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Railcar Rental Program for

Power Transformer Relocation

Moving large power transformers can be Railcar Capacities and Daily Rates/Fees
a challenge. Their large dimensions and The ABB Railcar Rental Program includes the
extreme weight pose unique requirements type and class of railcars listed below.
to ensure safe and efficient transportation.
ABB’s Railcar Rental Program helps custom-
Car # Type Load (lbs.) Daily Rate Fees

Train of Thought Marketing, Inc. 919-481-1481

ers meet those unique requirements with a
PTDX7060* Dep. Center 512,000 NA $5,000
fleet of specialty railcars.
PTDX7061* Dep. Center 620,000 NA $10,000
Railcar Types and Uses PTDX-201 Schnabel 750,000 $2,000 NA

ABB owns, operates and rents a fleet of PTDX-202** Schnabel 1,000,000 $2,500 NA

­railcars designed specifically for the trans- PTDX-203 Schnabel 750,000 $2,000 NA

portation of large, heavy loads. Three dif- PTDX-204 Schnabel 750,000 $2,000 NA

ferent types of cars are utilized based on PTDX-205* Side Rail 733,000 NA $10,000

the specific load requirements: depressed * One time loading fee – no daily charge
center, Schnabel and side rail. ABB’s rail ** A special train is required to move this car under
specialists are available to assist you in load. Special train rates are charged on a per-mile
­determining the best choice. basis, plus normal freight charges.

Railcar Rental Arrangements and Terms

ABB will help you make the choice in all
areas of railcar selection, scheduling, insurance,
and contracting. Rental terms are negotiated
individually for each contract however; typical
terms include, but are not limited to, the
• Daily rental rates are applicable from the
day the car departs until the day it returns.
Depressed Center. The 12-axle depressed • All freight charges are the customer’s
center flatcars are used primarily with larger load
requirements. These cars are equipped with a
cushioning system to provide a smooth ride along • Any damage to the railcar, whether
the rails. caused by customer or railroad, is the
responsibility of the customer.
• A rental contract must be executed prior to
the release of any railcar to the customer.

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• ABB technical assistance is required on-site
during the loading and unloading of
Schnabel cars utilizing ABB price list 48-519.

Schnabel. Certain transformers are designed to

be an integral part of the “Schnabel type” car. The Further Information

transformer attaches to railcar frames utilizing a Call your local ABB representative or contact:
­pinning system located near the base. This allows
the transformer to ride approximately six inches
above the rail. These cars range in mechanical ABB Inc.
design from 12 to 20 axles. Load requirements Transformer Remanufacturing
determine car capacity requirements. and Engineering Services (TRES)
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