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Policy Letter No. 09 /2012

Tele: 23019646 E2 Wks (PPC) Sub Dte

Die of Wks, E-in-C's Branch
Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)
Kashmir House, Rajaji Marg,
New Delhi- 110011.

A/83975/PA/Md Accn/E2W(PPC) 64- Dec 12

E-in-C's List 'A' and 'B'


1. Plinth Area (PA) rates for Married Accommodation based on Standard Schedule
of Rates (SSR) 2010 as approved by Government is at Appendix A. These are basic
rates at par SSR 2010 for double storey conventional type of construction based on
E-in-C's Line Plans 1990 series as per Scale of Accommodation (SOA) 2009. The
specifications in brief, based on which the rates have been derived are at Annexure I.
Market variation as prevalent will be added to the estimates.

2. In case the specification varies with those mentioned in relevant Annexure,

suitable addition I omission shall be made in the basic Plinth Area rate as per the rates
specified at Appendix B.

3. Additional provision over the rates at Appendix A will be made for the following:-

(a) Foundation. Isolated RCC footing is included in the PA rates calculation

'::\/ unless otherwise mentioned in the specification of the relevant building.

(b) RCC Superstructure. Extra amount for RCC framed construction

J shown at Appendix B caters for construction upto six storeys only.

(c) Multi-Storeyed Construction. While preparing AEs for multi-storeyed

/ construction, provisions contained in SSR 2010, Part II (Clause 1.14.2 - General
Rules) for increase of basic PA Rates by 5% for 5 to 8 storeys, 10% for 9 to 12
storeys and 15% for 13 to 16 storeys shall be adopted. For any other type of
foundation, corresponding cost shall be added as given in Appendix 'B' after
deducting cost of isolated RCC footing for double storey at the rate of Rs 1190/-
per square meter.

(d) Seismic Provision. Rate is inclusive of strengthening as per Seismic

Zone Ill provisions. Provision for seismic zones other than Zone Ill safeguards
will be as per Appendix B.

(e) Anti-Termite Safeguards. This will be calculated for the ground floor area
only. For pre-treatment of soil and foundation, additional rate admissible will be
as per Appendix B.

(f) Ceiling Height The rates given at Appendix A are for a floor to
ceiling height of 290 em. In case increased height is necessary, extra element as
per Appendix B will be allowed in the AEs.

(g) Mosquito Proofing. Rates at Appendix B will be added to the

basic PA rates to provide mosquito proofing to doors and windows (opening

(h) Coastal Areas. Measures to offset the peculiar environmental effects

in coastal areas have not been accounted for in the basic rates and shall be
catered for separately in the AEs.

0) Green Building Rating (GRIHA 3 Star). Additional features I provisions

for making buildings comply with GRIHA 3 Star rating shall be provided as per
requirement Additional amount in the estimate shall be catered for as a separate
item with supporting details in the Board Proceedings. An annexure shall be
added to AEs specifying credit I points earned by each Green Building feature to
enable the building qualify for GRIHA 3 Star rating. Extra amount on account of
Green Building norms should not exceed lesser of the following: -

(i) 10% of cost of project

(ii) Cost as per CPWD rates in that area.

(k) In case alternate specifications other than those mentioned in this letter
are desired to be adopted due to local practice I environmental conditions not
covered above, these shall be clearly spell out in the Board Proceedings and
specifically explained in the estimates giving financial effect of each item

(I) All concrete work included in PA rates I additional rates are of M25 grade.

(m) Aluminium windows I grills shall be provided in all married accommodation

as per the latest MAP specifications. Additional cost shall be added in the AEs
suitably in lieu of wooden windows considered in the PA rates.

4. The PA rates include cost of built-in items of furniture to the extent mentioned at
Appendix A. All other items shall be provisioned separately in the furniture estimates.

5. Servant quarters and garages will normally be built as part of the main building of
officers' quarter and rates for relevant accommodation will be applicable to that
construction also. However, wherever servants quarters and garages are built detached
from the main building due to site conditions, PA rates as shown at Appendix A for
servant quarters and garages will be applicable.

6. If certain additional elements and I or changes I specifications are technically

necessary and no matching savings from other elements of PA rates are possible, this,
alongwith financial implications will be brought out at the AE stage itself, as far as

possible. CEs will ensure maximum economy in design and specifications, so that the
pre-priced amount does not exceed the cost of work as per approved PA rates. If there
is any variation, the same would be explained specifically giving financial effect of each
item separately. Where the pre-priced PA rates happen to be less than the approved PA
rates, a reduction statement shall be initiated to account for the same.

