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Small, but concise, this little book continues to provide you hard-to-find facts
about our industry. This fifth edition, supported by IHS, contains expanded
sections suggested by you the reader and updated content for the remaining

So what’s new this year? Well, we have provided you with additional KPIs for
benchmarking customer satisfaction for maintenance contractors which you can
find on pages 54-57. The special tips for tax relief for building work has been
added to the financial data.

Don’t forget, a handy Freepost form for your suggestions can be found at the
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Andrew Eastwell
Chief Executive, BSRIA Ltd
What’s in the BSRIA Blue Book
2 Useful data
2 Benchmarks for good practice energy consumption
2 Calorific values
2 Carbon dioxide emissions
3 Conversion factors
4 Conversion factors (pressure)
5 Cost of M&E services
6 Estimated monthly mean daily diffuse radiation
6 Floor space allocation for occupants
7 Heating degree-days
8 Recommended comfort criteria
9 Rules of thumb for airtightness
9 Specific heat
9 Thermal conductivities
10 Thermal loads
11 Typical breakdown of energy consumption in offices
11 Flow rate conversion factors
11 Historic U values

14 Annual building running costs

14 Service charges
15 Air conditioning systems - 30 years analysis
What’s in the BSRIA Blue Book
17 Legislation
17 New legislation
18 Impending legislation

20 Key industry contacts

31 Key contacts and expertise
42 Membership
42 Building owners
43 Consulting engineers
45 Contractors
47 Manufacturers
48 Other Members
49 Quasi Members
49 Honorary Members

52 Key performance indicators

53 M&E contractors KPIs
55 Environment – all construction
56 Customer satisfaction for maintenance contractors
57 Customer satisfaction of M&E maintenance
58 KPI scoring

60 BSRIA training courses

61 Building services industry
62 Construction and M&E constant prices
63 Construction output forecasts
64 Energy consumption, TJ, 2005
65 Renewable energy use
66 UK building stock
70 New publications
75 BSRIA services
75 Airtightness testing
76 Bookshop/information
77 Building compliance
78 Business strategy
79 Construction support
80 Design support
81 Energy efficiency
82 Facilities management
83 Instrument Solutions
84 Membership
85 Research
86 Testing and certification
87 Training and events
88 Troubleshooting
89 Water in buildings
90 Worldwide Market Intelligence
92 BSRIA products and services

94 Useful financial information


Useful data

Benchmarks for good practice energy consumption Calorific values 15°C and 101·325 kPa
(kWh/m2 per annum treated floor area)
Gross (MJ/m3) Net (MJ/ms3)
Cellular Open plan Standard Prestige
Natural gas (North Sea) 38·62 34·82
natural natural air air
ventilation ventilation conditioned conditioned Kerosene 46·5 43·5
Gas Gas oil 45·65 42·8
Good 79 79 97 114 Propane 93·94 86·42
Source: Technical Data on Fuel, Rose & Cooper
(Typical) 151 151 178 210
Electricity Carbon dioxide emissions
Good 33 54 128 234 Category Fuel Carbon dioxide emission
practice (kg/kWh delivery)
(Typical) 54 85 226 358
Primary energy, Electricity 0·55 (average)
CHP plant, waste
heat source Coal 0·30
Fuel oil 0·25
Gas 0·19

CO2 to carbon Divide by 3·67

Source: CIBSE Guide F

Conversion factors

Length 25·4 mm 1 0·039 in Force 91 807 N 1 0·0000108 kgf

0·3048 m 1 3·28 ft Energy 3·6 M J 1 0·278 kWh
1609 m 1 0·00062 miles 1055 J 1 0·239 calIT
Area 6·4516 cm2 1 0·155 in 2 1055 J 1 0·00095 btu
0·0929 m2 1 10·76 ft2 105·5 M J 1 0·0095 therm
16·39 cm3 1 0·061 in 3 Power 745·7 W 1 0·00134 hp
28·32 dm 3 1 0·035 ft3 0·2931 W 1 3·412 btu/h
0·7646 m3 1 1·307 yd 3 3·517 kW 1 0·284 ton
0·4047 hectares 1 2·471 acres refrigeration
3 746·08 W 1 0·00134 hp
Capacity 4·4546 dm 1 0·224 UK gallon
Specific energy 2326 J/kg 1 0·00043 btu/lb
Speed 0·3048 m/s 1 3·28 ft/s
0·00508 m/s 1 196·85 ft/min Heat content
(volume basis) 37·259 kJ/m3 1 0·0269 btu/ft3
Mass 0·45359 kg 1 2·205 lb
Specific heat
1·016 tonne 1 0·984 imperial ton
capacity 4187 J/kg K 1 0·00024 btu/lb°F
Density 16·019 kg/m3 1 0·062 lb/ft3
Fuel consumption 0·354 km/litre 1 2·82 mpg


Useful data

Conversion factors (pressure)

Units bar mbar Pa kPa In. H2O mm. H2O lb/in 2

bar 1 10 3 10 5 100 4·01 x 102 1·02 x 104 14·5

mbar 10 -3 1 100 0·1 0·401 10·2 1·45 x 10-3

Pa 1 x 10-5 0·01 1 10 -3 4·01 x 10-3 0·102 1·45 x 10-4

kPa 0·01 10 10 3 1 4·01 102 0·145

In. H2O 2·4 x 10-3 2·49 249 0·249 1 25·4 3·61 x 10-2

mm. H2O 9·81 x 10-5 9·81 x 10-2 9·81 9·81 x 10-2 3·94 x 10-2 1 1·42 x 10-3

lb/in 3 6·89 x 10-2 68·9 6·89 x 10-3 6·89 27·7 7·03 x 102 1
Cost of M&E services by type of building and service

Type of building Type of service and building M&E services £/m2

Offices Air conditioned (owned) 490

Air conditioned (let) 420 – 438

Not air-conditioned (owned) 306 – 316

Not air-conditioned (let) 270 – 285

Factory Purpose-built for owner 125 – 190

Warehouse High bay (owned) 100 – 205

Education Secondary/middle school 330 – 410

Hospitals District general 460 – 650

Private 730 – 790

Leisure centres Not air-conditioned 313

Air conditioned 424

Source: SPON’S Mechanical and Electrical Services Price Book 2009, Edited by Davis Langdon, Mott Green Wall
Source: Energy efficiency in Buildings – Offices, EEO Booklet


Useful data

Estimated monthly mean daily diffuse radiation on inclined Floor space allocation for occupants
panels, for Kew

(kWh/m2 per day) Type of building or space Floor space allowance

per occupant
Max Min Mean
General offices and
Horizontal 2·79 0·35 1·55 commercial buildings 12 – 17 m2 gross
10° South 2·82 0·36 1·59 Trading desks, call centres,
30° South 2·76 0·36 1·58 workstations 4 – 6 m2/person
Legislative requirement:
60° South 2·41 0·33 1·40
Offices, shops and
Vertical South 1·88 0·26 1·11 railway premises 3·7 m2 (minimum)
Vertical SE/SW 1·88 0·26 1·09

Vertical E/W 1·87 0·24 1·03

D 3/2008 Building Services
Vertical NE/NW 1·78 0·22 0·95 Legislation covers all UK and
European legislation and is
Vertical North 1·73 0·21 0·91 now available in electronic
format from the BSRIA

Source: European Solar Radiation Atlas, Palz, Greif, 3rd Edition Source: Rules of Thumb, BG 14/2003. BSRIA
Heating degree-days, 10 year average, September to May
Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Thames Valley 52 132 226 315 313 276 228 177 100
South East 71 158 248 332 334 302 252 201 124
Southern 62 134 217 302 307 277 246 199 114
South West 54 123 201 280 285 254 235 194 114
Severn Valley 43 120 200 294 293 257 219 178 97
Midlands 78 169 254 348 349 298 264 213 135
West Pennines 79 165 250 341 341 289 259 203 129
North West 95 182 271 354 358 308 288 227 147
Borders 99 179 262 343 346 292 281 238 179
North East 90 173 259 345 348 285 273 229 166
East Pennines 77 167 260 350 353 293 260 206 133
East Anglia 70 152 257 345 346 311 270 213 135
West Scotland 103 190 269 361 351 300 285 226 154
East Scotland 106 194 282 367 367 309 290 234 177
N E Scotland 115 202 284 375 361 312 303 253 198
Wales 68 140 216 296 310 271 254 211 143
N Ireland 96 174 254 333 337 288 273 221 153
N W Scotland 117 199 259 326 327 298 305 255 199
Source: Degree Days Direct


Useful data

Recommended comfort criteria

Building/room type Winter dry resultant Summer dry resultant Suggested air supply Maintained illuminance
temperature (°C) temperature (°C) (l/s per person) (lux)

– executive 21-23 22-24 10 300-500
– general 21-23 22-24 10 300-500
– open-plan 21-23 22-24 10 300-500

– shopping malls 12-19 21-25 10 50-300
– small shops 19-21 21-23 10 500
– supermarkets 19-21 21-23 10 750/1000

Banks, building
societies, post offices
– counters 19-21 21-23 10 500
– public areas 19-21 21-23 10 300

Relative humidity 40-60%

for comfort
Source: CIBSE Guide A. 2006
Rules of thumb for airtightness Thermal conductivities (W/mK)

The Building Regulations require all commercial and industrial Metal Temperature/°K
buildings with a gross floor area greater than 500 m2 to be
tested for airtightness to a minimum standard of 10 m3(h.m2) at 173·2 273·2 373·2 573·2 973·2
50 Pascals.
Aluminium 241 236 240 233 92
Note that many passive and low energy comfort-control systems, Copper 420 403 395 381 354
such as Termodeck, require values of fabric airtightness
considerably better than required by the Building Regulations for Iron 99 83·5 72 56 34
them to perform optimally.
Nickel 113 94 83 67 71
Source: Building Regulations
Titanium 26 22 21 19 21

Zinc 117 117 112 104 66

Specific heat

30% Glycol (20°C) = 3645 J/kg K

Water (20°C) = 4180 J/kg K

Mild steel = 500 J/kg K
Copper = 390 J/kg K

Source: ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals. 1997 Source: Tables of Physical and Chemical Constants, 14th Edition. Kay & Laby


Useful data

Thermal loads
Thermal load Type of building Load per unit floor Thermal load Type of building Load per unit floor
category or load area (or other category or load area (or other
indicated parameter) indicated parameter)
Heating load Offices 70 W/m2 Typical buildings Retail 140 W/m2
Industrial 80 W/m2 Banks 160 W/m2
Educational 100 W/m2 Restaurants 220 W/m2
Retail 110 W/m 2 Hotels 150 – 300 W/m2
Residential 60 W/m2 Computer suites 400 W/m2 (approx)

Total cooling General office 125 W/m2 Solar heat gains Windows with
load internal blinds
Interior zones 75 W/m2
(more than 7 m „ south facing, 250 W/m2 of glass
from windows) June-Sept
Perimeter zones „ east-west facing,
June-Sept 150 W/m2 of glass
„ 65% glazing 180 W/m2
Other heat gains Metabolic 10 W/m2
„ 60% glazing 120 W/m2
Lighting 12 W/m2
Office machinery 15 W/m2
Source: Rules of Thumb, BG 14/2003. BSRIA
Typical breakdown of energy consumption in offices Flow rate conversion factors

Naturally Air m3/s = ft3/min x 4·72 x 10-4 = l/s x 10-3

ventilated conditioned
l/s = ft3/min x 0·472 = m3/s x 103
(%) (%)
ft3/min = m3/s x 2·12 x 103 = 2·12 l/s
Space heating 60 48
l/s = galls/min x 7·58 x 10-2 = galls/h x 1·26 x 10-3
Lighting 20 16
galls/h = l/s x 793
Hot water 12 6
galls/min = l/s x 13·2
Cooling 0 10
Other electrical
(including pumps and fans) 8 20

Historic U values for non-domestic buildings (W/m2/K)

2002 1990 1985 1972 1965 1958

Walls 0·35 0·45 0·6 1·7 1·7

Roof 0·16 0·45 0·6 1·42 1·42 1·7 BSRIA Guide BG 7/2004 Business-Focused Maintenance is designed to
assist facilities managers maintain systems at their optimal
Floor 0·25 0·6 0·6 1·42 1·42 performance and to help them achieve energy targets.
Source: Building Regulations

Modern Built

Knowledge Transfer Network

Matching innovative technology “The KTN aims to intensify

to market needs... technological innovation within the
built environment by working
closely with our members and
partners to learn about and
collaborate on new solutions –
wherever in the world they may
be found – delivering significant
improvements in performance
and productivity to those
organisations engaged with us.”
What is the MBE KTN?

