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Answer all of the questions below concerning physical environment and health and safety neatly,
completely and in complete sentences (where appropriate) in the space provided. Attach floor plans for

Due Date: This assignment is due at the first integration meeting.

The Physical Environment: New places and people can make us nervous and uncomfortable. By
exploring your Co-op placement and getting to know your co-workers, you can become comfortable in your
new environment. Answering these questions will help you to accomplish this goal.

1. Describe your workplace;

a. What is the name and address of the workplace?

b. Is it a whole building, several floors, one suite of offices, or just one room?

c. Where are the washrooms, the lunch room, staff lounge, the smoking area?

d. Where is YOUR work area?

e. Why does this workplace exist?

f. How many employees are there?

2. What are the normal working hours of the workplace?

3. What will your hours be?
4. Who will your immediate supervisor be?
5. Who else will you be working closely with?
6. Who will sign your log sheets and do your evaluations?
7. What is the name and phone number of the person you call when you are sick?

8. Have your expectations been met regarding the physical layout of the workplace?
If yes, explain why. If no, what changes would you make to improve the working environment?

9. Is there any chance of a summer job or part-time work?

Health and Safety: Safety is a big concern in many different types of jobs. Acquaint yourself
with the safety procedures and concerns of your placement.

1. Circle the safety devices available at your work place (first aid kit, first aid station, eye wash,
shower, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, sprinkler, other ).
2. Where are the emergency/fire exits located?

3. Where are the following safety devices located?:

a. fire alarms
b. fire extinguishers
c. smoke detectors
d. sprinklers

4. In case of an emergency, who do you contact?

5. If you have to make an emergency phone call, where are the phones located?

Do you

have a list of phone numbers available?

Do you know how to operate the phone system (eg. How do you get and outside line?)

6. Where is the first aid kit and/or station located?

7. Identify at least five items that are in the first aid kit?

8. What is the name of the safety officer at your placement?

9. Where is the safety manual kept?

10. List any potential hazards unique to your workplace (like chemicals, electrical equipment, etc.).
11. List any special emergency procedures in place at your work site to be followed in an


12. What evidence is there of safety notices and posters at your workplace? Describe.

13. What personal protective equipment are you required to wear at your placement?

14. Are you required to complete any special training in order to work in this environment (eg.

WHMIS, Fall Protection, CPR, First Aid, Other)?

15. Are there any ergonomic concerns about your workplace?

16. What is the procedure for reporting an accident?