7. The PA Rates above are issued with the concurrence of the MoD I D (Works-1)
vide their U.O. No. 650/D (W-1)/12 dated 18 Oct 12.

8. This supersedes earlier PA rates for Married Accommodation circulated vide

E-in-C's Branch letter No 83975/PNMd/E2W (PPC) dated 17 Sep 08.

(SK Khanna)
DDGW (PPC & Est)
Encls : As above.

Copy to:-

MoD I D (Works-ll

MoD (Fin I Works-1)

QMG's Branch I ADG LWE

Naval HQ I Dte of Wks

'A' Block, New Delhi.

Air HQ I Dte of Air Force Wks

Vayu Bhawan, Rafi Marg,
New Delhi -110011.

Coast Guards HQ
National Stadium Complex
New Delhi- 110001.


TS toE-in-C TS to DGW E2W (Army)

E2W (Navy) E2W (Air) E2W (Design)

E4 (Utility) E6 (Arch) E8 (Contract)


Appendix A
(Refers to E-in-C's Branch letter No
AI839751PAIMd AccniE2W (PPC) dated O'f- Dec 12)



Ser No Type of Building PA Rate based on

SSR 2010
(Rs per sqm)
1. Major & above 9765
2. Captain 9589
3. Lt I 2"d Lt 9589
4. JCO 9106
5. Hav IORs 8701
6. Servant Quarters I Garage 7668


1. The rates are for per storey in double storeyed construction.

2. The rates exclude cost of compound walls.

3. The rates include cost of the following items in officers' quarters: -

(a) Integrated Sink and Drainage Board

(b) Hot Case

(c) Table Pantry

(d) Peg Sets

(e) Towel Rails

4. The rates include the following built-in items of furniture: -

(a) Officers' Quarters.

(i) Book Shelf

(ii) Table Cooking


(iii) Cupboard I Wardrobes (3 Nos for Major and above & 2 Nos for
Capt and below).

(b) JCO. Hav. OR Quarters.

(i) Cupboard - 2 Nos

(ii) Peg Sets

5. At stations, where fans are not authorised, the following amount may be
deducted from the total cost, for a block of 4 quarters: -

SerNa Type of Cost of Fans to be deducted for a

Accommodation block of 4 Quarters (in Rs)
(a) Major & above 62093
(b) Captain I Lt I 2"d Lt 51744
(c) JCO 41395
(d) Hav I ORs 31046



Ser No Type of Building PA Rate based on

SSR 2010
(Rs per sqm)
1. Type VI Type IV 9373
2. Type Ill 9346
3. Type II I Type I 9652
4. Servant Qtr I Garage 7668


1. The rates are for per storey in double storeyed construction.

2. The rates exclude cost of compound walls.

3. All fittings and fixtures shall be provided as authorised.


Appendix B
(Refers to E-in-C's Branch letter No
N83975/PAJMd Accn/E2W (PPC) dated 04- Dec 12)

(Rs per sqm)

Ser Description of Item PA Rates as
No per SSR 2010
Additional effect of Seismic Zone IV IV over Seismic Zone Ill: -
1. (a) Single Storey 172
(b) Double Storey 207
Cost of RCC Foundation for: -
(a) Single Storey 2401
(b) Double Storey 1.190
(c) Triple storey 794
3. Cost of Load Bearing Foundation 421
4. Cost of Pile Foundation 1715
Cost of RCC Framed Construction Super Structure in lieu of
5. 1863
Load Bearing Construction
Cost of additional 0.30M ceiling height over and above
6. 171
specification given for PA Rates.
7. Cost for providing sloped roof (Single storey) 342
Cost for providing Higher Grade of concrete (M30 Design Mix in
8. 98
lieu of M25 Design Mix)
Cost for providing Higher Grade of concrete (M25 Design Mix in
9. 182
lieu of 1:2:4 Normal Mix)
10. Cost for providing PCC Blocks in lieu of Burnt bricks in wall 211
Cost for providing APP Roof Treatment in lieu of Mud Phuksha
11. 294
(for Roof only)
Cost for providing grit finish in lieu of cement plaster and
12. 335
Cement Based Paint in external Surface Finish .