MBE KTN is a single, National Network for the Built Environment.

The Network brings together all organisations that make up supply chains active in the built
environment industries, such as businesses (suppliers and clients), universities, research and
technology organisations, the finance community and government
departments and agencies.

MBE KTN is delivered through a consortium including Regis


Modern Built Environment

Knowledge Transfer Network email:

Building running costs

Annual service charges (lettable areas)

Design area Application Other information Rule of thumb*

Offices (let) Air-conditioned Average service £1.37/ft2

charge for M&E services

Non air-conditioned Average service £0.93/ft2

charge for M&E services

Lifts Average service £0.27/ft2

charge for lift and
escalator maintenance
From Office Oscar 2007, Jones Lange LaSalle.

Shopping centres Average service Enclosed air-conditioned

charge by size, location „ Small £9.19/ft2
and type „ Medium £6.37/ft2
„ Large £5.07/ft2

Enclosed non air-conditioned

„ Small £12.05/ft2
„ Medium £4.89/ft2
„ Large £4.31/ft2
From RetailReview
Oscar 2007, Jones Lange
of Maintenance LaSalle.
Costs 2007
Air conditioning systems – 30 years analysis

The costs in this chart are illustrative, providing a comparison of whole-life costs of various air-conditioning systems incurred over a
30 year period in today’s prices with no discounted rate or inflation applied. The costs are modelled on a 7000 m2 GIA (gross internal
area) office building operating 10 hours a day, five days a week, at average occupancy. The data excludes emergency call-out maintenance.


Energy Maintenance Life-cycle Capital


£/m2 GIA over 30 years





Constant Displacement Dual VAV Chilled Fan Reverse Variable
volume ventilation duct beam coil heat pump refrigerant

These figures were calculated using the default assumptions in the Servicycle’ Building Services Whole-life Cost and Sustainability estimating program available from
From BCIS Review
International of Maintenance
Facilities Costs
and Property 2007
Information Ltd,

School of Construction
Management & Engineering

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Impending legislation Legislation
Since the publication of the 2008 BSRIA Blue Book several regulations have come into effect. A further raft of changes that will affect the
industry are in prospect, and these are outlined below with their likely dates of implementation.

New legislation

Energy New regulations requiring Energy IET Requirements This edition adopts all IEC and CENELEC
Performance Performance Certificates (EPCs) to be for Electrical Harmonised Documents published to
Certificates obtained for certain buildings that are Installations. 17th date. Among changes, the circumstances
sold or let. Other regulations will take EditionWiring where Residual Current Devices (RCDs)
(Effective 6 April 2008) effect later in the year. The intention of Regulations are required have been expanded. The
the new regulations is to increase the regulations concerned with locations
energy performance of buildings by (Effective July 2008) containing a bath or shower have been
encouraging purchasers and tenants to substantially revised. Regulations relating
select more energy-efficient premises. In to wind turbines, solar power, CHP, and
turn, it is hoped that this will encourage hydropower have been introduced. A new
developers to construct buildings with section has been introduced on luminaires
better energy performance. and lighting.



Impending legislation

Carbon Reduction Announced in 2007’s Energy White Building Will include a design performance
Commitment Paper, this new mandatory emissions Regulations Part G standard of 125 litres water consumption
trading scheme has an immediate impact per person per day for new homes.
(Effective 2010) on businesses because charges for the (Effective 2009)
scheme will be based on their energy
consumption in 2008. From the
beginning of 2010 all businesses
consuming more than 6000 MWh of
half-hourly metered electricity will be
included in the CRC scheme, resulting in
a requirement to purchase carbon
allowances for the amount used
through the 2008 qualifying year.
Businesses will also be rated against all
other companies within the CRC.They
will receive bonuses, or will be penalised,
in accordance with how they feature on
a leader board.
D legislation
3/2008, Building Services Legislation

BSRIA has introduced an electronic subscription service to keep you up to date with the latest
legislation affecting building services. Each annual subscription will include at least two updates
to ensure you are working to the most recent Acts and Regulations.

The service will include the following indexes:

„ List of Acts
„ List of Regulations
„ Statutory Instruments U
„ Scottish Statutory Instruments
„ Statutory Rules (for Northern Ireland)
„ EC Directives
„ Subject index

The service also provides handy hyperlinks to enable users to move

quickly between an Act or Regulation.

BSRIA Offers the choice of a global licence option to ensure your

whole company is working to the same information, or a stand-
alone licence for personal use only.


Key industry contacts

Organisations Organisations

A Association for Consulting Association for Specialist Association of Ductwork

Air Conditioning and and Engineering Fire Protection Contractors and Allied
Refrigeration Industry 1st Floor Tournai Hall Services
Board Alliance House Evelyn Woods Road 2 Waltham Court
Kelvin House 12 Caxton Street Aldershot, Hampshire Milley Lane
76 Mill Lane London GU11 2LL Hare Hatch
Carshalton SW1H 0QL 01252 357832 Reading
Surrey 0207 222 6557 Berkshire
SM5 2JR RG10 9TH
0208 647 7033 Association for the 01189 403416 Association for Conservation of Energy
Environment Conscious Westgate House,
Asbestos Removal Building 2a Prebend Street Association of Fire
Contractors’ Association PO Box 32 London, N1 8PT Consultants
ARCA House Llandysul 0207 359 8000 20 Park Street
237 Branston Road Carmarthenshire Princes Risborough
Burton upon Trent SA44 5ZA Buckinghamshire
Staffordshire 0845 4569773 Association of Controls HP27 9HA
DE14 3BT Manufacturers 08700 114514
01283 531126 Westminster Tower 3 Albert Embankment
London, SE1 7SL
0207 793 3008
Organisations Organisations

Association of Association of Plumbing and Association of Tank and B

Manufacturers of Domestic Heating Contractors Cistern Manufacturers Beama Ltd
Electrical Appliances 14 Ensign House 22 Grange Park Federation of British
Rapier House Ensign Business Centre St Arvans Electrotechnical and Allied
40-46 Lambs Conduit Street Westwood Way, Coventry Chepstow Manufacturers’ Association
London,WC1N 3NW CV4 8JA Monmouthshire Westminster Tower
0207 405 0666 024 7647 0626 NP16 6EA 3 Albert Embankment 01291 623634 London, SE1 7SL 0207 793 3013
Association of Association of Security
Manufacturers of Power Consultants ASTA BEAB Certification
Generating Systems 42 Amis Avenue Services Boiler and Radiator
Samuelson House New Haw, Addlestone Intertek House Manufacturers’ Association
Paxton Road, Orton Centre Surrey Cleeve Road Earls Gate, Falkirk Road
Peterborough, PE2 5LT KT15 3ET Leatherhead Grangemouth
01733 362925 07071 224865 Surrey FK3 8XZ KT22 7SB 01324 471411
01372 370900
Association of Noise Association of Street
Consultants Lighting Electrical BPEC Certification
105 St Peter’s Street Contractors (ASLEC) 2 Mallard Way
St Albans, Hertfordshire Bowden House, 1 Church Street Pride Park
AL1 3EJ Henfield, West Sussex, BN5 9NS Derby
01727 896092 01273 491145 D24 8GX
www.association-of-noise- 0845 644 6558 ASLEC


Key industry contacts

Organisations Organisations

British Approvals for Fire British Approvals Service British Compressed Air British Flue and Chimney
Equipment for Electrical Equipment In Society Manufacturers’ Association
Thames House Flammable Atmospheres 33-34 Devonshire Street 2 Waltham Court
31 Thames Street (BASEEFA) London Milley Lane
Kingston-upon-Thames Rockhead Business Park W1G 6YP Hare Hatch
Surrey Staden Lane 0207 935 2464 Reading
KT1 1PH Buxton www.britishcompressedair Berkshire
0208 541 1950 Derbyshire RG10 9TH SK17 9RZ 0118 940 3416
01298 766600 British Compressed Gases
British Approvals Service Association
for Electric Cables 1 Gleneagles House British Institute of Facilities
(BASEC) British Automatic Sprinkler Vernongate Management
23 Presley Way Association Ltd Derby Number One Building
Crownhill Richmond House DE1 1UP The Causeway
Milton Keynes Broad Street 01322 225120 Bishop’s Stortford
Buckinghamshire Ely Hertfordshire
MK8 0ES CB7 4AH CM23 2EN
01908 267300 01353 659187 British Council for Offices 0845 0581356 78-79 Leadenhall Street
0207 283 0125
Organisations Organisations
British Pump British Standards Institution Building Maintenance The CarbonTrust
Manufacturers Association 389 Chiswick High Road Information Ltd 8th Floor
National Metalforming Centre London 12 Great George Street 3 Clements Inn
47A Birmingham Road W4 4AL London London
West Bromwich 0208 996 9000 SW1P 3AE WC2A 2AZ
B70 6PY 0207 695 1500 0800 085 2005
0121 601 6350 British Valve and Actuator Building Research
Association Establishment Certifire
British Refrigeration 9 Manor Park Garston Holmesfield Road
Association Banbury Watford Warrington
2 Waltham Court Oxfordshire Hertfordshire Cheshire
Milley Lane, Hare Hatch OX16 3TB WD25 9XX WA1 2DS
Reading, Berkshire 01295 221270 01923 664000 01925 646669
RG10 9TH
0118 940 3416 Building Controls Industry C Chartered Institute of
Association Cambridge Refrigeration Building
British Security Industry 2 Waltham Court Technology Englemere, Kings Ride
Association Ltd Milley Lane 140 Newmarket Road Ascot, Berkshire
Kirkham House Hare Hatch Cambridge SL5 7TB
John Comyn Drive Reading CB5 8HE 01344 630700
Worcester Berkshire 01223 365101
WR3 7NS RG10 9TH
0845 389 3889 0118 940 3416


