals, exposing them to different cultures globally, and
teaching them how to become assets to the community), has given me the knowledge on music
and performing which is exactly what you are looking for. I value your mission and want of
spreading the word of God through your music, and I am eager to contribute my enthusiasm and
experience to The Chapel.
I am certain that my resume will give you a greater understanding of my qualifications for this
exciting opportunity. I will call your office on Friday, October 19, to discuss the arrangement of
a formal meeting.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with and learn from you and your talented
team. I look forward to contributing to your company and helping The Chapel to grow and
become and even better organization! I look forward to speaking with you soon.


David Alvarez