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Triangles: Sine, Cosine, and Pythagorean Theorem -GRASPS RUBRIC

1- Does Not Meet 2 - Partially Meets 3 - Meets 4 - Exceeds

Creativity of The student either does The student’s model The student’s model home is The student comes up with a
home design not have a 3D model, ​OR home, though it follows easily identified as a modern uniquely designed model that
the model that the student the architectural style home, and/or is easily meets both the modern design,
created does not follow specified by the teacher, recognized as to be designed for as well as designing unique
the architectural style is not obviously a a specific climate (alpine home ways that allow the home to
specified by the teacher modern home of having steep sloped roof). flourish in it’s designated
(modern and/or specific to designed for a specific climate.
a climate). climate.

Accuracy of The student does not have The student has math that The student has math that The student presents various
measurements any math accompanying accompanies their model, accompanies their model that ways (2 or more) of
their 3D model, ​OR​​, the however they have made accurately describes how to find calculating the angles of their
student has math an error in their math that the angles of their roofs. roof, all of which are accurate,
accompanying their model changes the answer, but containing no mistakes in
that is incorrect, and does the process behind the their work.
not accurately reflect their math is correct.
learning from the unit.
Demonstrated The student has no math Student has math to The student has completed the The student has provided
math to verify to accompany their 3D accompany their model, math needed to accompany their multiple ways to verify their
model, and therefore has though it does not measurements, and it accurately measurements, all of which
no way to justify their accurately describe how describes how the math relates are error free and accurate.
in written work. work. to find the angles of roof. to the model they have Their math clearly related to
The students math has completed. There may be some their model, and is justified
some errors that cause errors, but they do not hinder the through a written justification
inaccurate values that audience’s ability to understand in accompaniment to their
somewhat hinder the how the math relates to the mathematical proof.
readers ability to model.
understand how it’s

Clarity of Student is unable to draw Student can see a The student is able to draw a Student clearly draws a
reflective a connection between the connection between the connection between the math connection between the math
math behind the project math that they are doing that they have been doing in that they are doing to the
and it’s real-world and the real world, but class (pythagorean theorem, law real-world, and thoroughly
application they are unable to explain of sines/cosines, etc.), and can explains it’s application
how the math is related to describe how it is related to their through demonstrating the
the real-world model, whiling giving rationales math in their student-created
applications. Student may as to how each its applicable. model, as well as explaining
have some grammatical Student has some grammatical how the math relates to other
errors, but they do not errors, that partially interfere well-recognized structures
interfere with with understanding. (ex. The Math in the Eiffel
understanding. Tower / Statue of Liberty /
Student has grammatical
errors, that interfere with
ability to understanding.
Completion and The student does not have Students has a completed The student has a completed The student creates a visually
Visual a model ​OR ​the student model, but it fails to align model for the unit that beautiful project that
have does not have a with the unit content, and demonstrates their demonstrates their learning
completed model. therefore does not reflect understanding. and understanding of the unit.
the students The student’s model is
understanding. ​OR​​ the completed with designs that
student has a completed mimic those traditionally
model that does align found in that architecture
with content material, but style. Further, the student goes
has misinformation as far as to design the inside
of the home so they could
better market the design to the
couple in the scenario.

Presentation of Student did not complete a The student completes a The student completes a The student completes an
Model Home presentation over their presentation over their presentation within a 3-5 minute engaging presentation
model home, ​OR​​, the model home, but is below time frame over their model including an in depth
student had a flawed or exceeds the time limit, home, including the following description of all of the
presentation of their and/or they are missing information: information in the “meets”
model, with inaccurate required components ● The region that the box. Further, the students is
information regarding the specified in the “meets” student’s home is in. within the time limit.
required information in box. ● The architectural style
the “meets” box. commonly used in said
● Weather extremes of the
region that the students
home is in.
● How they have designed
their home to combat said
● An explanation of their roof
○ Pitch of the roof
○ Why they designed
it that way
○ What materials the
roof is made out of
● End cost of their model

Check points for math-accuracy - workshops*