Key industry contacts

Organisations Organisations
Chartered Institute of Chilled Beam and Ceilings Commissioning Specialists’ Construction Industry
Plumbing and Heating Association Association Research & Information
Engineering 2 Waltham Court, Milley Lane The Old House Association
64 Station Lane Hare Hatch, Reading 2nd Floor Office Suite Classic House
Hornchurch Berkshire, RG10 9TH 24 London Road, Horsham, 174-180 Old Street
Essex 0118 940 3416 West Sussex, RH12 1AY London, EC1V 9BP
RM12 6NB 01403 754133 0207 549 3300
01708 472791 Combined Heat and Power
Association Confederation of Construction Industry
Chartered Institution of Grosvenor Gardens House Construction Clients Training Board
Building Services Engineers 35/37 Grosvenor Gardens 30 Park Gate, Milton Park Bircham Newton, Kings Lynn
Delta House London Abingdon, Oxfordshire Norfolk, PE31 6RH
222 Balham High Road SW1W 0BS OX14 4SH 01485 577577
Balham 0207 828 4077 01235 838003
SW12 9BS Copper Development
0208 675 5211 Combustion Engineering Construction Confederation Association Association 55 Tufton Street 5 Grovelands Business Centre
1a Clarke Street Westminster, London Boundary Way
Ely Bridge, Cardiff SW1P 3QL Hemel Hempstead
CF5 5AL 0207 227 4500 Hertfordshire, HP2 7TE
029 2040 0670 www.constructionconfederation. 01442 275700
Organisations Organisations

Council for Registered Gas E Energy Institute English Heritage

Installers (Corgi) Electrical Contractors’ 61 New Cavendish Street 1 Waterhouse Square
1 Elmwood Association London 138-142 Holborn
Chineham Park ESCA House W1G 7AR London
Crockford Lane 34 Palace Court 0207 467 7100 EC1N 2ST
Basingstoke London, W2 4HY 0207 973 3000
Hampshire 0207 313 4800
RG24 8WG Energy Saving Trust
01256 372200 21 Dartmouth Street Environment Agency Electrical Contractors’ London Rio House 710-715
Association of Scotland SW1H 9BP Waterside Drive
D SELECT 0207 222 0101 Aztec West,
Draught Proofing Advisory The Walled Garden Almondsbury
Association Ltd Bush Estate, Midlothian Bristol
PO Box 12 EH26 0SB Energy Systems Trade BS32 4UD
Haslemere, Surrey 0131 445 5577 Association 01454 624400
GU27 3AH PO Box 77 www.environment-
01428 654011 Benfleet Electrical Research Essex
AssociationTechnology Ltd SS7 5EX
Cleeve Road, Leatherhead 07041 492049
KT22 7SA
01372 367000


Key industry contacts

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F Fire Industry Association Foundation for Water Health Protection Agency
Fan Manufacturers’ Thames House Research Centre for Radiation, Chemical
Association 29 Thames Street Allen House, The Listons and Environmental Hazards
2 Waltham Court, Kingston-upon-Thames Liston Road, Marlow Radiation Protection Division
Milley Lane Surrey, KT1 1PH Buckinghamshire Chilton
Hare Hatch 0208 549 5855 SL7 1FD Didcot
Reading 01628 891589 Oxfordshire
Berkshire OX11 0RQ
RG10 9TH Fire Protection Association 01235 831600
0118 940 3416 London Road G Moreton in Marsh Glass and Glazing Federation
Gloucestershire 44-48 Borough High Street Heat Pump Manufacturers’
Federation of Environmental GL56 0RH London Association
Trade Associations 01608 812500 SE1 1XB 2 Waltham Court
2 Waltham Court 0870 042 4255 Milley Lane
Milley Lane Hare Hatch
Hare Hatch Fire Sprinkler Association Reading
Reading Mill House, Mill Lane H Berkshire
Berkshire Padworth Health and Safety Executive RG10 9TH
RG10 9TH Nr Reading Caerphilly Business Park 0118 940 3416
0118 940 3416 Berkshire Caerphilly RG7 4JX CF83 3GG
0118 9712322 0845 300 3142
Organisations Organisations

Heating and Hot Water Hevac Association Institute of Asset Institute of Healthcare
Information Council 2 Waltham Court Management Engineering and Estate
36 Holly Walk Milley Lane 221 St John Street Management
Leamington Spa Hare Hatch, Reading Clerkenwell 2 Abingdon House
CV32 4LY Berkshire, RG10 9TH London Cumberland Business Centre
0845 600 2200 0118 940 3416 EC1V 4LY Northumberland Road 0845 456 0565 Portsmouth Hampshire
Heating and Ventilating I PO5 1DS
Contractors’ Association Industry Committee for Institute of Domestic 023 9282 3186
ESCA House, 34 Palace Court Emergency Lighting Ltd Heating and Environmental
London Ground Floor Engineers
W2 4JG Westminster Tower Unit 35A Institute of Maintenance
0207 313 4900 3 Albert Embankment New Forest Enterprise Centre and Building Management London, SE1 7SL Chapel Lane Keets House
0207 793 3000 Totton 30 East Street
Hetas Ltd (Heating Testing Southampton Farnham
and Approval Scheme) Hampshire Surrey
Orchard Business Centre Institute of Acoustics SO40 9LA GU9 7SW
Stoke Orchard 77A St Peter’s Street 023 8066 8900 01252 710994
Cheltenham St Albans
Gloucestershire Hertfordshire
GL52 7RZ AL1 3BN
01242 681270 01727 848195


Key industry contacts

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Institute of Refrigeration Institution of Fire Engineers Institution of Mechanical L

Kelvin House London Road Engineers Lift and Escalator Industry
76 Mill Lane Moreton in Marsh 1 Birdcage Walk Association
Carshalton Gloucestershire Westminster 33/34 Devonshire Street
Surrey GL56 0RH London, SW1H 9JJ London
SM5 2JR 01608 812580 0207 222 7899 W1G 6PY
0208 647 7033 0207 935 3013
Institution of Gas Engineers Institution of Occupational
Institute of Swimming Pool & Managers Safety and Health Lighting Industry Federation
Engineers Charnwood Wing The Grange Westminster Tower
PO Box 3083 Holywell Park Highfield Drive 3 Albert Embankment
Norwich, Norfolk Ashby Road, Loughborough Wigston London,
NR6 7YL Leicestershire, LE11 3GH Leicestershire SE1 7SL
01603 499959 01509 282728 LE18 1NN 0208 288 3589 01162 573100
Institution of Engineering & Institution of Lighting LP Gas Association
Technology Engineers Institution of Structural Pavilion16
Savoy Place, London Regent House, Regent Place Engineers Headlands Business Park
WC2R 0BL Rugby, Warwickshire 11 Upper Belgrave Street Salisbury Road, Ringwood
0207 240 1871 CV21 2PN London, SW1X 8BH Hampshire, BH24 3PB 01788 576492 0207 235 4535 01425 461612
Organisations Organisations

M National Inspection Council O R

Meteorological Office for Electrical Installation Oil Firing Technical Royal Institute of British
Fitzroy Road Contracting (NICEIC) Association Architects
Exeter, Devon Warwick House Foxwood House 66 Portland Place
EX1 3PB Houghton Hall Park Dobbs Lane London
0870 900 0100 Houghton Regis Kesgrave, Ipswich W1B 1AD Dunstable Suffolk, IP5 2QQ 0207 580 5533
Bedfordshire 0845 6585080
National Association of 0870 013 0382 Royal Institution of
Chimney Engineers P Chartered Surveyors
PO Box 849, Metheringham National Security Plastic Pipe Manufacturers’ 12 Great George Street
Lincolnshire Inspectorate Society London
LN4 3WU Sentinel House 89 Cornwall Street SW1P 3AD
01526 322555 5 Reform Road Birmingham 0207 222 7000 Maidenhead B3 3BY
Berkshire 0121 236 1866
National Association of SL6 8BY S
Chimney Sweeps 0845 006 3003 Pool Water Treatment Smoke Control Association
Unit 15 Emerald Way Advisory Group 2 Waltham Court
Stone Business Park Field House Milley Lane
Stone, Staffordshire Thrandeston, Diss Hare Hatch
ST15 0SR Norfolk Reading
01785 811732 IP21 4BU Berkshire 01379 783678 RG10 9TH 0118 940 3416


Key industry contacts

Organisations Organisations

Society of British Gas SummitSkills T Underfloor Heating

Industries Vega House, Opal Court Timber Research and Manufacturers’ Association
36 Holly Walk Opal Drive, Fox Milne Development Association 39 Ethlebert Road
Leamington Spa Milton Keynes Stocking Lane Minnis Bay
Warwickshire, CV32 4LY MK15 0DF Hughenden Valley Birchington
01926 334357 01908 303960 High Wycombe Kent Buckinghamshire CT7 9PX
HP14 4ND 01843 842241
SolarTrade Association Swimming Pool and Allied 01494 569600
The National Energy Foundation Trades Association
Davy Avenue 4 Eastgate House, East Street W
Knowlhill, Milton Keynes Andover U Water Management
MK5 8NG Hampshire UK Thermography Society
01908 442290 SP10 1EP Association 6 Sir Robert Peel Mill 01264 356210 c/o British Institute of Tolson’s Enterprise Park Non-Destructive Testing Hoye Walk, Fazeley
Specification Expert 1 Spencer Parade Tamworth
National Engineering Specification Northampton Staffordshire
Bank House NN1 5AA B79 3QD
171 Midsummer Boulevard 01604 630124 01827 289558
Milton Keynes
01908 608833
Expertise BSRIA contact Tel no Expertise
expertise contact
people Tel no

Expertise BSRIA contact Tel no Expertise BSRIA contact Tel no

General enquiries Information desk 571 Air tightness

and issues not Sales desk 612 Dwellings
„ Chris Knights 562
covered within Dan Hodkinson 548
the following list Tony Wells 568
„Non-dwellings Tom Jones 613
Acoustic testing Colin Pearson 608 Ben Cheeseman 581

Air conditioning Mike Smith 564 Benchmarking Gerry Samuelsson-Brown 576

Greg King 661 Jo Harris 586
Phil Stonard 677 Tracey Tilbry 512
Calum Maclean 662 Biomass boilers David Bleicher 589
Tom Garrigan 684
BMS Jo Harris 586
Air filters Phil Stonard 677
Kevin Pennycook 509
Air handling units Phil Stonard 677
Boilers Arnold Teekaram 538
Mark Lightfoot 537
Air quality William Booth 657
Colin Judd 659
Bookshop Joy Wallbanks 529
Elizabeth Delaney 571

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Key BSRIA expertise and people

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BREEAM Colin Pearson 608 Business David Churcher 505

