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1. Open Netflix.

1.1 Enter e-mail and password
1.2 Press "Enter" on keyboard or click "Sign in"
1.3 Select a profile to browse through
2. Manage Profiles
2.1 Select a profile
2.1.1 Change profile name
2.1.2 Change profile display
2.1.3 Change maturity level
2.2 Manage/Click on "KIDS" Profile
2.2.1 Select age group for allowed age group
2.2.2 Save
3. Account
3.1 Cancel membership
3.2 Update payment information
3.2.1 Go to "Membership and Billing " section
3.2.2 Select "Update Payment Information"
3.2.3 Make required changes
3.2.4 Click on "Save"
3.3 Change Subscription Plan
3.3.1 Go to "Plan Details"
3.3.2 Click on "Change Plan"
3.3.3 Click on desired plan
3.4 Click on "Continue"
3.5 Change audio & subtitle language
3.6 Change subtitle settings
3.7 Manage "My Profile"
4. Search
5. Sign Up
6. View notifications
7. Browse movies/TV on homepage
7.1 Click on join free / Signup
7.2 View plans
7.3 Compare & choose plan
7.4 Add email & password
7.5 Sign up
7.6 Add payment details
7.7 Agree Terms & condition
Browse Netflix

Browse movies/TV
Open Netflix Manage profiles Account Search Click on "Sign up" View notifications
on homepage

Manage/Click on Update payment Change Subscription Change audio & Change subtitle Enter keywords in Click on "Recently Hover mouse over Browse featured
Click on "Sign-In" Select a profile Cancel membership Manage "My Profile" Click on "Series" Click on "Films" Click on "My List" View Plans
"KIDS" Profile information Plan subtitle language settings search box Added" the bell-shaped icon movies/TV

Enter e-mail and Select age group for Go to "Membership Compare and choose
Change profile name Go to "Plan Details" Type title Select genre Select Genre select seies or film Select series or film Browse "My List"
password allowed age group and Billing " section plans

Press "Enter" on Select "Update

Change profile Click on "Change Add email & Browse "Popular on
keyboard or click Save Payment Type name Select series Select film Press "Play" Press "Play"
display Plan" password Netflix"
"Sign in" Information"

Continue Watching
Select a profile to Change maturity Make required
Click on desired plan Type Genre Press "Play" Press "Play" Signup paused movies/TV
browse through level changes

Browse through
Click on "Save" Click on "Continue" Select desired option Add payment details
"Trending Now"

Agree terms & Browse through

Press "Play"
conditions "Netflix Originals"

Browse suggestions
Homepage based on watching