Cost for providing Cement Based Paint in lieu of Colour Wash

13. 38
in External Surface Finish
Cost of providing additional Exterior Finish (emulsion paint I
14. 47
weather coat) in External Surface Finish

Ser Description of Item PA Rates as

No per SSR 2010
15. Cost of providing Mosquito Proofing 321
16. Cost for providing Anti Termite Treatment (Ground Floor only) 127
Cost of following Floor finishes :-
(a) Terrazo Tiles Flooring in White cement and pigment in lieu
of PCC Flooring

17. (b) Terrazo Tiles Flooring with mixture of Grey and White
cement and no pigment in lieu of PCC Flooring
(c) Ceramic Tiles Flooring in lieu of PCC Flooring 415
(d) Kota Stone Flooring in lieu of PCC Flooring 433
Cost of following Internal finishes: -
(a) Dry Distemper in lieu of White Wash 8
(b) Oil Bound in lieu of Dry Distemper 11
(c) Plastic Emulsion Paint in lieu of Oil Bound Distemper. 23
Cost for providing Copper Cable Wiring in lieu of fittings in lieu
19. of Aluminium Wiring
Cost for providing Fluorescent Tube Light fittings I CFL fittings
20. 24
in lieu of Incandescent light.
21. Cost for providing Cement Based Paint only 37
22. Cost for providing Stone Masonary in lieu of Brick Masonary. 888
·- 8

Annexure I
(Refers to E-in-C's Branch letter No
A/83975/PA/Md Accn/E2W (PPC) dated z:if- Dec 12)

[::·~~;=~ ~E~i~s'"=·;cc,~~--~-~~~~
i _Qi='_g_____________________________~_LE_Q.Q__1~.2.-~-'N. it h__l/j<:~tE:lr__l''~()_()_fif1_g__ g_()_rT1_R_()~Il_cJ_._____________ ---------------------------------:

f ~~f~~%t_~~-Rg_()L__ _;--~-~:::~~~!;~\g!%J~f:~~~:d~\~:.-Q~()_u_t~d_if1_g_~__1_:3: __________________ _
-Fi"oorfn_g________________________________ -For Officers:ViilifTeCi7-ceramic--t1ie-s--over---f5-mm---iFiick'-scree_d__
bed in CM 1:4 over a layer of PCC 1:2:4 over sub base of PCC
1:5:10 as applicable.
For JCO I OR. Ceramic Tiles over 15mm thick screed bed in
CM 1:4 over a layer of PCC 1:2:4 over sub base of PCC 1:5:10
-------------------------------------------- __§_~_i:IP.()_I_ic;<:~~-!~,------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dado I Skirting For Officers.Vitrified I Ceramic Tiles dado I skirting over 10mm
thick cement screed in CM 1:3.
For JCO I OR. Ceramic Tiles dado I skirting over 10mm thick
----------------------- ce~_scr~~cj__if1__ g_M_J:_~'----------------------------------------------------------------'
Joinery (Doors & j : Frames. Second Class Hardwood.
--~~n-~-:~_> _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -~~~~;!~~:r~~~:.c~~~~-~~~~--~~~~~~~~~~[~~~b~:{~La.~-s~------------
Steel Grills/Guard : Steel Grills to Windows in Officers' Quarters and Guard Bars to ,
__E3_§i_8____________________~thers ·------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
f Fly Proofing : · Fly Proofing to Kitchen, Doors & Windows. .
J lron-Mongery·-----------------;-- -~u-~~~~-;;~A~~~~~~(f-titifrl9s__i_n___ofiicers-.--·-a·u-arters---ancriJTa-ci<-
--FTnisfl-es_________ Externai.-Resin--sase<:r--ralni"---iil--oifice-rs-.----a·u-arters-:--e:-en;·enfi
Based Paint in others quarters.
Internal. Oil Bound distemper in Officers' Quarters, Dry
Distemper in other quarters, White washes in servant quarter I
_______________________ ara.~~---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Eiectric wiring . Concealed Conduit Electric Copper Wiring using PVC Conduit
_______________________________ wi!l_l__g F'=_Lfi.'=__@il}g_,_______________________________________________________________________,
~~=~~upp[y--------+c~~~ ~~~i*i~~i~r~a~~~i~~~~~g~~v~-6~~/t;~r~~~-~:_______________________,
·s-anita-ryFitti ngs·-----------q:Vii-reo-us-cflTnawareof'app-ro-verfm-ake--(Vilhilef' _____________________