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British Submarines 1939-45 i McCartney - Illustrated by Tony Bryan INNES MCCARTNEY is an historian and nautical archaeologist, specializing in 2oth-century naval vessels. He lectures widely on 2 number of associated subjects. A passion ‘for shipwrecks has led to some famous discoveries, Including the submarine M1? and the battlecruiser HMS Indefatigable. His previous book, Lost Patrols, detailed his uncovoring the 124 ‘submarines sunk in the English Channel. He lives and works in Penzance, Gorm TONY BRYAN is.a freelance lustrator of many years’ ‘experience. He initially ‘qualified in Engincering and worked for a numbor of yoars in Military Research and Dovelopmant, and has a keen interest in military hardware - armour, small arms, aircraft and ships. Tony has produced many ilustrations for partworks, magazines and books, Including a number of titles in the New Vanguard series. CONTENTS INTRODUCTION THE S-CLASS SUBMARINE mn (Group 1) n (Group 11) ind subsequent War Programme designs (Group IN) THE T-CLASS SUBMARINE + 1935 design (Group 1) * 1939 War Programme design (Group 11) + 1940 War Programme design (Group II) THE U-CLASS SUBMARINE * 1936 design (Group 1) © 1939 and subsequent War Emergency design (Group ID) # V-Class (Group IIT) OTHER BRITISH SUBMARINE CLASSES + H-Glass + L-Class © Porpose * Grampus-Class +0, * River Class OPERATIONS, 1939-40 * The ‘phoney’ war * The Norway campaign THE MEDITERRANEAN © War with Italy * The battles of Malia and the convoys * Operation Torch to Operation Husky * Sicily wo the end of the war in the Mediterranean THE FAR EAST + Outbreak of war with Japan to 1943 * The Far East in 1943 to March 1945 + The final assault on Japan BIBLIOGRAPHY COLOUR PLATE COMMENTARY INDEX 13 17 20 23 40 45 46 48 New Vanguard + |29 British Submarines 1939-45 Innes McCartney - Illustrated by Tony Bryan