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The Thirsting Blade

T ieves of the Thristing Blade are trained killers


that have mastered the grim art of death, using stealth and subtlety to eliminate their foes with deadly efficiency. When it comes to combat, a Thirsting Blade prioritizes cunning and technique over brute strength. They prefer to make a single precise strike, placing it exactly

where it will hurt the target most, than wear an opponent down with a barrage of attacks.

R ole: Thieves of the Thirsting Blade are more than just hired killers. They are a brotherhood of like-minded individuals -- an independent sect of the Thieves Guild of Quaizzon that value freedom and liberty above all else. In addition to enemies of the Thieves Guild, the Thirsting Blade is rumored to be responsible for eliminating corrupt bureaucrats and tyrannical vassals of the Archduke.

Secondary Skills: Any.

Weapon Proficiencies: Because of their focus on combat and weapons training, a Thirsting Blade, unlike thieves of other kits, is permitted the use of any weapon.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Required: Observation, Tumbling. Recommended: Alertness, Disguise, Evasion, Information Gathering, Tracking, Trailing.

Skill Progression: Thirsting Blades favor the skills of S neak Attack, Move Silently, Hide in Shadows, and Climb Walls.

Special Benefits: Thirsting Blades are trained in a special combat technique known as Sneak Attack. Beginning at 1st level, a Thirsting Blade knows how to strike subtly and exploit a foe’s distraction. Once per round on a successful melee hit, you can backstab without needing surprise and without needing to be behind the target. At 1st level, a Thirsting Blade has a base chance of 45% to Sneak Attack on their first successful melee hit of the round. To this base score, add (or subtract) any appropriate modifiers for dexterity, race, and armor worn (given on Tables 1, 2, and 3, respectively). A Thirsting Blade's chance to Sneak Attack is reduced by 5% for each enemy (other than his target) within 5 feet. This penalty is negated by an advanced form of the Tumbling proficiency called Evasion, which costs the Thirsting Blade two slots - one for Tumbling and one for Evasion.

Special Hindrances: Because of the time spent on weapons training and advanced combat techniques, like Sneak Attack, a Thirsting Blade advances more slowly than other thieves. Instead of the Thief table, a Thirsting Blade uses the Fighter experience table for level advancement.

Equipment: Besides the usual range of thiefly equipment, Thirsting Blades take interest in items for killing their prey. Special items, such as blade boots and death knives, are sometimes taken as favorite weapons.

Table 1: Sneak Attack Dexterity Adjustments


Sneak Attack



















Table 2: Sneak Attack Racial Adjustments


Sneak Attack











Table 3: Sneak Attack Armor Adjustments

Armor Type

Sneak Attack

No Armor


Elven Chain


Padded or Studded Leather


Adjustments Armor Type Sneak Attack No Armor +5% Elven Chain -10% Padded or Studded Leather -20%