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The beginning of WW2

Start of WWII
- August 23rd 1939 - Germany and the Soviet Union
signed a nonaggression pact
- September 1st 1939 - Germany invades Poland to
increase Germany’s “lebensraum” (living space). This
marks the beginning of WWII
- September 3rd 1939 - Britain and France declare war on
- Therefore who were the allies?

Britain, Poland, France

What is the Blitzkrieg?

“Literally lightning war”

● a swift intensive military attack, esp using tanks

supported by aircraft, designed to defeat the
opposition quickly
Canada - How did they get
- Canada was deeply divided during the conscription crisis
in WWI
- Prime Minister Mackenzie King feared that a new war
would lose him and the Liberal party the support of
- On September 8th 1939, Mackenzie King called a special
session of Parliament to decide Canada’s response to the
Canada’s Entrance into the War

- King gave a strong speech of support of joining the war to

- However, he promised to avoid conscription
- Canada declared war on Germany on September 10th

How was this different than WWI?

WWII continued
Key dates:

● August 23: Germany and the Soviet Union sign the

Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact.
● September 1: Germany invades Poland, starting World
War II.
● September 3: Britain and France declare war on
● September: Battle of the Atlantic begins.
Battle of the Atlantic

September 3rd, 1939 - May 8th, 1945

● The longest running battle of WW2

● Germany: U-boats (Submarines), Kriegsmarine (Navy),
Luftwaffe (Airforce)


● Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Navy, United States Navy,

and Allied merchant shipping
1940: What happened next?

The first full year of the war saw Germany invading its
European neighbors:

● Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, and

Romania, and the bombing of Britain lasted for months.
● Royal Air Force undertook nighttime raids against Germany
● Germany, Italy, and Japan signed a joint military economic agreement,
● Italy invaded Egypt
● US became “nonbelligerancy” instead of neutral, therefore, they could
help the allies
● Auschwitz is established.
● Germany invades France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
● Evacuation begins of Allied troops from Dunkirk, France.

● Italy declares war on France and Great Britain.
● France surrenders to Germany.
● Battle of Britain begins.
1941: What happened next?

● Italy may have been defeated in Greece, but that didn't mean that Germany
wouldn't take the country.
● Then it was on to Yugoslavia and Russia. Germany broke its pact with the
Soviet Union and invaded there, but the winter and Soviet counterattack
killed many German troops.
● The Soviets next joined the Allies. Within a week of the Pearl Harbor attack,
Japan had invaded Burma, Hong Kong (then under British control), and the
Philippines, and the United States was officially in the conflict.
● Germany invades the Soviet Union - Operation Barabarossa

● Attack on Pearl Harbour
● Germany and Italy declare war on US and vice versa