James Parker 536 strategy Anne King 566
Richard Hillyard 584
Alan Wilson 588 Calibration Martin Trotter 544
(01344 459314) Mark Hall 554
Building information Anne King 566
modelling (BIM) COMIT (Centre of Gerry Samuelsson-Brown 576
excellence for the
Building logbooks Jo Harris 586
implementation of
mobile IT)
Building David Bleicher 589
Regulations Nigel Potter 541 Chilled ceilings Greg King 661
Building Chunli Cao 658 and beams
simulation William Booth 657 Chillers Greg King 661
services Colin Judd 569 Mike Smith 564
Business Jo Harris 586 Clean rooms Nigel Potter 541
focused Nigel Anderson 578 Tom Jones 613
Code for James Parker 536
Business Gerry Samuelsson-Brown 576
Sustainable Homes

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Codes and Kevin Pennycook 509 Corrosion Reginald Brown 539

standards James Parker 536
Combined heat Arnold Teekaram 538 Customer Gerry Samuelsson-Brown 576
and power James Parker 536 satisfaction
Mark Lightfoot 537
DEC (Display Energy Allan Wilson 588
Commissioning Arnold Teekaram 538 Performance Richard Hillyard 584
Reginald Brown 539 Certificate)

Computer Chunli Cao 658 Design David Bleicher 589

modeling Colin Judd 659 calculations
Condition-based Colin Pearson 608 Data centres Greg King 661
maintenance, Graham Dudman 609 Jo Harris 586
condition Jo Harris 586 Colin Pearson 608
monitoring and Richard Hillyard 584
condition surveys
Design of test Greg King 661
Controls Kevin Pennycook 509 facilities Reginald Brown 539
Mark Roper 679
Jo Harris 586 Displacement William Booth 657
ventilation Greg King 661
Reginald Brown 539
Nigel Potter 541
Coolers and Greg King 661
Dispute Mike Smith 564
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District heating Arnold Teekaram 538 Energy in buildings Richard Hillyard 584
and cooling Allan Wilson 588

Domestic hot Reginald Brown 539 Energy and David Bleicher 589
water Arnold Teekaram 538 sustainability Tracey Tillbry 512
Mark Lightfoot 537 network

Ducts and Mark Roper 679 Energy surveys Richard Hillyard 584
ductwork and policy strategy Allan Wilson 588

Electrical Colin Pearson 608 Environmental William Booth 657

installations Graham Dudman 609 chambers Greg King 661

Electric radiators Greg King 661 Environmental Reginald Brown 539

management Richard Hillyard 584
EMC Colin Pearson 608
Graham Dudman 609 Facilities Jo Harris 586
management Colin Pearson 608
Energy Reginald Brown 539
Nigel Anderson 578
James Parker 536
Richard Hillyard 584 Failure Reginald Brown 539
Allan Wilson 588 investigations James Parker 536
Colin Pearson 608 Colin Pearson 608

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Fan coils Phil Stonard 677 ICT use Tony Matthews 508
Calum Maclean 684 in construction Gerry Samuelsson-Brown 576
Mark Roper 679 Anne King 566
Tom Garrigan 684
Indoor air quality Colin Judd 659
Fans Phil Stonard 677 William Booth 657
Calum Maclean 684 Nigel Potter 541
Mark Roper 679 Blanca Beato-Arribas 676
Tom Garrigan 684
I3CON Ian Wallis 523
Fibre optics Mark Roper 679 (Industralised,
Richard Forster 519 integrated, and
Flexible hoses Reginald Brown 539 construction)

Flues, fittings Dave Butler 682 Information centre Elizabeth Delaney 571
and chimneys Helena Boutal 571
Infonet Chantelle Ferris 519
Fume William Booth 657
cupboards Tom Jones 613 Instrument Martin Trotter 514
calibration Mark Hall 554
Health and safety David Churcher 505 (01344 459314)

Heat pumps Reginald Brown 539 Instrument hire Alan Gilbert 563
Hospitals William Booth 657 (01344 459314) Dave Stephens 550
Blanca Beato-Arribas 676 David Newell 551
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Instrument hire Tonia Pettitt 552 Lighting Colin Pearson 608

(continued) Allan Nichols 503 Richard Forster 519
(01344 459314) Michelle Kinch 549
Library services Elizabeth Delaney 571
Instrument sales Stacey Ward 545 Helena Boutal 571
(01344 459314) Dave Stephens 550
Magnetic and Colin Pearson 608
Mark Winter 553
electric fields Graham Dudman 609
Paul Tillyer 558
Alan Thorne 593 Maintenance Nigel Anderson 578
Isolation rooms William Booth 657 strategy and Jo Harris 586
Blanca Beato-Arribas 676 contracts

Management Andrew Giles 624

IT cooling Greg King 661
KTN transfer David Churcher 505 Marketing Anne King 566
Tony Matthews 508 Anette Holley 636
KPIs (Key Gerry Samuelsson-Brown 576 David Churcher 505
performance Tony Matthews 508
indicators) Tim Page 629

Legionellosis Reginald Brown 539 Materials Reginald Brown 539

James Parker 536
Legislation Kevin Pennycook 509 Ian Wallis 523
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Market intelligence Micro Climate Colin Judd 659

and research William Booth 657
„ Air conditioning Anette Holley 636
Natural Nigel Potter 541
Katherine Sutter 572 ventilation William Booth 657
„ Bathroom Johannes Fritsch 644 Wind-driven
„ James Parker 536
„ Building control, Jeremy Towler 573 Non-destructive Colin Pearson 608
fire, and security Gambi Chiang 633 testing James Parker 536
„ EU legislation Gambi Chiang 633 Operation and Jo Harris 586
„ FM and Gambi Chiang 633 maintenance
„ Heating Johannes Fritsch 644 On-site testing Reginald Brown 539
„ IT cabling Lone Hansen 643 William Booth 657
Summer Chardine 518
Partnering Gerry Samuelsson-Brown 576
„ M&E contracting David Garwood 640 David Churcher 505
„ Refrigeration Anette Holley 636
„ Renewables Abdel Eljidi 645 Physical modelling William Booth 657
„ Workshop Anette Holley 636 and mock-up testing Greg King 661
Photovoltaics Colin Pearson 608
Reginald Brown 539
Membership Michael Doig 532
Kathie Bull 527 Pipework Reginald Brown 539
Anne King 566 systems
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Key BSRIA expertise and people

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Planning David Bleicher 589 Publishing Roderic Bunn 516

Reginald Brown 539
Pumps Phil Stonard 677
Plant Reginald Brown 539 Reginald Brown 539
Quality James Parker 536
Post-occupancy Roderic Bunn 516 systems for Arnold Teekaram 538
evaluations laboratories

Power quality Colin Pearson 608 Radiant heating Reginald Brown 539
Graham Dudman 609
Radiators and Phil Stonard 677
Procurement and David Churcher 505 heat emitters Alf Russell 621
supply chain
Renewable Reginald Brown 539
energy James Parker 536
Project Glenn Hawkins 648 Colin Pearson 608
management Ian Wallis 523 Kevin Pennycook 509
Irena Saniuk 506 David Bleicher 589
Risk Reginald Brown 539
Pseudomonas Reginald Brown 539
assessment Nigel Anderson 578
Publication Ruth Radburn 515 Roof Tim Radburn 513
production Roderic Bunn 516 inspections
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Sales and David Parsons 655 Testing Mark Roper 679

marketing Graeme Owen 531 Phil Stonard 677
Aleksandra Bury 528 Thermal William Booth 657
Lynette Smith 612 comfort

SBEM calculations Colin Judd 659 Thermal Colin Pearson 608

imaging Graham Dudman 609
Schools Roderic Bunn 516 Chris Knights 548
Sick buildings Colin Judd 659 Thermal Chunli Cao 658
William Booth 657 modelling Colin Judd 659
Site surveys Colin Judd 659 Training David Bleicher 589
Solar thermal Reginald Brown 539 Kathie Bull 527
Michael Doig 532
Soft landings Roderic Bunn 516
Nigel Anderson 578 Underfloor Phil Stonard 677
Specifications David Bleicher 589
Usable buildings Roderic Bunn 516
Sustainability Reginald Brown 539 guidance

Team building David Churcher 505 Valves Phil Stonard 677

Variable speed Arnold Teekaram 538

Technical editing Roderic Bunn 516 pumps
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Key BSRIA expertise and people

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VRV systems Greg King 661 Weather Mark Roper 679

Mike Smith 564 louvres

Waste Reginald Brown 539 Whole-life David Churcher 505

management costing

Water Reginald Brown 539 Wire ropes Reginald Brown 539

conservation Mark Roper 679
and recycling
Work study Glenn Hawkins 648
Water supply David Bleicher 589
Workshop David Churcher 505
Water Reginald Brown 539 facilitation Anette Holley 636

BSRIA – the built environment experts

BSRIA gives you confidence in design, added value in manufacture, competitive
advantage in marketing, profitable construction, and more efficient buildings. To find out
more about BSRIA expertise look at the section on BSRIA services.
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Contact us today Calibration
T: 01344 459314
Instrument Solutions

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Allen & Overy LLP City of Newcastle Upon Tyne Imperial College National Services Scotland
Alliance & Leicester Council John Lewis Nationwide Building Society
American Express Europe City University London JP Morgan Chase NHS Business Services
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Asda Wal-Mart Prudential KPMG LLP Nomura International
AstraZeneca Credit Suisse Lancashire County Property Pricewaterhouse Coopers
B&Q Credit Suisse – NY Group Prudential Property
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BNP Paribas European Bank for London Borough of Newham NHS Trust
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South Tyneside Metropolitan University of Portsmouth ABB Eutech BHP Consulting

Borough Council University of Southampton Aberdeen City Council Bianco Sale
St Albans City and District University of Surrey ABS Consulting (UK) Building Asset Consultancy
Council University of Wales Abyss Systems Building Design Partnership
St Georges Healthcare University of Warwick ACDP (Integrated Building Building Energy Partnership
NHS Trust University of Wolverhampton Services) Building Environment Engineers
STFC, Daresbury Laboratory – Estates ACTS Partnership Building Services Design
Estates Management Vodafone AE Robb & Associates Building Services Group
Tesco Stores Wandsworth Borough Council AGT Building Services Partnership
The British Council Wembley National Stadium Air & Water Consultants Buro Happold Management
The British Library WestLB AG Andrew Reid & Partners LLP Butler & Young Associates
The County of Herefordshire Workplace Engineering Applied Energy Capita Symonds
District Council Aqua Protec CB Richard Ellis
The Open University ARCADIS AYH CBG Consultants
The Royal Bank of Scotland Arup CBS Design Consultants
The University of Reading Aspire Defence CEL International
Estates Atelier Ten Consulting Chapman Bathurst
Turner Broadcasting System Engineers Charles Andrews
Europe Atkins Consultants Charterhouse Energy
University of Bath Austin Company of UK Clean Room Construction
University of Bristol Babcock Infrastructure Services Clifford Chance LLP
University of Essex Banyard Consulting Core Group
University of Glasgow BDSP Partnership Crossley Associates
University of Kent Beadsmore Associates CSA Consulting Engineers
University of Leeds Bennett Williams Partnership London
University of Manchester (Midlands) Cudd Bentley Consulting


