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7C's of Communication

Purpose: Students identify key components of effective communication, and then practice using those
components in a written message.

Task 1: Read the following email, then explain in your own words what you think is wrong with it. (10


Subject: tomorrow

As you know, tomorrow afternoon we'll be meeting to discuss the status of all of our current projects.
Donuts will be provided. Be sure to arrive on time and bring along the materials you have been working
on this week-bring enough copies for everyone. Some of these material might include your calendars,
reports, and any important emails you have sent. Also, I wanted to remind you that your parking permit
requests are due later this week; you should turn those in to Ms. Jones, and if she is not at her desk
when you stop by, you can email them to her.

Task 2: Using what you have learned on the 7C's of Communication, create a one- paragraph email
response to your teacher based on the following scenario: (15points)

You have a deadline for a paper due tomorrow. The paper was assigned at the beggining of the course.
Thought you did not start until week 5, you have been working hard on the paper but need more time to
finish it. The teacher teacher stated that he /she would not give extensions without a good reason. Using
7C's of communication, create a one paragraph request for a one-week continuation on the assignment.

The subject must be "materials to bring for tomorrow's meeting" cause its the highlight . The sender
didnt include courtesy, polite words like thank you and please are not used. About the correctness,
there's a grammatical error, like the text "Some of these material" the material should be in plural form.
It lacks completeness, there's no name of the sender, time, place and recipient stated. The concreteness
is not followed, for example the number of copies for everyone is not specific, and maybe the receiver
didnt know the exact number of the people. Clearness is not well, since the sender didnt focus in a single
objective, in the last part the sender added additional information and the materials should be
separated by bullets for clarity.
Subject: Excuse letter request

Goodmorning teacher, I would like to request for an additional time to complete my work. But first, I am
very sorry for not submitting my assignment on time. Because, I am taking care of my sister who has a
severe fever and until now Im at the hospital. Also, my parents are working and taking care of my
younger siblings, so Im the only person they can depend on. And focusing in my sister is more important
than writing my paper first. Please allow me to get one more week continuation for the assignment.
Again, sorry and thank you for your kindness and consideration for my request, have a great day.


Jopit O. Rivera