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Cundall Environmental Engineering Harley Haddow Partnership JRB Environmental Design

Curona Design Partnership Haskoning UK Kehr & Tucker
Cuthbert Axten D’Cruze Ernest Griffiths HBS Consulting Engineers King Associates
David Miles & Partners ES Consulting Engineers Henderson Green Partnership King Shaw Associates
Davies Partnership Faber Maunsell High-Point Rendel Kingston Upon Hull City
Designbrook FHP Engineering Services Hill Lawrence Council
Differentia Design & Solutions Hilson Moran Partnership Kut Partnership
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Dome Consulting Foggo Associates Hoare Lea Consulting Engineers Leonard Engineering Design
Dowling Blunt Forbes Leslie Network Hulley & Kirkwood Associates
Dunwoody LLP Foreman Roberts Hurleypalmerflatt Max Fordham LLP
EBRD Fulcrum Consulting IBE Consulting Engineer Inc McBains Cooper Consulting
EC Harris LLP GDM Partnership ICAX McCann & Partners
Edward A Pearce & Partners Gifford Consulting Engineers Indocine Engineering Vietnam ME Design Consultancy
Elementa Consulting Graham Powell Consultants Industrial Design Associates Mecserve
Elliot Building Design Gravelye Engineering Itentium Solutions Mervyn Hayes Associates
Enconsult Associates Jacobs UK MH Associates
Engineering Services GW Grey & Associates Jaros Baum & Bolles (UK) Michael Jones & Associates
Consultancy H Philip Rockhill & Associates JDP Mott MacDonald
Engineering Services Design Halcrow Yolles JMS Associates Mouchel
Practice Haleys John Packer Associates Neil R Horswood Services
Environmental Design Hampden Consultancy Johnathan Hart Associates NIFES Consulting Group
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Norman Bromley RMJM The Environmental Consultancy Abesco

Partnership LLP Roger Parker Associates t/a RPS Gregory ABS London
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Oakland Calvert Consultants RPS Engineering Services Tuckers Consultancy Allied Commissioning
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Parsons Brinckerhoff SA Walsh Specialist Consulting Vitec Webber Lenihane Aqua Environmental Services
Pearce Buckle (Design Scicluna & Associates VMRA Consulting Engineers Aqua Group
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Pettit Singleton Associates LLP Skelly & Couch White Young Green Armstrong Integrated
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Poyry Energy Spencer Mayes Associates Atlantic Boilers
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BK GULF LLC Darren Evans Assessments General Environmental JCA Group

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Britannia Mechanical & Drugasar Gratte Brothers Group Kinetics Group
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C&I Controls Services Haden Engineering Pty Lorne Stewart
Carillion Facilities E.ON Haden Young M&M Water Technology Services
Management Ecovert FM Harvey Group Mala Engineering
Carillion Elyo SUEZ HBG Design Mercury Engineering
CH Lindsey & Son EMCOR Group (UK) Henley Water Michael J Lonsdale
Cheshire Contracting & Ensys Heywood Chemical Cleaning Mid Essex Heating (London)
Control Envirocare Services Hockley Building Services MITIE Engineering Services
Cititec Building Services Envirocure Hygeia Environmental Mitton Mechanical Services
Cleartech Water Solutions Environmental Management Services MJN Colston
Clearwater Technology Solutions Services Ian Williams Morgan Professional Services
Cofathec Heatsave Environmental Solutions (UK) Iceguard Group Musketeer Services
Colledge Trundle & Hall Evolution Water Services Imtec G&H MW Services Water
Connaught Compliance - FCFT Group Integral UK Treatment (UK)
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Crosscount Environmental First Property Services ISG InteriorExterior One Facility
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Oxford Refrigeration & Air Sir Robert McAlpine Advanced Air (UK) Engineering Appliances
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Itho Ventilation Robinson Willey Vent Axia Association of University
ITW Construction Products Ruskin Air Management VES Andover Engineers
Johnson & Starley, Dravo Samsung Electronics (UK) Victaulic Atomic Weapons Establishment
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Commtech Commissioning H&V Commissioning Services Taylor & Stapleton Engineering Defence Estates
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Cranfield University Management The University of Swets Information Services
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Dects Knights Commissioning Services The University of Manchester
Defence Estates (USF) Loughborough University The University of Reading
Dublin Institute of Technology MACE Group Towerite Honorary Members
ECA Modern Building Services TRADA Technology
EDE Energy Moore Environmental Turner & Townsend Mr Colin Swain
End Systems Mott Green Wall University College London Mr Donald Leeper OBE
ENDAT Standard Indexes Nationwide Maintenance University of Brighton Mr Graeme Baker OBE
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English Heritage Oakleaf Technical Services University of Glamorgan Mr Noel Gibbard
Enterprise Ireland Phoenix Commissioning University of Liverpool
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Eurofins Environmental Royal Albert Hall University of Oxford
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FETA Smartcool Systems (UK) Jordanstown
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Goodman Development South Bank University Zutec UK Ltd
Management UK Southwark Council
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Surveys Syngenta AG

Airtightness Testing
Airtightness Testing
WHY ¾ Legally mandatory under Part L1A (Dwellings) and Part L2A (Buildings other than Dwellings) of
2006 Building Regulations
40% - 60% of energy losses in buildings are due to unintentional air leakage
HOW ¾ Suggested airtightness specification clauses:
The building airtightness pressure test shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements detailed in
the ATTMA Technical Standard 1, ‘Measuring Air Permeability of Building Envelopes’
The building airtightness test shall be carried out by a member company of ATTMA (The Air Tightness Testing
and Measurement Association). The company shall also be UKAS Certified.
The building has been designed to achieve an air permeability of XX m3/(h.m2) at an applied pressure
difference of 50 Pa. (XX = 10 or lower)
The instrumentation used to carry out the building airtightness test shall be UKAS certified and have a valid
calibration certificate.
WHEN ¾ The specified value for airtightness should be determined when the SBEM or SAP calculations are
The airtightness test should be procured prior to practical completion.
WHO ¾ BSRIA Airtightness

For domestic airtightness testing

T: 08701 420091
For commercial or industrial airtightness testing

T: 08701 420092

Airtightness Testing
Airtightness Testing
Old Bracknell Lane West, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 7AH, UK Airtightness

Key performance indicators 2008

2008 Key performance indicators for M&E contractors

The eighth suite of KPIs for M&E contractors was launched in high quality. Design undertaken by M&E contractors is the most
June 2008, based on surveys undertaken by BSRIA earlier this interesting trend showing the greatest improvement, from just 38%
year. Data relates to a survey sent to clients to assess their in 2001 to 60% in the latest collection.
satisfaction with the M&E contractor involved in their latest
completed project in 2007 (or the first two months of 2008) and The headline KPIs for M&E contractors form just one part of the
a survey to M&E contracting firms to assess their business data that is available to assist M&E contractors in their continuous
performance in 2007. As the graph and table show, performance improvement programmes and clients in their procurement
has increased in most areas over the last eight years. decisions/target setting. There are also a number of secondary
performance indicators that underpin the headline measures,
The graph shows five of the client satisfaction measures, looking at specific areas such as quality of commissioning, and
highlighting both the change over time and a comparison quality of production drawings.*
between the five measures. In the world of KPIs a score of 8 is
considered a good project outcome. The data in the graph shows It should be noted that the KPIs for M&E contractors form one
the percentage of projects where the client scored 8, 9 or 10 out element of the full suite of industry KPIs launched each June.**
of 10. Overall client satisfaction with service reached 68%
satisfaction, the same score as shown for the extent of defects on The Environmental KPIs are shown on page 57*. In the latest
handover. In comparison, the best KPI each year has always been collection the results during the construction phase were better
the quality of workmanship of the installed M&E system. In 2008 overall than for during product performance. Energy (kgCO2/
the score reached 72% satisfaction. In contrast, quality of O&M £100k project value) and water use (M3/£100k project value)
manuals remains the weakest link, at 48%. In other words, the improved significantly, as did waste removal from site and vehicle
client only has a 50/50 chance that the O&M manual will be of a movements. Even so, there is still a long way to go.

*These are all available in the KPI handbook which is available from the BSRIA bookshop: all key data is also on BSRIA’s KPI page -
Produced by Gerry Samuelsson-Brown further information can also be obtained by contacting Gerry on
**These also cover the main suite: the economic KPIs, Respect for People, Environmental KPIs, Construction Consultants and Construction Products.
Interested to know more? Contact or for the M&E KPIs

Services 2001
68% 2003
Design 2006






0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%
% of projects scoring 8 or more out of 10


The Key Performance Indicators for M&E Contractors Handbook 2008

is available from the BSRIA Bookshop Key performance indicators 2008

M&E Contractors KPIs, year-on-year comparisons

KPI Measure Performance
2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
Client satisfaction – Design % scoring 8/10 or better 38 37 39 51 61 63 63 60
Client satisfaction – Installation % scoring 8/10 or better 56 68 65 63 67 71 74 72
Client satisfaction – Service % scoring 8/10 or better 56 55 58 61 69 66 67 68
Client satisfaction – Quality % scoring 8/10 or better 50 44 38 44 44 45 46 48
O&M manuals
Client satisfaction – Defects % scoring 8/10 or better 63 55 63 60 66 66 66 68
Predictability – Cost % on cost or better 37 40 41 42 43 45 47 47
Predictability – Time % on time or better 53 52 49 46 47 49 53 54
Profitability Median % profit turnover 2·2 4·2 3·9 4·3 4·3 4·1 3·9 4·1
Productivity (current values) Median value added/ 26·1 34 43 50 50 49·8 55 55·7
employee (£000)
Productivity (constant 2001 values) Median value added/ 26·1 32·9 40·3 45·1 42 39·8 42·6 41·3
employee (£000)
Safety – All companies1 % achieving zero accidents – 31 35 22 32 34 48 50
Safety companies employing 60+ staff1 % achieving zero accidents – 7 14 4 13 16 23 24
This KPI is based on company annual incidence rates collected in the BSRIA M&E Contractor Survey. From 2002 data has been adjusted for under reporting, therefore,
direct comparison with 2001 is not strictly valid.
Environment, all construction, year-on-year comparisons
KPI Measure
Measure Performance
2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
Product performance
Impact on the environment % scoring 8/10 or better 28 32 53 54 51 55
Impact on biodiversity % scoring 8/10 or better 34 28 33 36 34 35
Whole-life performance % scoring 8/10 or better 29 35 41 41 39 35
Energy use (designed) Median energy use kgCO2/100 m2 gross
floor area 4414 4295 4291 3729 3775 4474
Energy use (designed) – Housing1 Median SAP rating – 90 95 97 100 100
Mains water use (designed)2 Median water use m3/100 m2 gross floor area 69·6 70·4 53·2 52·0 90·4 80·0
Area of habitat – created/retained1 % when no change or an increase in
area of habitat – 84 76 83 78 80

Construction process
Impact on the environment % scoring 8/10 or better 51 56 44 45 44 48
Impact on biodiversity % scoring 8/10 or better 35 39 45 48 46 49
Energy use Median energy use kgCO2/£100k project value 288 322 293 293 273 192
Mains water use Median water use m3/£100k project value 7·5 9·7 8·2 8·9 8·2 7·1
Waste Median waste removed from site m3/£100k
project value 43·5 47·1 41·6 37·0 39·1 36·9
Commercial vehicle movements Median movement onto site number/£100k
project value 44·0 34·5 29·4 30·4 29·4 26·5
1 2
No data for this KPI before 2004. Limited data, use with caution.


Key performance indicators 2008

2008 Key performance indicators - customer satisfaction for maintenance contractors

Overview BSRIA contacted building owners/operators and asked them to

Benchmarking is increasingly used as a mechanism to measure assess the mechanical and electrical maintenance service provider
maintenance contractors’ or in-house maintenance teams they are currently using. In most cases, clients appraised a specific
performance, and as a basis for setting targets to encourage contractor.
improved performance. Key performance indicators (KPIs) can
be used by: A standard 1 to 10 scale is used to score each question; where
1 denotes total dissatisfaction and 10 total satisfaction, with the
„ Service providers, in order to identify areas of strength criterion being appraised, as shown in the table below. A score of
and weakness needed to compare performance with eight is a reflection of ‘good’ performance.
industry. The route causes of problem areas should be
investigated and a strategy to improve these put in place.
KPIs in themselves do not provide the answers to industry’s
problems, but when used appropriately are a powerful
catalyst for change/improvement.

„ Clients, to assess how service providers perform on a

number of critical success factors. Data can be used to set
targets with the incumbent suppliers which should be
realistic, achievable but also slightly stretching, based on Very Mostly Neither Mostly Very
current or former performance. KPI feedback can also be dissatisfied dissatisfied satisfied or satisfied satisfied
used as a supply-chain measure to assist in decision making dissatisfied
for future procurement or extension of contracts.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Customer satisfaction of M&E maintenance KPIs Revised KPIs for 2008

Overall 2004
satisfaction 2005 Innovation 24%
Energy 2006
Control 2008
environmental Communication 28%

management 38%
Staff skill

and safety Relationship 40%


Invoicing Managing
budgets 44%

compliance 57%
Quality of

0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%


Key performance indicators 2008

Key performance indicators with a score of eight or more

In the first year that mechanical and electrical maintenance KPIs Analysis of the results put an emphasis on communication,
were collected, staff skills had the highest percentage (60%) of relationship and showing innovation.The 2008 KPIs reflect
scores of eight or more. As the graph shows, although the the changes required and the second graph shows the results
scoring improved slightly in 2007, the customer perception of of the new KPIs.
staff skills has dropped to less than 40%.
Legislative compliance scored well, with 57% scoring eight
Most surprisingly though is energy efficiency, which BSRIA has or higher. Innovation and being proactive had a disappointing
seen steadily decline over the last four years, dropping to below result, with only 24% achieving a good score of eight or more.
20%. This could well be attributed to a rise in clients’

In 2007, the KPI survey was expanded to find out which of the
KPIs affected overall satisfaction, as well as which KPIs were most
important to the respondents. The key findings show there are New for 2009
two fundamental deliverables that the customers require:
response to breakdowns and quality of planned maintenance. In 2009 BSRIA will be publishing the findings of a dedicated
energy management survey.This survey is designed to measure
Three other KPIs, highly rated in the research, were measurable companies’ commitment, implementation and performance in
deliverables; legislative compliance, managing budgets and energy management, and will provide a more thorough view of
contract management. the activity within the industry.
Mechanical and electrical maintenance KPIs wallchart.The full size version is available as a PDF from

Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance

New Customer Satisfaction Key Performance Indicators
BSRIA O&M Benchmarking Network
Reactive Response PPM Quality Communication Relationships
10 10 10 10

9 9 9 9

8 8 8 8

7 7 7 7

Performance score
Performance score

Performance score

Performance score
6 6 6 6

5 5 5 5

4 4 4 4

3 3 3 3

2 2 2 2

1 1 1 1
0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Benchmark score Benchmark score Benchmark score
Benchmark score

Reactive Response To calculate the benchmark score: -

Site Management PPM
PPMQuality Innovation
Site Management 100
1. Select the appropriate graph
80 10

2. Plot the measured 9
9 Overall
40 Communication performance for the M&E
Satisfaction 8
20 service provider under

consideration on the vertical

Performance score
Performance score

6 axis
5 Manage Relationship 3. Read across to the 4
4 Health & Safety performance line 3
4. Read down to the horizontal 2
Managing Budget axis. This is the service
Innovation 1
0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Legislative
providers benchmark score 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
Benchmark score
60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

Benchmark score
Compliance out of 100%

Managing Health & Safety

Overall Satisfaction Managing Budget Legislative Compliance
10 10 10 10

9 9 9 9

8 8 8 8

7 7 7 7

Performance score

Performance score
Performance score
Performance score

6 6 6 6

5 5 5 5

4 4 4 4

3 3 3 3

2 2 2 2

1 1 1 1
0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Benchmark score Benchmark score Benchmark score Benchmark score

BSRIA Limited
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BSRIA training and events

Training Courses 2008 – 2009

Full information on the following courses (including any promotional prices) are
available from the BSRIA website or can be obtained by T: (0) 1344 465532/527

„ Business relationships in construction – an introduction

„ Domestic airtightness testing and accreditation
„ Energy management in practice
„ Introduction to commissioning
„ Introduction to mechanical building services
„ Introduction to electrical building services Webinars
„ Introduction to renewables „ Building Regulations
„ Introduction to the Building Regulations „ KPIs and benchmarking
„ Off-site construction „ Legionnaires disease
„ Practical energy management „ Thermography for building services
„ Understanding Part L and Part F „ Understanding airtightness
„ Whole life costing – practical „ Usable building controls
„ Whole life costing – theory „ Whole life costing
Building services industry - key data

„ £700 million sales of air conditioning equipment

„ £1 billion sales of heating equipment

„ More than 40% of the nation’s energy is used in buildings

„ 4 million air conditioning units now installed in UK buildings

„ £20.5 billion worth of M&E installation work was completed, representing

25% of total construction output


Building services industry

Construction output £m at 2000 constant prices M&E £m at constant prices

Housing 2007 Non-housing 2007
New work 13 744 New work Mechanical Electrical
Repair and maintenance 18 103 Offices 1033 1935
Non-housing Retail 255 935
Infrastructure 5018 Leisure 457 544
Public non-housing 6646 Other private 243 709
Private industrial 3998 Factories 217 483
Private commercial 16 459 Warehouses 141 265
Repair and maintenance 18 370 Education 343 531
Total 82 338 Health 352 336
Source: BSRIA Other public 53 122
Heating and cooling products – Actual UK sales 2007 Repair and maintenance 2286 2622
Infrastructure 106 636
Heating and plumbing Value £m Volume ‘000
Housing 3852 2051
Domestic boilers 604 1781
Total 9340 11 167
Commercial boilers 101 30
Source: BSRIA
Radiators 339 66 424
Underfloor heating 84 23 900
Air distribution equipment 94 n/a
Packaged AC market 455 282
Central AC plant market 243 n/a
Source: BSRIA
Construction output forecasts new work £million 2000 prices

18 000
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
16 000

14 000

12 000

10 000





Public housing Private housing Infrastructure Public non-housing Industrial Commercial

Source: Hewes Construction Forecasts October 2008


Building services industry

Energy consumption by generation source

Energy consumption,TJ, 2005

Commercial/public Domestic Industry/others Transport TOTAL

Natural gas 379 1 382 553 0 2 314

Electricity 346 421 449 32 1 248

Oil, coal and coke 59 159 386 2 442 3 046

Renewables 5 14 11 0 305

Heat 16 2 35 0 53

Total 806 1 978 1 434 2 474 6 691

% of total 12% 30% 21% 37% 100%

Renewable energy use 2007

Geothermal and Hydro

active solar heating Wind
8% 10%

Coal, dual-firing, domestic

Waste combustion
and industrial wood

Biomass (includes liquid

biomass for transport) Landfill and sewage gas
17% 34%

The UK uses 217 TJ of renewable energy each year, the majority in power stations.
However 18 TJ is used directly by consumers.

Sources: UK Digest of Energy Statistics 2008


Building services industry

UK building stock UK installed base of air conditioning equipment by number
of condensing/plant units (end of 2007)
£ billion, 2006 Product Number of units/plants
Stock of assets Increase in assets Packaged
Dwellings 3 915 55·6 Window/through the wall 37 715
Other buildings 741 66·5 Single splits 2 667 947
Total buildings 4 656 122·1 Multi splits 79 086
Other tangible assets 1 566 75·4 VRF 121 422
Total assets 6 222 197·5 Roof tops 33 678
Source: UK National Accounts - The Blue Book 2007 edition Indoor packaged small consoles (air cooled) 45 473
Indoor packaged large (air cooled) 2 756
Close control 103 102
Total UK dwelling stock (millions) 26·1 Central plant
Source: Various Government websites Air-cooled chillers 54 618
Water-cooled chillers (including those without condensers)14 357
Fan coils 1 433 824
Water-sourced heat pump room unit (<5 kW) 77 463
UK heating system stock in dwellings
Water-sourced heat pump large (around 30 kW) 586
Central heating 23·12 89%
Source: BSRIA
Storage heaters 1·83 7%
Fixed room-heating 1·09 4%
Portable heating only 0·04 0%
All dwellings 26·08 100%
Source: BSRIA
Worldwide Market Intelligence T: + 44(0)1344 465629 F: + 44(0)1344 465626 E:

BSRIA’s Worldwide Market Intelligence (WMI) division is a

highly regarded and globally recognised source of strategic
market intelligence to the biggest names in the building
services industry. BSRIA’s research skills, strategic market
intelligence studies, private client services and management
consultancy services enable clients to make better-informed
business decisions.

WMI offers expert partnership, providing strategic and

market-based solutions, tailored to your specific business

WMI’s unrivalled mix of technical and market knowledge,

acquired over 25 years, will help you to:
For further information about WMI contact us at:
„ Meet customer demands
Worldwide Market Intelligence
„ Track competitor activity
„ Identify market opportunities Old Bracknell Lane West
„ Have confidence in decision making Berkshire
„ Develop sales, marketing and distributions strategies RG12 7AH
T: +44(0)1344 465629 F: +44(0)1344 465626
„ Obtain cost-effective information E:
„ Evaluate potential new markets W:

Innovation Without Risk
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delivering lower and lower energy
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a high standard of comfort and Connection
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Maincor Ltd
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LE17 4NJ Email
Pipe systems. Design services. Technical support. First class supply chain.....just add water!

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New publications

Whole-Life Costing Analysis, BG5/2008, presents a simple process for

the practical calculation of whole-life costs. Worked examples show
how the different stages of the process relate to one another, how
results are obtained and what they mean.

The whole-life costing guide has been specifically written for clients,
contractors, consultants and product manufacturers to understand
the long-term economic implications of their proposals and
decisions. The guide will be invaluable to those without financial
expertise or a track record in life-cycle analysis.

The guide presents a simple process in five sequential steps for the
practical calculation of whole-life costs for the construction and A BSRIA

operation of buildings.
Life Co
sting An

Two BSRIA training courses on whole-life costing are also available, plus
a BSRIA webinar (see page 60 for further information).
By Dav
id Chu
PR 1/20 rcher
New publications 2007-2008

Airtightness Testing for New Dwellings – The Essential Guide to Part

Building Services Legislation (8th edition) D 3/2008 L1 of the 2006 Building Regulations (2007).
BSRIA’s electronic subscription service to keep you up to Building Services Legislation (8th edition) D 3/2008.
date with the latest legislation affecting building services. It
CHP for Existing Buildings – Guidance on Design and Installation,
BG 2/2007.
¨ A list of Acts Controls for End Users – A Guide for Good Design and Implementation.
¨ A list of Regulations BCIA 1/2007.
¨ Statutory Instruments Design Checks for HVAC – A Quality Control Framework for Building
Services Engineers, BG 4/2007.
¨ Scottish Statutory Instruments
¨ Statutory Rules (for Northern Ireland) Key Performance Indicators for M&E Contractors Handbook – 6th
Edition of the KPI Handbook, 2007.
¨ EC Directives
Handover O&M Manuals, and Project Feedback. A Toolkit for
¨ Subject index Designers and Contractors, BG 1/2007.

BSRIA offers a choice of a global

The Illustrated Guide to Renewable Technologies, BG 1/2008.
licence to ensure your whole The Illustrated Guide to Ventilation, BG 2/2008.
company is working to the
same information, or a stand- Maintenance Contracts for Building Services – How to acquire
alone licence for personal use maintenance services contracts, BG 3/2008.
Whole-Life Costing Analysis, BG 5/2008.


BSRIA publications

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Building Services Calculations set – Ref CALCS Illustrated Guide Set – Ref ILL
Model Demonstration Design Project, BG 1/2006. The Illustrated Guide to Electrical Building Services BG 5/2005.
Guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations, 2nd edition, The Illustrated Guide to Mechanical Building Servicess, BG 15/2002.
BG 30/2007.
Interface Engineering Publication Set – Ref IEP Set
Commissioning Guide Set – Ref COMPAK1 Screeds with Underfloor Heating, IEP 1.
Commissioning Air Systems, AG 3/89.3 (1998). Services Co-ordination with Structural Beams, IEP 2.
Commissioning HVAC Systems, TM 1/88.1. Services Integration with Concrete Buildings, IEP 3.
Commissioning Management, AG 5/2002. Supporting Services from Structure, IEP 4.
Commissioning of Pipework, AG 20/95. Services in Structural Framed Timber Buildings, IEP 5.
Commissioning of VAV Systems, AG 1/91. Services in Timber-Framed Construction, IEP 6.
Commissioning Water Systems, AG 2/89.3 (1998).
Pre-commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems, AG 1/2001.1 (2004). Legionellosis Water Treatment Set – Ref LWT
Guide to Legionellosis – Operation & Maintenance, AG 19/2000.
Design Checks Sets – Ref DESIGNC3 Guide to Legionellosis – Risk Assessment, AG 20/2000.
Design Checks for Electrical Services, BG 3/2006. Legionellosis Control Log Book, AG 21/2000.
Design Checks for HVAC, BG 4/2007.
Design Checks for Public Health, BG 2/2006.

Designer Guide Set – Ref DESIGN 2

Choosing Building Services, BG 9/2004.
Design Checks for HVAC, BG 4/2007.
Guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations, BG 30/2007.
Popular titles

A Design Framework for Building Services – Design Activities and Handover, O&M Manuals and Project Feedback – A Toolkit for
Drawing Definitions, BG 6/2006. Designers and Contractors, BG 1/2007.
BSRIA Blue Book, Current year. Illustrated Guide to Electrical Building Services, 2nd edition,
BG 5/2005.
Building Services Legislation, 8th Edition, D 3/2008.
Illustrated Guide to Mechanical Building Services, AG 15/2002.
Business-Focused Maintenance Toolkit, BG 7/2004.
Illustrated Guide to Renewable Technologies, BG 1/2008.
Commissioning Air Systems – Application Procedures for Building,
AG 3/89.3 (1998). Legionellosis Control Log Book, AG 21/2000.
Commissioning Water Systems – Application Principles, Library of System Control Strategies, AG 7/98.
AG 2/89.3 (1998).
Light-Emitting Diodes, BG 3/2005.
Design Checks for Electrical Services – A Quality Control Framework
for Electrical Engineers, BG 3/2006. Guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations, BG 30/2007.

Design Checks for HVAC – A Quality Control Framework for Building Maintenance Contracts for Building Services – How to Acquire
Services Engineers, BG 4/2007. Maintenance Services Contracts, BG 3/2008.

Guidance and Specification for Water Risk Assessment, FMS 4/99. Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems, 2nd edition,
AG 1/2001.1 (2004).
Guide to Legionellosis – Operation and Maintenance, AG 19/2000.
Whole-Life Costing Analysis, BG 5/2008
Guide to Legionellosis – Risk Assessment, AG 20/2000.


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as well as providing specialist consultancy to improve business
processes. We provide:

„ Airtightness testing, roof inspections and thermal imaging of

building fabric for Part L compliance

„ Licenced BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes assessors

„ Secretariat for Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT (COMIT)

BSRIA is also a partner on the major EU-funded I3CON project

(Industrialised, Integrated and Intelligent Construction)

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„ SBEM energy assessment, and Energy Performance Certificate assessment

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„ Feasibility studies for renewables and other low and zero carbon

„ Whole-life costing analysis consultancy to help see beyond first-cost


„ Monitoring of current energy use or zero carbon technologies in situ

„ Benchmarking and best practice data to see what your building could
achieve, with practical cost-effective advice to get you there

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Jo Harris Energy monitoring
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„ Soft landings, to improve the operational performance of buildings

„ Advice on water conservation, recycling and quality in buildings

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„ Applications include airflow, sound and vibration, temperature and

humidity, electrical measurement, duct leakage, and thermal imaging

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„ Support from over 600 member companies who can contribute in

consortiums and test the findings

„ Ability to examine the viability of new technologies

„ Opportunities to apply existing technologies from different sectors

into construction

„ Monitored performance of products, energy and water use, in situ

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Testing and certification T: +44 (0)1344 465600 F: +44 (0)1344 465626 E:

BSRIA is the leading independent testing UK laboratory for product

testing, certification and performance verification. It provides:

„ Testing to British, European and other International standards

„ A UKAS accredited and notified body for boilers, flues, fans,
radiators, heat pumps and air conditioning
„ Benchmark product performance and product development
„ Witness and on-site testing at manufacturers’ facilities or at the
construction site
„ Project specific and bespoke testing

Key people Expertise E-mail

Arnold Teekaram Heating products, emissions, boiler testing
Mark Roper Ventilation products, high-temperature fan testing
Phil Stonard Radiator testing
Greg King Refrigeration and air-conditioning
William Booth Bespoke testing
Test and certification team Expert witness, dispute investigation
See also the section on Key BSRIA expertise and people
Training and events T: +44 (0)1344 465532 F: +44 (0)1344 465605 E:

BSRIA training offers a wide range of training courses for the building
T: +44 (0)1344 465532 F: +44 (0)1344 465626 E:
construction industry. Our courses are continually updated to ensure
the best information is available.

„ Training courses are available in a range of building services topics

„ Flexible training options to meet client requirements

„ Competitively priced with full documentation

„ Book on-line with secure payment facilities

„ Webinars (short on-line seminars) give access to the latest


Key people Expertise E-mail

Michael Doig Training and events manager
David Bleicher Training manager
See also the
Kathie Bullsection on Key BSRIA expertise and people
Training and events administrator

See also the section on Key BSRIA expertise and people, and section on Training (Page 58)


BSRIA services

Troubleshooting T: +44 (0)1344 465600 F: +44 (0)1344 465626 E:

BSRIA provides a range of building services plant investigation and

troubleshooting services for buildings in operation and pre-handover:

„ Simple performance checks to in-depth plant and systems investigations

and failure investigations
„ Use of specialist equipment to identify and resolve problems in thermal
comfort, humidity, ventilation, indoor air quality, light and noise levels,
power quality and electromagnetic fields
„ Experience and knowledge to prioritise checks to investigate the most
likely cause of problems
„ Independent and unbiased expert investigations

Key people Expertise E-mail

William Booth Thermal comfort
Colin Judd Indoor air quality
Colin Pearson Light and noise, power quality and electromagnetic fields
Mike Smith Expert witness, dispute investigations

See also the section on Key BSRIA expertise and people
Water in buildings T: +44 (0)1344 465532 F: +44 (0)1344 465626 E:

BSRIA advises on all aspects of water use in buildings, including water

efficiency, conservation, recycling, and quality. BSRIA can:

„ Monitor current water use and implement water conservation and

recycling strategies, including reclamation, greywater and rainwater

„ Help with failure investigations involving water corrosion, such as

measuring bacteria and pseudomonas in pipework, and pin-holing

„ Give advice on the best approach for water treatment including

legionella prevention

„ Carry out performance testing of water-using products such as boilers,

radiators and valves

Key people Expertise E-mail

Reginald Brown Water in buildings, treatment and legionella
David Bleicher Water supply
See also the section on Key BSRIA expertise and people

See also the section on Key BSRIA expertise and people


BSRIA services

Worldwide Market Intelligence T: +44 (0)1344 465629 F: +44 (0)1344 465626 E:

BSRIA is a source of strategic, cost-effective market intelligence which can be

tailored to your specific business needs, enabling you to make better-informed
business decisions. BSRIA’s Worldwide Market Intelligence division can help you to:

„ Track competitor activity

„ Identify market opportunities
„ Have confidence in decision making
„ Develop sales, marketing and distributions strategies
„ Obtain cost-effective information
„ Evaluate potential new markets

Key people Expertise E-mail

Andrew Giles Market intelligence manager
Anette Holley Ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration
Lone Hansen IT cabling and associated technologies
Johannes Fritsch Heating and bathroom equipment
Abdel Eljidi Renewables
Jeremy Towler Intelligent building technology
Tim Page Sales and marketing manager
See also the section on Key BSRIA expertise and people
Energy in buildings – achieving low or zero carbon
Helping you reduce energy use, improve sustainability, demonstrate compliance and achieve
low or zero carbon projects

Contact BSRIA for:

¾ SBEM (Simplified Building Energy

Model) calculations
¾ Computer modelling
¾ EPCs (Energy performance Certificates)
¾ DECs (Display Energy Performance
¾ SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure)
¾ Code for Sustainable Homes
¾ Whole life costing
¾ Airtightness testing

T: 01344 465533 E: W:


BSRIA products
BSRIA services and services
BSRIA is a consultancy, test and research organisation helping construction and building services companies to become more efficient and
effective. Our 150-strong team of building services experts can provide the best solutions to the most searching problems ensuring complete
confidentiality and individual service at all times. Working with BSRIA gives you confidence in design, added value in manufacture, competitive
advantage in marketing and strategy, profitable construction, effective commissioning and accurate measurement, and efficient building
operation and maintenance.
Across all Design Construct Operate Manufacture Management &
activities marketing
Membership Design quality and Approval Strategic services Testing and Market research -
Instrument Solutions process guidance inspections „ Building certification to size and structure of
„ Specification „ Fire-stop testing management systems recognised standards markets
„ Calibration
writing „ Raised-floor „ Business-focused „ Air cleaners (Heating, air-
„ Hire
leakage tests maintenance „ Air conditioning conditioning, plumbing
„ On-site services Design validation „ Roof inspections schedules „ Air handling units
„ Sales „ CFD
and sanitaryware,
„ Thermal imaging „ Engineering risk „ Air heaters
„ Training „ Energy calculations controls, renewables,
of fabric assessments „ Atomising oil
structured cabling, FM
Information and CO2 emissions „ Maintenance nozzles and contracting, fire
using SBEM Airtightness testing
„ IBSEDEX – building specifications „ Axial fans
and security)
„ Physical modelling and consultancy
services abstracts „ Maintenance strategy „ Blockwork porosity
„ Thermal modelling „ Dwellings (Part „ Confidential
„ INFONET – „ O&M benchmarking „ Boilers
L1) studies
electronic Proof of performance „ Procurement advice „ Building controls
„ Office buildings „ Global studies
information testing „ Chilled ceilings
(Part L2) Energy
„ Library „ Standard and „ Chillers
„ Control system „ In-depth studies
bespoke tests (see Business „ Coolers and
Publications surveys „ Published reports
list under manufacture) improvement condensers „ Statistics clubs
„ Hard copy „ Energy audits
„ Business process „ Displacement
„ Online Whole-life costing „ EPCs and DECs
consultancy ventilation Attitudinal studies
„ Life-cycle analysis
Training „ Customer Water „ Ductwork
„ Commissioning Sustainability satisfaction „ Conservation „ Expansion vessels Customer research
„ Domestic „ Control strategies „ Mentoring and „ Efficiency „ Fan coils „ Customer
airtightness „ Greywater training „ Quality „ Fire valves satisfaction
„ Introduction to „ Renewables „ Strategy Internal environment „ Flue lining systems „ Product
building services „ Water conservation development „ Comfort „ Fume cupboards acceptability
„ Key performance „ Supply chain measurement „ Heat pumps „ Understanding
Data centres and clients’ needs
indicators consultancy „ Indoor air quality „ Louvres
critical environments Metal flues,
„ Part L and Part 4 „ Pollution monitoring „
Specialist enclosure Market research
„ Supply chain Compliance and „ Sick building chimneys, fittings
testing techniques
management performance syndrome assessment and terminals
„ Museum display
„ Radiators „ Desk research
„ Whole-life costing „ BREEAM cabinets Plant and system „ Refrigeration „ Focus groups
„ Webinars „ Code for
Business strategy investigations equipment „ Personal interviews
Sustainable Homes „ Expert witness
Facilitation and „ Bespoke „ Smoke and fume „ Questionnaire
„ Display Energy
„ Failure investigations design
workshops Certificates (DEC) assignments, or extraction fans
„ Maintenance tasks „ Telephone, fax and
„ Relationships „ Energy
one day
consultancies „ Performance checks Testing to client web surveys
„ Partnering Performance
workshops „ Bid support
„ Troubleshooting requirements
Certificates (EPC) Marketing strategy -
„ Team building „ Business Condition monitoring Energy labelling
„ Soft landings confidential studies
Performance „ Electrical surveys
Technical authoring Product failure on:
Forum „ Lighting level and
„ Procurement
analysis „ Acquisition
Committee facilitation control surveys
advice Standards „ Distributions and
and support „ Magnetic field surveys
„ Strategic planning „ Non-destructive development pricing strategy
Research „ Supply chain „ Market entry
testing „ Evaluating
management management „ New product
„ Plant condition „ Publishing
surveys „ Writing
Expert witness work „ Technical appraisal
„ Power quality
Design of test
„ Thermal imaging
facilities Partnering
(electrical, damp,
underfloor heating, Support for new workshops
chilled ceilings) product
„ Ultrasonic pipe work development
„ Vibration and sound


Useful financial information

The construction industry – what VAT rate applies to you?

As a general rule supplies in the construction industry are subject the direct supply to the customer; sub-contractors should charge
to VAT at the standard rate of 17·5%. However, certain work is VAT on these projects.
zero rated or is liable to VAT at the reduced rate of 5%.
Converting non-residential buildings into residential
The construction of the following buildings are all zero rated:
buildings. Services supplied to housing associations in converting
„ New domestic dwellings non-residential buildings into residential buildings are also zero
„ Qualifying residential accommodation rated. No certificate is required in respect of these supplies.
„ Qualifying charitable buildings.
Alteration works (but not repairs) to listed buildings.
Qualifying residential accommodation. This covers buildings Zero-rated, but only in respect of domestic, residential and
such as accommodation for school pupils or students, members of charitable buildings as above (or buildings that will qualify as such
the armed forces, care homes providing residential accommodation, after the alterations). Contractors should ensure that the relevant
and any institution which is the sole or main residence of its consent for the work is in place before zero-rating work on listed
residents. buildings.

Qualifying charitable buildings. Buildings that will be used for a The reduced (5%) VAT rate applies to conversion work that
charity only for its non-business purposes or as a village hall. Main alters the number of single household dwellings in a building
contractors involved in such projects should ensure that they (such as the conversion of a house to flats) and non-residential
obtain a VAT certificate confirming the intended use of such buildings to residential buildings. It also applies to the renovation
buildings from the customer before zero-rating the services and alteration of household dwellings that have been empty for
supplied. As such, a certificate applies only to the person making three years or more.

Information courtesy of Horwath Clark Whitehill LLP. For further information contact:
Patrick O’Neill at Horwath Clark Whitehill LLP. Tel: 0118 959 7222 or E: patrick.o’
Tax facts – 2008/2009

Income tax rates Corporate tax rates % Year to 31 March

Bands £ Rate % Tax on band £ Taxable profits 2009 2008

1 – 34 800 20 6900 £1 – £300 000 21 20

Over 34 800 40 £300 001 – £1 500 000* 29·75 32·5

Over £1 500 000 28 30

Dividends receive a 10% tax credit. Higher rate taxpayers pay further tax of * Marginal relief fraction 7/400 1/400
22·5% (or 25% of the actual dividend). From 2008/09 there is a 10% starting rate
of up to £2320 only for savings income. Savings income in excess of this band is
taxable at the rates above. However non-savings income takes priority over
savings income when using the £2320 band.

Information courtesy of Horwath Clark Whitehill LLP. For further information contact:
Patrick O’Neill at Horwath Clark Whitehill LLP. Tel: 0118 959 7222 or E: patrick.o’


Useful financial information

Tax facts – 2008/2009

Capital allowances Stamp Duty Land Tax

First year/ Writing- Value of property Residential Non-residential

initial down £ % %
allowance allowance

Plant and machinery – long life Nil 10% 1 – 125 000 Nil Nil
Plant and machinery – green 125 001 – 150 000 1* Nil
technology 100% Nil
150 001 – 250 000 1 1
Plant and machinery 20% 250 001 – 500 000 3 3
Integral fixtures 10% Over 500 001 4 4
Low-emission cars < 100g/km 100% Nil * Nil in disadvantaged areas

Industrial buildings Nil 3% For transactions on residential properties between 3 September 2008 and
2 September 2009 there is an SDLT exemption for properties not sold for
Agricultural buildings Nil 3% more than £175 000.
Enterprise zone 100% Nil
Research and development 100% Nil

Information courtesy of Horwath Clark Whitehill LLP. For further information contact:
Patrick O’Neill at Horwath Clark Whitehill LLP. Tel: 0118 959 7222 or E: patrick.o’
Tax relief for building work

1. When refurbishing maximise revenue expenditure (such 6. A loss-making company claiming ECA relief can surrender
as repairs - immediate tax write off) and minimise capital the associated loss for a tax repayment (clawed back if
expenditure (but see point 10). the asset is disposed within the next four years).

2. If capital expenditure is incurred ensure the claim for 7. Manufacturers of ‘green’ products may obtain competitive
capital allowances is maximised. advantage if they qualify for ECAs. Check
for qualifying criteria.
3. Incidental costs of installing capital equipment can be
added to the cost of the equipment and capital 8. Expenditure not qualifying for the initial AIA and ECA
allowances claimed as appropriate to the equipment itself. reliefs qualify for an annual writing down allowance of
20% (reducing balance) or 10% if it is an integral feature.
4. From 6 April 2008 (1 April 2008 for companies) a 100%
tax write down (the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA)) 9. The AIA can be allocated to any qualifying asset (except
can be claimed for the first £50 000 of capital cars) and so it should be allocated to integral features in
expenditure per annum. Transitional rules apply and priority to other assets.
where businesses are connected this limit is shared.
10. Regularly repair and maintain assets because if a one-off
5. Capital expenditure on energy efficient and cost of an asset (or repair costs aggregated over
environmentally friendly assets should qualify for 100% 12 months) exceeds 50% of the capital cost the
tax relief in the year of acquisition. This Enhanced Capital expenditure will be treated as capital not revenue. This
Allowance (ECA) is in addition to the AIA. Check may affect the timing of tax relief and consequential for qualifying assets. cashflow.

Information courtesy of Horwath Clark Whitehill LLP. For further information contact:
Patrick O’Neill at Horwath Clark Whitehill LLP. Tel: 0118 959 7222 or E: patrick.o’


Tax investigations Useful financial information

Top 10 tips to avoid tax investigations Top 10 tips for successful meetings with HM Revenue & Customs
„ Meet statutory deadlines for filing accounts and Self „ Never attend a meeting if you have a stress-related medical
Assessment returns condition
„ Do not use estimated or provisional figures, unless unavoidable „ Think carefully about the venue for a meeting (an accountant’s
office is generally preferable)
„ Use the annual Self Assessment returns to explain major
changes in a business or fluctuations in turnover „ Only in exceptional circumstances agree to a meeting at a
home address
„ Maintain accurate and up to date records and keep them for
at least six years „ Be honest
„ Avoid paying or being paid in cash „ Do not try to answer questions where you do not know the
„ Do not pay round sum expense allowances
„ Ask for clarification if you do not understand a question
„ Never use company funds to pay personal expenses
„ Answer questions briefly and to the point
„ Do not delay raising an invoice to push income into a
subsequent quarter or year „ Ask for a break if you need one
„ Never backdate paperwork „ If you wish to speak to your adviser in private, request a break
„ Review your accounting systems every three years to ensure „ Find out who is attending a meeting and enquire their reason
their adequacy. for being there.

Information courtesy of Horwath Clark Whitehill LLP. For further information contact:
Patrick O’Neill at Horwath Clark Whitehill LLP. Tel: 0118 959 7222 or E: patrick.o’
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